Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm gonna get Medievil on your ass.....

Now, if only they had a template that was tossing grenades......

Wanna be a hero?

So it's some saint's day today

St. Bellagio? St. Somethingorother?

Oh, right. St. Valentine. And according to custom, I'm supposed to go out and buy flowers and chocolates or something like that.

Screw that crap. Oh, call me unromantic if you wish, but we don't celebrate Valentine's Day here at the la Casa de Rage. Sorry, but dead plants and cheap, corn syrup filled confections are NOT what turns the Ragin' Mrs. on.

Besides... every damn day should be Valentine's Day when you're married. You should be doing something to show your love to your spouse EVERY SINGLE DAY, not just one day a year. So all you married folks, here's your challenge - live every day as if it's Valentine's Day. And I don't mean go out and buy more more cheap crap. Do something special every day for your spouse. Bring him or her coffee/tea/cocoa in the morning. Take a task they normally do, and do it for them. Remember to thank them for what they do around the house. Sneak up behind them and give 'em a hug and a kiss at random moments. ALWAYS kiss them goodnight. Instead of a hurried peck on the cheek as you're rushing out the door, take the time to give 'em a kiss that'll knock their socks off, and instead of a "Bye hon I'll see you at dinner", look them in the eyes and just say "I love you".

I think that would be more romantic than any amount of chocolate.

What I had for breakfast yesterday.

The Ragin' Mrs. said it needed eggs.

We gave it eggs. Click for the bigger version.

It was, how shall I say..... AWESOME!

Friday, February 13, 2009

How many troops will die

Just because this brainless, witless, ignorant, corrupt, treasonous fucking cunt flapped her lips and released classified information?

If we can no longer use Pakistan to launch Predator drones, that means we have to put live troops in harms way. And if those troops get attacked, and some of them die, I think it's only fair that we string that fat fucking bitch from a lightpole and allow the families of the dead troops to thwack her like a piñata.

The New Era of Hope and Change!

Congress Members don't have the bill. Lobbyists do.

Feel that Hope! Love that Change!


Found at No Looking Backwards.

Thirteen bucks a week?

Thirteen bucks a WEEK? Lessee, that comes to... $676 a year. If I did my math correctly, that's $0.325 cents an hour for a forty-hour workweek.

That's bullshit. Plain and simple. That's not a tax break. That's a "Oh look we cut taxes" smokescreen for the biggest government power grab since FDR.

$13.00 won't even buy a box of .45 ACP these days.

This is good to see

What happened in Italy last night....

It seems to me that for the first time in the too long history of the Arab/Israeli conflict, apart from a minority of crazy leftists and fascists that took the street with anti-Semitic slogans, we have achieved a huge consensus on one critical point: this is not a local conflict, there is nothing in it that reminds us of a peace theme that has characterized the Palestinian issue. This is an attack against the western world, and Iran is behind it.
Israel really is the canary in the coal mine. If Israel gets demolished, you can be sure the rest of the world is next. We cannot allow Islam to repeat the Holocaust.

Found at KisP.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It made me laugh...

And Lord knows I could use a few laughs these days.

Forty-four percent (44%) voters also think a group of people selected at random from the phone book would do a better job addressing the nation’s problems than the current Congress, but 37% disagree. Twenty percent (20%) are undecided.
Personally, I think a pack of crack-smoking baboons banging away on typewriters could do a better job than the current Congress. They certainly couldn't do any worse.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In honor of the PORK

Since the government is all about the pork, here's some porky goodness. Click to make it bigger.

The Ragin' Mrs. says it needs eggs. I'll have to take pictures of the version she makes and throw them up on the blog.

Hey, after my arteries clog up, the government can deny me treatment under their new Five Year Healthcare plan!

I got an email from John McCain

"Help me get re-elected!"


Delete, delete, delete delete delete!

Speak for yourself, Newsweek

You might be joyfully admitting what anyone with half a brain already knew. But don't include me in your masturbatory celebration.

And since we're on the subject of socialism, and rifling through Curmudgeonly and Skeptical, let's also throw up a link to the Socialized Healthcare portion of the Spendulus Bill, shall we?

Doctors have to join the federal community here in dolling out treatment so that it's fair and equitable. "Keeping doctors informed of the newest medical findings is important, but enforcing uniformity," Betsy McCaughey writes, "goes too far. Hospitals and doctors that are not 'meaningful users' of the new system will face penalties. 'Meaningful user' isn't defined in the bill. That will be left to the HHS secretary, who will be empowered to impose 'more stringent measures of meaningful use over time' (511, 518, 540-541). What penalties will deter your doctor from going beyond the electronically delivered protocols when your condition is atypical or you need an experimental treatment? The vagueness is intentional. In his book, Daschle proposed an appointed body with vast powers to make the 'tough' decisions elected politicians won't make. The stimulus bill does that, and calls it the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research (190-192). The goal, Daschle's book explained, is to slow the development and use of new medications and technologies because they are driving up costs.

What does that mean? It means that it's another step towards government control of healthcare. And when the FedGov is paying for it, THEY decide who gets treated. There are people in Great Britain waiting two years for a hip replacement because it's not a "life threatening" ailment. There are people pulling out their own teeth because the National Health Service in Britain can't get them into a dentist's office. There are Canadians coming down to America and paying for their healthcare out of pocket because they can't get the treatment they need in Canada, or they can't get it on time to do them any good.

The Federal Government destroyed our economy. I'm sure they'll just do a GREAT job with our healthcare system, right?

Pardon me while I vomit.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh, and by the way

The Democrat American Communist Party are continuing to make us dependent on foreign oil.

Great. More money into the pockets of people who hate us. Lovely.

So, ya buy any gold yet?

I mean, once Kommisar Obama and his corrupt Communist Congress finish destroying our economy, I figure that those paper Federal Notes will be useful only for wiping your ass with. You're gonna need some hard currency, people. Or something you can barter.

I have a few skills that can be put to good use, both in woodworking, leatherworking, gardening, basic skills of that nature. The Mrs. ability to cook will come in handy. And the fact that we've been making most of our own food from scratch means that we have practice.

Oh, and by the way - I consider the fact that Chucky The Schmuck Schumer has any influence on how this country is run, cause enough for individual States to secede from the Union.

The "chattering classes" (that would be you and me, folks!) don't care about wasteful spending, you slimy sack of shit? Are New Yorkers so retarded that they keep electing that worthless fucking asswipe time and time again? Why yes, yes they are.

Are you a New Yorker who didn't like what I just typed? Too bad. You've got Chucky the Commie Schmuck, Charlie "Taxes? What taxes?" Rangel, you had Hillary "Hay y'all! Ah'm frum Niew York Citay!" Clinton.... dear lord, what's been put into the water supply of NYC anyways? I know there are good people in NYFC. My advice? GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! SAVE YOURSELVES BEFORE YOU DROWN IN THE TIDALWAVE OF MARXIST IDIOCY!

Well, it IS a plan...

I mean, just because it's a plan doesn't mean it'll save anyone but the Communist Elite, but it's still a plan.

As Kevin Baker says, he'll be the first in the "re-education" camps.

Ummmm... mebby I'm mistaken

But didn't the Left go absolutely apeshit when Bush took a break? Uh huh. Yeah.....

Monday, February 09, 2009

Anybody seen this?

This is the failure of the Government to do it's CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY.

An Arizona man who has waged a 10-year campaign to stop a flood of illegal immigrants from crossing his property is being sued by 16 Mexican nationals — seeking $32 million in damages — who accuse him of conspiring to violate their civil rights when he stopped them at gunpoint on his ranch on the U.S.-Mexico border, the Washington Times reported Monday.

The rancher, Roger Barnett, 64, began rounding up illegal immigrants in 1998 and turning them over to the U.S. Border Patrol after they destroyed his property, killed his calves and broke into his home, the newspaper reported.

Does the government want vigilantism? Because if they do, all they have to do is keep on keepin' on, not doing the job that is required of them, and allowing US citizens to get shafted.

Lotta coyotes out in that part of the country, and I don't mean the border-hopping wetbacks who funnel in drugs and illegal aliens. I'm talking about the four-footed varmint. Now see, back when I was in high school, living out in the country, we had a lot of coyotes as well. And when one of our animals died, a cow, a horse, we would just drag the carcass out into the woods and leave it. A week later, it was gone. Those coyotes will pick every scrap of meat off the bones, and then take the bones to gnaw on.

And a man has a lot less meat on him than a horse does. I figure a pack of coyotes would pick that carcass clean in about two days or less.

Now, we have certain facts that are carved in stone at this point.

1) The Federal Government is willfully negligent in it's duties to secure the border and protect the country.

2) US Citizens are being negatively impacted by the FedGov's negligence, to the point of being threatened in their own homes, losing property to theft from illegals, etc.

3) When protecting themselves and their homes, US Citizens are now being punished through the judicial system by the very illegal aliens they have to protect themselves from. And the FedGov is doing nothing to stop it.

Now, given that we have those three facts carved in stone, what are our options? Because I'm going to give you the option that a lot of people are looking at now that they've been backed into a corner by the willful negligence of the Federal Government - Shoot, shovel, and shut up. Remember that little post I had up a while ago about laws replacing violence? The laws can only replace violence as long as the laws are both adequate and upheld. The moment the laws are weak and discarded, a person has to resort back to violence.

Since the Federal Government has willfully abdicated it's responsibility to secure the border, i.e. discarded the laws, guess what people are going to have to do? And you can be damn sure that there are plenty of ranchers out there who are reading this and thinking to themselves "Well then, I'm just gonna shoot the little bastards and not tell anyone about it!" If it were me who's house was being broken into, who's livestock was being killed, who's property was being restored, I wouldn't be holding people and calling the Border Patrol, I would be making people disappear. And the four-legged coyotes would be getting fat on my property.

Is that what people want? Is that what the FedGov wants? Because that's where we are headed.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Here they go again...

Fannie, Freddie to channel mortgage rescue: sources

"They want to get rid of all the high-cost mortgages out there and figure that there are 1.5 million people who could stay in their homes this year if their loans were modified," said one industry source who asked for anonymity. "But it's just really complicated and expensive to do these kind of workouts."

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac own or insure 31 million mortgages -- about 58 percent of all U.S. single-family home loans -- but only a fraction of their borrowers qualify for a refinancing program that was meant to save several hundred thousand. A similar initiative run by the Department of Housing and Urban Development that promised to help 400,000 borrowers has only reached a few hundred.

An interesting read.

I'm sick of the news

I truly am. Every time I turn around, I'm reading about how the Democrat American Communist Party is destroying this country, one bit at a time. This time it's Kommisar Obama killing about 25,000 businesses with the stroke of a pen.

He doesn't give a shit about the people who will lose their jobs. He's just doing the bidding of the AFL-CIO like a good little flunky. Hey, they helped get him elected, so now he gives them what THEY want. Who cares if businesses go under and people lose their jobs? Who cares if it will cripple the economy. Our Socialist Paradise beckons! It's the new Five Year Plan!

And what sickens me even worse is that there's a big chunk of American who are happy about it.

I've made up my mind on a few issues - when the airborne excrement impacts the rotating air-movement device, I'll be able to protect myself and maybe a few other people. If you voted for Obama or any of the current crop of Socialists, I'm going to leave you out in the cold. I will not give any assistance to the people who put us in this horrible situation.

Thems the breaks. We need to make stupidity painful again. Maybe when the bullshit "stimulus" bill passes and sinks this country into the next Great Depression, people will realise that more government isn't the answer.

Or maybe they'll just blame the Republicans for it, like they've been doing with ALL their problems for the past thirty years.