Saturday, December 07, 2019

Pearl Harbor Day

I get to thinking that if Pearl Harbor happened today, the Democrats would be screaming about how it was all our fault, and we have to understand the Japanese.

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Friday, December 06, 2019

Kinda tying in with "What have they gotten right?"

Trump isn't the problem.  The highly credentialed throne-sniffers who infest our government are the problem.

Very important people with very important advanced degrees from very important universities must be involved at every step. Coaxing American allies to stop welching on their debt requires many white papers and think tank conferences and pricey parties at well-appointed embassies.
Before the president speaks with another head of state, polite talking points must be drafted and edited and redrafted and approved by dozens of people with lengthy titles who occupy offices situated along the Potomac River decorated with many impressive diplomas and commendations.

All of that at the cost of MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars, by the way.  These oh-so-dedicated public "servants" aren't serving for FREE, of course.

And therein lies part of the problem.  There's a pattern here - get a degree, use your connections to secure a fat paycheck at Foggy Bottom, and then go around like you're the real President of the United States.  The State Department has been a seething next of Marxist vipers for as long as I can remember.  Quite frankly, I'm not crying a single tear if the all get shitcanned.  Again, what have they ever gotten right?  What success can they highlight in order to justify their six figure salaries at our expense?

Not a one.

Thursday, December 05, 2019

The media is not your friend, and they don't care about freedom

Not one single media outlet has issued any kind of report on Adam Schiff's spying on a journalist.

When Obama was wiretapping reporters, and throwing reporters in jail for refusing to give up their sources, there was perhaps a slight downtick in the worshipping of Obama by the Main Stream Media.  Perhaps they pulled their lips back from his crotch to murmur a slight disapproving tone, before immediately going back to fellating him over and over and over.

The media doesn't care one bit about freedoms, be they 1st Amendment or any other.  The media in America is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC, and as such their primary focus is not to actually report the news but to prevent actual news from leaking out before it can hurt Democrats.  Their secondary function is to propagate any accusations that could benefit the Democrats, no matter how wild and untrue.  Such as the Steele Dossier. 

You get more accurate reporting on US politics from overseas newspapers than you could ever find in the New York Slimes or the Washington Compost.  A pox on them all.

Sham-peachment hearings, day # Oh who cares...

Well, if the Democrats were hoping to get a boost in their eternal quest for impeachment, I doubt they got it.  Unless there's a substantial portion of the country who enjoys being hectored and shouted at by a angry moonbat hag college professor.

And Trump should be paying CNN and PMSNBC to keep Jerry Nadler the Hutt's face on TV 24/7.  Nadler the Hutt has all the charisma of an intestinal parasite.  The more his face is on TV, the more his voice drones on and on, the more President Trump wins.  Bigly!

Pete Buttplug promised a woman that if he becomes president, all illegal aliens will get free health care.  Crap like this is why the Second Civil War is going to happen.  Because we have politicians who think it's OK to ignore the rule of law, ignore our borders, bring millions of illegal aliens across to vote Democrat, and then use money taken from law abiding citizens to pay for it all.  And the law abiding citizens have had enough of that bullshit.

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Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Have our "experts" ever been right on anything?

As the article says, Iran is in flames and the "experts" can't figure out why due to their Trump hatred.

The Iranian regime faces the most serious popular challenge to its tyranny in 40 years. Sparked by a 50 percent hike in fuel prices last month, the uprising has spread to the whole country. Security forces have killed hundreds of protesters, and at one point they were even forced to shut down the Internet — a sign that the ayatollahs feared for the survival of their regime. 
So it’s worth asking: Did our ­experts see this coming? 
Nope: Most were too busy blasting President Trump. The prestige press and Twitterati spent the last few years railing against the president for trashing the nuclear deal and ratcheting up sanctions — actions that had supposedly sent the Iranian people rallying around the flag.

Read it all.  Also, see how many people use the exact phrase "rally-round-the-flag effect".  It's almost like their quoting each other, and the quote comes straight from the DNC talking points.

Back to the original question.  Have the "experts" of my generation ever been right?  Where's the defining Win for these experts?  The didn't see the fall of the Berlin Wall.  They didn't see the fall of the USSR, and in fact, the "experts" were proclaiming that the USSR would live forever, and we just have to live with that fact, and Ronny Ray-Gun was an idiot for calling them evil and telling them to tear down that wall.

Are these the same experts who, in 2010, said the Arctic would be ice free in ten years?  Oopsie.

Are these the same experts who told us that snowfalls were a thing of the past, only to see record level of snow and ice in the USA?  Oopsie.

Are these the same experts who got us involved in backing competing jihadist groups in Syria, at the same time?  Oopsie.

Are these the same experts who assured us that Trump tweeting at Kim the Fatter would immedeatly start a war?  Oopsie.

Are these the same experts who said that the stock market would never recover from Trump's election?  Oopsie.

Are these the same experts who cried about Trump slightly delaying aid to Ukraine but didn't say a single peep as Obama let Putin annex the Crimea?  Hmmmmm....

What have they been right about in my lifetime?  Name one thing.  Just one.

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

And I'm still wondering why

Why people in the far left lane of traffic come to a screeching halt while every other lane is flowing semi-smooth.

Maybe it's a reflection of the lane's politics?  I dunno.

Kamala Harris dropped out of the presidential race.  Say what you want about Harris, but there was no Democrat better at sleeping their way to the top.  But I guess once you've burned through all the people who can elevate you in San FranSicko, and you're trying to convince a country of people to elect you and it's physically impossible to service them all, either with your lips or on your back, then you begin to realize that actually doing something productive is harder than getting Willie Brown to blow his load.  Kamala Harris combined the oldest profession with the second oldest profession, but if she weren't from a shit-filled city occupied by mental lunatics, she's have never even sniffed the US Senate seat she currently is leaving snail trails on.

Is that harsh?  Not as harsh as she deserves. 

Monday, December 02, 2019

Ghosts of Mississippi

So while I was stationed in Mississippi I had a squirrel decide that they liked to nest in my engine compartment.  Happened quick, too.  One day the car drove just fine, the next day that little furry tree rat had chewed up all my wires.

Also liked to sit on the engine and eat acorns, that stew-meat on legs.

So I had cleaned out my engine compartment before I sent the car to the shop to get fixed.  Yesterday, I go to replace my air filter.  Guess what was littering the inside of the air filter box?

Yep.  Acorn shells.  Just one more little "fuck you" from the wildlife of Mississippi.  Luckily, as it was an air filter compartment, none of the shells got sucked into the engine.  I took a vacuum to the whole area, cleaned everything out, and put the new filter in.  Wix makes air filters as well as oil filters, as I found out.  Works really well.

I've been watching the sheer stupidity of the Left over the sham-peachment hearings, and now that pointy-headed lump of shit Nadler the Hutt is going to be on TV.  Honestly, I think if I were in Trump's shoes, I'd keep Shiff-for-Brains and Nadler the Hutt on TV 24/7.  They're both grotesque parodies of what a human should be, which means they're perfect examples of Democrats for Trump to expose to the American TV viewership.  Throw in a video of Nadler the Hutt talking while he's inhaling a meal, and people will be too busy vomiting to want to impeach anyone.

Anyways, I'm back home and trying to get into the swing of things.  It's now Advent.  Prepare for music accordingly.