Saturday, May 05, 2018

I feel the need for some beauty in my life today

Courtesy of Ann Barnhardt.

I'm not the biggest fan of Mozart's Piano Sonata No 16 in C Major, as it seems a bit too busy for me.  But that's just personal preference. 

Friday, May 04, 2018

Been so busy I missed a Schlichter column

There’s a lesson there. It’s a lesson that was never learned by our betters like Ben Rhodes and Susan Rice and all the other bloody-handed fools who managed to hobble the most powerful nation on earth for nearly a decade at the cost of hundreds of thousands of American and foreign lives. The United States is powerful because it is strong, but only when it is ready, willing, and able to use that power to serve America’s interests. The world saw Barack Obama was weak, feckless and afraid. It sees that Donald Trump is none of those things, so it fears him. 

And because of that, we may well have peace.

A must watch, of course

It's Bill Whittle

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Yeah, that's about what I'd say too.

Trump aide gives Democrats a very light taste of what they should be receiving on a daily basis.

'Of course, very few of us in flyover country knew Daniel until recently. Now we know that he quit his job with your Senate committee not long ago to raise $50 million from ten rich Democrats to finance more work on the FusionGPS Russian dossier. The one the FBI used to get a FISA warrant and intimidate President Donald Trump, without anyone admitting -- until months after it was deployed -- that it was paid for by Hillary Clinton. 
'In fact, good old Dan has been raising and spending millions to confirm the unconfirmable – and, of course, to keep all his old intel colleagues up-to-speed on what FusionGPS and British and Russian spies have found. Got to keep that Russia story in the news. 
'Of course Dan’s in touch with you guys. We know from the news that he’s been briefing Senator Mark Warner, vice chairman of this committee. Which one of you works for Senator Warner? Please give Danny my best.

Basically, Caputo let them know the entire thing was bullshit, and he knows it's bullshit, and even more he knows that THEY KNOW IT'S BULLSHIT.

'What America needs is an investigation of the investigators. I want to know who is paying for the spies’ work and coordinating this attack on President Donald Trump? I want to know who Dan Jones is talking to across the investigations – from the FBI, to the Southern District of New York, to the OSC, to the Department of Justice, to Congress. 
'Forget about all the death threats against my family. I want to know who cost us so much money, who crushed our kids, who forced us out of our home, all because you lost an election. 
'I want to know because God Damn you to Hell.'

He's a hell of a lot nicer than I would be, were I in his shoes.


Iowa might be signing the most restrictive abortion bill ever.  To wit - if there's a heartbeat detected, no abortion for you.


Murdering a baby for the sexual convenience of the mother isn't moral.  It's not civilized.  If you want to reduce the number of pregnancies, try actually teaching some morals to your kids.  Or maybe instill a culture where women are more than the sum total of their sexual organs.  Of course, you can't be a feminist and do that, but I consider that to be a bonus.

The late night votes on the bill were contentious but successful for pro-life advocates. The bill would ban the option of an abortion if a heartbeat is detected in an ultrasound. Most pregnancies exhibit a heartbeat for the baby as early as six weeks. 
There are exemptions to the rule, such as protecting the life of the mother and other medical emergencies.

Again:  Good.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Did you know that today was "Play your Ukulele Day"?

Neither did I until lunch.  Needless to say, my co-workers only had half a day of my serenading.  Poor things.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

A refreshing, honest take on Evan McMullin

You know, the guy that the TrueCons pulled out in an attempt to stop Donald Trump from winning the election?

Of course, quite rapidly it became clear that the chances of McMullin actually becoming president were someplace between zero and hahahahahahahaha . . . wait, what? But becoming president was no longer the point. It was all about sinking Trump, to prove to those awful populists who had dared to think for themselves, and not the way Bill Kristol and Bill Kristol’s donors wanted them to think, that they were servants, and could never live in the Big House as equals.
It appears that McMullin (I refuse to use the oft-repeated insult of calling him McMuffin, because I have far more respect for McDonald's breakfast sandwiches than I do this Fredocon NeverTrumper) has gotten himself into a bit of a bind thanks to his campaign to stop Donald Trump.  Read the whole thing.  And enjoy!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Jim Acosta is an ignorant, snobby shitstain on America's underwear

Listen to the condescension dripping from his mouth, much as Obama's spunk oozed from it while his Marxist Messiah was in office.

(There was supposed to be a video here.  Hold on....  Fine, just go here and watch it.)

These people actually think they're better than you.  And they honestly believe you're mentally ill.  These are your enemies, and I think the GOP should be playing that clip of Acosta over and over and over and over until the November election.

Taught a class on Saturday

I love teaching, and I love motorcycles.  So I figured that teaching the Basic Rider Course would combine my two loves and be a blast!

Which it is.  I love teaching.  But walking on blacktop for ten hours a day puts a hurting on me that takes some time to recover from.  Luckily, my dear wife loves me and kept me plied with scotch on Saturday night.  We went for a good long ride yesterday on the Natchez Trace Parkway.  Perfect weather for it.  Sunny, mid-70's, light breeze.  Went to the one place I knew had non-ethanol gasoline and filled up, because NON-ETHANOL.

Now it's back to the grind-stone. 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

There was some media dinner last night?

Or something like that...  a bunch of slack-jawed, half-brained, low-t fuckwits from the DNC Stenographer Pool getting together to bray at President Trump.

News media aren't distrusted because of Trump. He attacks them because it works — because they were distrusted long before he went and ran for president. That so many have responded to his presidency by abandoning long-held journalistic principles, while walling themselves off in little self-affirming cloisters, is a danger not just to the industry, but the entire country.

I love that Trump doesn't bother attending these shitshows.  Sarah Sanders made an appearance, and it went just about how you think it would go.  One unfunny comedian (I saw her referred to on Twitter as the bastard love child of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Gilbert Gotfreid) going on and on with an unfunny monologue, which makes sense as she came from "The Daily Show".

These unintelligent, overly-educated asshats exist in order to take down what the DNC tells them and regurgitate it verbatim.  That is their sole reason for existing at this point.  And Trump knows this, so he doesn't bother wasting time on them.  A larger and ever-growing portion of America also knows this, which is why Trump's attacks on the Fake News purveyors is so effective.  And the Media itself is too stupid, too ideological, and too self-absorbed to realize anything.

Let them die.  We don't need the Washington Post or the NYT.  We don't need the Seattle Times or Seattle PI.  We don't need half of the newspapers out there, because they've become editorializing disguised as "news".  Let 'em go.  They're the buggy and horse-whip factories of the 21st century.