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Saturday, November 27, 2021

As vaycay winds to a close

 I always get a bit melancholy.  Quite frankly I don't want to go back, and I never really do.  Soon enough I won't have to do so.

Doing last minute chores for the parents.  Dump run, stacking firewood, cleaning, getting little jobs done around the house for them.  And then just sitting on the front porch with coffee and a cigar.  One last bit of relaxation before I have to head back into blahs-ville.

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George Mckay said...

I look forward to Fran's missives every morning and he did not disappoint. You can only be genuinely and sincerely happy if you do for others without ANY expectation of appreciation or gratitude.

The times when I have been the most joyful and feel good is when I have helped somebody else. I was a volunteer firefighter/emt in rural Northern Michigan and we knew many of those we were called to help. When we (always a team effort) were able to save a family's home or revive a child or adult the absolute joy touches your very soul.

We need more selfless people running the show (we had a President who did). Every damn pol in DC is only looking out for themselves and THEIR interests. Media whores like actors and their ilk do not care about the people who have put them on that "pedestal". The "journalistes" lie and obfuscate with impunity and cannot be trusted any longer. "Civil Rights Advocates" are nothing of the kind and Al Sharpton MUST pay his taxes.

I don't see many coming up who really fits this mold. Trump is a self promoting sort who is also in love with this Country and we could use some more of that. Lorain Boebert should be cloned as should Marjorie Taylor Greene. The existing DC whores with few exceptions should be in prison or Gitmo.

Not a pleasant way to end but, these are facts we cannot ignore.