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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Internet round-up

There's a good deal of talking over the video of a Marine shooting a supposedly unarmed terrorist. The overwhelming sentiment is this:

The Media, not content with being the lapdogs of the DNC, have now lapsed back into their Viet Nam war antics and are actively rooting for the other side.

Kinda farfetched, right? Well, not really.

Armies of Liberation has a good roundup, as well as The Jawa Report.

In all the hubbub, with CNN and Al-Jezeera both playing that video for all it's worth, and for what looks like the same reasons, here's what they aren't telling you.

1) The terrorists have been using tactics such as "playing dead", waiting for US troops to approach them and then either shooting or detonating a bomb. A Marine was killed the day before by someone using the same tactics as what this Marine encountered. Jeff Goldstein puts it best:

If enough prone terrorists have fired at you, you learn to kill prone terrorists before they can pick up another gun. Simple as that. In short, you react to the tactics of your enemy, not to ethical hypotheticals—and no simpering retrospective sanctimony should obscure that very real fact.

Terrorists lay down and play dead. You pass by, and check to make sure that they're not alive and wounded. The moment you touch them, they either blow up or shoot you.

You can't let them lay there, because they may not be dead, and they'll shoot you in the back the moment they can. You can't touch them because the terrorists have been booby-trapping bodies. Turn them over or kick the feet and they blow up. You and possibly your entire squad are dead. So what do you do?

You shoot them to make sure their dead.

It also has to be noted that these guys have played dead before. And that "playing dead" is not surrendering. And that if you're not surrendering, you're a legitimate target.

The terrorists have taken away all other options. But in the eyes of the Leftist drones, is this the terrorist's fault? Oh no, it's the fault of the troops, it's the fault of America. Everything is America's fault, and we're just a bunch of evil sick bastards.

Give me a fucking break!

This quote from Right on Red nails the point:

We are at war with a murderous, totalitarian, racist ideology which has no remorse or honor, and swears allegiance to no country. If American Leftists were as outraged by the enemy’s atrocities as they are by our mistakes, we’d be a lot farther along in this war. The terrorists’ worst nightmare is a united United States.

Here's a clue to the Left: when the only difference in coverage between CNN, Al-Jazeera, and Leftist Kool-Aid drinkers like Atrios and Kos is the language being spoken, you've got a problem. In their mad rush to blame the USA for everything and anything, these idiots have disregarded an entire pile of information that is available.

And we on the right know it.

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