Saturday, May 08, 2010

Nestle joins douchebag for Glenn Beck boycott

This is pissing me off.

As usual, StopBeck participants reached out to Nestle for clarification and urged them to cease advertising on Glenn Beck’s show. The efforts paid off! Nestle confirmed that they do not advertise on Glenn Beck’s show; they advised that the ads were run in error and that the mistake has been corrected. Going forward don’t expect to see Nestle ads on Glenn Beck’s show.
The Ragin' Mrs and I normally buy Purina One for our four-legged friend, but that's going to stop.  We'll find another dog food that's of comparable quality, because Purina is owned by Nestle, and I'll be damned if I support any company that allows a Left Wing Douchebag to influence it's business practices.

Go click the link.  You'll find another link to contact Nestle, and a list of products that Nestle produces on the right hand side of the page.  I wrote Nestle and simply told them that boycotting a show that's handily winning it's time slot isn't good business, and that I am simply going to boycott them until they stop their boycott of Glenn Beck.

I'm done being nice.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Blood boiling

I saw the story of the students in California kicked out of school for wearing tee-shirts with the American flag on it, and there were a few thoughts that crossed my mind, most of them not fit to print.  I think I'll settle for this -

If the thought of someone wearing a piece of clothing depicting the American flag, in an American school, in America, on what just happens to be a Mexican holiday, is a disturbing thought to you and makes you feel "disrespected".....  Then get the fuck out.  Just take your ass and get back to Mexico, because you are NOT an American.  Oh, you might have a piece of paper that says you're American, but you don't THINK like an American, you don't ACT like an American, and you don't WANT to be American.

My brother-in-law, who just so happens to be a naturalized citizen, is ten times the American that these little complaining, festering anal-warts are.

And of COURSE this happened in California.  Is there a way we can just cut that state off from the rest of the country and shove it out to sea?  Sometimes you have to cut off the gangrene in order to save the rest of the body.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Obama doesn't give a shit about America.

Nashville drowned underwater, an oil well gushed gallons into the Gulf of Mexico, and Obama went to a Press Corps dinner where he received the adulation of his adoring worshippers.

We know what his priorities are.

Hey Leftoids - is anyone going to hold the Marxist Messiah's feet to the fire like you did the last president? You know, the one who actually visited disaster sites and worked to try to repair the damage?



Let me just repeat this for everyone - the last Navy SEAL was acquitted in abusing a terrorist tumblefuck.

Got that?  After putting our nation's finest through the wringer on the say-so of a damned TERRORIST, all SEALs have been acquitted.  Is there any other damned politically correct pussies out there that want to start accusing our military of anything else?

Obama top recipient of BP lobbyist monies

Well then, maybe that's why the Obama administration sat on their hands for over a week while the BP oil well gushed crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Or maybe Obama is just one of the most incompetent fucking idiots to ever befoul the Oval Office.

Either works.

Two Americas

Do you have your registration at PJTV yet?  Because you should.  Hell, we complain about the Leftist media all day long, but how many of us support the media that supports us?

How to things happen in this country?  People put their money where their mouth is.

So on that note, here's the newest Bill Whittle Afterburner.

And on the opposite side of the same coin, here's Velociman:

Once a hapless citizen is denied the kindness of a stranger because he possesses the expectation that the Government Integral will dispense it in lieu of the stranger, along with a salt tablet and a quarter of cheese, the social compact has been broken. Kindness is no longer required, nor is thanks. 

It's all of a thing. Today I would likely direct that Spaniard to a help booth. There's an app for that, you poor legless fuck. Get on board. Just don't look to me for help. I gave at the 15th of April festivities. Nothing here for you now.

It's a sad thing, but it was inevitable. There ain't nothing we can do as individuals that the government can't do more poorly, more insensitively, and more inefficiently. 

It's the American Way.

I don't know about you, but I know what America I want to live in.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Aw, how cute!

The Marxist Messiah wants to call us teabaggers!

That would make that little communist cockholster the teabaggee.  Fine and dandy!

In all the hoopla

About Arizona's immigration bill, I've seen one, count 'em ONE article that mentions actually building the damn fence along the border.

Let's set aside the rampant crime that's coming across our border.  Let's set aside the fact that a country without borders isn't much of a country at all.

If a terrorist wanted to get a nuke into America, say like a suitcase nuke built and paid for by Iran, all they would have to do is hop off a boat somewhere on the Mexican coastline, and then walk across our Southern border.  Buh-bye Dallas.

Enjoy that thought.

The more I hear

about the Michigan "Hutaree" militia case, the more I'm convinced that their arrest was rushed by the Federal Government in order to provide a convenient "EEEEK!  RIGHT WING TERRORISTS!" story line.  Because the FedGov ain't doing so well, and everything they did seems to be half-assed.

Federal authorities touted the arrests of nine members of a Michigan militia as a pre-emptive strike against homegrown terrorists, declaring at an initial court hearing that the suspects with "dark hearts and evil intent" wanted to go to war against the government.
Five weeks later, prosecutors are scrambling to regroup after a judge questioned the strength of their evidence by ordering the so-called rebels released until trial and saying they had a right to "engage in hate-filled, venomous speech."
"The government is falling short," said David Griem, a former federal prosecutor who's not involved in the case. "The message that's been sent to the community is there are problems with this case."
During two days of hearings last week before U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts, prosecutors tried to show how dangerous they perceived the Hutaree militia to be by playing secretly recorded conversations. Those talks, however, revealed no specific plot. Under questioning by defense attorneys, the FBI's lead agent on the case seemed unprepared.

So, the FBI is pretty much fumbling the ball.  Did they arrest this group too early?  I mean, if these were such dangerous folk that they had to be arrested RIGHTNOW, giving Obama his chance to blame Republicans for every evil under the sun, they why the hell can't the FBI even convince a judge to keep them in jail?

And even if they were planning something, the way the FedGov has acted is giving whole new swathes of the country a reason to believe that the FedGov's jackbooted thugs have no problem stomping all over your rights as they kick your door down and stomp on your face.  Which will cause more people to form militias like the one they arrested in Michigan.  The militia movement was pretty much a joke until Ruby Ridge and Waco, and then people said "HOLY SHIT!  I'd better be prepared in case they try to do that to me!"

Anyways - once again, the FedGov screwed up.  I'd plan on seeing more screwups for the forseeable future.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Political Violence

This is what it looks like, in San Fransicko.

In Santa Cruz.

In North Carolina!

And it is Leftist, heart and soul.  While pro-American rallies and Tea Parties have been going on violence free for over a year, the anti-American, pro-illegal alien Left has gone absolutely apeshit over Arizona's new bill, and this is the result.  But you won't find the usual suspects making one damn peep about it.  Yet another example of how the MSM in this country is the enemy, the bought and paid for whores for the Democrat American Communist Party.

So, it wasn't the Internets that were broken

It was my wireless router.

Dammit.  Why does it always have to cost me money?  Ah well.  The Ragin' Mrs went and bought a good router, so we should be fine for the next couple of years.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Gulf oil spill becoming Obama's Katrina

Well, not really.  The Drive-by Media is too busy giving Obama's scrotum a tongue bath to do any kind of serious reporting.  Maybe when they stop being fanboys and panting over the Marxist Messiah's every golf swing, they'll get back to that hard-hitting journalism they can only manage when a Republican is in the Oval Office.  "Oooooo, look at that backswing!  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Oil spill?  There's an oil spill?  Can we blame it on Bush?  No?  Oh, well then, isn't Obama DREEEEEEEEEEAMY?"

Gah.  Oh, and check THIS out!

With President Barack Obama traveling to the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, the administration deployed top officials to all of the major news talk shows to reinforce the theme that the federal response to the catastrophic oil spill has been as prompt and effective as possible.  
And the propaganda whores will spin it that way, so long as the Liberal Lord and Savior tells them to do so.  Feckwits.


Tree pollen in Wisconsin is "very high".

Yeah.  Like Mount Everest is "very high".  I've been a snot-producing bastard ever since I woke up.  I had no idea the human head could hold that much snot.  Forget Kleenex.  Hell no, those little things just won't do the job, not when I blow my nose in two paper towels and still have snot come flying out the bottom.

Allergies.  Gack.  I'm literally producing so much mucus I'm making myself sick.

Did someone break the internets?

Network is slow today.  Maybe the thunderstorms last night damaged something along the line.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Music for a Sunday

One of the things that I can't stand about the Catholic Church today is how, after Vatican II, we abandoned the heritage of music that we had gathered over CENTURIES.  When I see some flat melody and insipid lyrics in a song written by some hippy in 1976 being sung in church, I want to vomit.

Ladies and Gentlemen, no matter how you feel about the Catholic Church, you cannot deny the fact that for centuries the major composers wrote their music for the church, and people learned to sing it and play it.

Kyrie Eleison - Lord have mercy
Christe Eleison - Christ have mercy
Kyrie Eleison - Lord have mercy
Gloria en Excelsis Deo! - Glory to God in the highest!

Of the many crimes perpetrated against America by it's publik skool sistim, the failure to teach Latin, and the dismissal of classical music are two of the most grievous to me.  Well, OK, the failure to teach ENGLISH would be the most grievous crime.  But the failure to teach Latin would be number two.