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Friday, August 05, 2022

Has the Mini-Mengele, Little Fascist Fauci, ever done anything that didn't turn into a failure?

 I mean, other than latching on to the US Government like a tick that can never be dislodged and getting bloated with cash.

The latest example is the government’s handling of monkeypox, which the Biden administration just declared a public-health emergency. As The New York Times recently reported, the US government had 20 million doses of monkeypox vaccine less than a decade ago. (It’s actually a smallpox vaccine called Jynneos, also effective against monkeypox.) But when we needed it, the so-called National Strategic Stockpile had only 2,400 doses on hand, enough to vaccinate just 1,200 people.

And of course, just like how shitstains like Fauci refused to tell the Burn, Loot, and Murder thugs to stop rioting in the middle of their Kung Flu plandemic, the same worthless parasites in the CDC and the NIH are refusing to tell gay men to stop fucking random anonymous gay men at gay orgies.  You know, where the spreading of monkeypox occurs.  

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