Saturday, August 14, 2004

Say what ill you will about John Kerry...

...but at least he has the benevolence to assist the victims of Hurricane Charley.

Yahoo! News needs you know that.

Friday, August 13, 2004

History shows again and again... nature points up the folly of men.

Gusts to 145 mph.

In other gay news...

...Laverne and Shirley get Walk of Fame stars.

Ann Coulter On The Press Attention Given The Swift Vets

"If memory serves, the last book Democrats tried this hard to suppress was the Bible." Masterful! When it was Bush and "AWOL", they took every insinuation against the man as gosple truth until it was beaten into the ground that no such events transpired. With Flipper....just the opposite. Now it's time to kill the messenger. The Swift Vets message must be paid for to be heard. It can't be the topic of discussion for the talking heads. Look for them to endorse silencing them for un 527 like conduct. They took great personal risk in interjecting without hiding behind an incorporation, making it a bit more difficult for the donks to sue their pants off without looking like the thugs they are. Let's see how long that matters to them. They've already sent threatening letters to TV stations that aired the Swift Vets ad. The major media is beyond partisan at this point. They have, with unbending will, branded these men extremist partisans who's message is unworthy of consideration. Criminal.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Help Flipper Do A REAL 180

Iowa Presidential Watch suggests that we help John "I don't fall down! That son-of-a-bitch knocked me down." Kerry release his military records by sending him a Form 180. Mark Noonan at Blogs for Bush posted on this already and "keiser" from the comments for that post suggests that we email the online form to Kerry via his online Senate Office and point him to the following link:

I wonder if Kerrry regrets making his service and all the lies he told along with it the major selling point for his candidacy. Too late now.

As Iran inches closer to possessing fissile material...

...this piece about Israel's destruction of the French-built Osiraq reactor in Iraq seems like pertinent reading.

If you've a mind for more, I give you Steven den Beste, via whom the first piece came to my attention. Also you may want to check out den Beste's latest article, a post about the future of the insurgency in Iraq.

Speaking of Spokane... this video.


Life has certainly gotten interesting for me as of late. You might have noticed that my frequency of posting has gone down. For right now, expect it to stay down, because I'm as busy as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

Plans are being laid down to get me the hell out of this city by the end of the year (or as close to it as possible). I have two weddings to go to this year, and between trying to raise enough cash for that plus do what needs to be done around here, I'm swamped.

And other plans are coming into play - you might remember my futile attempts to rejoin the Army, and how my eyes kept me out. Well, if the Lord works in mysterious ways, the US Army has him beat hands down.

At 1 PM this afternoon, I raised my right hand and joined the Army Reserve. I'll be placed into a unit based out of Spokane, WA. Traveling to and from drills will be somewhat boring for a few months, but I'll make do until I'm living closer to there.

For those who care, my MOS is 91W. Medic. I'll have to be retrained within a year (since my old MOS consisted more of hurting people than trying to heal them). As far as I know, I'll do my training at Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. Cap'n Jim, I might be meeting you face to face a bit sooner than I expected!

So my life continues to change. I'm not going anywhere for a few months, but by mid-December, hopefully this joint will be jumping! The Raging Girlfriend and I will either land in Spokane or Northern Idaho when all is said and done. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little scared. Change is always difficult in some way, even if you know the change needed to happen.

So.... deep breath... eyes forward... let's go!

Jeff Garcia says: "I'm not gay."

I'm so conservative I make Newt Gingrich look like George McGovern, and I must say that I don't understand the shame associated with being gay. At the same time Governor McGreevey is falling on his sword and the big thing about it is that he is homosexual, Philly sports coverage is rife with clips of Cleveland Browns quarterback Jeff Garcia adamantly denying that he is gay. Earlier this week, one time teammate Terrell Owens said he suspected Garcia is.

I don't get it. It's 2004. Why does anyone care any more?

I cannot imagine anyone I know doing what Garcia has done - holding a new conference to deny being gay.

Who gives a shit? | 08/12/2004 | Garcia: Owens' comment `untrue'

A Trip For Flipper Down Memory Lane

Brought to you by Vietnam Vets for the Truth.

Trusting Brutal Dictators

Saddam's Uranium Stockpile Enough to Yield 142 Nukes
Five hundred tons of yellowcake uranium ore stored at Saddam Hussein's al Tuwaitha nuclear weapons research laboratory near Baghdad could have been enriched to produce 142 nuclear weapons, a prominent British physicist has determined.

Hey! Relax Guy! He only had parts essential to assembling gas centrifuges for enriching uranium burried in his scientists' back yard with instructions to hold until inspections were no longer an issue. Poor sovereign brutal dictator.

Bizarrity in New Jersey!

Governor McGreevey is resigning.

Know why?

Here's what's bizarre: if you were to guess that he's leaving office because one of his aides broke the governor's leg trying fend off the governor's unwanted sexual advances, and if you were to further posit that said harassed aide is another man, you might not be far off.



The Education President

One of Flipper's biggest flip flops involves the No Child Left Behind legislation he voted for and now blasts the Bush administration for enacting. Nevermind that Ted Chappaquiddick sponsored the bill. He and flipper were "duped". LOL So how is NCLB working out?

According to City Journal's Sol Stern:Though attacked and belittled, George W. Bush’s education reforms represent real progress.

It sounds like it's pissing off some teachers. Guess it sucks to be held accountable for what you get paid to do. Of course, the Donks have a big lie for this issue as well. The "unfunded mandate":

The biggest falsehood that critics have promulgated against NCLB is that the bill represents an “unfunded mandate,” in that it doesn’t provide enough money to bring kids up to the standards it imposes. New York Times columnist Bob Herbert is typically dismissive. “It’s hard to believe the president ever intended to adequately fund the No Child Left Behind Act,” he writes, right after checking in with that objective source, Ted Kennedy. “Mr. Bush fights ferociously for the things he really cares about: enormous tax cuts for the wealthy, for example, or launching a war against Iraq. He has never showed a similar passion for the public schools.” In fact, the Bush administration will spend a whopping 49 percent more on public education this year than the Clinton administration did in its last year in office. In just four years, the Bush team will quadruple what the Clinton administration spent on reading programs over eight years.

Get kids to read. Test them for reading and math. Make schools compete for funding.

Guess which one of those our teacher's union owned Donk party has the largest problem with? Yep. Competition. They don't want kids to go where the educators succeed. They took some teeth out of the President's plan. Perhaps we can remove a few more of them from the legislature this time around. That and, of course, Re-Elect President Bush.

Jeff Jarvis... comparing John Kerry's Swiftboat lies to - - - Howard Stern ???

It's all very mindboggling. In his opinion, that Kerry lied doesn't matter because we're not electing a Pope.

He's taking a brutal beating in his Comments section for it.

Read it here, if you wish.

Attornies Kerry & Edwards

DANEgerus has posted an ad that needs to be chuckled at (even if it is kinda scary).

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Picture of the Week

Yes, I just got a new camera.

Yes, I have grown weary of politics.

Yes, I saw the piece on InstaPundit about how great it is that Panera Bread now has wi-fi access so you can go get a cruller and coffee and surf the web while you snack.

And yes, I was going to pen a long thought here about how utterly, well, gay it is to pack up one's laptop and head to some cafe to sip capuccino and look for used books on

And yes had I felt like typing about that I'd have also mentioned how rude it is to buy six bucks worth of food then sit at a table for ninety minutes pointing and clicking when there are real live people who'd like to sit down and talk to other real live people instead of taking up space falling even deeper in love with their computers, for Chrissakes.

I hope the Dear Reader doesn't get too offended by this but really: what kind of maladjusted dork actually looks around the house / apartment and says "Hmmmm. Think I'll pack up the Toshiba and head to Panera for a sesame beignet and green tea." ???

I mean, who does that??? Probably the flavor of dweeb who calls his laptop something like "Jenny" or "Old Reliable" instead of "the Toshiba".

God I weep for my fellow twisted man.

Freud used to say that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Well, sometimes a cafe should just be a cafe. What's next? Wi-fi at church, so one can cruise eBay during a boring sermon?

But I don't feel like typing about that drek.

So here's your picture of the week (or the day, if I don't feel like railing against techno-numbskulls tomorrow).

Swallowtail at the Slimy Homestead


Two more handprints

One on the face of John Fonda Kerry, and one to the collective face of the tranzi Left.

Let's start with Kerry first, shall we? Because there's yet another veterans group coming out against him: Viet Nam Special Forces Against Kerry.

In retrospect one must in reality question why Kerry filmed his supposed escapades in Vietnam, a tactic that obviously smacks of exploitation and calculation. I spent one year in Vietnam as a combat veteran and I never saw any soldier carry an 8-mm camera. If John really wanted to do something important why didn't he document with his camera all the atrocities he said that he witnessed and were committed by the hoards of Ghengis Khan he so blatantly accused in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971? The murdering, rapists ....Your fathers, sons, friends, and relatives, our young fighting men who fought with so much bravery because they loved America! Where was his bravery then? He was so against the war what better chance to prove his accusations but on film? No his real reasons for carrying that camera have become very obvious to most veterans and to many Americans. John Kerry is into only one thing and that's John Kerry's political aspirations. THINK AMERICA!

Back in September 2002, Kerry told then-New York Times columnist (now executive editor) Bill Keller "I have no intention of using" his Vietnam home movies, which Kerry shot with an 8-mm camera, for campaign purposes. But contrary to that promise, those films have been used in Kerry’s TV ads and were heavily featured during the Democratic convention. Can you say Flip Flop? No I'm tired of that idiotic name for what John Kerry does, the real word is called LYING.

Ouch. That's GOTTA hurt!

And the handprint on the left's face? Well, specifically those on the left who claim that since we had inspectors in Iraq, he couldn't have made any nuclear weapons.

Here's a clue to those idiots: Inspections don't work.

Iraq War critics have argued that Saddam's uranium stockpile was safe because it was subject to once-a-year inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

But the IAEA was also in charge of monitoring North Korea's nuclear program right up until 2002, when Pyongyang announced it would begin producing nuclear weapons.

Tell me again how Saddam couldn't do anything, just like North Korea?

(slap slap slap!) Both slaps brought to you by Steve.

The Iranians have themselves a new toy

While the EU dicks around:

Iran's defense ministry said on Wednesday it had carried out a field test of the latest version of its Shahab-3 medium-range ballistic missile which defense experts say can reach Israel or U.S. bases in the Gulf.

Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani said last week Iran was working on improvements to the range and accuracy of the Shahab-3 in response to Israel's moves to boost its anti-missile capability.
How will you know when Iran is really close to having missiles that can carry nukes?

When Israel bombs them, I guess .

My Way - News

Meteor Shower Tonight

Good year for it.

The 2004 Perseid Meteor Shower

The hat

James Lileks has a few word about Kerry & Cambodia.

If Kerry’s story is a lie, it’s significant, but not because we have a gotcha moment – gee, a politician reworked the truth to his advantage, big surprise. This is much larger than that. This is like Bush insisting that he flew an intercept mission with the Texas Air National Guard to repel Soviet bombers based in Cuba, and later stating that this event was “seared in his memory – seared” because it taught him the necessity of standing up against evil governments, such as the ones we face today. In other words, it would not only be a lie, but one that eroded the political persona he was relying upon in the election. Kerry has made Vietnam central to his campaign. If he’s making crap up, it matters. But the story of the CIA agent he ferried into the Heart of Darkness gives the gotcha a curious twist; as lawyers say on TV courtroom dramas, it goes to state of mind. What sort of man bedecked with genuine decorations feels compelled to manufacture a story like this one?
I agree with Lileks when he says, in effect:

"A politican lied. Wow."

But this story does illuminate the scene nicely, doesn't it? Kerry's campaign threatened to sue any station that ran the Swiftboat ad. Someone hacked into Barnes and Noble and changed the ad for the book. DNC hitmen have threatened to reveal divorce and other personal information about the Swiftboat vets. The Boston Globe ran a story (that was then picked up by wire services) that claimed one of the vets had retracted his claims about Kerry. That turned out to be errant. No front page spot for the vets in the NYT or WaPo yet.

Three things seem clear:

a) John Kerry will say anything in front of those adoring throngs on the campaign trail,

b) John Kerry believes no one else is paying attention to his proclamations, and

c) in the case of Major Media, he's right about b).


Maybe Major Media are part of his adoring throngs.

LILEKS (James) The Bleat

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Albert Gore III

Poor John Kerry. He just can't stop lying!

Your assignement for this evening

Print this out, copy it, and forcefeed it to the first idiot to brays about a "stolen election" or "selected not elected".

The Commission's report failed to note that elections in Florida are the responsibility of 67 county supervisors of election. And, in all but one of the 25 counties with the highest ballot spoilage rates, the election was supervised by a Democrat-the one exception being an official with no party affiliation. In fact, most of the authority over elections in Florida resides with officials in the state's 67 counties, and all of those with the highest rates of voter error were under Democratic control.

Of the 25 Florida counties with the highest rate of vote spoilage, in how many was the election supervised by a Republican? The answer is zero. All but one of the 25 had Democratic chief election officers, and the one exception was in the hands of an official with no party affiliation.

The majority report argues that much of the spoiled ballot problem was due to voting technology. But elected Democratic Party officials decided on the type of machinery used, including the optical scanning system in Gadsden County, the state's only majority-black county and the one with the highest spoilage rate.

So much for the Vast Right Wing Conspieracy disenfranchising voters. Kinda hard to toss out ballots when you're not in charge of doing the tossing out!

Both the Miami Herald and Palm Beach Post "hardly bastions of Republicanism" as Harris has pointed out found that, if anything, county officials were too permissive in whom they let vote, and this largely was to the benefit of Al Gore.

In November 2001, a ballot-by-ballot analysis by a consortium of newspapers (the media consortium included The Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Tribune Company, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, The St. Petersburg Times, The Palm Beach Post and CNN. The group hired the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago in January to examine the ballots) shows that Bush would have won the election clean if he'd let Florida go ahead with the partial recount that Gore wanted.

Wham, bam, thank you very much. Found via The Rott.

Protest Warriors Photo Exhibit

This is just great stuff.

Oh, and click here to choose a video of the Protest Warriors at The Today Show. The last minute is really very humorous. Real broad smile building stuff.

Linky Love

Just some things I had to link to.

One: I need to get one of these for my girlfriend. (if permalinks are shot, go to "One for the boys" entry on Aug. 7th)

Two: I don't know why, but this particular photoshop job makes me laugh every time I see it.

Three: The Scope fund that Kim du Toit came up with for a few of our boys has just paid dividends. Go check it out. Happy hunting, troops!

Monday, August 09, 2004

Communists for KERRY


No, really.

Click it.

Saudi Government Cleared in 911 Commission Report

At least that's how Kelley Beaucar Vlahos of Fox News reads it. I haven't come across it yet in my reading, and I don't know Kelley so I'll follow up on this with some cites from the report when I come across them. If anyone wishes to post excerpts in the comments, I'll include them as I follow up.

"Nonetheless, last month's release of the Sept. 11 commission report vindicated the Saudi government of any role in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks upon the United States.

The Big Greasy Crap Monster's lie fest attempted to implicate the Saudi Government in the attacks of 9/11. If Vlahos is right, and the report clears them, I am not suprised. No one should be. First of all, 4F is the biggest of liars. Second, the Saudi government is one of the primary targets of Usama's Al Qaeda. One of their goals is to replace the rulers of the the "holiest of muslim lands" with rulers that they consider true to their brand of Islam.

The left have set Saudi Arabia up as scape goat for the 911 attacks. They've deluded their supporters into this position. The Saudi's are irresponsible in my opinion. Until recently, they've done little to curb the rise of radical Islam in their midst even encouraging those eminations in the spirit of freedom with reckless disregard for what happens when such rhetoric resonates among those of hostile temperment. They enjoy our money. Destroying us would put a dent in that bit of give and take. Usama doesn't mind. It's his position that the current Saudi rulers can join us. Were the Donks to run the show, there would be little support among their constituency for the current leadership in SA. If they fall, who do you think will attempt to fill the void? Who do you think will stop them? I suppose that depends on who the CIC is when the shit hits the fan.

Kerry's Newest Flip Flip On Iraq

Are you an anti-war candidate? "Yes" says the Flipper. Not anymore! Now, he would have voted the same knowing what he knows now.....or so he says. We'll see which way the winds blow tomorrow. He also had questions about "rushing to war"........where was he during our history with Iraq. We have video of his flippy flopping over the years.....does he wake up in the morning with no knowledge of his past like in the movies? Of course not. He just says whatever he thinks will make the most people happy with him on any given day. He did vote to authorize the war.....before he admitted to being an "anti-war candidate" before he voted against funding for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.....before he said he would have voted to authorize war. And that's just a portion of his waffling. There is a whole video of his idiotic contortions on the subject. He also blubbered something about "faulty intelligence". Surely he couldn't be referring to Joe Wilson's lies about Saddam's attempt to purchase yellow cake. Perhaps he was referring to charges that Bush knowingly used bad intel, but then he'd have to be dumb enough to have completely ignored the Senate Intelligence Committee's Report on intelligence leading to OIF that cleared President Bush of any wrong doing. Of course he threw in something about not letting France, Germany, Russia, and friends run the show. He ignored the Russian President's admission that they warned us about Hussein's regime plotting attacks on the U.S. and generally bloviated like any vapid, lying, inconsistent, power mad jackass would. Business as usual for Flipper.

My how I yearn... have Europeans vet our foreign policy decisions.

Bush Is The First President To Fund Stem Cell Research

Whether you agree with his decision to do so or not, President Bush is the first to fund embryonic stem cell research.

Remember that next time some donkey tells you he "banned" it. :)

Doug Giles


My ClashPoint is this: John Kerry’s political track record is what you should be eyeballing. You see, it’s not just his grinning would-be Veep; not his Hollywood hepatitis C crowd; not his Jurassic rock stars. It’s not even his ‘Nam war films [which we now know Kerry himself shot during staged re-enactments of the action]. It’s what he has stood for, the last two decades, the ultra-left record of his time in the U.S. Senate.

You know, the facts that he has so ardently tried to hide, and not his current “look the other way” fabrications. Facts like: over the last 20 years Senator Kerry has voted again and again to cut spending on the military and on the intelligence services, in stark contrast to his “I will be strong militarily” bluster.

No you won’t, Senator. You never have been and never will be.


Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sometimes I laugh at our visitors from the Left.

This guy Mikelx seems like a decent sort of a fellow, though warped politically. I think if a Leftist guy or gal shows up here talking in a relatively civil tone, without trolling, we should act hospitably toward him or her.

You know?

I am, however, always amazed when people like him say "Bush has to malign Kerry because he cannot run on his record!" and then when you ask them to elaborate, all they can do is malign Bush. Some Bush voters will vote Bush because he ain't Kerry. Some Kerry voters will vote Kerry because he ain't Bush. Why do the Left spend so much time saying the former is lame when they practice the latter?

Red. Curtain. Of. Blood.

The next time someone says "Oh, that won't happen here in America", tell them to shove it where the sun don't shine.

More Kerry Lies? Who woulda thunk it?

Powerline has the down and dirty details. Here's a recap:

If there is a consistent[ly] repeated story by John Kerry about his Vietnam experience, it is his story about how he and his boat spent Christmas Eve and Christmas of 1968 illegally present in Cambodia and, listening to President Nixon's contrary assurances, developed "a deep mistrust of U.S. government pronouncements." See Exhibit 24, Kranish book, p. 84. The point of his story was that his government and his commanders were lying about Kerry's presence in Cambodia on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. During a critical debate on the floor of the United States Senate on March 27, 1986, Senator John Kerry said:
Mr. President, I remember Christmas of 1968 sitting on a gunboat in Cambodia. I remember what it was like to be shot at by Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge and Cambodians, and have the President of the United States telling the American people that I was not there; the troops were not in Cambodia.

I have that memory which is seared -- seared -- in me . . . .

Exhibit 25, Congressional Record - Senate of March 27, 1986, page 3594.

By way of further example, Kerry wrote an article for the Boston Herald on October 14, 1979:

"I remember spending Christmas Eve of 1968 five miles across the Cambodian border being shot at by our South Vietnamese allies who were drunk and celebrating Christmas. The absurdity of almost killed by our own allies in a country in which President Nixon claimed there were no American troops was very real."

See Exhibit 26.

The Christmas in Cambodia story of John Kerry was repeated as recently as July 7, 2004 by Michael Kranish, a principal biographer of Kerry from The Boston Globe. On the Hannity & Colmes television show, Kranish indicated that Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia was a critical turning point in Kerry's life.

The big problem? It's all bullshit.

The story is a total preposterous fabrication by Kerry. Exhibit 8 is an affidavit by the Commander of the Swift boats in Vietnam, Admiral Roy Hoffmann, stating that Kerry's claim to be in Cambodia for Christmas Eve and Christmas of 1968 is a total lie. If necessary, similar affidavits are available from the entire chain of command. In reality, Kerry was at Sa Dec -- easily locatable on any map more than fifty miles from Cambodia.

By the way.... Guess who was president in 1968? It wasn't Nixon. It was LBJ. Another lie from Kerry.

This guy is slimier than a leech, and more dangerous.

Interesting news

Now that the Kerry Smear Campaign is trying to figure out how to smear the SwiftVets for Truth, I wonder what they're going to say about this?

Prior to the Democratic national convention in Boston, journalists in both mainstream and ethnic press queried Vietnamese in the United States and in Vietnam on their views of the two presidential candidates. The contrast is startling.

Back in the United States, however, residents like Pauline Tran in Fairfax, Va. said that she would vote for Bush. Kerry, she said, was an anti-war activist and was part of the reason why South Vietnam was defeated. Others said they will vote for Bush to punish Kerry.

In a Cali Today poll, 90 percent of Vietnamese Americans said they would vote for Bush, and only 10 percent said they would vote for Kerry.

The people who fled Viet Nam after the fall of Saigon know who caused the USA to lose the war. They know who stabbed both our troops and them in the back.

Lemme give ya a guess. His name starts with "J" and ends with "Kerry".

Via Cap'n Jim