Saturday, November 11, 2017

Da music of my yoot

The 80's, musically, sucked.  Oh, there were some good bands, but the synth-heavy, breathy gay-boy sound like Duran Duran was ruling supreme, and quite honestly once a guy hit puberty that lost it's appeal.  Hell, even before my nuts dropped I was still making fun of George Michael.  When he came out as gay nobody was shocked.

So my tastes were formed by my Father, who favored jazz and classical, and my brother, who favored heavy metal.  So I would listen to Bach, Gershwin, and Ellington one minute, and Judas Priest and Iron Maiden the next.

And then, sometime in the late 80's, these bands started coming out playing...  real music.  Me being a drummer, I rejoiced in music where the beat didn't come from a Casio keyboard.  So....

One of my favorite bands from that era.

That song got me laid.  A lot.  Both singing it and playing it.


Veteran's Day

Lots has been said.  More than I can say, and probably better as well.  I'd just like to point out that the families of military members, while not in the line of fire, still bear an incredible burden along with that vet.  So if you're out and about, and you feel like thanking a vet, make sure to include their spouse in with that.

God knows my wife has put up with more crap than she ever thought possible as she supported me.

Friday, November 10, 2017

So now Roy Moore of Alabama is being accused

by a Hillary Clinton staffer, Democrat worker, of a crime that happened 39 years ago.

Roy Moore has been a public figure in Alabama for nigh on 40 years.  You think this might have come out earlier?  Just maybe?  I'm calling bullshit on it, until someone else than a Democrat operative is spilling the beans to a different publication than the Washington Post, which is nothing more than the Democrat Media Complex.

Oh, and whether the allegations are true or not, Mitch McConnell, that fucking backstabbing sack of shit, is to blame for the complete and utter fuck-ups that are going on.  As usual, that turtle-faced turd only punches tot he Right, never to the Left.  He's an embarrassment to the GOP and needs to be fired.  Now.

Dear Jarheads

Happy Birthday to all of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children.  No better friend, no worse enemy.

Thursday, November 09, 2017


So, I'm reading the online version of the New York Post.  And floating at the top of the page is a story "Actors say Rude Audiences are Ruining Broadway".

Down below that, there are a couple of other articles.  Such as....

"Neil Patrick Harris makes Religion jokes at an AIDS gala held in a Church".


"CMA Hosts Underwood, Paisley, poke fun at Trump".

Huh.  I wonder where these Broadway audiences, most of whom are liberal, ever got the idea that it was OK to be rude?  Gosh, it's a mystery.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Virginia once again is run by a Democrat swamp-dwelling shit-weasel

And I apologize if I offended any weasels out there by calling Ralph Northam a weasel.  But the GOP did it to themselves.  They're not called "The Stupid Party" for nothing, although at this point that moniker is a bit tame.  It really should be "The Party of People who are Dumb as a Fucking Stump who Cannot see Reality if it Bit them In The Ass".

Four years ago, Virginia conservatives were told you couldn’t win with a candidate who excited the Republican base.  Conservatives were told that candidates like Ken Cuccinelli spelled certain doom, that the answer was a moderate establishment candidate. Tonight we now know that that candidate Ed Gillespie did worse than Ken Cuccinelli did. And Cuccinelli performed better without the support of the Virginia GOP establishment. 
Ed Gillespie is certainly a good fellow. But his campaign used messages from 2004 and tactics from 1996. It seemed to exist outside of the ferocious upheavals of the modern polarized political world.

I don't vote in Virginia, but I followed the races with some interest.  The Virginia GOP is the Establishment GOP.  Back during the Presidential nominations, Virginia went for Rubio, based on the sickening influence of "NoVa", the area of Virginia that exists to support Washington D.C.  One of the local radio hosts (John Fredricks, if I recall) was at the nomination, and was going ballistic over how the Establishment GOP screwed Trump out of Virginia's delegates. 

Virginia is a lot like California, politically.  A vast swath of low-population, ultra-conservative areas, controlled by the Democrat-Party cancer of NoVa and Richmond.

Let’s be clear. Unlike plenty of other candidates, Gillespie is a good fellow. But Gillespie ran a Jeb campaign in a Trump world. In fact, he avoided the president and the president’s supporters noticed. 
Equally gracious is Gillespie’s wife Cathy. But when I got a campaign letter from her in support of her husband, I could only think – some consultant needs to lose their job for writing this and sending it to me.  Let’s do the time warp, back to 1996 and the Dole campaign:

The Virginia GOP doesn't like Trump.  They're D.C. insider Republicans, and they refuse to acknowledge that their way of doing business doesn't work any more.

Ed Gillespie is a nice guy.  But he's been in and around politics his entire life, and he's so enclosed from the real world that his campaign couldn't have hit any worse notes than it did with normal Virginians.  Maybe if the Virginia GOP had actually listened to the people who voted for Trump, there would be another Republican in the governor's mansion. 

Either the GOP starts listening to it's voters, or it dies.  And if it dies, this time it ain't coming back.

Socialism in a nutshell

"Will Americans Die Young Enough to Save Pension Plans?"

Not "How can we stop blowing money like a drunken sailor on shore leave in a Thailand whorehouse".  Nope, can't ask that.  And not "How can we avoid selling our grandchildren's children into economic slavery?"  Can't ask that question either.  Nope, it's "How can we make these stupid proles die off quicker?"

And you wonder why they want the government in charge of health care.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Donna Brazile is part of the problem

Please keep in mind, whilst you pop some corn and enjoy the ongoing civil war within the Democrat Party, that Donna Brazile, while exposing just how corrupt, racist and sexist the Democrats are, is and was part of that very problem.

Since her election loss Hillary Clinton has been a constant media presence trying to explain all the reasons lost the election (my latest count is 30 excuses). Along with her blame game, at times Ms. Clinton has hinted she might run again in 2020. By drawing the coverage, Hillary’s been squeezing out other Democrats from receiving coverage. 
Enter Donna Brazile, whose book “Hacks” feeds the rumor her winning of the nomination wasn’t fair, claims that the campaign was incompetent,  had racist and misogynistic elements, and was too arrogant in its belief they had the election won to listen to advice that they were in trouble. 
If Hillary Clinton’s book is named, “What Happened,” Brazile’s book could have been titled “What Really Happened.” Donna Brazile is a long-time Democratic Party operative who twice served as interim chairman of the party. She wouldn’t have written a book bashing Hillary Clinton if she wasn’t trying to free the party from the grasp of the Clinton machine.
Oh yes, Donna Brazile throwing herself on her sword to rid the Democrat Party of the Clinton influence!  What utter horseshit.  Brazile was feeding debate questions to Hillary Clinton while shanking Bernie Sanders in the kidneys, but NOW we're supposed to assume that she was just standing there while all of this happened around her without any input or influence from poor little 'ol Donna?

Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying watching the Democrats re-create the Night of the Long Knives within their party, but let's keep in mind that the person writing about all the problems was at least partially responsible for the vast majority of those problems to begin with.

As such, you always have to wonder just what the side-hustle is.  Keep your eyes open.

More Fake Racism

This time at Kansas State University.

An incident in which racist slurs were painted on a car near the Kansas State University campus last week was a hoax, and the man who painted the slurs has apologized. 
Riley County Police reported Monday afternoon that the owner of the car, Dauntarius Williams, 21, of Manhattan, admitted to investigators he was responsible for the graffiti.
This bullshit keeps happening, and it keeps getting exposed as bullshit.  Now many fake racism charges are we up to now?  Especially on college campuses? 

Law enforcement officials, however, decided not to file charges against Williams.
And that right there is the biggest fucking bullshit of all.  What would have happened if some white dude had done the racist graffiti?  They would be kicked out of school.  They would have charges filed against them.  Dauntarius Williams needs to have the very same charges pressed against him.  Make his fucking bullshit stupidity painful.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Shooting in Texas

So an evangelical atheist walks into a Baptist church with a gun he's not allowed to have, and opens fire.

A private citizen returns fire with his legally owned firearm, ending the assault.

The Democrats, who just last week were screaming "DON'T YOU DARE POLITICIZE A TRAGEDY!" when some terrorist fuckwit ran people down with a truck in NYC, immediately turn and politicize this tragedy by blaming guns, Republicans, white men, and America.

If this country actually wanted to stop mass murders and mass shootings, we need to ban two things:  Democrats, and Islam.  Problem solved.

The guns are not the cause of the crime.  Democrats, brain-damaged individuals who subscribe to violent Marxist ideologies, and Islam, a barbaric 7th-century Satanic death cult, are what cause these crimes.

Gender Equality


I don't care who you are.  You don't get to resist arrest and then assault a cop, and expect that just because you have a vagina you are immune from the consequences of your actions.

A drunk stupid woman just got treated like a drunk stupid man would have gotten treated.  And she was treated better than she should have been.  I would have drug her up the stairs by her ankle, caveman style.  Or just hit her with some pepper spray.