Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Trying to avoid the news

Because I keep reading things like this:

If this report is correct, Nancy Pelosi was carrying on her own foreign policy in opposition to that of the United States, trying to work with the socialist Hugo Chavez and the Communist FARC terrorists to undermine America's ally, Colombia. In normal times, this would be unthinkable. Given the crazed state of today's Democratic party, I'm not so sure.

Further, the statement that Pelosi designated the outrageously left-wing Jim McGovern to head up her mission to the terrorists is also interesting. It may tie in with this document, which, as reported by the Associated Press, apparently records an attempt by Democrats to encourage FARC to hold on until Barack Obama becomes President:

and this or this and this. Or maybe this:

First they claim that the Assault Weapons Ban (that wasn't) kept machine guns "off the street" and that a pre-ban AK-47 could destroy cinderblocks that a post-ban AK-47 couldn't, then they decried the use of Gunkote with an example of a (REAL!) Glock, now it's the claim that "55% of gun owners use them in suicide attempts."

No, I am not sh!**ing you.

And I realize that yes, the Left is still attempting to destroy America, or at least the part of this country that makes it great. And I wonder just when the hell the next civil war is going to come. Because to be frank, you cannot have a country where half of the citizens are attempting to destroy it from within while the other half tries to save it from the destructive half.

And of our two choices for the upcoming election one of them is an unrepentant Marxist with a failed ideology, failed plans for America (he copied them from Jimmah Fucking Peanut Carter, for Pete's sake!) and nothing but the same old tired rhetoric, bullshit racist accusations, and class warfare. The other is a "Maverick" who has spent more time crapping on the base of his political party, the heart and soul of the conservative movement, taking a good long piss on the First Amendment and playing kissy-kissy-smoochie-smoochie with the very people he's running against. Yeah. I'm thrilled. These assholes aren't fit to be elected dogcatcher, and yet ONE of them is going to be the next leader of the free world? The only reason I'm going to vote for McCain is because Obama isn't fit to lick dog shit off of my combat boots. I'm not really voting for McCain insomuch as I'm voting AGAINST that festering pustule of Commie-loving crap Obama.

God help us all. God help America, because I can honestly see either of those two being the end of America as we know it.

I don't think I'll be looking at the news for a while. I don't want to get arrested when I break a table in half in a RCOB raging fit here at the coffee shop.

Just dropping in for a few

I'm sitting at a coffee shop with Wi-Fi right now, enjoying some iced coffee and the wonderful weather up here. The 4th of July was outstanding. The Marine Corps League led the parade with the US Flag, and they were followed by the 25th Army Band. Loved it.

I've been working pretty hard despite trying to relax. Seems that my parents have infected me with a disease called "can't-sit-on-my-ass-itis" or something like that. So far I've helped my dad split about four cords of wood, and I'm redoing some steps that my mom had put in a while ago. The guy to did the steps just didn't know as much as he thought he knew, and so there have been some problems. End result is that I'm having to dig the steps out and redo them properly. That's halfway done so far. Actually, all the digging is done, and that was the hard part. All the rest is hauling the fill and tamping it down. Weed-block, gravel, coarse sand, and then the paving stones and fine sand to set them in place. I figure that I'll be done with it by Thursday around noon.

I've been taking flaming assloads of photos and shaking my head at all the buildings and houses that have sprung up. Seems that while there has been a lot of growth around here, it's been done with such a lack of class that you just wince and wonder what idiot bought THAT pile of crap. I mean, doesn't anyone ever think about that that particular color, or shape, or texture is going to look like in twenty years? The only analogy I have is someone buying a hot-pink polyester leisure suit back in the early 70's and saying "Yeah baby, that's HOT!" Yeah. Now translate that into these people up here buying a house. You can just see people driving by in twenty, hell, TEN years and asking "What the hell were those people thinking?" I blame the influx of Californians.

And the most distressing thing is the fact that there are huge developments going up on the Rathdrum Aquifer, the main water supply for hundreds of thousands of people. When it was farmland, water was able to be filtered by the ground before it made it's way into the aquifer. Now, it's all houses and roads, which means that the water is polluted from the get-go with oil, and pesticides, and fertilizer, and can't get filtered because the surface area just isn't there any more. So I wonder how long it's going to be before people downstream start having massive problems with their water supply.

Anyways, I'm not going to spend too much time online. I have a wife that's happy to see me (if ya know what I mean!) and a beautiful lake to swim in. I'll check in later.

TheDick Durbin(D) called our troops Nazis...

But now... as Gateway Pundit reports
The actions of American troops are akin to something that "must have happened by Nazis, Soviets in their Gulags, or some mad regime, Pol Pot or others, that had no concern for human beings." -- TheDick Durbin(D) video in 2005
...here is Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) lashing out at Republicans for not supporting the troops in the Democratic Radio Address, July 5, 2008...

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a free press that would report what a hypocritical partisan smear-master that this walking dirt bag really is?

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