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Sunday, April 29, 2018

There was some media dinner last night?

Or something like that...  a bunch of slack-jawed, half-brained, low-t fuckwits from the DNC Stenographer Pool getting together to bray at President Trump.

News media aren't distrusted because of Trump. He attacks them because it works — because they were distrusted long before he went and ran for president. That so many have responded to his presidency by abandoning long-held journalistic principles, while walling themselves off in little self-affirming cloisters, is a danger not just to the industry, but the entire country.

I love that Trump doesn't bother attending these shitshows.  Sarah Sanders made an appearance, and it went just about how you think it would go.  One unfunny comedian (I saw her referred to on Twitter as the bastard love child of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Gilbert Gotfreid) going on and on with an unfunny monologue, which makes sense as she came from "The Daily Show".

These unintelligent, overly-educated asshats exist in order to take down what the DNC tells them and regurgitate it verbatim.  That is their sole reason for existing at this point.  And Trump knows this, so he doesn't bother wasting time on them.  A larger and ever-growing portion of America also knows this, which is why Trump's attacks on the Fake News purveyors is so effective.  And the Media itself is too stupid, too ideological, and too self-absorbed to realize anything.

Let them die.  We don't need the Washington Post or the NYT.  We don't need the Seattle Times or Seattle PI.  We don't need half of the newspapers out there, because they've become editorializing disguised as "news".  Let 'em go.  They're the buggy and horse-whip factories of the 21st century.

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Anonymous said...

I have not read a newspaper in years and have NO plan to do so in the future. The last one I read was about Bush's incompetence and that was that. I called that day and canceled my subscription to the Providence Journal and did not look back.

I read our local, Valley Breeze for local information and watch a variety of TV and internet sources for my INFORMATION - not opinion or regurgitated talking points. Kiss my ass media - you are a dinosaur that DESERVES to die!