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Saturday, February 14, 2009

So it's some saint's day today

St. Bellagio? St. Somethingorother?

Oh, right. St. Valentine. And according to custom, I'm supposed to go out and buy flowers and chocolates or something like that.

Screw that crap. Oh, call me unromantic if you wish, but we don't celebrate Valentine's Day here at the la Casa de Rage. Sorry, but dead plants and cheap, corn syrup filled confections are NOT what turns the Ragin' Mrs. on.

Besides... every damn day should be Valentine's Day when you're married. You should be doing something to show your love to your spouse EVERY SINGLE DAY, not just one day a year. So all you married folks, here's your challenge - live every day as if it's Valentine's Day. And I don't mean go out and buy more more cheap crap. Do something special every day for your spouse. Bring him or her coffee/tea/cocoa in the morning. Take a task they normally do, and do it for them. Remember to thank them for what they do around the house. Sneak up behind them and give 'em a hug and a kiss at random moments. ALWAYS kiss them goodnight. Instead of a hurried peck on the cheek as you're rushing out the door, take the time to give 'em a kiss that'll knock their socks off, and instead of a "Bye hon I'll see you at dinner", look them in the eyes and just say "I love you".

I think that would be more romantic than any amount of chocolate.

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