Saturday, January 21, 2023

For Heroism

 Since P2 asked if I would share a little bit of the father-in-law's history.  I've blocked out most of his personal information.

Friday, January 20, 2023

A Shipwreck Tale: Absolutely NOT an Allegory!

I'm being lazy today.  Sorry.


 I've been running for three weeks straight.  I'm going to sleep in tomorrow.  Make my lemon marmalade.  Drink coffee and smoke cigars and sit around in my pj's until it's time to go to bed again.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Vigilantism is what you get when you don't let the police do their jobs.

 Remember, Leftist:  The police don't exist to protect us from you,  They exist to protect you from us.

Regardless of the shot’s righteousness, this is another example of what happens when citizens feel they’re on their own. In Houston and El Paso, crime in Texas has run rampant, and the authorities are doing nothing to protect law-abiding citizens. So, again, citizens will protect themselves.

There’s no way this can end well. If the government doesn’t step up soon, we’ll start having the type of self-help we periodically see coming out of Africa or Latin America, where mobs beat suspected criminals to death or set them on fire. That’s a return to a pre-modern time that was bad enough the first time around.

Likewise, if crime continues to spiral with citizens left on their own, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone with totalitarian instincts will step in to “restore order.” At that point, you find yourself in the world Tacitus described: “They ravage, they slaughter, they seize by false pretenses, and all of this they hail as the construction of empire. And when in their wake nothing remains but a desert, they call that peace.”

The only time I don't go out armed these days is when I have to go on a Federal installation.  My retirement is beckoning and I'm not going to ruin that by getting busted with a gun on a military base.  Although my thoughts on that run to "Why the fuck do you trust me with a gun and then don't trust me with a gun?"  It makes no sense, but given the Marxist shitstains we have in senior "leadership" positions these days they're probably worried that someone in uniform is going to give them the ending they so deserve.

And speaking of Marxist shitstains, here's Antifa calling for more violence against cops after one of their little turds finally became a good commie.

Antifa staged violent protests (do they do any other kind?) to block the construction of a police facility in Atlanta. When cops attempted to clear them out, they opened fire, seriously wounding a cop. The cops returned fire and killed an antifa thug.

Now antifa is calling for "reciprocal violence."

All of these people will be out on bail faster than any January 6th grandmother arrested for "parading."

I'm willing to bet there's a lot of good 'ol boys down there loading magazines and giggling.  But as usual, the Democrat party isn't going to lift a finger against their street-level shock troops.  Of course not.  Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization in service to the Democrats, and so there's not one thing the government is going to do to corral them.

Until the fuck around with the wrong people and find out.  Which might happen in Georgia if the commie shitstains really push their luck.  Personally, I would make sure there's video of a backhoe digging one big mass grave, just to push the message home.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Following the science

 The actual science, not the dreck taught to us when we were kids in publik skool.

Throughout the late 1970s, Thaxton gave guest lectures at universities around the country in which he questioned the productivity of the current origin-of-life research program, including its variations on the theme of Darwin’s “warm little pond.” For example, he pointed out that only with significant intervention by the investigator could any of the experimentally replicated, hypothetical early-Earth environments actually yield biologically relevant molecules. Without intervention, interfering cross-reactions would prevent the desired molecules from forming. The prebiotic soup simply would not have been friendly to the evolution of life through abiogenesis.

You can't get something from nothing.

"Oh, but the Big Bang was the something!  All that energy!  Kaboom!"

Right.  And what was the cause of the big bang?  Where did all that matter come from?  What lit the fuse?  You can talk physics and quantum whatnot until you're blue in the face, but nobody can answer that basic question.  Where did it come from?  Because you cannot get something from nothing.

But you can't say "God" in publik skool these days.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

But of COURSE China is involved

 That whole "Ban gas stoves" thing that the Left is pushing?  They're pushing it for China.

The green energy group behind a study cited in Consumer Product Safety commissioner Richard Trumka Jr.'s call to ban gas stoves has partnered with the Chinese government to implement an "economy-wide transformation" away from oil and gas.

Colorado-based nonprofit Rocky Mountain Institute, which published the December study that attributes 13 percent of U.S. childhood asthma cases to gas-stove use, is hardly staffed by an objective group of scientists.

I can remember back in the 80's when the Left was in love with the USSR, and I was told multiple times as a child by various leftists that the USSR was going to win the cold war.

Yeah.  Turns out not so much.

I think that the Left has glommed on to China because their primary Communist love is gone, and they needed a new Communist country to love.    Because every time we turn around the Left is bending over to suck China's cock.

In any case, anyone who's calling for banning gas stoves is an idiot first, and then a communist stooge second.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Cleaning up

 The father in law had a LOT of crap.

We held a "garage sale" yesterday.  We laid out all his effects and invited the family over to take what they wanted.  Mementos and what not.  I got some blades, a rather nice oil-skin coat and a few other things.  It was nice being around people who weren't greedy.  Nobody was pushing or shoving or demanding anything, they were just trying to find something they could keep as a reminder of who he was.

Shit tons of military stuff.  

Lots of canes.  Power tools.  With everything the inlaws wanted to give us, we should have driven the truck down instead of my little econobox.  The dogs are gonna be cramped on the way home.

I'm currently outside enjoying a cigar while the fam is inside watching a movie.  I needed a little space.  No post tomorrow as we'll be on the road all day.