Friday, November 19, 2004

Don't ever tell me

About the "tolerant" left.

MILWAUKEE - A radio talk show host drew criticism Thursday after calling Condoleezza Rice an “Aunt Jemima” and saying she isn’t competent to be secretary of state.

John Sylvester, the program director and morning personality on WTDY-AM in Madison, said in a phone interview Thursday that he used the term on Wednesday’s show to describe Rice and other blacks as having only a subservient role in the Bush administration.

Rice has served as President Bush’s national security adviser and was named this week to replace the departing Colin Powell as secretary of state.

Sylvester, who is white, also referred to Powell as an “Uncle Tom” — a contemptuous term for a black whose behavior toward whites is regarded as fawning or servile.

Let's see here - Aunt Jemima? Uncle Tom? Why, that sounds positively Democratic! I guess going to college at 15, getting a degree by 19, getting a masters degree, followed by a doctorate, learning five different languages, and working your way up through the levels of government to become the National Security Advisor and then the Secretary of State isn't good enough in the Democrat's eyes. No, because Condi Rice doesn't regurgitate the Donk's talking points on cue, she's called an "Aunt Jemima"!

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. The DNC is one of the most racist groups in America. They don't want minorites to be educated or equal. They want blacks, hispanics, and every other minority to be dumb, stupid, servile and obedient. They want blacks to be on their knees, begging and pleading for massah's belevolence. And if any African-American dares to get uppity and walk off the Democrat's plantation, the Donks will unleash any foulness that they can on them. Any black that dares stand up and make something of themselves will have all the abuse the Democrats can muster heaped on them.

He said Thursday night that he was referring to remarks by singer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte that the price of admittance for blacks to the Bush White House was subservience.

Specifically, Belafonte called both Powell and Rice "House Niggers". The two highest ranking blacks in American history.

That is revolting. The accomplishments of those two are far more than anything Belafonte can even dream of doing, and he calls them "house nigger"? What a disgusting, revolting man!

The station’s corporate office received about 100 calls about his comments, Sylvester said.
He added that he has a long history of commitment to civil rights and has supported Madison’s black community.

As long as they stay on the plantation, that is. As long as they remember that they're not as good as people like Sylvester. As long as they don't try to get uppity and improve themselves, then Sylvester will "support" them. Somehow, I don't think they need that kind of support.

He said he was planning a giveaway on Friday’s show of Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup. “I will apologize to Aunt Jemima,” he said.

Do not ever let anyone bullshit you and tell you that the Democrats aren't racist. Don't ever let anyone tell you that the Democrats are actually tolerant. They're the most hatefull, vile, foul, racists sacks of shit you will ever meet. And despite all their cries to the contrary, their actions speak louder than their voices ever can.

Found at Drumwaster's Rants.

Life is what happens when you're busy making plans

OK, so get this: My original plan for the military was to go to move to Idaho in December, go to my training in January, and I'd be back home by the middle of May.

And the Army said "HA! Try this on for size, bucko!"

After spending an inordinate amount of time on the phone with my unit, my employer, and a multitude of other people, my plans have been revised.

I'm now headed out to an entire different class that my unit felt would benefit them. 92A, or a glorified Medical Supply Clerk. I leave on the 27th of this month. After that class, I go to 91W training (That's Health Care Specialist, for you people who don't speak Army). My four months of training has now been stretched to five and a half.

There are some good and bad things along with this. First of all, I'll have two new different MOS titles, pushing my old MOS to third on the list. That means that any unit looking to call up an MP will most likely skip over me. If I do get deployed, it'll be as a medic, not as an MP. Also, with three different jobs on my military file, I'll look damn good when I go in front of a promotion board. The number of units I can transfer to will get larger, and the jobs I can do will allow me to get a job anywhere in this country.

However, I'm most likely going to miss Christmas with my family. My first Christmas as a married man is going to be spent on a military base away from my wife. I gotta say, that flat out sucks. Second, I was planning on having a laptop computer when I went to training so that I could email and do a few posts. Having my schedule pushed up has tossed me into a financial loop, to say the least. I was able to find a used laptop today for a decent price, but the chances of having it up and running in a week are damn near nil. And it's an ooooooooooooooooooold computer (Pentium 166). There are no guarantees with it, and just getting a power supply for it might be a problem. So there's a damn good chance that I will be incommunicado for five weeks, starting on the 28th, and possibly after that.

But honestly, the good outweighs the bad. I've spend the holidays away from family before, I can do it again. And getting paid Basic Allowance for Housing while I'm away will help our finances quite a bit.

So I guess this is notice that I'm going to be rather scarce for quite a while. Also, if there is anyone out there who has a laptop computer they're not using, perhaps you could spare it for a soldier? I don't need top of the line, I just need something that will reliably get me to my email and this blog. I'd pay shipping.

I'll keep everyone updated until I leave. I need to go start packing!

The Council Has Spoken!

This weeks winners in the Watcher of Weasels council are Condi’s First Meeting As SecState With the Saudis... In Riyadh by Aaron's Rantblog, and Watcha Gonna Do by Cold Fury. You can find all the results here.

Tim, either you or TVE need to take over the council duties. I'm going to be too damn busy. You two can slug it out for the honor.

Incoherant Ramblings and things better left unsaid -

This is impressive. And don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Speaking of war atrocities...

...behold the story of the submarine boat USS Wahoo, December 1942:

At this point, Morton's actions became somewhat controversial. He surfaced to recharge batteries, at the same time going after the surviving troops from the transport (Buyo Maru) with gunfire. Unfortunately, most of the troops in the water were actually Indian prisoners of war, along with a number of Japanese garrison troops. A total of 195 Indians were killed, along with 87 Japanese—this includes those killed in the torpedo attack and sinking—out of 1,126 men aboard. It should be noted that, contrary to some reports, O'Kane related that Morton actually ordered the boats to be sunk, but did not order the deliberate shooting of survivors.

Morton's actions were not generally condemned at the time. It was presumed that combat troops remained legitimate targets as long as they were in a position to resist, were actively doing so, and were likely to be able to resume the fight. In a sinking close to enemy held islands, leaving the boats intact would arguably have meant the troops would be able to do just that. Also, it was reported that the Japanese were shooting at Wahoo.
SS-238, U.S.S. Wahoo

The italics are mine.

I don't know. When in battle, isn't it "Just Win, Baby"?

More from the Wahoo:

Made numerous approaches on the tanker first, as he was not firing at us. Even attempted backing in at full speed, but the ship would not answer her rudder quickly enough. After an hour and a half was able to diagnose their tactics. Closed in on tanker from directly astern, when they zigged to the right we held our course and speed. When they zigged back to the left we were on parallel course at 2000 yards range. Converged a little on the tankers port beam, then twisted left with full rudder and power. He thus gave us a stern tube shot, range 1850 yards on a 90 degree port track. At 2025 fired two torpedoes at tanker the second hitting him just abaft of his midships breaking his back. He went down in the middle almost instantly.
Having torpedoes only in her stern tubes, they backed in at full speed to try to get a shot off.


Our "gun-club" could take a lesson from their powder manufacturers. It was truly flashless, a glow about the intensity of a dimmed flash-light being the only indication that a projectile was on its way. It is somewhat disconcerting when a splash is the first indication you are being fired upon.
God Almighty.

U.S.S. Wahoo, Third Patrol, report of

UPDATE: Here you can read more about "The Gun Action", where survivors from the sinking of the Japanese Transport BUYO MARU came under fire from the Wahoo. The auther includes commentary about the ethics of machine gunning survivors.

Upset with the ACLU?

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Clifford D. May remarks on the changes occuring in the CIA and (hopefully soon) the State Department.

Such transformations are never easy. The Los Angeles Times reported this week that two senior CIA officials quit because of confrontations with Goss's new chief of staff, Patrick Murray, “who many accuse of having a brusque manner.”

What kind of spy quits because his boss is “brusque”? And what does this suggest about the CIA's descent from the world's toughest espionage agency to another sclerotic Washington bureaucracy?

Terence Jeffery flat out states that we need to close the borders, something that I've been saying for a while. In fact, it's one of my chief complaints about the Bush Administration.

The Department of Homeland Security has drive-through radiation detectors at commercial truck ports of entry. Border Patrolmen now carry pager-sized radiation meters. But it will not be so easy to remotely detect an Al Qaeda footman carrying a backpack full of bio-weapons across the desert.

House Republicans have included significant immigration-enforcement measures in the House version of the intelligence bill responding to the report of the 9-11 Commission. These include doubling the Border Patrol from 10,000 to 20,000 agents, and tripling from 2,000 to 6,000 the number of investigations officers who enforce immigration laws in the interior. House and Senate conferees are now negotiating the final language of this bill. Liberals would like to strip the immigration provisions from it.

President Bush should insist the provisions stay and demand the bill on his desk as fast as you can say, "Bin Laden."

Gary Aldrich takes on the Has-Been Media.

I’ll tell you why you can see some video clips, but not others. Whether or not you wish to believe it and whether they actually know what they’re doing – many in the Old Media are rooting for the other side. As a nation, it is time we come to grips with this embarrassing and disturbing reality. Some are worse than others, but only an entity with an intense loathing for this nation’s interest would try to make our fighting men and women look bad by using word games. And, ladies and gentlemen, they are painting our soldiers as monsters every opportunity that they get – and they are doing it with great relish and great vigor.

Yep, sounds about right to me!

Rich Lowery says that Blacks are in danger of being labeled the new bigots.

For understandable historical reasons, blacks have long kept their social conservatism separate from politics, voting for liberal Democrats. If a significant number of blacks now join their fellow moral traditionalists in Red America in voting for the GOP, they will experience the sort of elite scorn heaped on all other opponents of social liberalism. Blacks will be the new "bigots." Their consolation will be having a seat at the table of the nation's new majority party.

And I saved the best for last. Thomas Sowell. This is a guy that I'd love to just have a cup of coffee with. Then again, I'd be scared witless to have a cup of coffee with the guy. He's two or three levels above me on an intellectual scale. What the hell would we talk about?

Well, he was in the Army, so at least we'd have some connection. Anyways, Sowell lays down a dissertation of the Marine in Fallujah incident, and does it better and with more class than almost anyone.

The rules of war, the Geneva Convention, do not protect soldiers who are not wearing their own country's uniforms. To get the protection of rules, you have to play by the rules.

Terrorists are not enemy soldiers covered by the rules of war. Nor should they be. They observe no rules.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the United Nations can all talk about "the Geneva Convention." But that agreement on the rules of war has never applied to combatants not wearing the uniform of any country that is a party to the Geneva Convention.

Terrorists wear no uniform and show no mercy, as they have repeatedly demonstrated by beheading innocent civilians, including women.

Why any such terrorists should be captured alive in the first place is a real question. Maybe they have information that could be useful. But every terrorist our troops try to capture alive increases the risk of death for American combat troops.

Their information better be damned important for that.

That concludes the Linky Love for today. Enjoy!


Comments on the New Racism of the Left. I highly recommend reading it.

Via RNS.

She Gets It

Go here and check out comment number 33. A person named Monir Kazemi is responding to someone who told them that they were ignorant, in a sense.

Jana says: "Monir you dont know anything about Iraq or Islam or the Koran ...."

Dear Jana, I was born in the Middle East and went to Islamic school and at one time I memorized parts of the Koran. I am from a neighboring country to Iraq.

The Koran says Sureh 4, Verse 35: Men have authority over women (not just the wife but sisters, daughters, maids, etc.). If they disobey, "first admonish them, then refuse to sleep with them, and then beat them". You can read it for yourself at or other sites. Also try to see the 2nd class citizenship of women in Islam (for example they are counted as half of one witness, or receive inheritence half of a man).

Now Jana you are wrong that this is a matter of interpretation. When the Koran says women receive half the inheritence of a man, then this is not an issue of interpretation. It says Sureh 4:11 - "A male shall inherit twice as much as a female". Now how can you interpret mathematics in multiple ways?

You say that I am "not allowed" (by whom may I ask?) - that I am not allowed to say that the Koran has recommended to beat women or to disinherit women because of their gender. And why cant I say this? What stops me and other open minded people to say that the Koran contains nonsense of this sort? If it offends you that I say this, well then take a cold shower, and if you are a moslem (by the sound of it) then change your religion instead of being so embarrased about it, as I am just repeating what is in there complete with verse numbers and am exercizing my right to free speech, and I can say all I wish about Islam, including facts about the Koran - and this is exactly why the Marines are in Fallujah beating the hell out of these Islamofascists - because they want to stop me from saying the facts, and no Jana, you cannot stop me as those Marines are protecting me, the Iraqis, and ultimately America, and neither can you stop the good Marines who are risking their lives, to bring out the truth about this decrepit religion. You should be ashamed of yourself to undermine our men and women in danger at in the battlezone who are fighting tyranny, while people like you suck up to it.

Via Powerline.

NBA Fines Team Owner for Blog Entry


Wednesday, November 17, 2004


...the Eagles keep rolling, with the Skins next on the highway of death.

Greyhawk Gots a Question For Ya

It seems that certain Leftists in America and Australia have been attempting to educate Iraqi bloggers on the situation in Iraq.

Let that sink in a bit, will ya?

Can you imagine the hell that would break loose if I started telling people in NYC what the situation in New York was?

Anyway, Greyhawk has the goods, plus this question:

Is there a name for the psychological condition whose sufferers believe anything they hear about Iraq - except for the words of those of us who are here - to the point where they are compelled to demand that the people who actually live here share their twisted view?

Yeah, it has a name. Liberals. Or if you're strictly speaking about Americans: Democrat.

And this is another link shamelessly stolen from Mike.

I'm laughing and crying at the same time

Seriously, take a gander at this and tell me - Scrappleface? The Onion? Or actual news story?

The Boca Raton News reported last week that more than 30 distraught Kerry supporters in South Florida contacted the non-profit AHA following their candidate’s Nov. 3 concession to President Bush. AHA officials have diagnosed the disorder as Post Election Selection Trauma (PEST) and have scheduled the first of several free group therapy sessions for just after Thanksgiving.

Cooperman, whose professional practice is based in Delray Beach, said the election-related symptoms she sees in the Kerry supporters more than quality PEST as “a legitimate syndrome or disorder within the trauma spectrum,” according to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.


A man named Paul wrote to AHA, “I too was very depressed, and I knew a lot people who felt the same way. You have to understand that to many of us, this was the key election about the future of our country, and with a Bush win that future is pretty much destroyed. Naturally, there’s going to be some significant grief.”

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (gasp, wheeze, snort) Oh God, let me catch my breath! Hooooooooo boy! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Gordon said the AHA on Monday also received its first out-of-state call – from a fixed-income woman in Texas who is “absolutely terrified of what Bush will do” – and scheduled a free telephone therapy session with her for today.

Douglas Schooler, the Boca Raton trauma specialist who treated 20 people with hypnotherapy following Kerry’s loss, said he believes many people suffering from election-related symptoms are still afraid to step forward.“The Republicans want Kerry voters to shut up and pretend they’re not feeling anything,” Schooler said. “But many people have serious emotional pain over this election and it’s unhealthy to stuff it down inside of you. Therapy is the best way.”


Oh, wait.... you're fucking SERIOUS???


What kind of wimpering, sniveling idiot do you have to be in order to need mental help over an election? What kind of weak, pathetic rube goes to hypnotherapy over an election, ferchristsakes? You know what? I'll bet good money that these mental midgets were fucked up BEFORE the damn election, and now they're using the election as another excuse to lay on some shrink's couch and sob about how they had sexual fantasies about their mother!

And the best part? This whole article is about how Rush Limbaugh offered "free therapy" to these people, and these morons are pissed about it!

Mental health officials in South Florida blasted Rush Limbaugh on Monday, saying the conservative talk show host’s offer of “free therapy” for traumatized John Kerry voters has made a mockery of a valid psychological problem.

There's a good argument that if you voted for John Kerry, you already had a valid psychological problem, but I'll leave that for the pros. Seriously folks, if this isn't an indicator of how pathetic and weak the Democrats are, I don't know what is. You couldn't write satire any funnier than this! You just can't! And what are they calling their condition? PEST! HAAAAAAAAA!

Thanks to Mike for giving me a laugh. Go check out his more serious pieces.

UPDATE: The liberals have PEST. The Grouchy Old Cripple has PEGFYS. Yeah. Post Election GFY Syndrome. You fill in the words!


It Is Absolutely Astounding....

...that in this day and age, a man can get beaten up because he dances with a woman of a "different race".

.:DANEgerus Weblog:.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Internet round-up

There's a good deal of talking over the video of a Marine shooting a supposedly unarmed terrorist. The overwhelming sentiment is this:

The Media, not content with being the lapdogs of the DNC, have now lapsed back into their Viet Nam war antics and are actively rooting for the other side.

Kinda farfetched, right? Well, not really.

Armies of Liberation has a good roundup, as well as The Jawa Report.

In all the hubbub, with CNN and Al-Jezeera both playing that video for all it's worth, and for what looks like the same reasons, here's what they aren't telling you.

1) The terrorists have been using tactics such as "playing dead", waiting for US troops to approach them and then either shooting or detonating a bomb. A Marine was killed the day before by someone using the same tactics as what this Marine encountered. Jeff Goldstein puts it best:

If enough prone terrorists have fired at you, you learn to kill prone terrorists before they can pick up another gun. Simple as that. In short, you react to the tactics of your enemy, not to ethical hypotheticals—and no simpering retrospective sanctimony should obscure that very real fact.

Terrorists lay down and play dead. You pass by, and check to make sure that they're not alive and wounded. The moment you touch them, they either blow up or shoot you.

You can't let them lay there, because they may not be dead, and they'll shoot you in the back the moment they can. You can't touch them because the terrorists have been booby-trapping bodies. Turn them over or kick the feet and they blow up. You and possibly your entire squad are dead. So what do you do?

You shoot them to make sure their dead.

It also has to be noted that these guys have played dead before. And that "playing dead" is not surrendering. And that if you're not surrendering, you're a legitimate target.

The terrorists have taken away all other options. But in the eyes of the Leftist drones, is this the terrorist's fault? Oh no, it's the fault of the troops, it's the fault of America. Everything is America's fault, and we're just a bunch of evil sick bastards.

Give me a fucking break!

This quote from Right on Red nails the point:

We are at war with a murderous, totalitarian, racist ideology which has no remorse or honor, and swears allegiance to no country. If American Leftists were as outraged by the enemy’s atrocities as they are by our mistakes, we’d be a lot farther along in this war. The terrorists’ worst nightmare is a united United States.

Here's a clue to the Left: when the only difference in coverage between CNN, Al-Jazeera, and Leftist Kool-Aid drinkers like Atrios and Kos is the language being spoken, you've got a problem. In their mad rush to blame the USA for everything and anything, these idiots have disregarded an entire pile of information that is available.

And we on the right know it.


Isn't it?

"Go boom"

The Kallini Brothers

Education by Murder

Turmoil and introspection in the Netherlands.

That a non-Muslim critic of Islam was ritually murdered for artistically expressing his views was something without precedent, not just in Holland but anywhere in the West. Dutch revulsion at the deed shook the deep complacency of what is perhaps the world’s most tolerant society. Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk, one of the five persons threatened, publicly rued the country’s having long ignored the presence of radical Islam. “For too long we have said we had a multi-cultural society and everyone would simply find each other. We were too na├»ve in thinking people would exist in society together.”
What is interesting is how the Dutch reaction puts the lie to "Tolerant Europe":

One day after the murder, 20,000 demonstrators gathered to denounce the killing and 30 people were arrested for inciting hatred against Muslims. Interior Minister Johan Remkes announced that he could not rule out unrest. “The climate is seriously hardened.” Proving him right, the next two weeks saw more than 20 arson and bombing attacks and counter-attacks on mosques, churches, and other institutions, plus some major police raids, giving the country the feel of a small-scale civil war.
3,000 people die here, and a few Muslims get harassed on the street. One film maker dies in the Netherlands, and the mosques start burning.

Yeah, we Americans are such uncivilized and unenlightened people.


Weekend at Yasser's


Monday, November 15, 2004

I think I'm going to be sick....

....because of this.

"I got down on my bended knees and begged and begged for Luke's life," Mrs Winston-Jones said last night. "I was weeping and saying: 'For the love of God, my baby is dying. You can save him, you know you can. There is nothing in the court ruling that prevents you giving him adrenaline. Save my little boy.' But the doctor wouldn't do it.

"He just stood there, cold as ice. He kept saying: 'I am not giving him adrenaline.' That was all he would say. I told him he was breaking the law, but he said he wasn't."

When Mrs Winston-Jones accused the doctor of doing nothing for her dying child and wagged her finger at him, security officers were called. "The doctor said to me: 'We are going to stop the heart massage now and Luke will die. I think he should be in your arms."

As the doctors left, Mrs Winston-Jones cuddled her dying son. "I kept telling him I loved him and I was sorry that I could not make them save him."

This is state run medicine, folks. This is the government telling you that they're not going to save your son's life because it's "not in his best intrests". This is the government TELLING YOU WHAT YOUR SON'S BEST INTRESTS ARE!

In America, I've seen a doctor literally kneeling on top of a patient, doing CPR and screaming "DON'T YOU FUCKING DIE ON ME, YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH! YOU DO NOT DIE IN MY EMERGENCY ROOM!"

In Great Britain, doctors stand by while a child dies, and they don't do anything. Because in Great Britain, the State decides who can get medical treatment.

Not in my fucking country.

Found at Claudia's Place.


After reading the two utter spankings of the Left by Dok Russia and Ron Marr, all I can say is...


Go read both of them. They almost make me want to take the "Raging" prefix off of my name in shame.

They still don't get it!

A while ago, I found this post of AK's at RNS. It comes from non other than Oliver Willis, a smarmy fuckstick, not to mention a bought and paid for whore for the DNC. Now, not only does Oliver have the tendancy to call anyone who disagrees with him a racist, but he continually proves that he and his side just don't get it when it comes to the military or the majority of this country. Witness his post on Veteran's Day.

Our quarrel is with your commanders, not with you.

Excuse me?

First of all, let's just let the arrogance and condesention of that one sentance set in, shall we? Either this smug idiot actually believes that us po' grunts ain't nuthing but unedumacated mor-ahns, jes' blindly followin' orders from above, or he's so clueless about the people who make up the military that he just posts crap like that because he doesn't know the first thing about the people he claims to support. Me, I think it's a little bit of both. In any case, his spouting of tired liberal dogma does nothing but prove that he's just an idiotic fuckstick, regurgitating whatever line the DNC wants him to say.

Here's a clue, Oliver. I know that a clue to you is like Kryponite to Superman, but please try to absorb it.

We, and by we I mean the military, and by the military I mean all of us from the top down, believe in what this country is doing in Iraq, in Afganistan, and probably soon in Iran. The soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who are fighting this fight are not a bunch of clueless morons, nor are we unquestioning drones. We are intelligent, capable, highly trained Americans doing what we know is right. We volunteered for this. We knew what we were getting into. Wrap your head around that if you can. Because with your one statement "honoring" Veterans Day, you've insulted a whole lot of people.

And someone calls him on it. Suddenly, Ol' Ollie changes his tune!

Perhaps this is a linguistic problem. By "commanders" my point was their sorry ass civilian commanders - ie. the Commander in Chief, as well as the Secretary of Defense and his lameass assistant.

No Oliver, it's NOT a linguistic problem. You sneeringly put up a post that implies that the junior enlisted in the military are a bunch of ignorant drones, that their commanders aren't worthy of support, and when you got nailed on it you laughingly tried to change your story. By the way you burger snarfing fuckwad, the military overwhelmingly voted for President Bush. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, you asshat. We don't have a sorry ass civilian commander, we have a Commander in Chief who finally lets the military do it's damn job without constant changes and fucking around, ala Slick Willy, who couldn't let a day go by without changing the Rules of Engagement for the troops on the ground. We have a Commander in Chief who not only supports the troops, but admires them, unlike the previous administration. We have a Commander in Chief who, with his entire administration, believes that our military is a good thing and worthy of respect on Veterans Day, unlike fat fucks like you who probably ran away from anything scarier than an empty cheeseburger wrapper and who can't stand the constant reminder provided by a military presence that you're a sorry sack of shit who probably couldn't hack a day of military training. The last sorry-ass civilian commander we had left office in January of 2001, and the military has been celebrating ever since.

So Oliver: Fuck you. Your quarrel IS with me, no matter how much you try to fake it.

And you know what really pisses me off? It's not that he's a condesending prick, I've come to expect that from the Lefties on the blogosphere. No, Old Oliver could have just said "Thank You" to the troops. Something simple. Instead, he chose Veterans Day to make his moronic political statement. Veterans Day!

He's classless as well as clueless. What a shitstain.

Going Shopping?

Try these stores, rated the 25 most G.I. friendly companies in America.

Strange, I don't see Sears on that list. Then again, the study WAS done by the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation Journal Constitution, so take it with a grain of salt.

Link found at where else?

UPDATE: Ah-HA! I knew I'd seen something good about Sears recently, and Blackfive has the links.

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9, 2004 -- Sears, Roebuck and Co. is proving to be a friend of military families -- from making up lost pay for its employees called to active duty in the National Guard and reserve, to donating $2 million to the National Military Family Association for military family programs.

The Chicago-based retailer announced in September that it is extending its military pay differential and benefits coverage to five years. This is the second extension this year. In January, Sears extended its military pay differential to three years, from 30 months.

The announcement, which affects about 200 full-time Sears employees, also means they can continue participating in the company's life insurance, medical and dental programs, if they choose.

By law, companies are required to provide deployed employees access to 18 months of continued medical coverage at the employees' expense. But Sears' policy, which provides these benefits up to five years, goes far beyond the law's requirements.

They may not be in the AJC's list, but I'd say they're going above and beyond.

My Wife ROCKS!

As I was away yesterday making sure I can pay the rent, my wonderful, talented wife plugged the 256MG of SDRAM into the computer, loaded up Windows XP, found and loaded a firewall, found and loaded virus protection, plugged in Netscape (NO MORE IE! YAHOO!), and had the computer set up and waiting for me when I got home.

This woman rocks. And she's MINE! MINE, I TELL YA! YOU CAN'T HAVE HER!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

You heard it here first

The Seahawks are done.

Fin. Toast. Gone the way of the Dodo.

After the Rams have made the 'Hawks their bitch twice in as many months, I can say that the Seahawks are without a doubt one of the most overhyped teams of this season. We have recievers who can't catch, a coach who can't call plays, and a defense that can't stop the other team from scoring. The two things we have going for us are a decent O-line and a damn good running back.

All the rest of this team sucks like a ten-dollar whore on payday.

So write 'em off. They're done. Finished. History. They'll continue to lose as many games as they win, miss the playoffs, and disappoint Seattle fans for years to come. The Town of Losers has lost yet again. I mean, what would Seattle be without lackluster, underachieving has-beens and never-were idiots representing us in the field of national athletics?

If the Seahawks ever had a year where everything was supposed to gel, this was it. We had the best talent we've ever had, and a coach that had taken another team to the Superbowl twice, winning once. And what did it get us?

Nothing. As usual.

Good bye, Seahawks. Back to the dustbin of the NFL with you, until you manage to sucker another group of losers into believing your hype in about ten years or so. But you won't be suckering me anymore.


I leave for a while, and Mike pens out one hell of a rant!

Let’s stipulate for the sake of argument that everything the Left claims to fear about the Bush admin and mainstream red-state America is true.

Yep, that’s right, you commie bastiches, we’re coming for you. It’s only a matter of time now until you hear that late-night knock on the door you’ve been dreading all along. Our jack-booted gendarmerie is going to be working overtime rounding up every non-white and non-rich subject of our fascist regime, and we’re going to be baking every last one of you into pies that we’ll then refuse to share with the poor and hungry. We’ll be baking those pies in coal-fired ovens, and those ovens will be devoid of any sort of exhaust-scrubber whatever, because we want to release all the toxic gases and chemicals we can into the atmosphere.


All of that: so stipulated. Now, the question for you moonbat Lefty baglappers: what the hell are you going to do about it?

I mean, seriously; if you truly believe that all this is now in the process of happening right before your very eyes, doesn’t it become incumbent upon you, as the most basic imaginable of moral obligations, to do something to prevent it, or overturn it? I mean, obviously, you tried peaceful means of stopping us, but that didn’t work—because us right-wingnuts rigged the election and disenfranchised everybody. And you can’t go to the courts because they’re in the Bushitler’s pocket too, all the way up to the Supreme Court, which you’ve been saying for four years now illegally handed him the White House after the tainted 2000 “election.” So your last legal, nonviolent means of resistance has been taken away from you, and you can’t even count on the media to publicize the reality of what’s going on because of their right-wing slant, their fondness for the status quo, and of course the fact that they’re really nothing but money-grubbing corporations themselves whose only concern is the bottom line.

So what’s left, Lefties? Where do you go from here? What are you gonna do about it?

I’ll tell you what you’re going to do about it: you’re not going to do one damned thing but continue with your whining, that’s what, and it’s not because deep down you’re all cowards either. It’s because deep down, you know you’re full of shit. You don’t even believe half the stuff you’re currently crying about yourselves.

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