Friday, April 09, 2004

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Condoleezza Admired

Yesterday Condi sat in front of the 9/11 panel and delivered a crushing blow to the already crippled reputation of Richard Clarke when she outlined specific steps taken by the Bush administration prior to 9/11 in order to deal with the likes of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and others involved in international terrorism. Then came questions from the spiteful ignorant Donks. The lovely and talented La Shawn Barber reminds us that Leftist tolerance has it's limits :)

I've been browsing a few nasty liberal sites where Rice is portrayed as a race traitor. That's so clever and creative! Anyone who jumps off line is betraying some phantom "black cause." Hypocrites!

I don't doubt her word. These are the same people that claim that Iraqis are incapable of embracing freedom and democracy. If you haven't already, browse La Shawn's blog....I find her stories of faith inspirational, and she has a heart of gold. Thank you La Shawn.

Sticker Update

I got an email from the sticker printers. The Molon Labe stickers are scheduled to print at the end of the month, and will be shipped about a week after that. So, just in time for next month's Blastorama.

I guess they're pretty slammed. But, they had the best prices without being crappy paper stickers, so I went with them. Once I get them in my hot little hands, I'll let you all know.

The Council Has Spoken

This weeks winning entries are: Iraq - A Matter of Perspective by Exultate Justi, and Keeping Company With Pigs by Fried Man, who has just been lighting up the Blogophere lately. You can see all the results here.

If people would like, I can start posting all the weekly entries on the blog. This is good stuff, a lot of it that I can't even begin to describe. Granted, I'll keep voting on what I think is best, but a little opinion couldn't hurt.

Whaddya think?

In Cyberspace, no one can hear you Deanscream...

Ground Control to Major Kos


F**king computer.

Spring has sprung.

There's a cherry tree in my front yard that's half dead. I've been slowing clearing it away, except for the one branch that is hanging too close to powerlines for me to get to it. The other half is proving that it's still alive by putting out loads of flowers. Nice.

And all the lilac bushes in my neighborhood are blooming as well. I can smell them when I step out my front door.

How does that go again?

I believe it's "C:> format" or something like that. My computer is dying a painful, horrible death. Windows ME has got to be one of the worst OS that I have ever used. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. And since the g/f tried to be cute and add an extra hard drive to the system, the computer will no longer recognise either my CD-ROM drive or my CD-WR drive.

I'm fucked. And I'm computer illiterate. Seriously, I can use them, but try to get me to fix one and I'm out of luck. And to be quite honest, I am thisclose to just taking this damn box out to the range with me on Saturday and blowing it to hell, just for my piece of mind.

So if I drop off the face of the earth suddenly, you'll know that my computer finally gave up the ghost. I'm working on reformating it, and getting it clean, but there's no guarantee that it'll work.

Pray for me!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Corrections and updates

I'd forgotten a few posts from the Watcher's Council. Grrrrrrrrrr. It was in the middle of me being sick as a dog. So, without further ado, the entries and winners from March 18th.

The winners were Winds of Change by Alpha Patriot, and Spain After Aznar by Tim Blair.

The complete list of entries was:

Council links:

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Non-council links:
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There is more good writing being submitted than I can read. If you haven't taken a look at the weekly submissions, you're doing yourself a disservice.

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Fisking a Senator

Somehow, Mr. Mollbot ended up on the email list of one Senator Maria Cantwell.

Heh. Heheheheheh.

Letter from Iraq

A reader send me a link to a letter from Iraq. Well worth the time to read the whole thing.

Condoleezza Demonstrates How To Lay A Leftist Meme To Rest With Extreme Prejudice!

NSA Rice utterly destroys the Left's "Bush didn't take Al Qaeda seriously" meme using *GASP* FACTS! Don't believe me? Read her statements before the 9/11 commission. Muhuhahahahahahah >:)

A little short notice

Have you ever fired an AK-47? S'ok, I haven't either, so don't be shy. Just raise your hands.

Now, what if I told you that someone made a system that hooked two AK-47s together, fitted with trigger actuators, that rendered those AK's capable of emptying a 75 round drum of ammo in 10 seconds? Would you want to shoot them then?

Now is your chance.

So far, it's Analog Kid, Myself, and Mollbot that are heading over to the Tri-Cities area to go shoot this thing. I'm also bringing a few other guns, as is both AK and Mollbot. If you want to get in on this, just email me, or go tell AK (follow the link). It'll be a potluck style event, so I'm bringing some of my home-smoked salmon. We shall chow DOWN, my brothers and sisters! We're also carpooling if possible, so we can share the gas costs.

So, folks - is there anyone interested? The Tri-Cities are halfway across the state, and to the south a little bit. People from Spokane are welcome and it would probably take you less time to get there since you don't have to go across the passes. Anyone wants to go, just let us know.

The regular Blastorama is scheduled for the 17th of April, don't worry. But I'm shooting all my rifle ammo at this event.


OK, by now everyone is sick and tired of hearing about the Daily Kotz debacle. But some people can't let it go. Kathryn Cramer, for one.

Who's Kathryn Cramer, you ask? Why that would be the person who attempted to say that Mike Teague, one of the Security people killed in Iraq, was a member of the Aryan Nations. Yep. Not happy enough to have Kos deriding their deaths, Cramer tried to do the ultimate smear job. And she got caught.

She's following Kos' playbook to the max, as well. Delete, delete, delete, deny.

All I can say is this: Cramer, you are a sick bitch, and you deserve whatever grief you get. The left's attempts to justify their reaction over American deaths is reaching grotesque proportions.

Far left fringe, my ass.

ScrappleFace: Kennedy, Daschle Fined for Celebration Over Rice Testimony


Just wondering... do people who are interested in applauding questions by 9-11 Commission members get into such hearings?

Richie Grabadollar Link Cluster

Before you put it to bed, you could choose to read more about Richard Clarke's bullshit at Partisan NewsJunkie.

Protest Speech

Found at Useful Fools.

Camel Spiders

Courtesy of Silent Running. Also, Wind Rider at Silent Running has a word or two regarding John Kerry's Dhimmiphilia.


J. Lileks coins a new term for John Kerry's pattern of speech.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Linky Love

den Best states that al-Sadr and the rest of the Fallujah thugs have made a huge mistake, and one that the USA can capitalize on. After reading it, I can't find any real point to argue against him.

And Bill Whittle has his own take on the whole affair. Two of the brightest men on the net.

And they're on OUR side.

What a crock of steaming....


Read that crap through. I needed hip-waders just to open the browser to that page. But the reason that I posted it is because of this statement, from the fifth paragraph.

As for the "liberal bloggers" who have criticized Markos, we'd point out that most of them are not really liberals but centrist Democrats. Shame on them. We discount their criticism and suggest you do too.

Read that again. Dear. G-d. In. Heaven. Imagine, if you will, NRO after the Trent Lott/Strom Thurmand bruha. (For those who don't know, NRO was among the first conservative groups to call for Lott to resign) Imagine Jonah Goldberg and Rich Lowery calling for Lott's head, and for some other group to say "They're not real conservatives. Discount them." Could you see that happening?

Nope. Me either. If there are any moderate Democrats reading this, get out of your Party. Get out now, before you get sucked down in flames. The Democrats no longer have a sane base to return to. The Democrats do not have a far left fringe, THEY ARE THE FAR LEFT!

Found at Patterico's Pontifications.

To hell with terrorists, let's get the pornographers!

Welcome to The Return of Porn Prosecutions!

Come on, don't we have better things to worry about than whether people are watching porn at home?

History Repeats Itself

Once again, Hanoi John Kerry is on his knees sucking off the latest Anti-American thug.

In an interview broadcast Wednesday morning, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry defended terrorist Shiite imam Moqtada al-Sadr as a "legitimate voice" in Iraq, despite that fact that he's led an uprising that has killed nearly 20 American GIs in the last two days.

Just so we all know, an unelected, anti-American, terrorist supporting, murder advocating theocrat is a "legitimate voice" for John Kerry. Hanoi John bent over and grabbed his ankles for the communists of Viet Nam, so I suppose that this isn't much different. I'm actually upset with myself over the fact that I'm shocked about it.

I mean, he's a DEMOCRAT, for one, and he has a history of aiding anyone who wants to destroy America to begin with. The worthless pustule.

Thanks to Allah for bringing it to my attention, along with the fact that the US media is following Hanoi John's lead and going back thirty years in time.

Leftist scum. And don't even THINK about blathering about how it's just some "far left fringe". Fuck you. This isn't some "far left fringe", this is Mainstream Democrat USA.

.38 Special

I've known a few people who sneer at a round as small as a .38 Special. "Not enough velocity" they say. "Too small, no stopping power" they say.

"Oh Really?", I say.

An escaped inmate shot to death Monday evening in a Cascade-area home armed with a loaded .22 rifle and a filet knife had vowed not to go back to jail, and threatened to kill the homeowners and any officer who tried to arrest him.

Robert Carl Nylund, 55, shot the intruder, Paul Anthony Anderson, 26, once in the chest with a .38 revolver he was able to retrieve from his bedroom, Cascade County Sheriff Kent T. Funyak said.

Now THAT is goblin control. It's not the size of the round, folks. It's what you do with it. Put enough .22LR in someone, and they're going down for the count. I have some copper jacketed wadcutters that I slide into my .38 revolver when I want to carry it. Those things hit and then spin/flatten/expand/do ungodly amounts of damage. And more importantly, it's more concealable than my .45, so I can take it places that I can't take my main carry piece.

Oh, and since this occurred in Montana, we get this lovely bit of news.

Nylund has not been cited in Anderson's death, and "I don't anticipate any charges being filed," Funyak said Tuesday.

Cascade County Attorney Brant Light will review the sheriff's reports and decide if this was justifiable use of force, but on the face of things, agreed with Funyak.

"If the facts hold up as they've been presented, this is a clear case of defending yourself and your property," Light said.

Reviewing the case is standard protocol, all cops do it before they give the definitive word. But if the sheriff says "I don't see any charges being filed", you can damn well bet good money that there won't be.

For the record - I don't give a damn WHAT caliber of gun you have, so long as you A) know how to operate it, and B) practice enough to hit the target with it. A hand cannon does you no good if you can't hit what you're aiming at. Don't be picky about the caliber, be picky about how it fits your hand, and how well you can operate it.

But be armed.

Link found at Kim du Toit.

UPDATE: Here's a picture of the various rounds we fired off at the last Blastorama that I attended. Mollbot took the picture, I added the text.

Take a look at those rounds. They've all got their differences, their advantages, and their detracting. I'll make my own little list, and anyone with more (or better) info can correct me and fill in the blanks if they need to.

The 500 Magnum - one shot and any man you hit is done. Stick a fork in him. However, the rounds are expensive as all hell, and they can only be fired out of one type of gun. And it's a revolver, so unless you can guarantee "One shot one kill", you'd need to build some sort of speed loader. They don't make speedloaders for this gun. And forget concealing it, this is a hunting gun, not a self-protection gun.

The .45 ACP - Time tested and approved. One of the best rounds out there, and one of the best handgun designs for firing it, the 1911. One or two of these bad boys, even with ball ammunition, and whoever you hit is going down. However, the ammo can get pricey, especially for the Hydro-shock or hollowpoints. Also, a big round requires a big gun, so concealability in hot weather can get somewhat problematic.

S&W 40 - Slightly smaller than the .45 ACP, but quickly becoming a favorite for law enforcement. The safety officer at my work carries this. However, as it's not as widespread as other calibers, ammo cost can become a factor once again. Also, the variety of handguns that use this ammo, while growing, is still somewhat limited. Gun size is also a factor.

9mm - My hatred of this round is well known to anyone who associates with me. However, the round is not without merit. Smaller rounds mean smaller guns, which aids in concealed carry. 9mm is one of the most prolific rounds out there, so getting ammo at a decent price is not a problem. The variety of guns that use the 9mm is ungodly, you can pick and chose. Also, John Browning once called the Browning Benchmark his best design, and if it weren't for the fact that I just don't like this caliber, I would own a Benchmark. Ari (he of the great intellect but few posts) is deadly with the S&W 9mm.

.380 - Think of a miniature 9mm. As far as I can tell, it's the .38 Special round designed to be used in a semi-auto handgun. Easily concealable, yet enough power to hit someone and make them feel it. Not the strongest round, and certainly not the hardest hitting, it will still be enough to stop someone from wreaking violence on you.

.38 Special and .357 Magnum - Same diameter round, but the .357 has a one-tenth of an inch longer case, and more powder behind the bullet giving it a higher velocity. The .38 Special is one of the oldest "modern" rounds, time tested and approved. You can probably find more .38 Special revolvers floating around than almost any other kind of gun, and almost all the .38 revolvers I've seen are easily concealed. Ammo for .38 is everywhere, and at both ends of the price scale. You can also fire .38 Special out of a .357 revolver. The .357 is a ramped up .38 Special, with the higher velocity adding a bit more punch.

.22LR - The caliber that everyone should own at least one firearm in. Hunting for squirrels/gophers/rabbits/small birds/ect., ect., ect., get a .22LR. Picking off annoying vermin? Get a .22. Target shooting? Get a .22. Plinking away at the range? Get a .22. Ammo is cheap, plentiful, and literally everywhere. 500 rounds for ten bucks, and you can stay at the range for hours. You can get hollowpoint, ball, full metal jacket, and sub-sonic, which means you can make a fully suppressed firearm. Concealable? Hell yes. Controllable? Yep, without a doubt. Stopping power? Not unless you're rabbit sized. However, the .22LR was the favorite round of many a hitman back in the day, due to the fact that they could walk up, pump two rounds in someone at close range, and that person would go down. This isn't a sniper rifle by any means, but Kim du Toit did find the report of a goblin being removed from the gene pool by a woman with a six-shot .22LR revolver. You might not kill a man with a single shot, but you'll make him SERIOUSLY reconsider his actions. And I don't care who you are, six little pieces of metal entering your body at high speed will take you out of action. Hit anything vital, and you're done.

So there you are - my humble opinion on several rounds. You want more in depth, go check out Kim's Gratuitous Gun Pics. I'm sure that there are many people with more knowledge than I have who will make corrections to this list, either now or in the future. That's fine. I'm not an expert, and I never claimed to be. But this is my opinion and limited knowledge laid out on these rounds. And with the exception of the S&W 500, ANY of these rounds would be decent for self defense. Some are better than others, in my opinion, but any gun in any of these calibers can save your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

It doesn't matter HOW you're armed, it just matters that you're ARMED.

Let the corrections commence.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Go check out Day by Day from March 31st.

Just made me chuckle, is all.

Anti-Gun Bias

Alphecca's weekly check on Anti-Gun Bias in the news is once again up.

A little more Linky Love

OK, so Richard Clarke claims that terrorism was Clinton's top priority, right? And Clarke goes on to say that Bush hasn't done anything about terrorism, blah blah blah, and goes on a witchhunt for Bush, which strangely coincides with the release of his book, which coincides with the TV interview on CBS, who owns the company that is publishing his book.... Hmmmm, conflict of interest? Nah, it's the Leftist media, their only interest would be of the "self" variety.

Anyways, if you believe Richard Clarke, it's all Bush's fault, and Clinton did his best to hunt down Al-Queda. That's the liberal mantra these days, and it's repeated over and over and over by almost every Donk in America.

Too bad for them that it's not the truth.

The final policy paper on national security that President Clinton submitted to Congress, 45,000 words long, makes no mention of al Qaeda and refers to Osama bin Laden by name just four times.
The scarce references to bin Laden and his terror network undercut claims by former White House terrorism analyst Richard A. Clarke that the Clinton administration considered al Qaeda an "urgent" threat, while President Bush's national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, "ignored" it.
The Clinton document, titled "A National Security Strategy for a Global Age," is dated December 2000 and is the final official assessment of national security policy and strategy by the Clinton team. The document is publicly available, though no U.S. media outlets have examined it in the context of Mr. Clarke's testimony and new book.

Captain Ed has a preliminary review of the report up at his site. There's a link to the actual report there.

Now, many people are probably saying "So what, Dave?" Here's why I'm bringing this whole damn thing up. The September 11th commission at this point is nothing but a political machine. It might have started out as a group trying to figure out what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again, but the Democrats, in typical fashion, have turned it into another weapon to try to hurt the President. Look no further than Richard Clarke. His testimony was hailed as the ultimate killing blow against President Bush by all the Leftist fuckwits and their hanger-ons. As Clarke's credibility was shredded piece by piece, they kept trying to find ways to make Clarke's charges stick. They couldn't. This report is yet another nail in the coffin of Clarke's reputation. Yet the Donks are still wildly trying to make any of the lies and smears stick to Bush.

They demanded that Condi Rice testify, despite the separation of powers, despite the lack of precedent, despite the fact that she had already spoken to the commission privately. The demanded that she testify, they slung mud, they lied, they screamed like the shitty children that they are. Why? BECAUSE THEY WERE PRAYING THAT THEY COULD HURT BUSH. Too bad, so sad, they're going to find out what many of us already know. Condi Rice is quite possibly the smartest and most articulate member of the Bush Cabinet. She's going to shred Clarke like a used Kleenex, and thanks to the Donks throwing one gigantic temper tantrum she'll be doing it with the entire country watching her. All of this happened because of the Democrat's need to unseat Bush.

The Democrats aren't interested in protecting this country, they only care about grabbing the reins of power. They don't give a shit if the security problems in this country get fixed or not, so long as they can gain power and blame problems on someone else. They couldn't care less if terrorists invade, so long as they control the country when it happens.

They. Don't. Give. A. Shit. About. Terrorism.

They are using this commission as a way to hurt President Bush. If they were actually serious about stopping terrorism, they wouldn't be screaming hysterically every time some rumor about Bush wafted into a news room. If they actually gave a shit about terrorism, they wouldn't be dragging this commission through the mud. If they actually wanted to prevent terrorism, they would be working with this commission to make sure that the gaping holes that allowed terrorists to strike this country were closed! But they're not doing that. They're doing everything in their power to ensure that Bush doesn't win his re-election, and if that means the commission and all the work it does is wasted, so be it. They don't care.

They have turned this whole commission into a "Let's Blame Bush" spectacle. So be it. They turned on the cameras, it's not our fault if they're caught being fucknozzles while the film is rolling. And trust me, they're getting caught. I hope it sinks them. I hope that the gun they thought they had blows up in their stinking, money-grubbing, bloodstained hands. It's obvious that they don't want to protect this country, so let's get them out of office. I want every Republican challenger to a Democrat incumbent to be able to point at the Democrat's shameful actions and say "Is this who you want representing you?" I want the Democrats to be obliterated as a political party in this country. They have allowed themselves to be absconded by the Anti-American idiots, the socialists, communists, and various other groups who want to see America destroyed. They deserve whatever pain and misery they get.

THAT is why I keep posting about Clarke and Clinton. THAT is why I bring up every example of Democratic hypocrisy that I can find. THAT is why I keep shoving the Donk kool-aid back at the brain-dead idiots who offer it up. They need to be exposed. The rot at their core needs to be shown to the world. And their failures need to be branded on their hides.

If this commission had been left alone to do it's job, I would have been happy, and probably wouldn't have said more than a paragraph about it when the final report came out. But the Donks tried to turn it into a weapon, irregardless of the damage they could cause. So now it's time to take that weapon and beat them to death with it.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Guess what today is?

It's the tenth anniversary of the day when drugged-out wannabe rockers all cried. The day Kurt Cobain blew his heroin addicted brains across his bedroom walls.

Living in Seattle, Cobain is a local hero. And judging from many of the people who live here, they try to emulate everything about him. Including his drug habits.

Look, I admire Nirvana for helping break the crappy bubblegum pop/Madonna/NewKidsOnTheBlock/shitty techno music scene. If I had to watch some coached teenybopper sing yet another song that someone else has written, played by someone else with a Casio keyboard, directed by someone else, choreographed by someone else, I would have taken my hi-hats and rammed it up their asses. So I'm happy that Nirvana hit the scene when they did. I'm also happy that other, better bands followed them. Admire Cobain for what he did, sure, but FOR G-D'S SAKE, stop referring to him as some great music god! He wasn't even that great a guitarist, unless you think power chords are the end all-be all of music! His vocals sounded like a large dog with it's balls caught in a meat grinder, and you can't understand half of what he says! That's not surprising, since the man would do any drug you put in front of him. He was unintelligible for half his life, why should he change on stage? And speaking of not changing, that's another great aspect of Mr. Cobain. He almost never changed his clothes. He barely changed his shoes. Hell, you were lucky if he took a frigging shower, as he was in some drugged out haze for too long to bother with a stupid thing like personal hygiene.

And the rest of his band was left out in the cold after he died. What, people think that this scuzzy, drug sucking, unbathed, powerchord limited, mumblemouthed loser was the only reason that Nirvana existed? Dave Grohl has more talent in his left pinky than Cobain had in his entire body, but it was like people just don't care. "Oh, Kurt's dead, my world is ending!" How sad is it that you have entire legions of fans who's entire world is made up of some self-involved druggie?

You want to know how fucked up Cobain was? Two words: Courtney Love.

So yay, it's the tenth anniversary of Cobain's death. Where the hell is the outpouring for Layne Staley? At least you could understand what the hell he was singing about! But maybe that's the problem. Staley left no doubt as to the message he was trying to get across. With Cobain, you could have all the little dopers in their own little worlds thinking "Oh, gee, I can't understand a single word, he must be singing about something real deep, just like me!" Of course, when you're whacked out on heroin or crank, "real deep" means "That fly is making tie-dye circles on the wall, man! Gimmie another eight-ball!" What a crock.

So great, Nirvana allowed other bands to get into the mainstream. But guess what - many of those bands are still around. Some have broken up, but the members are with new groups, putting out some kick-ass music. Audioslave, anyone? Once Rage Against My Allowance got dumped by their frontman (Yeah, how's that solo career going, Zach?) they hooked up with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and they're putting out songs that make me crank my truck's system to "almost-popping-the-speakers" levels. You can find kick ass music everywhere you look, and who are people still pining for? The drugged out loser. Alice In Chains is done, but people are still crying about how "Courtney killed Kurt!". Wah. Shut the f**k up and put the bong down, you worthless little snots!

I live in a town of Kurt Cobain worship, people. And it's rather pathetic. This town is still trying to pretend that it's in the "Glory Days" of it's music scene, all the while ignoring that it has killed the things that made the music of a decade ago good. As soon as the good bands got noticed, this town sold out faster than a ten dollar whore on payday. Why do you think that there haven't been any more Pearl Jams, or Soundgardens, or AIC, or even another Nirvana coming out of Seattle recently? Because they sold out, they sucked up the dollars that were laid out by the corporate music goons, and now they cry for a dead drugged out loser who hated his life. Try to find an original rock act in this town today, and you're shit out of luck. It's dead. C'mon, Modest Mouse? Nuh uh, they're not cutting it. Here's a clue to the people in Seattle - Kurt Cobain was able to be a drugged out loser screaming trash into a microphone while playing straight powerchords because he had TWO DAMN TALENTED PEOPLE BACKING HIM. You cannot have an entire band of drugged out losers screaming trash into a microphone while playing nothing but powerchords and expect it to work. There is only room for ONE Cobain wannabe in a band, and that's only if you have enough talent to carry him along. Emotion alone does not make a band work.

So now I expect to get a load of grief from some Cobain worshipper. So be it. I'm sick of seeing this man hailed as some sort of rock god. Get a clue, people. Stop whining and crying about this man.

There are so many better people out there. You don't need that guy.

Operation Vigilant Resolve

I hope that the corpse desecrating, civilian killing, terrorist tumblefucks in Fallujah enjoyed their little fun.

Because the Marines are NOT pleased.

Just remember, you mindless morons, we have you on tape, dancing and celebrating while you partied around dead Americans.

Did I mention that the Marines are NOT pleased? You're about to find out what that means.

Leftist scum

Things like this are the reason that I call Loony Leftists "Anti-American scum".

A gasp of disbelief, a sad shake of the head and a feeling of general disgust.

That's how San Marcos residents reacted Saturday morning at the sight of graffiti spray-painted on the still under construction Hays County Veterans Memorial.

Sometime overnight, someone used yellow spray paint to write "Kill Bush" on a section of the memorial where names of local veterans are displayed on a sloping wall. The same slogan, along with others, was repeated on the back of the memorial.

I can only begin to guess at the depths of depravity that would desecrate a memorial to veterans, both dead and alive. This is the end result of moral relativism. This is the end result of post-modernism indoctrination. This is the end result of people who are so foul, so utterly repulsive, that they would spit on a memorial dedicated to the very people who would die to keep these vermin free.

And take a guess who they're voting for.

Found in a comment thread at the Rott.

Old Navy

I want to find whoever came up with those commercials. And then I want to take a sledgehammer to their crap-filled skulls until nothing is left but small shards and pieces. And then I will take those pieces and boil them into a sludge. And then I will dump the sludge into an active volcano, to be incinerated so that those putrid pieces of crap will NEVER BOTHER ANYONE EVER AGAIN!

Sunday, April 04, 2004


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Are Hawken Blog, with Social Security, and Tasty Manatees with Tax-Funded Attacks Against White House Employees? You can find all the results here.


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Don't know how accurate it is, but it's kinda fun.


It's amazing what happens when you find your life threatened.

It's what I'd call a quirky neighborhood bar; if you want to call it a dive, I wouldn't argue, as long as you smiled when you said that. Fun place, although definitely quirky, and decorated with a lot of handmade signs, some of which I can't quote and keep my self-established PG rating on this blog.

And it used to be posted, with a sign that read:


Not any more.

There was a robbery a couple of weeks ago.

Now, this is the sign that you see as you come in the door. Like most of the signs inside, it's hand-lettered, and perhaps a little hard to read from the picture. It says

Due to the recent robbery
at Gun Point on Friday ALL Customers
can carry their firearms on these premises

Inside, there's another sign. None of us had a digital camera with us, so I don't have a picture. Next time. But it says, roughly, "carry permit holders are very welcome".

Indeed. Found at the Geek's place. The Geek also has a link to yet another masterpiece by Victor Davis Hanson

Daylight Savings Time

Did you remember to set your clock forward?

I swear, DST is an idea who's time has come, stayed too late at the party, got stinking drunk, puked on the couch, passed out on the floor, and then refused to leave. Can we just dump it? Please? Pretty please? Twice a year we do this, and for what? I've heard different explenations, but can someone give me ONE GOOD REASON why we should be doing this over and over?

Not So Random Thoughts

OK, so now the Daily Kos site has been down for a while. Three sponsors have pulled their ads from his site, costing him quite a bit of cash. Kos has been roundly castigated for his remarks, and subsequent non-apology/dithering/what have you. Hell, John Fonda Kerry's site has de-linked Kos. (And if you've been under a rock for the past week or so, a screen shot of Kos' remarks can be found at Fried Man. Instapundit has a round-up of reaction as well.

So here's what has been bouncing around in my mind for a while. Kos is easily the most popular lefty blogger out there. The Truth Laid Bear has him at Number 3 in the Blog Ecosystem, right below Instapundit and Talking Points Memo. Kos is a political consultant, and has been the number one fundraiser for John Fonda Kerry on the internet. He's not some small fry, he's an actual political player, and definitely considered "mainstream".

The next time some idiot tries to tell me that the people screaming their hate at Americans are "just the far left fringe", I'm going to shove my boot up your ass so far that you'll be licking leather.

If there's one good thing Kos has done, it's expose just how far into hatred and insanity the Democratic Party has sunk. I don't think that the worst days of Clinton Hatred for the Republicans went this far. You never saw Republicans cheering American deaths, or deriding and dismissing them as nothing. You never saw a Republican flat out say "Screw them". Yet the top dog of Leftist blogging, supposedly representative of the Left in the blogosphere, not only gives his callow assessment of these deaths, but feels compelled to not apologize and sneer at the people who are outraged from it!

Far left fringe, my ass.

UPDATE: Via the Mudville Gazette we have the RWN DU comments of the day. Greyhawk suggest you compare the DU posts with the posts from John Kerry's Blog.

As I said - Far left fringe my ass.

Seven Questions

For the Anti-war crowd. And they're good questions.

1. Do you believe that a confrontation with Saddam Hussein’s regime was inevitable or not?

2. Do you believe that a confrontation with an Uday/Qusay regime would have been better?

3. Do you know that Saddam’s envoys were trying to buy a weapons production line off the shelf from North Korea (vide the Kay report) as late as last March?

4. Why do you think Saddam offered "succor" (Mr. Clarke’s word) to the man most wanted in the 1993 bombings in New York?

5. Would you have been in favor of lifting the "no fly zones" over northern and southern Iraq; a 10-year prolongation of the original "Gulf War"?

6. Were you content to have Kurdish and Shiite resistance fighters do all the fighting for us?

7. Do you think that the timing of a confrontation should have been left, as it was in the past, for Baghdad to choose?

Anyone from the other side want to give it a spin?