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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Corrections and updates

I'd forgotten a few posts from the Watcher's Council. Grrrrrrrrrr. It was in the middle of me being sick as a dog. So, without further ado, the entries and winners from March 18th.

The winners were Winds of Change by Alpha Patriot, and Spain After Aznar by Tim Blair.

The complete list of entries was:

Council links:

Extra! Blogger Gets Results - Patterico's Pontifications
The Miner’s Canary Report - Madrid March 2004 - Aaron's Rantblog
California's Waiting Period on Handguns - Damnum Absque Injuria
John Kerry, Redux? - The SmarterCop
Another Reason for Home Schooling. - Four Right Wing Wackos (by yours truly!)
A Moment With Senator Kerry - Exultate Justi
Winds of Change - Alpha Patriot
Mrs Grundy Visits Blogland - e-Claire
Buffet Vice - King of Fools
France Is Not Our Friend. - Free Will
Apathetic Activists - Hawken Blog
We'd Best Start Owning Our Own Evil - Spiced Sass
Non-council links:
It Must Be Bush's Fault - Slings and Arrows
The Spanish Disease - Little Tiny Lies
Terrorists Dictate Spanish Foreign Policy - Michael Williams -- Master of None
New York Times Backs Down - DMCA Claim Withdrawn - The National Debate
The Goblin Effect. - Who Tends the Fires (submitted by yours truly)
Spain After Aznar - Tim Blair
Dying for a Fad - Setting the World to Rights
Europeaser Union Surrenders Again - Shark Blog
The Invisible Poll - Captain's Quarters
An Appeal to Honor. - Tasty Manatees
Choking on Water - Right-Thinking from the Left Coast
When Will They Ever Learn? - E-nough!
A Master of Investigative Journalism Has Died. - Fried Man
Senator Kerry's War Record - Right on the Left Beach

There is more good writing being submitted than I can read. If you haven't taken a look at the weekly submissions, you're doing yourself a disservice.

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