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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Picture of the Week

Yes, I just got a new camera.

Yes, I have grown weary of politics.

Yes, I saw the piece on InstaPundit about how great it is that Panera Bread now has wi-fi access so you can go get a cruller and coffee and surf the web while you snack.

And yes, I was going to pen a long thought here about how utterly, well, gay it is to pack up one's laptop and head to some cafe to sip capuccino and look for used books on

And yes had I felt like typing about that I'd have also mentioned how rude it is to buy six bucks worth of food then sit at a table for ninety minutes pointing and clicking when there are real live people who'd like to sit down and talk to other real live people instead of taking up space falling even deeper in love with their computers, for Chrissakes.

I hope the Dear Reader doesn't get too offended by this but really: what kind of maladjusted dork actually looks around the house / apartment and says "Hmmmm. Think I'll pack up the Toshiba and head to Panera for a sesame beignet and green tea." ???

I mean, who does that??? Probably the flavor of dweeb who calls his laptop something like "Jenny" or "Old Reliable" instead of "the Toshiba".

God I weep for my fellow twisted man.

Freud used to say that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Well, sometimes a cafe should just be a cafe. What's next? Wi-fi at church, so one can cruise eBay during a boring sermon?

But I don't feel like typing about that drek.

So here's your picture of the week (or the day, if I don't feel like railing against techno-numbskulls tomorrow).

Swallowtail at the Slimy Homestead


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