Friday, December 19, 2014


So first Sony pulls "The Interview" and practically begs Kimmy Dimmy Jong Un not to be mean, which causes some theaters who were going to show the movie to switch to another movie in it's place.

That movie?  "Team America, World Police".  Awesome, thinks I.

Now the distributor for that movie, Paramount, prevents those theaters from showing it in place of "The Interview".

If you ever wanted to know what kind of craven, gutless pathetic wimpy little bitches run Hollywood, you now have your answer.  This is disgusting.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

If you had to choose

Chris Christie or Jeb Bush?

Just no.  Actually, not just no, but Fuck No with a side of No Fucking Way.

At that point it's third party time.  Libertarian, Constitutional Party, I don't care, but at that point the GOP would have lost my vote for the rest of my life.  Period.  So let's hope that this is just a little hypothesizing.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Media has an objective

Republican aide writes snarky facebook post about Obama Kids?  Front page news, baby.  That lady was hounded out of her position.

57-year old Democrat delegate has sex with minor?  Nah, no big deal.

Look at how the media is literally having orgasms over Fauxcahontas Warren vs. Ted Cruz over their Government Shutdown talks.

Never trust the drive-by Media.  Never.

This is why they must allow guns on college campuses

Because liberals are so violent and unhinged that conservatives need to protect themselves.  And no, that's not be being sarcastic.

Omar Mahmood, a junior majoring in literature and anthropology at the University of Michigan, lost his job as a writer for the main campus newspaper and saw his front door tattooed with angry and profane messages after he wrote a satirical column dubbed "Do the Left Thing" for another publication. Written as parody, the column sought to poke fun at people who constantly perceive “microaggressions” -- a new term for small racial or ethnically-driven snubs.  

This guy has been threatened, had threatening notes left on his door, had people in hoodies showing up at his door at 0140 hrs.  He ought to be able to carry a gun to defend himself against these liberal fascists.

In the meantime, the University of Michigan needs to have their ass sued off for establishing a hostile environment, and the newspaper who fired Mahmood needs to have their ass sued off for, well, being little bitches.