Saturday, May 27, 2023

Friday, May 26, 2023

I'm sorry for the kids, and I want to beat the parents with a clue-by-four.

 Because WE FUCKING SAID THIS WOULD HAPPEN, didn't we?  Yeah.  WE.  There were a whole bunch of us screaming to the heavens, it wasn't like I was a one-man truth-telling hobo.  Millions of us said the jab would cause issues.  And lo and behold....

Children of certain ages who received Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine face an elevated risk of heart inflammation, according to a new federally funded study.

Vaccinated children aged 12 to 17 face a heightened risk of myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation, and a related condition called pericarditis, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) researchers found.

Myocarditis, as in the PERMANENT DAMAGE TO THE HEART.


The people pushing the vax are satanic.  Their goal is satanic.  And their actions deserve to have them publicly executed.

U.S. officials have already concluded that the conditions are caused by the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, although the vaccines didn’t carry a warning for months after authorization. One possible mechanism is excessive immune responses triggered by lipid nanoparticles. Novavax’s vaccine, authorized in 2022, can also cause the heart conditions, authorities say.

Lipid nanoparticles are a known toxin.  And researchers have known for years that spike proteins cause the animals injected with them to stroke out and die.

Guess what the jab uses to get the mRNA into you?  And guess what that mRNA causes your body to produce?

It's evil.  Satanic.  And this was all done on purpose.  It was coordinated, down to having the usual bullshit-spreaders all mouthing the same words.  Don't take my word for it.  Someone complied a video of them all saying the same bullshit, all pushing the same bullshit, all spreading hatred for anyone who didn't bow down to their gaslighting.

And now the kids who got it will never be the same.  Hell, based on the fact that the spike proteins all collect in the gonads, if these kids got the jab they might never have kids of their own.

Yes, I'm serious.  And that scares the living crap out of me.

Again, this is satanic.  The jab, the people pushing it, the people who developed it, all of them.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

OK, this made me laugh


Dump run

The sheer amount of boxes and paper that I have to get rid of boggles the mind.  That's on top of other things that need to be done.  Set up a couple of steel cabinets for my mom yesterday, right before sitting at the table at the farmer's market for our local grange hall.  And that's in between doing all the stuff for the house that needs doing.

I thought I was retired, man.  It sure doesn't feel like it.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Oh hey look, we were right again!

 Not only was the perpetual mask wearing not effective, it actually hurts you in the long run.

What can breathing too much carbon dioxide do to you? The authors write that “at levels between 0.05% and 0.5% CO2,” one might experience an “increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and overall increased circulation with the symptoms of headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, rhinitis, and dry cough.” Rates above 0.5 percent can lead to “reduced cognitive performance, impaired decision-making and reduced speed of cognitive solutions.” Beyond 1 percent, “the harmful effects include respiratory acidosis, metabolic stress, increased blood flow and decreased exercise tolerance.” Again, mask-wearers are likely breathing in CO2 levels between 1.4 percent and 3.2 percent—well above any of these thresholds.

Wearing a mask of flimsy cloth is worthless.  Walking around all day while wearing a mask is worthless.  It causes far more harm than any good it could possibly do, and it is, quite frankly ANTI-SCIENTIFIC to think that a flimsy piece of cloth worn over your mouth all day is somehow going to stop the spread of a disease.

Look, I've worked in a hospital.  I've worm masks when I had to go into a patient's room.  And I also wore gloves, and a covering that is basically a gown made of thin yellow plastic.  And once I came out of the patient's room, there was a checklist of actions you had to take.  Number one, the gown was tied to you with really thin plastic ties.  The reason for that is you didn't untie them, you just pulled the gown off and the ties broke.  By pulling it off, you could basically reverse it and you didn't have to touch any of the surface that might be contaminated.  Gown goes into a medical waste bin.  Next, gloves.  There's a procedure to taking off the gloves so that you don't touch your skin.  After the gloves, the mask comes off.  it all goes into the medical waste bin.  Then you WASH YOUR HANDS and any other skin that might have been contaminated.  Wash them again.

Note, I did not say "Keep wearing all the same crap from room to room".  Which is what the Center for Disease Continuation was pushing for years despite the known issues with constant mask wearing.

Once again, we were right, they were wrong.  And they were wrong in the face of all evidence..  Which means they knew they were wrong and they kept lying anyways.  The mask mandates were never about safety, they were about forcing compliance to the state.

Heads.  On.  Pikes.

More election shenanigans from New Fucking York

How long have I been saying that Democrats only win the elections that they steal?  I have that as a tag for posts, and from what I can see I started using it in 2008.

And I haven't been wrong about that once.  This only reinforces how badly the cheating is.

Regardless, fictitious records, cloned records, fictitious votes, and deletion of records all violate the law. This, ultimately is the issue. We know election fraud occurred. There is too much evidence to deny it with any credibility. When will someone in an appropriate position start following the law? If only that happened, none of the things described in this article could have occurred. The state of New York’s voter rolls argues strongly that whoever is responsible for them is deliberately or negligently violating the law on a systemic and regular basis.
Given the stranglehold that the commies have on New Fucking York, following the law and accountability ain't ever gonna happen.  Not until the second civil war, with the cities burning themselves to the ground.

Target decides to stick its dick in a blender and hit frappe.

 And the Dodgers decide to run with a anti-Catholic satanic group that implicitly insults Catholics.  Yes, these people are fucking nuts.

All this just goes to show how very out of touch with average people the corporate and cultural elite truly are. Target’s CEO literally believed that partnering with a declared Satanist was a good idea and good for business. It’s not that the company didn’t know. The man posted on Target’s own Instagram page that he was pushing Satanic imagery, and Target approached him in the first place to do the partnership, when almost all his work was explicitly Satanic.

The only reason this controversy blew up was that some moms spoke up and used social media to expose the evil. People like me, or even the big guys in the culture battle like Matt Walsh or Christopher Rufo can’t be everywhere all the time. It is average people who do the real work bringing all this to light, and those of us in the media are actually just giving them a megaphone to get the word out. I salute each and every one of these soldiers in the culture war who are actually in the trenches.

It is fascinating to me that two stories about Satanists have popped up in just two days. The LA Dodgers celebrating the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and now Target’s partnership with Eric Carnell.

This is what tolerance gets you.  Folks, tolerance is not a Christian virtue.  It's certainly a leftist secularist virtue, because the Left loves to beat you over the head while calling you intolerant of whatever their fetish of the day happens to be.  But what exactly does it mean to tolerate something?

Do you ever "tolerate" anything that's good?  No, you welcome the good.  You encourage it.  You try to get more of it.  You want the good to grow.

You only tolerate the bad things.  And tolerance means that you only allow the bad thing to exist until you can remove it.

Tolerance is NOT a Christian virtue.  Because when you tolerate evil, as people have done in this country, evil will grow until it gains control, and you can be assured that evil has no desire to tolerate you.  Or anything good.

I'm glad to see people pushing back.  But I'll note that the raging leftist who partnered Bud Light with that psycho narcissist still is "on leave".  Meaning she still works for A-B.  She's responsible for A-B sales being down 25%, and losing BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in stock value, and they STILL HAVE NOT FIRED HER!

Do you think they give a shit about your opinion yet? Hell, from where I sit it looks as if they don't even give a shit about selling beer, since they haven't actually apologized to their customer base yet for rolling out the worst marketing scheme in marketing history.  Nobody has been fired, and trust me, anyone who had a hand in the Dylan Mulvaney debacle needs to get fired. From the top people who greenlighted the bullshit, to anyone who pushed it, to the people who made it happen on the ground.  Fire.  Them.  All.  And then maybe beer drinkers will think that A-B is actually listening to them.  But I doubt that's going to happen any time soon, and the horse-faced progressive harpy who started all of this might go down as the woman who killed Bud Light.

Fuck 'em and let them die.  

Same with Target.  They want to partner with a self-confessed satanic pervert?  Fuck 'em and let them die.

Attitude is everything!


Monday, May 22, 2023

Getting ammo

 So on Saturday I talked about feral thugs doing feral shit.  And I expressed my opinion that the lady in question needs to start suing the shit out of people.


Welp, Comrie’s attorney has joined Twitter and is asking people to send him defamatory statements and videos of these a-holes calling her Karen, a racist, and a thief. Take a look:

Ruh-roh, we can think of several people who will be cleaning their timelines.

That lawyer is getting loaded for bear, and people online are helping him.  

I hope this Comrie woman ends up fucking rich as hell, and I hope a bunch of these fucking maggots who tried to get her fired and/or killed end up so fucking broke they can't buy a hot dog from a street cart.

It's nice to see the fucking leftist maggots who ruin peoples lives start clearing their twitter feeds (too late shitheads!) as they realize they might actually have to pay for what they've done.

I agree

 with this assessment regarding anyone who wants to run for the GOP nomination in 2024.

Here's the test – if you think we should not dismantle the FBI because the problem is a few bad apples, you are impotent and unfit to lead. Get back in the rear with the camp followers and help with the cooking – we need a guy who will pick up his saber, yell “Follow me!” and charge.

The goal of the next GOP president is to literally dismantle and annihilate the D.C. swamp by any means necessary.  Executive order, legislation, nuclear weapons, every option is on the table.  FBI?  Gone.  Department of Energy?  Gone.  Department of Grooming children?  Ooops, sorry, that's the Department of Education and it needs to go.

Get these fucking fuckers gone, and gone good.  Leave a trail of bloody bodies in your wake, and let the wailing and weeping of the bureaucrats be so loud that I can hear it in Northern Idaho.

Anything else makes you unfit to lead the GOP.