Saturday, April 16, 2016

The narrative must be preserved!

Diversity is our strength!

Last week an article by the Chronicle Herald detailed multiple instances of Syrian refugees assaulting Canadian children. The article featured comments by a woman nicknamed "Missy" who explained how her daughter had been choked with a chain and her son had been visibly threatened on the soccer field. 
The story was pulled soon after it was posted with members of the left-wing media decrying the story as "racist," "Islamophobic," "xenophobic" or simply just not true. 
In place of the story, an apologetic message was left in its place saying the story needed more research and was "insensitive" to the refugees.

Watch the video.  This is what they do in their countries, folks.  And this is what they do in ours.  The sheer stupidity of the people who welcome Islamic refugees with open arms astounds me.  And the arrogance of the people doing the welcoming...  "Oh, the cute little brown people need help!  Aren't we so nice?  Aren't we so generous?  Hey, what happened to my daughter?"

Do.  Not.  Let.  Them.  In!  You want to help people?  Help them in THEIR country, because you do not want this culture in yours.

And that's not racist, folks.  Not by a long shot, not if you enjoy having your sons and daughters un-molested and left alone.

This isn't unusual

Bernie Sanders pays a 13.5% Federal Tax rate.  Yep, the guy howling about making people "pay their fair share" pays a smaller tax rate than I do, while making about five times what I make.

But folks, this is not abnormal for a Leftist, Socialist, big-government shithead.  He's not just some indoctrinated drone out of college, he's the guy in charge.  The guys in charge in a socialist movement or country never lower themselves to the standards they force upon everyone else!  While the Russian peasants starved and shivered in a bread line, the Soviet leadership ate steak and caviar in their dachas.  Hugo Chavez, before he finally died and went straight to hell, was worth over two billion dollars, but the people in his socialist country couldn't buy milk or toilet paper.

This.  Is.  What.  Happens.  In.  Socialism.  The rich get richer.  The poor get poorer, and the rules are NOT the same for everybody.

So am I shocked that Sanders pays a lower tax rate than I do?  No.  It's what Socialists do.  Hell, how many people at MSNBC still haven't paid their taxes?  It's what they do!

What amazes me is that he actually released his tax returns and allowed people to see the curtain get pulled back a bit.

Take the time to watch this

It's Ted Cruz answering questions on CNBC, and knocking them out of the park.

We really, really need this guy to be our next president.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Dear Leftist, or anyone else without a soul

When the headlines are bragging "Katy Perry: 1, Nuns: 0" then you lose.  You're a loser.  Period.

There might not be much you can hold constant in this world, but one of the most constant things is this:  When you're fighting a bunch of octogenarian nuns, you're on the wrong side of the conflict.  It really is that simple.

This makes me dislike Katy Perry even more, on top of her being yet another Hollywood whore for Obama and being married to that flaming British douchebag who looked like a Wookie with a heroin addiction.

What a difference a couple generations make

When my mother was growing up, STDs were relatively rare.  They existed, but not on a wide scale.

When I was in high school, the biggest worry about sex was getting a girl pregnant.

And now, feminists are celebrating their STDs.

Yes, really.

I don't know what to say about that, I really don't, except....  EW!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ted Cruz did not want to ban dildos, m'kay?

Heard that on the car radio and almost spit coffee all over my windshield.  No, sorry Trump fans, Cruz didn't want to ban dildos.  He was doing the job he was supposed to do as Solicitor General.

And may I make a point here?  Dildos are commodities, not a right.  Texas was perfectly legal in saying "You can't sell those here".  And people would leave Texas or not, to go to some state that didn't ban the sale.

There are still dry counties all over this country where you can't buy booze, or at least not on certain days.  That's perfectly constitutional as well.

Please, please, please, understand:  The Constitution is a list of things that the government cannot do. And it says quite plainly that if it isn't spelled out in the Constitution, then it's left up to the States or to the People.  So buying dildos is NOT a Constitutional right.  Whether or not you agree with the law is one thing, but it's not even a Constitutional issue.  And by making it a Constitutional issue, you open up Pandora's box.

But anyways, in case someone runs up to you and screams "TED CRUZ WANTS TO BAN DILDOS!" now you can set them straight.  I doubt that Ted Cruz even cares about dildos.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Gimmie your opinion

Country or no?

I see this as music you'd hear in some bar along the side of the road, where two highways that the locals know about meet.  Maybe near a stockyard.  That doesn't mean it's country, but it's got a good beat to it.

Eat the Rich?

This is back from 2011.  Just keep in mind that things have gotten worse, and we're farther and deeper down the hole we were in back then.

I figured that with Bernie Sanders proposing free everything for everybody, paid for by magical unicorns who shit out money trees, that this would be appropriate to post again.

And as I said, things have gotten much, much worse.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Bill Whittle on Cultural Appropriation

He lays it out pretty well, I think.

I want every Leftist shitweasel crying about "cultural appropriation" to stop using anything that came from MY culture.  And since that involves pretty much all medical inventions as well as modern sanitation, well, they'd best go back to where ever they came from and live in that fashion.

Sound crude?  Rude?  Racist?  Good.  Every cry about cultural appropriation is all of that and worse.

Yet another example

Of why newspapers deserve to die out and disappear.

Robert Stacy McCain has done more actual journalism in the past year than darn near every liberal rag in this country combined.

Speaking of that, I really need to put him in the blogroll.  His reporting on modern feminism needs to be required reading for every male between the age of 8 and 80.