Saturday, August 06, 2022

And here's how we can get kids to learn about their government.


This should have happened years ago

 Why the fuck are we allowing the ChiComs to buy our land?

One of the most underreported stories in the media right now is the efforts of the Chinese Communist Party to buy large areas of land throughout the United States.

When it is mentioned, it’s usually brought up by someone trying to raise the alarm over the issue, which is understandable.

Republican senators Tommy Tuberville of Alabama and Tom Cotton of Arkansas are introducing a bill to stop this from going further.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, they like to buy land next to military bases too.  It's almost as if they have other motives.  Weird, right?  Like, how our greatest enemies who hate us and want to destroy us probably shouldn't be allowed to buy land right next to an Air Force base.

Friday, August 05, 2022

Has the Mini-Mengele, Little Fascist Fauci, ever done anything that didn't turn into a failure?

 I mean, other than latching on to the US Government like a tick that can never be dislodged and getting bloated with cash.

The latest example is the government’s handling of monkeypox, which the Biden administration just declared a public-health emergency. As The New York Times recently reported, the US government had 20 million doses of monkeypox vaccine less than a decade ago. (It’s actually a smallpox vaccine called Jynneos, also effective against monkeypox.) But when we needed it, the so-called National Strategic Stockpile had only 2,400 doses on hand, enough to vaccinate just 1,200 people.

And of course, just like how shitstains like Fauci refused to tell the Burn, Loot, and Murder thugs to stop rioting in the middle of their Kung Flu plandemic, the same worthless parasites in the CDC and the NIH are refusing to tell gay men to stop fucking random anonymous gay men at gay orgies.  You know, where the spreading of monkeypox occurs.  

Another long weekend

 So I'm going to load a few posts because I sure as shit won't have much time for anything else but the Army.

So I've been perusing this:  Jesus would have hung out in a dive bar.

Some of these people live (I am sure, but I don’t ask) in irregular sexual relationships, as Catholics understand it, and perhaps enjoy illegal substances as well as substantial amounts of alcohol. Though many of the older patrons grew up Catholic, no one, as far as I can tell, ever goes into a church.

I like them all. They’re likable people. In fact, I like them better than most Catholics I know.

They are the same kind of people, I’m guessing, that Jesus ate with. I think that Jesus ate at his equivalent of our dive bar because he liked the people. Not just loved them, but liked them, enjoyed them for themselves, took pleasure in their company and felt happy just hanging out with them.

I hang out at a karaoke bar some Fridays.  The people are pretty chill.  There might not be anyone I'd want to invite over for dinner, but I enjoy sitting around, drinking a beer and shooting the shit with them.  Cracking jokes.  Just relaxing.  I can't see why Jesus wouldn't enjoy the same kind of social interaction.

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

They ain't buying them just to turn them back in.

 I mean....  the Feds have to know this, right?

Gun sales hit a new record in July, the 36th straight month of firearms purchases over 1 million.

In breaking the record, people delivered a strong message to liberal Democrats, who last week passed a ban on buying the nation’s most popular firearm, the modern sporting rifle, and other semi-automatic weapons and parts.

According to industry experts, sales in July topped 1.2 million. That means sales have hit 1 million or more each month for three consecutive years.

Thirty-six million weapons.  Probably a lot of them are handguns, and shotguns, but a whole bunch of them are AR platform rifles.

And the people who bought them are, by and large, not inclined to turn them in if the government says so.

I wonder if the cheating shitbags controlling the government are counting on that.

More of this please

 Health care workers fired for not getting the jab just won a $10 million settlement.

Because NorthShore University HealthSystem in Illinois refused in 2020 to give any employee a religious exemption from getting the COVID jab and thus fired 500 healthcare workers, those workers sued, and last week they won a $10.3 million settlement from the university.

Make it hurt.

It is without a doubt that people like the ones running NorthShore University Health System are too stupid or too arrogant to understand the concept of Constitutional Rights.  It is also without a doubt that the people running NorthShore University Health System are stupid enough to fall for all the easily disproven  bullshit about both the Kung Flu and the not-vax, as well as being too arrogant to actually look at how badly they fucked up and make any changes.

So because we are dealing with arrogance and stupidity combined into a lethal combination, the only way to make them leave people alone is to make them hurt.  To metaphorically punch them in the face until they run away squealing like the stupid, arrogant pigs they are.  You cannot reason with a pig.  You can't debate it.  You can only kill it and turn it into bacon.  

Oh, and if I were any of those workers who just got paid?  I'd use that money to move the fuck away and find some place that doesn't think they own your body.

Monday, August 01, 2022

Just a reminder of how the government sucks

 When they raise the hue and cry over monkeypox, if you're not a gay man going to orgies the chances of you contracting monkeypox is essentially zero.

NBC News reported on a study in the New England Journal of Medicine that, “The global monkeypox outbreak is primarily being driven by sex between men, according to the first major peer-reviewed paper to analyze a large set of cases of the virus.”

In fact, 95 percent of cases were traced to back to gay sex, and the other 5 percent featured someone who lied. 

OK, I have no basis for that last part, other than a sinking suspicion. 

But telling gay men to stop allowing random strangers to fuck them up the ass is just a bridge too far for the government to cross.  I'm sorry that's so crude, but it's the truth.  Stop going to orgies.  Stop having sex with random, anonymous men.  Just stop it, and you won't get monkeypox.

I guess that's just asking too much for gay men.

I don't know why Day by Day disappeared

 When I have some time I'll try to get it back.  

Maybe blogsnot doesn't like boobies?  You know, like "misogyny, toxic masculinity," blah blah uptyfratz.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

A protocol for Kung Flu patients that works

 And what did the government do?  It sat on it.

At an 85% "save" rate for the most-critical patients, if this has been used, Covid would have been roughly equivalent to two years of bad influenza which we have gone through many time before without having a hissy fit.  Every bit of the medical and government response beyond the first five or six months was willful and intentional misconduct and still is to this day.

HHS and the CDC both knew this hospital had that level of success because both were getting hospital-by-hospital data from very early on in the pandemic and thus both knew this place had figured out how to make those who were most-deathly ill not die.

The data was right in their face because they demanded it on a daily or weekly basis from every single hospital and they ignored it on purpose.

The lockdowns were never about stopping a disease, it was about control.  The jabs don't work, they knew the jabs didn't work and they mandated them anyway.  Control.  They didn't want people getting better.  The government DID NOT WANT PEOPLE GETTING BETTER, because if people got better it would halt their plans for control.

So do you know anyone who died of the Kung Flu?  The results of this protocol were available in April of 2020.

APRIL OF THE YEAR 2020.  So if your loved ones or your pals or your co-workers died after April of 2020, the government had the information that gave them an 85% chance to live and it JUST SAT ON IT AND DID NOTHING.

These people at the CDC and the NIH and all the government goons who assisted them deserve to hang.  Because at this point, it's clear that they deliberately allowed hundreds of thousands of Americans to die while telling you to wear a mask and not go outside.

Drooling Joe has the Kung Flu again

 On one hand, if that rotting head of cabbage can survive two bouts of the Beijing Barf, then it's not really a threat, is it?

On the other hand, what I wouldn't give for the Chinese Coof to just wipe out as many high-level Democrats as possible.

A double-bout of COVID never happened to Donald Trump. Joe Biden has caught the virus again. Did he lie about the initial negative test on day seven? Who knows? It’s a legitimate question. He took Paxlovid to manage symptoms, but COVID isn’t dead after seven days. It will keep replicating for ten days. This isn’t new. If he felt fine on day eight and stopped taking the antiviral, then no doubt a positive test would show up. The most crucial point is that Biden was probably still infected with the virus. He left quarantine too early. He met with business leaders this week ahead of the news that we’ve entered a recession, and he was still infected. What a reckless and selfish old man who might have exposed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen this week (via Politico):

I'd love nothing more than to see Democrat after Democrat in this administration dropping dead from a virus they used to steal the election after using it to lock down the country.  But we all know that's not going to happen.  A)  It's not that deadly, as proven by the Drooling Chinese Hand Puppet still being alive.  And B)  I'm willing to bet that most high-level Democrats never actually got the jab.  They either faked it or used saline in front of the cameras.  Yeah, that's conjecture, but I'd be willing to bet money on it.