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Friday, August 13, 2004

Ann Coulter On The Press Attention Given The Swift Vets

"If memory serves, the last book Democrats tried this hard to suppress was the Bible." Masterful! When it was Bush and "AWOL", they took every insinuation against the man as gosple truth until it was beaten into the ground that no such events transpired. With Flipper....just the opposite. Now it's time to kill the messenger. The Swift Vets message must be paid for to be heard. It can't be the topic of discussion for the talking heads. Look for them to endorse silencing them for un 527 like conduct. They took great personal risk in interjecting without hiding behind an incorporation, making it a bit more difficult for the donks to sue their pants off without looking like the thugs they are. Let's see how long that matters to them. They've already sent threatening letters to TV stations that aired the Swift Vets ad. The major media is beyond partisan at this point. They have, with unbending will, branded these men extremist partisans who's message is unworthy of consideration. Criminal.

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