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If the talking heads on tv could just get off their DNC talking points for five minutes and start looking at reality we'd all be a lot safer, and better off in general, but 99% of the time it has to be us vs. them, and modern liberals don't let silly things like facts get in their way. So it's interesting to see the reaction when one of their own dares to bring facts into a tv newsroom, in an interview about the US invasion of Iraq no less. This was supposed to be a friendly interview. Christopher Hitchens is a Democrat but apparently didn't drink enough cool-aid to roll over for the loony left-wingers on the boob-tube; apparently he has had enough and is, finally, standing up and throwing the truth back in the faces of some tv libs. In this interview he exposes Ron Reagan for the idiot tool that he is. (The only reason Ron is even on tv is so the man recently voted Greatest American in History can be dragged through the mud.) More of Christopher Hitchens being interviewed by liberals here. I feel sorry for people like Hitchens. Their party has been hijacked and is being driven straight into the ground.

Here's an amusing item: U.N. Condemns London Terror Strikes. What's the UN gonna do? Rien. Nichts. Niente. Nada. The UN has become a joke.

I don't like it when one group of people in this country claims to have rights, protections and freedoms that other groups of individuals do not have. It is particularly annoying when those in the press assert that they can, in effect, abet criminals with impunity in the name of "freedom of the press." In a free society, the press is not above the law.

Other good reads:
INFORMATION WARFARE: Selling Appeasement to Europeans
Another Episode in the War between Christiandom and Islam
Fixed Bayonets
Whenever an American Soldier Loses His Life a Liberal Gets His Wings
Mercenaries, Not Musicians, for Africa
Unocal 101
In My World: Supreme Anger

UPDATE: I've been corrected. Christopher Hitchens is not a Democrat since he's not a US Citizen but he used to be a Communist. Oh well. He seems to have recovered nicely. I guess the least I could do is link to a most excellent Christopher Hitchens piece. Here's another neat thing to read if you like 007, and don't miss Where is the Gandhi of Islam?

Speak Up, Muslims

We need more Muslims like this man to speak up. Islamic people should rise up and speak with one voice damning the terrorists to hell and they should act as one to hunt them down. If they cannot do this, then they should collectively hang their heads in shame, shut their mouths and get out of our way. As it is, and to put it nicely, most of us in the West both on the left and the right have lost respect for Islamic culture and religion. The terrorists will be wiped out. That is certain. The only question is whether Islam will survive?

For our part, we need to stop being nice to terrorists. When captured, terrorists should get blood transfusions rather than Korans - replace their blood with pig's blood. Film the process and send it to al Jizzeera. It has been made clear that Zarqawi, bin Laden and the rest of these retards watch the media as it has become their primary weapon. Why not fight fire with fire - use the media to scare the living shit out of them. Or we could just go on al Jizzeera and say Usama bin Laden likes little boys and has a tiny penis, and that al Qaeda members are impotent. No joke - we need to get "our" journalists to start making fun of the terrorists instead of giving them so much credibility and respect - that would make a difference. What's that you say? It'll never happen because the mainstream media is on the side of the enemy? Ack! You're right! And Chris Mathews isn't afraid of pig's blood - he only fears 95-pound Filipino women.

Gee, no response from the Left?

I wonder where all the people are who call the Bush economy a failure.... because I don't think Clinton ever got unemployment this low. Can you say 5%? I can.


Liberals, with their tax hungry social programs and ever-growing lust for governmental control, have always ignored one of the most basic concepts in macroeconomics: When people keep their money instead of shoveling it down the maw of the State, that money goes back into the economy, either when they spend it or when they invest it. Sure, the government can spend your money, but it never invests it, and THAT is how the economy grows. It's a very simple concept, yet the Left ignores it, just like they ignore anything else that disagrees with their ideologic views.

The Left can't be trusted with the economy, they can't be trusted with national security, they can't be trusted with government power....

The Left just can't be trusted.

LGF down for a while

Charles emailed Glenn to let people know: Server hard drive bit the dust today. Don't know when he'll be back up.

Via DANEgerus

Are You Conservative has some nice grafics of flags for websites or personal use.

My browser isn't working for me, so I can't post it from my computer. It's a British flag blended with an American flag, done up rather nicely.

Click on the link to see it.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Profiles in Moonbattery

Amazing. Just plain amazing.

Here's a guy...

...with balls as big as church bells.

World War

The Sun of UK has done a better job than I of recalling Islamic Terror across the globe.

A Measured Response

I propose we respond to this latest atrocity, this attack on our staunchest ally, with overwhelming force. My proposal has the advantage of giving the Demonrats and the Chinese what they have been clamoring for - a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. Let's withdraw right now. There is only one thing the terrorists and those who support them understand, and I suggest we give it to them. We will not cower from cowards. What am I talking about? A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words:


While I would agree with the Mayor of London that those behind the London bombings are nothing but mass-murderers, and that indiscriminate killing is not an ideology or even a perverted religion (though I suppose you could call it a death-cult), I disagree with the politicians and pundits as to the supposed motivation behind the bombings. I don't think these scumbags care about "dividing London" or hating "freedom and democracy" or even their stated cause of driving Britain out of Iraq and Afghanistan. I think these shit-eating camel-fuckers are screaming to the world, "We are not impotent!" Well, they are. They can blow up a train but they can't build a toaster. Even a monkey can kill.

Daily reading

Not to make light of the events in Britain, Here's a question: What blog do you make a daily visit to? I'm simply curious to see how our blogroll compares to the various like-minded blogs. My list?

DANEgerus. First stop, bar none. Dane has more information than almost any blog out there. With the lack of comments that I see sometimes, I wonder if he's the most underappreciated blog out there. It's a wealth of information and well thought out reasoning.

Random Nuclear Strikes. Daily. It's on our blogroll. I don't comment, because I don't have a TypeKey registration (I know, I gotta get that fixed) but I'm there as often as possible.

Kim du Toit. Straight talk and no bullshit. Plus, gun blogging!

Those are my big three. If I don't have much time (which is often) those are the blogs I make sure I check out before moving on to any other reading. Does anyone else have a "must read" blog that you visit?

A message to our British Friends

I think I can speak for every member of this blog when I say that we all stand with you on this day of suffering.

Americans have been accused of many things, but the one thing that no one can deny is that we, as a whole, are uncomparable friends. We can offer shoulders to cry on, hands to comfort you, resourses to aid you, and food to feed you. We can give you what help you may ask for.

But the one thing our enemies forgot is that when you attack an ally of America, you attack America. And when the time comes, we will face our enemies together, with steel bared and firearms blazing, as we have ever since World War One.

We understand that you do not capitulate to terrorists, you hunt them down and exterminate them. And we will aid you in this if you so desire. The full might of the United States stands ready to demolish these terrorists who have killed your friends and your family.

No better friend, no worse enemy. It's the unofficial motto of the US Marines, and might as well me the country's motto as well. We stand ready to help if you should need it.

Just give us a call. We'll be there.

London Linkdump

Best place to keep up to the minute: The Corner on National Review Online

Great stuff from Andrew Sullivan.

Democratic Underpants sez the Bush Administration may have arranged it all.

Ready in New York City:

PowerLine recalls the words of Winston Churchill.

Greyhawk asks: "Who's next?" And also: "A carefully considered reply delivered soon would be appropriate." Damascus, perhaps.

"Four possible responses to terrorism"

George Galloway is subhuman.

Whaddya think?

Tanzania and Kenya 1998 -- United States 2001 -- India 2001 -- Bali 2002 -- Pakistan 2002 -- Turkey 2003 -- Saudi Arabia 2003 -- Russia 2004 -- Spain 2004 -- Jordan 2004 (foiled)

And now: England 2005

Can we call it a "World War" yet?

UPDATE: Was the attack "homegrown"?

May God Bless Britain

But it's for your own good!

Beware the jackbooted nags!

It's the ultimtae in liberal lawmaking, folks. They'll ban anything they don't like, and say it's for your own good.

This can't be good

Explosions blamed on power surge in London.

My question is this: If the explosions were caused by a power surge, why did several buses blow up? They're not on the power grid.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What's the easiest way to get 400 new visitors to one's site in six hours?

Post a comment with a link at LGF.

That readership will click on anything =wink=.

LGF is one of six or seven sites I visit several times a day. Most 4RWWs readers probably visit it often as well. It's solid, and the Kos Kidz LOATHE it, which is always a bonus...

The comments here illustrate the kind of people who read Little Green Footballs.

Mystery Solved!

The Bushies Dunnit

Obituaries called to mind

Remembering the above, I feel compelled to take a swag at a couple obits:


SAN DIEGO (Al-Reuters) - Retired Vice Admiral James Stockdale, who ran for vice president as Ross Perot's running mate in 1992, died Tuesday at his home in Coronado at the age of 81. Stockdale was awarded the Medal of Honor for actions during America's immoral war against Vietnamese peasants, and spent 7 1/2 years in a North Vietnamese prison after being convicted of offenses against indigenous peoples whose only crime was fighting for the freedom of their country.


EDISON (Al-Reuters) - Grammy award winner Luther Vandross, whose deep, lush voice on such hits as "Here and Now" and "Any Love" sold more than 25 million albums while providing the romantic backdrop for millions of couples worldwide, died Friday at age 54. Vandross overcame the odds inherent in being born black in America to achieve fame, wealth, and stardom in a country that had enslaved African people for four hundred years. The United States to this day practices both overt and subtle oppressive acts against people of color, said Vandross fans gathered outside his Watchung home.


MIAMI (Al-Reuters) - L. Patrick Gray, whose yearlong stint as acting FBI director was marked by the Watergate break-in and the ensuing scandal that led to President Nixon's resignation, died Wednesday. Gray was often hailed as noble and principled after resisting illegal pressure from a Nixon White House desperate to continue its deceptive cover-up of its unlawful and unconstitutional acts committed to steal the 1972 Presidential Election from George McGovern. Historians recently have begun drawing parallels between the Nixon Administration's handling of Watergate and the current Administration's attempts to suppress the Downing Street Memo and other evidence that suggests unsavory manipulation of intelligence in the rush to war with Iraq.

Gray was 88.

Sometimes it's okay to long for the good old days

These fellas should have cross-ventilated craniums by now. Ah, well. The ACLU will ensure that they get their proper defense.

All Chicken And No Hawk

Blackfive gives the ole brickbat to the loathesome Duncan Black, with links galore.

Rest in Peace, James Stockdale

Admiral Stockdale has passed on. May God hold you close, Admiral, and make more of ye.

Following up re: DW and the Kos Kidz

Do the Left really want America to lose in Iraq? An admission, rare as they are.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

So Funny it Hurts

Zarqawi takes offense to being compared to American liberals (via Iowahawk):
"Cripes, you should have seen the collection of numbnuts and droolers on the short bus from Saudi yesterday. Good Allah, I swear the only way we’re ever gonna turn these morons into martyrs is to plant detonation buttons inside their nostrils."
Advice for the raving moonbats at Kos: Just keep doing what you're doing. You're cracking me up.

How can more than half a Trillion Dollars in Humanitarian Aid make Africa Worse-off?

Despite having more natural resources than the rest of the world put together: Corruption.
"The failure of democracy and economic development in Africa are due to a large part to the scramble for wealth by predator elites who have dominated African politics..."
It seems to me that the question here is not how to provide more aid to poor nations, but rather how can we make it easier for poor people to climb out of poverty? Would any amount of financial aid actually eliminate poverty permanently? Haven’t we learned yet that just throwing money at a problem doesn’t make it go away? Aid can feed the starving for a period of time, but the problem will return unless people are able and willing to support themselves. Moreover, providing aid to poor nations frequently causes dependencies to develop, causing increasing demand for handouts. Free trade agreements worked extremely well in reducing poverty by more than 50% in places like Chile, while fifty years and half a trillion dollars of aid has done nothing for Africa but add to their misery. They say that a sign of insanity is when people keep doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result. Well, we as a global community must be completely out of our collective gourd then. What makes the whole poverty issue seem truly evil to me is the fact that we already know what works, yet the politicians insist on rejecting win-win deals like CAFTA and just keep on doing the same thing, fostering dependencies, killing off any hope for self-sufficiency for the African farmer by dumping food through their corrupt governments, and on top of that giving billions of dollars to corrupt thug-politicians like Mugabe thereby aiding and abetting genocide. Whoever wrote up Live 8's web page (which I will not link to) is a disingenuous communist and needs to be straightened out. And before you America-bashers start lecturing us Americans about how we're not paying our fair share in aid, try adding in the private donations and you'll find that we give more than any European country per capita. According to the Scotsman, US donations to Africa outstrip Europe by 15 to 1. These are the facts, people. No matter how you cut it, the United States is by far the world’s largest source of humanitarian aid. I am sick and tired of being lectured to by millionaire movie stars and rock stars about not being generous enough.

The one who really pisses me off the most in all of this is Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd, who recently stated:
"I want to do everything I can to persuade the G8 leaders to make huge commitments to the relief of poverty and increased aid to the Third World. It's crazy that America gives such a paltry percentage of its GNP to the starving nations."
His statement is just plain ignorant for the reasons stated above. Also, this man's view of the role of government is an anathema to me - appealing to half a dozen or so diplomats to take from the taxpayer and give more money that isn't theirs to give. Insisting that it is the government's function to fix all the problems in the world, while ignoring all the good that individuals do. Insisting that the capitalist system that made him a gazillionaire is the source of all that is wrong in Africa where most people are not even allowed to own property, legally. But what infuriates me is that this is David Gilmour, the soul of Pink Floyd. It hurts me to even say this: I've listened to Pink Floyd since the mid-1970s; I've probably listened to Pink Floyd more than all other music combined over my lifetime. Turns out, he's just another America-bashing socialist dog, biting the hand that has fed him so well and for so long. Just another useful idiot. Just another tool. All in all he's just another brick in the wall.

Monday, July 04, 2005

OK guys, knock it off!

It seems that this Fourth of July, we have several bloggers down in the dumps and pessimistic over the future of this country.

Stop it. Now.

Kim du Toit has a list of everything going wrong in the country today, and I can't disagree with him on any of his points. But both bloggers linked to above fail to remember the one important fact that has been made time and time again.

This country is still the best hope for freedom and prosperity.

Or to put it in another light: Where else are you going to go? Despite the government attempting to take our rights away, we as Americans have more rights today than citizens of ANY OTHER COUNTRY. So where else are you going to go? To some socialist shithole where your guns are confiscated, your taxes raise to astronomical levels, and your privacy violated daily at the whim of the State?

Nope. Not me. THIS is my country, and THIS is where I'm staying. If there is to be a war for our rights, let it be here, not some country where the population is ambivalent to the extreme.

This is the country who's Constitution I've sworn to protect from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And if that means that I take the battle to the bureaucrats and parasites on Capitol Hill, then that's what I do. If that means that we hit the reset button, that's what we do. WE HAVE THAT OPTION. Other countries do not.

Perhaps instead of mourning, as Kim du Toit would do, we should get off our asses and remember just what made this country great, and work to move it back in that direction. And if you find that the task is impossible, then we do what the Constitution allows us to do and throw off the shackles of the government that oppresses us. If the State of Texas finally decided that it had had enough, and severed all ties to the United States, what do you think would happen?

Not bloody much. With the surrender monkeys fully in charge of the Democrat Party, and most of the Republican Party wondering where the conservatives are in their elected representatives, there would be hand-wringing, wailing, and name calling, but I guaran-damn-TEE that you wouldn't see American troops marching into Austin. And if they WERE ordered to march, you wouldn't have a damn shot fired. You think we enjoy being bossed around by a group of communist shit-suckers? Hell no. Take back Texas? Yeah right, Hillary. Kiss my freedom loving ass while I relocate to Texas, and then YOU come try to take it back FROM me.

The bottom line in all of this is that we can't afford to have people like Kim and Ogre crying into their cups. We need them proud, pissed off, and still fighting for the American dream that they love. Because if the patriots among us lose heart, then we lose the battle. And it IS a battle, people. It's a battle for a way of life that may slip out of our grasp if we let it.

I'm damn sure not going to let it slip away from me. I'm an American who knows just what that title means, and so is Kim, and Ogre, when they're finished moping around. So the both of you: Take a cold shower, have your wives slap your faces a bit, go burn off some ammo, do whatever you need to do in order to get your mind on the right track.

The battle isn't lost until you give up. I'm not giving up, and I hope that my allies in this fight don't give up either. So, damnitall...


Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Fourth of July

When I was a kid, I used to think of the 4th as just another reason to stay up late with my parents. It wasn’t anything REALLY special, although the parades were cool and we got to play with fireworks. I burned myself on a sparkler when I was five and left fireworks alone for about six years anyways. But although my parents treated it as a special holiday, I really didn’t get it.

Later on, when I found a fireworks stand in Idaho that sold bottle rockets, my friends and I would buy about six or seven gross of bottle rockets and have bottle rocket wars with each other. I came close to blowing myself up once or twice, but the 4th STILL wasn’t as special as Christmas or Easter. At least on those two holidays, we were allowed to get out of school for a day or two (or in the case of Easter, it fell on Spring Break).

Then, I started learning history. World History, American History, all the classes in school and other books that I picked up on my own. And THAT is when the 4th of July became special. Because the chances of this country doing what it did when it did were slim to none. And yet it still happened.

The best men that this fledgling country had to offer volunteered to be it’s leaders. I recently finished reading a book on George Washington, and the sense you get is that here was an above ordinary man who became extraordinary, all in the name of something greater than himself, that he himself might never enjoy the fruits thereof. When General Washington won the Revolutionary War, we was offered the crown of America. The CROWN. And he turned it down. He turned it down because he refused to see the dream he worked, sacrificed and suffered for rendered all for naught. ALL the leaders of the Revolution, facing trials that modern Americans cannot begin to imagine, worked to create something larger than any of them could dream. And it WORKED. This novel, unheard of system of government, based on a system two millennia old, instituted in a land still unexplored, paid for by the blood of common men and women, and it WORKED. We won this nation from the mightiest country in the world at that time. “The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire”. Remember that phrase? It was true. From India to America, Britain controlled more land and more people than any country in the world at any time, and yet the American Colonials, aided by the French, managed to win not only military victory but a new nation.

So much rested on so few, and yet they managed to succeed. And the results of their dream, which they could only imagine at the time, have risen to levels never before seen in the world.

Americans brought forth electric light, the steam engine, and powered flight. Americans have brought forth so many inventions that what was astounding now seems modern. Peanut Butter. Unheard of until a man named George Washington Carver, a black inventor looking for ways to utilize peanuts ground up several nuts for an experiment and decided they tasted pretty good that way. The Personal Computer, the very machine that I’m using to type this little piece, came about because of American ingenuity and know-how. While we might have Dell, or Intel, or Gateway, or any of the other makers of computers and computer components these days, I can remember when the letters “PC” were ALWAYS preceded by “IBM”. Radios, televisions, telephones, telegraphs, all the products of American invention or innovation. Even what we didn’t invent, we improved, and passed that knowledge onto the rest of the world. It can be reasonably argued that Americans have done more to help the world in the past two centuries than any other country.

America has welcomed people from the world over. From the first immigrants from Europe, to immigrants from Asia. They have all come because they understood what America stands for. And they still come to this very day, clamoring to be American.

We, in partnership with Great Britain, the country we once fought against, ended slavery in the Anglosphere. I can’t say that we ended it altogether, since slavery still exists in Africa and the Middle East, but we paid for the freedom of all men and women in this country with our blood. We helped save the world from itself not once but TWICE in the 20th Century. And if you count the money and blood used to fight the USSR, we would increase that number to three. And today, Americans are fighting and dying to bring freedom into a section of the world that hasn’t seen freedom in thousands of years. We are doing it for a number of reasons; to prevent state sponsored terrorism, to eliminate dangers to our country, to rid the world of parasites who do nothing but destroy everything around them. But the one reason that has always been stated, the one reason that President Bush has mentioned time and time again, no matter what the Left tries to say or do, has been freedom.

Freedom. There is so much meaning captured by that one word, and yet so many people cannot conceive in their mind exactly what it means in any way. We in this country have been blessed to grow up in a country who’s basic reason for it’s creation was FREEDOM. But that blessing is a double edged sword, because people who have never had to fight for freedom, people who have never been challenged in a real and meaningful way sometimes do not understand exactly what freedom is, or why it is so important. Just observe how many people willingly give away their freedoms to the state, either out of apathy or carelessness. We are now in a position where so many people have given away bits of their freedom to the state that the state is now demanding that we give up other freedoms as well. The list is too long to mention, but a few salient points can be made – the 2nd Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, is all but ignored in several states of the union. The 5th Amendment, which safeguards the freedom that we have to our private property, was violated by the Supreme Court in ways that would make the Founding Fathers take up arms yet again. Our freedom of speech is infringed upon on a daily basis. How many times have you heard “You can’t say that!” in today’s politically correct culture? Saying certain things can now get you tossed in jail!

The same people who give their freedoms away sneer when we mention freedom in other parts of the world, by the way. It is as if they hold freedom in contempt. Perhaps they do. Having never had their freedoms challenged, they by their actions are not free at all.

But despite the problems that face this country, we are still the best hope for freedom in the world. After observing the actions of other countries, perhaps we are the ONLY hope for freedom in this world. While other countries willingly give rights and freedoms away for a false sense of security, Americans still fight, on the battlefield and in the political chambers, to preserve the freedoms that we hold dear. We do it because of the country that we believe in, the country that embodies the freedoms that we have sacrificed for. We do it for THIS COUNTRY, born out of turmoil and bloodshed, an experiment still in the making, that was created on the Fourth of July.

The Fourth of July, in a way, embodies all the beliefs we hold. Duty. Doing what is right, because it is right. Loyalty to the things that support and protect us, instead of misplaced servitude to that which would destroy us. And most of all, Freedom. The freedom that has allowed us to do great things, and that allows us to be who we are. The freedom of religion, of speech, of the press, the freedom to assemble and the freedom to petition. The freedom that has created a country unlike any other in the world. It is THAT which is celebrated on the Fourth of July, as well as all the accomplishments of a country that almost didn’t exist.

I want all of you to think about the gifts that you have, all the freedoms you enjoy, and think about whether or not you would have them if you lived anywhere else in the world.

And then celebrate the Fourth of July with me.