Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Well, that's revealing!

 Dude has a little chart up, and asks a rather important question in relation to that chart.  Does anyone remember which countries rolled out Ivermectin at the beginning of the pandemic?

I recall India doing just that, and pretty much eliminating the Kung Flu as a threat in a number of locations.  But Ivermectin is cheap and effective, which means that the Big Pharma couldn't make any money off of it.

The number of deaths in America happened because government worms like Little Fascist Fauci the Mini Mengele and their Big Pharma cohorts wanted money, not lives.  Never forget that.

Oh, and RIP John Madden

 Before the NFL became a cesspool of woke bullshit, spoiled little children, thugs and felons pounding their chest on every play and owners kow-towing to China while shitting on American values, there was John Madden.  A man who played and coached men in a man's game.

John Madden probably wouldn't be allowed into an NFL coach's room these days.  And that says far more about the NFL than it says about John Madden. 

Buh bye Dingy Harry


This slimy, two-faced, lying, anti-Constitutional, big government, pro-tyranny piece of shit has now attained the status of Good Commie.

Buh bye, Harry.  I hope you scream all the way down.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

His puppet masters are counting on the Democrat Media to bail him out again

 Biden then:  I'm gonna shut down the virus!

Biden now:  It's all your fault, governors!  I can't do anything!

“There is no federal solution [to COVID],” Biden said before the meeting. “This gets solved at a state level.”

Umm, what?

I’m sorry, did I miss something? Joe Biden literally campaigned for an entire year, not only blaming Trump for COVID but also for the deaths caused by it.

There is not a single person with two functioning brain cells who thinks that Joe Biden could have done a damn thing.  Or that Trump wasn't doing everything he could try.  The only people who bought into that bullshit were the brain-dead, kool-aide guzzling drones of the Democrat Party who are literally too ignorant and stupid to be allowed outside without adult supervision.

Hey, if this has to be handled at the state level, does that mean he's going to pull back his stupid fucking unconstitutional mandates?  Of course not.  His handlers would never allow Americans to have their freedoms back.  Americans have been conditioned to be pathetic pitiful drones.  Those of us who want our freedoms and our lives back had better be prepared to take them back with force.

But I'll tell you what, this is going to make for good political ads in a few months, if The Stupid Party doesn't step on their dick with their golf cleats.  Again.  For the I-don't-know-how-often time.  Of course, we might not have a country to actually hold elections by then, but hey, the GOP was nice, right?  Wasn't Pence so polite and full of decorum after the Democrats committed blatant fraud in four states?  And a whole lot of not-so-blatant fraud, or at least not really reported on fraud in every other state.

And of course Drooling Joe the Chinese hand puppet went on vacation after abdicating every single responsibility he had tried to claim he could fix during the campaign.  Because that's what Drooling Joe does.  Mainly because he literally can't do anything else without his handlers there.

Gah.  I need more coffee.  And then I get to shovel the driveway and the sidewalks.

I need some new conspiracy theories...

All mine have come true.


Monday, December 27, 2021

Stupid games

 So....   I currently live in Utah right now.  For those who don't know, you cannot order any kind of tobacco and have it shipped to Utah.  It's against state law.  Same with alcohol, which pissed off my boss because he and his wife like to join a "wine of the month" club and get a different bottle of wine to try every month.

So my work-around, because I like cigars and I refuse to pay 10-15 dollars a stick, was to get a Post Office box right across the border in Evanston, Wyoming.  And that works pretty well, especially since good booze is cheaper in Wyoming than it is in Utah, so when the wife wants her Laphroaig, we head to Wyoming.

Now I told y'all that to tell you this.

I ordered my cigars on the 17th.  Most mail order cigar places are based out of Pennsylvania somewhere because PA doesn't tax cigars.  If it's not PA, it's Florida.  Anyways, my package was shipped from Pennsylvania on the 18th.  Where it promptly sat in Philadelphia for a couple days.  And then got sent to Salt Lake City.  

So far so good.  The main mail route to Wyoming comes through SLC.

It then went to Jackson, Wyoming.  That's problem #1.  Evanston is about 80 miles away from where I am.  Jackson is over 200 miles away.

So they drove past Evanston with my cigars to get to Jackson, whereupon someone there went "Verily, this box belongeth not here!" and shipped it back to SLC.  So this box has literally driven past my house twice, but it can't be delivered because Utah is retarded.  So it finally gets to the post office in Evanston on the 23rd.

At 11:29 PM.

And the post office was closed on the 24th.  And obviously on Christmas.  And Sundays.  Which means I'll be able to pick up my cigars this evening after work.  Ten days after I ordered them, and nine days after they shipped (by Priority mail!).

You want to know the worst part?  If I had them shipped UPS, they would have taken longer.  Trust me.  I know this from experience.

Crap like this is why I can't wait to retire and move back to a state that doesn't have it's head shoved up it's ass.  You can literally get medical marijuana shipped to your door in Utah, but not good cigars.  What.  The.  Actual.  Fuck?

Anyways, I'll have my cigars tonight.  But I'm going to be letting the post office know that they need to unfuck themselves.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

I got to go motorcycle riding yesterday

 It was sunny, in the high 40's, and perfect for riding.

This morning I woke up to sleet hitting my window.

I believe they call that a "wintery mix".  Otherwise known as every form of semi-frozen and frozen water mixed with normal water being dumped onto my front yard.

Utah, man.

Every damn day the news on the jabs keep getting worse.

 Forget no protection, how do you like negative protection?

This paper means we will need to inject people every 30 days if we want to “protect” them. Based on the harm that the vaccines do to our immune system, it’s likely that the needed interval will shorten with each booster.

If people don’t get boosted as required, they will be MORE vulnerable to Delta and Omicron than if they weren’t vaccinated. That’s what NEGATIVE vaccine efficacy means. It doesn’t mean the protection wears off (like we were told). It means the OPPOSITE of what you were told: it means the vaccines helps the virus to infect you (by suppressing your immune system, probably permanently each time we are injected according to Dr. Ryan Cole). It means we were lied to.

And the government is forcing this on people.  I know of at least one fully vaccinated and boosted Solider in my unit who went down with the Kung Flu.  I expect to see more.  Since I've already had it, I don't expect to get it again.  If I do get sick again with some weird variant, I'll do the same thing I did this time around and I guarantee that I'll come out of it better than some jabbed and boosted drone.

The graphs above tell the story. Negative VE means the vaccine is helping the virus, not you.

So at 60 days, the protection is close to zero, so if you want to maintain protection, getting vaccinated every 30 days is required.

This isn’t a vaccine at all. This is basically stimulating your immune system so it is already “geared up” to fight the virus. That’s not what a vaccine is supposed to do.

Furthermore, the negative VE after 90 days means you are hooked for life and I would guess (based on the mechanism of action), that we will need shorter and shorter dosing intervals for every booster you get (since it kills off your immune system every time).

So it could very well be monthly boosters after the 2nd dose, weekly boosters after the 3rd dose, and perhaps daily boosters after the 4th dose to maintain your “immunity.”

You can’t stop after that because if you stop, you’re in worse shape than if you never started.

Don't get the jab.  If you did get the jab, don't get the booster.  Stop it.  Get off the merry-go-round that's being spun by psychotic clowns like Little Fascist Fauci.  Save your life.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas!

 Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday.  I was going on the premise that if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything.

I smoked up a nine pound pork roast the other day.  We got some rain and a lot of wind, and it lowered the temp in the smoker hard enough that I couldn't fully do what I wanted to do, which was smoking it until I could make pulled pork.  But it was cooked through, and it came out like a good ham, so I can at least use that.  I might fry some up with grits and eggs for breakfast today.

I'm going to be lazy today.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Thursday, December 23, 2021



That's kind of harsh, but not as harsh as this.

One of my many pet peeves

 I've got quite a few of them.  I collect them like baseball cards.

Taking the dogs for their walks, I go around the block for the big dog, and then the little dog gets a mile route.  The big dog is old and can't go very far any more, but the little dog is a puppy and needs the extra steps.  And there's a few houses that have dogs in the back yard.

And they bark.  And bark.  And bark.  And bark.  And bark.  One house that's located kinda central to the block has a black dog that never shuts up.  I can hear this dog barking his fool head off before I pass the house, and I can continue listening to this dog bark and bark and bark as I walk around the block.  

Look, I get that dogs bark.  It's something we try to control with our dogs, and we're pretty successful at it.  The big dog will let out a bark or two if someone is at the door.  The little dog is a work in progress.  But we never, EVER let our dogs just bark for hours in the backyard.  Hell no.  That's rude as shit to your neighbors.  It's disrespectful to everyone around you who has to listen to it.  If my neighbors had a dog that never shut up, I'd try talking to them first, but if they refused to do anything I'd just call the cops with a noise complaint.  I'm not listening to your dog bark all day.  Fuck no.  Control your animal.  Luckily my neighbors are awesome, but halfway down the block?  Not so much.  It shows a complete and total lack of respect for the people who live around you to just let your dog bark it's fool head off for hours and hours.

Anyways, that's my little mini-rant of the day.  Let me work up to a real rant later.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Piling on with "Our military is fucked"

 You know who's military isn't fucked?  China.

Americans should no longer feel secure. As China was in the final stages of proving that it could guide a hypersonic missile to the other side of the globe and hit a target, our “woke” secretary of defense ordered a two-month “stand down” of the entire U.S. military in order to investigate and “root out” white supremacists within its ranks—a waste of precious time chasing a non-existent “domestic enemy.” At the same time, they were expressing pride at new flight suits designed for pregnant pilots, versus aggressively recruiting and training the at least 2,000 new pilots desperately needed to execute the Air Force’s most fundamental mission.

Lloyd Austin and Thoroughly Modern Milley are still trying to root out "white supremacy" and other various forms of "extremism" that doesn't really exist while ignoring the actual mission of the US Army.  They're clowns playing clown games while the Army goes to hell.  I don't know of one actual leader who thinks we're ready to face down China right now.  All the people who aren't clowns realize that we're in deep shit,  But Lloyd Austin doesn't care.  He's a worthless piece of shit who sees the KKK behind every door, and by god he's going to root those klansmen out!  But not China.  He'll never do anything against China because his master is owned by China so there will be no action that will upset his master's owners.

Buy more ammo, folks.  If it comes to actual war, you might need it.

Tyrants never give up power willingly.


Monday, December 20, 2021

A voice crying out in the wilderness

 But speaking truth.

One of the elements that unequivocally confirms the criminal nature of the Great Reset is the perfect synchrony with which all the different Nations are acting, demonstrating the existence of a single script under a single direction. And it is disconcerting to see how the lack of treatment, the deliberately wrong treatments that have been given in order to cause more deaths, the decision to impose lock downs and masks, the conspiratorial silence about the adverse effects of the so-called “vaccines” that are in fact gene serums, and the continuous repetition of culpable errors have all been possible thanks to the complicity of those who govern and the institutions. Political and religious leaders, representatives of the people, scientists and doctors, journalists and those who work in the media have literally betrayed their people, their laws, their Constitutions, and the most basic ethical principles.

Archbishop Vigano also calls out Biden, the Democrats and Jorge Bergolio.

Fauci is the pathetic little worm we all knew he was.

 The Mini-Mengele is about as "scientific" as the Weekly World News and their Batboy stories.

Multiple sources, and particularly Scott Atlas’s recently-published account of his time on the task force, have noted that Fauci often relies on aides to curate lists of sources in advance of his many media appearances. He seldom reads the scientific literature on Covid-19 himself, and instead arrives at meetings with staff-prepared talking points. It appears that Folker’s email was an answer to one such request for talking points to attack the GBD scientists.

Note that Fauci frequently portrays himself as a staunch defender of science who stays above the political divide and remains outside of partisan debates. In light of that, you might expect that Folker’s response to Fauci’s request would yield a small sample of scientific analysis on the logic behind lockdowns, even if only in a format bullet pointed by his staff. But you’d be wrong. Folkers sent Fauci a list of seven political op-eds and articles opposing the GBD from popular media outlets.

So yeah. Science.

Not only is Little Fascist Fauci NOT a real doctor in any sense of the word, he's nothing but a narcissistic government worm who's literally and directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans who could have been treated with over the counter drugs, but instead were allowed to die in hospitals because the so-called SCIENCE refused to listen to actual doctors.  In fact, he got other doctors shut down because he is SCIENCE and who else does he need, right?

This fucking guy should be rotting in jail for his crimes.  

Saturday, December 18, 2021

While I hope that the NFL goes bankrupt, the real story here is....

 That an organization with damn near 100% jab rates is undergoing a spike in the Rona.

A couple of days ago, we detailed how the rapidly ascending number of athletes testing positive for COVID despite most being vaccinated is once again proving that the jab is jive in terms of effectiveness. Now the NFL, the unquestioned high roller of sports, is postponing games.

But how can this be when almost every player, coach and staff has gotten the jab?  Why, it's almost as if the jab doesn't work at all!

The vaccine doesn't work.  It doesn't prevent infection, and it doesn't prevent transmission.  Anyone wanna bet that it was a vaccinated person who got my wife sick, and thus got me sick?


Friday, December 17, 2021

Tying in with "Our Military Is Fucked" from a few days ago

 Exactly how many people did we abandon in Afghanistan while we hauled tens of thousands of un-vetted Afghanis here to the USA?

We found out about the 14,000 abandoned Americans almost two months ago, of whom the State Department only shows 900 exfiltrated thus far. We also knew that the US had abandoned tens of thousands of Afghan allies in Joe Biden’s haste to retreat from Afghanistan in August, but we didn’t have an exact count. The Wall Street Journal reported last night that State now estimates that number to be 62,000 (via Andrew Malcolm and John Ondrasik):

This isn't just Biden's disgrace.  Biden is a rotting head of cabbage wandering around the West Wing wondering who shit in his pants.  He's a puppet.  This disgrace goes on to the military leadership who allowed this to happen.  Lloyd Austin, that walking pathetic lump of shit, and Thoroughly Modern Milley, that backstabbing fuckstain, could have insisted on actually rescuing people before pulling out.  Or they could have done the honorable thing and resigned rather than leave people behind.

There's a part of the Soldier's Creed, right in the middle, that's the Warrior Ethos.  It's four lines.

I will always place the mission first.

I will never accept defeat.

I will never quit.

I will never leave a fallen comrade.

These used to be things that the Army believed in.  But I guess Thoroughly Modern Milley cares more about understanding "White Rage" than he does about the Warrior Ethos, or even winning a war against 7th century barbarians.  And Lloyd Austin never gave a shit about the Warrior Ethos either, not when he was in uniform and certainly not now when he's nothing but a butt-boy for Biden's puppet masters.

We're going to lose the next war we fight, because we are being "led" by craven cowards, pathetic bull shit artists, grifters and politicians.  We don't have any warriors in charge, and we don't have anyone who believes in the Warrior Ethos at the top.

Keven Clinesmith, who is a felon and a liar

 Still gets protected because he's got the right politics.

A former senior FBI lawyer who falsified a surveillance document in the Trump-Russia investigation has been restored as a member in "good standing" by the District of Columbia Bar Association even though he has yet to finish serving out his probation as a convicted felon, according to disciplinary records obtained by RealClearInvestigations.

This criminal, who falsified documents on behalf of the Clinton and Obama junta, gets to remain a lawyer in good standing in the District of Criminals.

Is anyone surprised?  Is anyone shocked?  The sheer level of corruption in D.C. means that all the swamp creatures protect their own.  They don't think they did anything wrong.  Lie, cheat, steal, destroy people's lives, trash the US Constitution, undermine the very foundations of US law, hey it's all good!  You still get your cushy job and your bonus and your cocktail party circuit!

I say burn it all down.

Thursday, December 16, 2021


 This virus is just sapping me of any energy.  I slept for twelve hours last night, and all I've managed to do today is take the dogs walking and take care of the Mrs.  Any actual thought takes too much effort.  Maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Hey. Feel like doing a good deed?

 Go here.  Read about Mike Hendrix.  And then donate.  This dude has been an absolute balls-to-the-wall fighter for truth, justice and the American Way, and he needs some help.

Think of it as tithing.  It's a good, Godly thing to do.

At this point, I'm publicly willing to state that Bill Gates is satanic

 Completely and utterly satanic.

Hill affirmed that the rate of death at that time was 15,000 people per day. At the 80 percent recovery rate using the drug, which Hill and Lawrie discussed earlier in the call, the number of preventable deaths incurred by such a delay would be staggering — as many as 504,000.

Lawrie was unable to persuade Hill, who instead of joining her team as lead author, went ahead and published his manipulated findings.

Four days before publication, Hill’s sponsor Unitaid gave the University of Liverpool, Hill’s employer $40 million. Unitaid, it turns out, was also an author of the conclusions of Hill’s study.

In the call, Lawrie berated Hill’s study as “flawed,” “rushed,“ “not properly put together,” and “bad research . . . bad research,” which Hill appears not to have denied.

Instead, when pressed he admitted his sponsor, Unitaid, was an unacknowledged author of conclusions.

“Unitaid has a say in the conclusions of the paper. Yeah,” he told Lawrie.

Kennedy explained: “Unitaid is a quasi-governmental advocacy organization funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and several countries . . . to lobby governments to finance the purchase of medicines from pharmaceutical multinationals” for distribution in Africa.

Bill Gates spent $40 million to keep Ivermectin from being used to treat the Kung Flu, even though studies showed that it worked.  So half a million people could have been saved, but Bill Gates didn't want that.  What do you think Bill Gates wants?

There was no good reason for burying the results of that study.  The widespread use of Ivermectin could have saved countless lives.  But Bill Gates didn't want that.

He's satantic.

Our military is pretty much fucked

 We do not have serious military leadership.  Instead, we have woke idiots and clueless puppets.

President Joe Biden’s nominee for the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told the Senate “gender advisers” for combat troops are critical to the United States’ success, a position some veterans say is nothing more than a left-wing initiative that distracts from the military’s core duties.

The revelation came during a Dec. 8 exchange with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D., N.H.), who asked how Adm. Christopher Grady intends to implement “women, peace, and security” legislation within the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“The role of a gender adviser is a way to attack a very significant issue, and if confirmed, I look forward to leveraging those advisers who can make me think better and smarter about the issues that you raise,” Grady said. “So I look forward to, if confirmed, understanding that ecosystem and helping advance that cause going forward again.”

There is no better fighting man than a US military man.  But our leadership is pathetic, broken, woke and stupid.  And this will lead to our troops being mauled in any serious combat, because the military leadership cares more about gender advisers and tranny training than they do about winning wars.  Any war we got into at this point would end up looking like Afghanistan, only worse.  Americans abandoned, our allies discarded, our enemies dancing in the streets with our military equipment while the Stunning and Brave military leadership refused to accept any blame and simply shifted the topic.  I know it.  You know it.  Kurt Schlichter knows it.

That includes our current military leadership, who have given us no reason to believe they could competently execute large-scale combat operations against a peer competitor like Russia. People talk like we would win this fight walking away. Why would they think that? If you go to the Army War College today and you ask the aspiring generals, “What is America’s greatest strategic threat today?," half of these colonels will obediently answer “Climate change.” An officer corps that thinks the weather is more dangerous than the People’s Liberation Army is not leading a serious military. A military where a ruined billion-dollar ship’s crew did not have firefighting training, but which you can say with 100% certainly that each crewman had trans awareness training, is not a serious military. 

It's going to take a bloodbath to clear out the political bitches and woke fuckstains, and that's still no guarantee of success.  I don't know what the next conflict is.  I just know that with this leadership, we're going to lose.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Did ya think I was going to quit talking about the bullshit jabs?

 Not a fucking chance.

The National Felons League, if you recall, mandated *******s.

Having done so they now have more cases of ***** -- confirmed, with people out -- than they did last year when there were no *******s.

If that's not hard evidence that the jabs do not work then what is?

Damn near 100% compliance on the jab, and they have more cases now.  Don't tell me the jab works.  It doesn't work.  

Monday, December 13, 2021

And it's confirmed

 Both the Mrs. and I have tested positive for the Peking Pox.  The Mandarin Muck.  The Beijing Bug.  The Wuhan Bat Blather.  The Fauci Fix.

So we're in isolation.  I'm doing better than she is, as my fever is gone and hers is still hanging on.

And oh golly gee gosh, I don't have my work computer with me.  It's that too bad?  I'm about to put a new definition for the word "lazy" into the dictionary.  Watch me be lazy.  I ain't doing shit that I don't want to do.  I might hire someone to take a shit for me so that I don't have to.

Omicron! Omicron! Omicron!


Gonna go get the brain poke today

 My fever broke, but the Mrs. has not.  So we're going to go get tested.  If it is the Kung Flu?  Well, there go my Christmas plans.  Which would suck.

Once the Mrs. got sick I started hitting up the zinc.  We also started dosing with Ivermectin on Friday.  I don't know why I'm doing better than her, other than I spend a lot more time outside.  Fresh air and sunshine make it almost impossible to stay sick.  

So at some point today I'll find out whether or not I've got a case of the Peking Pox.  If I do?  Well...  at least I'll have natural immunity from here on out.  Ain't going home for Christmas though.  Hell, even if it's not the Bejing Barf, I don't want my parents getting this.  The cramps and body aches are bad enough for me, there's no chance in hell that Dad would be able to deal with it.

On the other hand, the military is shrieking for me to stay home and never come to the office again until nobody dies of anything ever, so there's that.  Yeah, I'll milk the ever-living fuck out of that if I can.  Plus with the Mrs. still running a fever I have no idea how contagious I am or will be.

Luckily we're all stocked up on food so I don't have to go shopping for a good long while.  Lots of soups and stews and good stuff like that.  Plenty of onion and garlic.  And pepper.  Lots of pepper.

Honestly, I'm shocked I haven't had a brush with it prior to now.  I've been exposed to it multiple times, and never had an issue.  

Blah.  Onward!

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Here's a phrase you need to understand: Lymphocyte Riot

 Because it's coming to a vaccinated person near you.

The pathologists pinpoint the occurrence of a “lymphocyte riot” among the ten autopsied bodies. The pathologists found an obscene number of lymphocytes in several tissues, including the liver, kidneys, spleen, and the uterus. The lymphocytes aggressively attacked the tissue in these organs, causing organ damage.

This autoimmune nightmare is more than likely a life-threatening consequence of the Covid-19 vaccination. Burkhardt and two other pathologists confirmed that vaccines initiated this pathogenesis for five of the ten cases studied. In two of the cases, the vaccination was ruled a “probable” cause of death. One case is yet to be evaluated, and the other two deaths are “rather coincident” or “possibly” caused by the vaccine.

I'm rather scared of what's going to happen in five or ten years when the real damage caused by the vaccines starts to rear its ugly head.  You CANNOT fuck around with the human body with impunity.  Forcing the human body to manufacture a spike protein that mimics a virus?  There WILL be negative consequences.  

And we're now seeing those.  It's only going to get worse from here.

I like this Santa


Saturday, December 11, 2021

I have managed to pick up my wife's cold

 Or flu.  Whatever it is.  It sucks.  Upper respiratory infection.  My bronchial tubes hurt, and I feel like someone has taken a baseball bat all up and down my back.  I'd been taking care of her for the past few days, so I know I have at least two days of this suckage.  So I'm wrapped up in my bathrobe drinking coffee and trying to find a way to watch the Army-Navy game.  I was going to head to the Legion, but with me being sick that's a no-no.

Maybe I'll post more if I can stay awake.  It ain't the Kung Flu.  But it's a bastard.

Thursday, December 09, 2021

I approve.


Didya see this?

 Advice on how to deal with a pandemic, before people went insane.

I'm not too humble to point out that much of what is laid out is what people like me have been saying ever since the Covidiacy started.  Because dealing with a virus hasn't changed much in a century.  The same advice that was given in 1918 still applies today.  And if we'd followed that advice instead of listening to criminal quacks like the mini-Mengele, Little Fascist Fauci, we would have been far better off.

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

If anybody thinks the FedGov is here to help and/or protect you

 Just read the report about the January 6th prisoners and how they're being treated.

After a heated confrontation with the Mayor’s representative, Mr. Kinlow, and DOC staff, Representatives and staff were finally taken to see the January 6 inmates in the CTF. Congressmembers Greene and Gohmert refused to leave until the tour included the January 6 inmates. Notwithstanding the warm welcome from the inmates, the physical conditions in which they are held could only be described as inhumane. 
For example, cells in the January 6 wing of the CTF were extremely small, composed of a single toilet, sink, and a small bed cot. The walls of the rooms had residue of human feces, bodily fluids, blood, dirt, and mold. The community showers were recently scrubbed of black mold— some of which remained. The interior walls of the common area were also freshly painted. According to the inmates, the U.S. Marshals had recently visited the area just days before, which caused a flurry of activity by guards to clean up the January 6 area while the U.S. Marshals were inspecting another area. 
Inmates explained that they did not have access to their attorneys, families, or proper nutrition from the jail. Shortly after entering the January 6 wing of the CTF, inmates assembled for their daily salute to the American flag and singing of the national anthem. Following almost an hour of personal interviews with January 6 detainees, all in attendance—except the DC jail staff— gathered in a circle while Congresswoman Greene closed the group in prayer. At approximately 10:15 p.m., Members and staff exited the facilities.

You can go read the report yourself.  They made a video, and you can watch it here.  The bottom line is that the people from the January 6th protest are political prisoners, and this fascist regime in D.C. is treating them like fascist regimes always treat their enemies.

If you think for one second that this isn't going to come to every corner of the country where liberty-minded people oppose the new fascist regime, you're fooling yourself.  If they can't take you away in the middle of the night, they'll just shoot you like they did Robert Finicum.  Or like Vicky Weaver.  Remember her?  Shot while holding a baby by the FedGov.  Do you think the FedGov has gotten any more freedom-inclined?

Nah.  You know it's gotten far worse.  And let's combine that with a media that is nothing but a bunch of pathetic whores for the DNC.

The White House, not happy with the news media's coverage of the supply chain and economy, has been working behind the scenes trying to reshape coverage in its favor. Senior White House and admin officials—including NEC Deputy Directors David Kamin and Bharat Ramamurti, along with Ports Envoy John Porcari—have been briefing major newsrooms over the past week, a source tells me.

Read that report.  Look at the media coverage.  Do you really think we can vote our way out of this?

This is a song just waiting to have a movie made for it.

Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Good question.


The day that will live on in infamy?

 Do kids these days even know what happened on December 7th?  Or is it just us old farts?  Can they even tell you where Pearl Harbor is?

I love this image

 And I wish I had taken it.

That to me is just American.  A bison, covered in frost because they live in some cold ass places, just staring at the photographer as if to say "I will fuck your life up and walk on because I have zero fucks to give."

I love this photo so much.  Maybe it's just me.

Monday, December 06, 2021

How bad am I that I got it on the first try?

 GOC has a test.  I got it in one.

I really don't know what that says about me.  I'm rather conflicted.

This is getting tiresome

 Had to be up and out early today.  Set my alarm for 0330 so I could shower and get coffee before jetting off.  Went to bed at 2100, thinking I could at least get six hours of sleep and be good.

Woke up at 0200.  Not a groggy kind of half-wake up, but a hard wake up.  Not going back to sleep.

I'd really like to get more than five hours of sleep one day.

Sunday, December 05, 2021

Buh bye, Fredo

 Now Chris Cuomo can go fulfill his destiny as a back-alley drug dealer in the Bronx.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was fired from the network "effective immediately" following the internal review of "a respected law firm," the company announced Saturday.

"Chris Cuomo was suspended earlier this week pending further evaluation of new information that came to light about his involvement with his brother's defense," CNN said in a statement. "We retained a respected law firm to conduct the review, and have terminated him, effective immediately.

"While in the process of that review, additional information has come to light. Despite the termination, we will investigate as appropriate," the statement added.

I have no doubt that the corrupt Cuomo family will still land on their feet.  They've got too many connections to people in power.  They just won't be in the limelight any more.  I'll take what I can get.  Fuck the fucking fuckers.

Saturday, December 04, 2021

Friday, December 03, 2021

I bet blogger pulls this one down as well.

 The vaccine is the virus.

I don't know how many adverse reactions a normal vaccine needs before it's pulled from use, but I would think that over 900,000 should be enough.  

Apparently not, for the people demanding you get the jab.  And that's just the health reports NOW.  Wait five years.  Ten years.  Watch as births drop off, as people either can't get pregnant or they have massive complications.  Folks, the spike proteins made by the jab are winding up in people's gonads.  You're going to see a shit-ton of miscarriages and stillbirths in the coming years.

You want to end your family line?  Go ahead and get your kids jabbed.  Enjoy not having any grandkids.

This shit is evil.  And the people pushing it are evil as well.

I love the way this song sounds

Although I can't watch it without thinking "Why the fuck did she put a ring in her nose?"

Whatever,  just turn the volume up.  You don't have to watch it, just listen to it.

Thursday, December 02, 2021

I need to make a few signs.....


Fuck you, Delta

 A good friend of mine just got kicked off a plane in Atlanta.  She was picking up her daughter, who has a service dog, and flying her back home to the West Coast.  Someone let their child run wild with a bag of food, and the kid ran between the dog, the daughter and my friend.  The dog reacted as dogs will sometimes do, letting out a bark and rearing back trying to get away from the little hellspawn.

And some hub manager Karen from Delta saw it.  And kicked them off their flight.

So now my friend is driving.....  fucking driving a rental car....  from Atlanta back to her house across the country.

Other than suing the ever-loving fuck out of Delta, which they plan on doing, anybody got any suggestions?

And Delta Airlines?  Go fuck yourself, you assholes.

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

More of this, please

 Telling woke banks to go fuck themselves in the only way they understand.

Fifteen state financial officers sent a letter to U.S. banks last week noting $600 billion in assets they pledge to take elsewhere if the financial institutions embrace corporate wokeism and prohibit financing to the fossil fuel industry.

Led by West Virginia Republican Treasurer Riley Moore, the group promised “collective action” in the form of an “economic boycott.”

Sounds good to me.  I know that it won't make the banks crumble, but it will at least sting them a little bit.  Hell, invest in small local banks around your state and see what that could do.  But the big banks are run by the same people running Joe Biden.  No need to help them make a profit.

More states need to do this.  Punch back hard.  Harder.  Then do it again.  If a state won't protect its citizens against the fedgov, then that state has no reason to exist.

I love seeing this but it ain't gonna do nothing

 Religious leaders wrote a letter to that worthless fucking piece of shit on two legs, Lloyd Austin.

A large group of faith leaders are also advocating for the religious liberty of our fighting men. Through The National Faith Advisory Board (NFAB) organization, pastors and religious leaders such as Pastor Paula White-Cain, Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, Lance Warnau of Lance Learning, Rabbi Sholom Mimran of Congregation Dor Tikvah, Evangelist Alveda King of Speak for Life and thousands more joined forces to urge SecDef Austin to grant religious exemptions to our military personnel. These faith leaders represent the spectrum of faith life in America, and varied ethnic backgrounds from across the country.

The rallying call to faith leaders came during a recent Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight segment with the General Counsel for First Liberty Mike Berry. Berry raised the serious possibility that Navy SEALs could be denied religious exemptions from the vaccine mandate. 

Look, anyone expecting Lloyd Austin to do the right thing is wasting their time.  The man literally doesn't give a shit about the troops.  He's a politician, he's always been a politician, and he's not going to change his stripes.  He got where he did on politics and skin color, period.  He's a racist sack of shit who surrounds himself with other racist sacks of shit.  He'll do whatever his political masters do, just like all good little political animals do, and right now Joe Biden's puppet masters are telling him to fuck over the military by getting everyone jabbed, and we all know that there's a higher risk of side effects from the jab than there is of a military person dying of the Kung Flu.

Lloyd Austin will always do the wrong thing, because he has no honor and no integrity.  He has been without honor and integrity for so long that he wouldn't be able to recognize those qualities in a person if his life depended on it.  He's a political hack, a liar, and a worthless piece of shit.

And Mark Milley is just as bad if not worse.

Omicron! Omicron!

 It must be really really bad, right?


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The voice and the look don't quite match up.

But damn, that voice.

Don't fear the reaper?

 Omicron is being described as a very mild bug by doctors who are studying it.

I've seen that description in quite a few cases.  You don't lose your sense of smell, you have a cough for a few days.  Well hell, thanks to the pollution here in SLC I have a cough anyways, so what's the difference?

We should all know by now that the gummint is going to use whatever variant is available to try to pull election games again.  Keep your eyes open.

Old NFO points out that this new variant seems to have been around for a bit.

I'm calling bullshit on the entire thing.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Maybe the reason we don't trust them is because they're all corrupt

 I mean, who in their right mind would trust the people who've been lying to you for years, if not decades?

Conservatives have lost their former traditional confidence in the administration of justice, in the intelligence and investigatory agencies, in the nation’s military leadership, in the media and in the criminal-justice system.

No one yet knows what the effect will be of half the country losing faith in the very pillars of American civilization.

Buckle your seatbelts kids, because the ride is about to get bumpy.  The people who actually make shit run are looking at the federal leviathan and saying "Meh.  Let it fall.  It's not worth saving."  And the federal leviathan is actively prosecuting the few remaining true believers.  I've heard over and over about how Trump made people rip their masks off and show their true nature.  That's more true with the FBI than anything else.  If you had asked me in 2016 if the FBI was the DNC's goon squad, I would have answered in the negative and I'm guessing most folks were just like me.

And then Trump won.  And we watched as the FBI ripped their mask away and expose themselves as a group of corrupt, lying, backstabbing DNC thugs who cared more about protecting Democrats and advancing Marxism than they ever did about protecting the USA from terrorists.

Speaking of corrupt shitheads and how they protect Democrats, the lead prosecutor in the Ghislaine Maxwell case?  James Comey's daughter.

The lying, cheating, two-faced traitorous son of a bitch who ripped the mask of of the FBI.  And I'm willing to bet that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Now tell me, why would the Democrats be interested in having a Democrat operative prosecuting Ghislaine Maxwell, hmmmmm?  Do you know how many Democrats were on Pedo Island with Epstein and Maxwell?  And now we have the daughter of the Democrat Good Squad leadership making sure that any information that might hurt the DNC stays buried.

Yes.  People have lost faith in the government.  Because they opened their eyes and saw that the government should have never been trusted in the first place, and the people running it were the worst sort of anti-American Marxists.

Pass this on to your pals who still don't get it.


Sunday, November 28, 2021

So there I was at Liberty's Torch

 And Mr. Porretto puts up a little snippet from a book.  A rather famous book.  I won't excerpt it all, just this little bit:

 If we are so contemptibly selfish that we can’t radiate a little happiness and pass on a bit of honest appreciation without trying to get something out of the other person in return – if our souls are no bigger than sour crab apples, we shall meet with the failure we so richly deserve. 

Please, go read the entire post.  

Gratitude is probably one of the greatest human emotions you can ever find.  A man who is grateful for the blessings he has will, as a general rule, treat people better than those who are jealous.  A man who is grateful will be happy and content even in bad times, because he knows that he has been blessed, while those who subscribe to envy are miserable and hateful at the best times.  Cultivating gratitude is probably one of the best things you can do in your life because it changes your entire world's view, and makes you a joy to be around rather than a sour, bitter nag.

I know that I rant and rave here on ye ollde blogger, but if you were to meet me in person?  You probably wouldn't recognize me.  I try to be grateful for every little blessing that I have.  Sometimes those little blessings have been all that I have, but I'm still grateful to have them because they prevented the bad times in my life from being a miserable sink-hole of despair and anger.

Go back to my Thanksgiving post.  In order to be truly happy you must transform greed into gratitude.  Sometimes that's not easy, but it is absolutely a requirement if you want to go through life with happiness instead of a sour attitude that divorces you not only from the happiness in your life but the happiness in others lives as well.  One of the common threads amongst narcissistic people is their lack of gratitude.  They're so consumed with envy that they literally cannot be happy with someone else's good fortune.  I've worked for people like that.  I've had officers in the Army who were malignant narcissists, and they made every single person around them miserable.  While those who understood gratitude and cultivated that in their life made everyone around them not just happy but BETTER.

You might not be able to effect a massive change in the people you deal with on a daily basis.  But can you make one person smile?  With a compliment or a joke?  Can you make ONE PERSON'S life better with your interactions?

Imagine how life could be if more than 50% of the people in this country tried to do that.

Maybe you can't fix the world.  But you can improve your little part of that.  And that's something to be grateful for.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Billy Strings- Meet Me At the Creek - 2021 07 07

As vaycay winds to a close

 I always get a bit melancholy.  Quite frankly I don't want to go back, and I never really do.  Soon enough I won't have to do so.

Doing last minute chores for the parents.  Dump run, stacking firewood, cleaning, getting little jobs done around the house for them.  And then just sitting on the front porch with coffee and a cigar.  One last bit of relaxation before I have to head back into blahs-ville.

Friday, November 26, 2021

"A tragedy caused by an SUV"

That's the headline from the Washington Fucking Post.  Fuck you, you fucking fuck-faced cunts.

(Link goes to PJ Media, so it's safe.)

Case in point: The Washington Post. The Jeff Bezos-owned publication published an in-depth analysis of how the massacre unfolded, declaring, “Here’s what we know so far on the sequence of events that led to the Waukesha tragedy caused by a SUV.”

“Caused by a SUV”?

Really? An SUV caused the tragedy? Who wrote that line?

I’m not kidding either. This is not a joke or a hoax. Here’s the tweet, which not only shows the ridiculous line in the text of the tweet but was in the metadata of the article itself.

The same media that tripped all over itself to blame Kyle Rittenhouse for defending himself from a violent pedo rapist, a violent domestic abuser and a violent felon are the same people who refuse to admit that a black man who hates white people ran over a CHRISTMAS PARADE and killed six, wounding dozens more.

The SUV didn't do jack-shit.  The BLM supporting anti-white racist Darrel Brooks is the one who murdered those people.

But the Democrat-Media complex doesn't want you to know that.  It upsets their narrative.

Black Friday

 And I ain't doing shit.

I'd rather cut my nuts off than go out among the slack-jawed mass-consumption zombies today.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving

“Happiness can only be achieved by looking inward and learning to enjoy whatever life has, and this requires transforming greed into gratitude.”

St. John Chrysostom 

Be happy.  Enjoy what you have, and don't worry about what other people have.  Just be thankful.  I hope you all have a great day.  Any vets who's day sucks and you want to talk, drop me an email.  I got the time.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Good times, good times

 There's one less slash pile on the property.  Lots of chores that the parents had to do that they don't have to do for a while.  

My hands smell like gasoline.  Not from the slash pile.  Long story.

I was listening to turkeys in the woods while deer crossed our field and the slash pile fire warmed my back.

I can't tell you how much I love coming back here.

I am out in the woods

 We'll see how much I'm able to post.  Expect lots of music and memes but not much else.  I'm going to spend my time working until I can't hold any tools, and then doing it all over the next day.  Except for Thanksgiving.  I'll be stuffing myself on good food.  Oh yeah.

Sunday, November 21, 2021



The Fat Electrician Reviews: The Trench Sweeper (War Crime Stick)

I don't know why I'm laughing so hard at this, but it will probably piss off my wife.

I have a dream....


But we all know that will happen eventually after the satanic heretic Jorge Bergolio passes from this life.  I just wanted to be able to see it on this earth.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Rittenhouse acquitted on all charges

 Sanity prevails in this case.  But it should have never gone to trial.  This was a political prosecution.  There was no other reason for it but politics.

Yet another reason to not get the jab, especially Pfizer

 They won't let you know anything about it.  You just have to trust them.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested Monday for the courts to give them until 2076 to review and fully release the documents pertaining to the approval of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

The FDA denied Sept. 9 a request for an expedited release of the vaccine’s approval records from a group of doctors and scientists, the Public Health Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT). The PHMPT has since filed a lawsuit against the FDA for failure to complete their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The government is demanding that nobody be allowed to know anything about the substance that they are forcing people to inject into their bodies.

You can't know anything about it.  You can't refuse it.  And it doesn't stop you from getting the Mandarin Muck.  It doesn't stop you from transmitting the Kung Flu.  And you have to keep getting it over and over and over and over and over whenever they tell you.

It's either a complete experiment and we are all the lab rats, or it's a bio-weapon.