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Monday, August 09, 2004

Saudi Government Cleared in 911 Commission Report

At least that's how Kelley Beaucar Vlahos of Fox News reads it. I haven't come across it yet in my reading, and I don't know Kelley so I'll follow up on this with some cites from the report when I come across them. If anyone wishes to post excerpts in the comments, I'll include them as I follow up.

"Nonetheless, last month's release of the Sept. 11 commission report vindicated the Saudi government of any role in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks upon the United States.

The Big Greasy Crap Monster's lie fest attempted to implicate the Saudi Government in the attacks of 9/11. If Vlahos is right, and the report clears them, I am not suprised. No one should be. First of all, 4F is the biggest of liars. Second, the Saudi government is one of the primary targets of Usama's Al Qaeda. One of their goals is to replace the rulers of the the "holiest of muslim lands" with rulers that they consider true to their brand of Islam.

The left have set Saudi Arabia up as scape goat for the 911 attacks. They've deluded their supporters into this position. The Saudi's are irresponsible in my opinion. Until recently, they've done little to curb the rise of radical Islam in their midst even encouraging those eminations in the spirit of freedom with reckless disregard for what happens when such rhetoric resonates among those of hostile temperment. They enjoy our money. Destroying us would put a dent in that bit of give and take. Usama doesn't mind. It's his position that the current Saudi rulers can join us. Were the Donks to run the show, there would be little support among their constituency for the current leadership in SA. If they fall, who do you think will attempt to fill the void? Who do you think will stop them? I suppose that depends on who the CIC is when the shit hits the fan.

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