Saturday, March 11, 2023

I can't embed Twitter vids

So just go here and listen.

Of COURSE illegal aliens cost us money.

 That's part of the plan.  It's all being done on purpose, just like allowing wetback border-hoppers who squirt out a crotch goblin to stay for all perpetuity

Illegal immigration is costing taxpayers $151 billion every year — a 30% increase since 2017.

“The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers 2023,” a report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), concludes that taxpayers spend $182 billion annually on illegal immigrants. That number is partially offset by illegal aliens paying $31 billion in taxes. FAIR estimates that tax revenue is collected from 15.5 million illegal aliens — far more than the government’s 11.3  million estimated illegal alien numbers, which are based on population surveys.

.Just remember, these illegal aliens are being brought in to do the voting that Americans don't want to do.  That's why the uniparty is pushing amnesty as hard as they are.  They want to replace you with third-world peasants who know their place.

I can't imagine the hysteria going on in the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party now that Hispanic voters are starting to vote Democrat.  I guess that whole "Latinx" bullshit might have pissed them off, eh?

Friday, March 10, 2023

The Chairman of the J6 Soviet Star Chamber Commission on Daddy Issues didn't watch any footage of J6?

 Fucking bullshit.

As horrific as this lie makes the J6 Committee look, the truth is even worse - they DID see the footage, they KNEW what they were doing was political attacks on innocent people, they WITHHELD evidence from the defendants, and they did so knowing that innocent people were going to go to jail based on Democrat party lies, all for political power.

Heads.  On.  Pikes.

Some people are fighting back

 Cutting off funds is always a good way to tell people to fuck off.

Alumni of the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) are leading an effort to redirect donations toward a foundation that directly benefits cadets and away from the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) agenda.

VMI alumni are taking action to push back against the institution’s DEI agenda, which is rooted in the core tenets of critical race theory. 

So my mom got her Masters degree at Gonzaga University up in Spokane, Washington.  And for years she was a proud alumni, doing all the alumni kind of shit.

And then Gonzaga, which is a Jesuit institution, went full retard.

There was a Jesuit priest that had been assigned up in Alaska, who had a relationship with a teenage girl, got the girl pregnant, and then told the cops that the girls father had been molesting her and that's how she got knocked up.  The dad actually went to jail for it.

Read that again.  Yeah.  I suppose, it being a Jesuit, we should be astonished and happy that he wasn't diddling a boy.  But yeesh.  

While the investigation was ongoing, the Jesuits moved this turd out of Alaska, and he got sent to Gonzaga U.  Because of course he did.  And when my Mom found out that this pedo pervert lying evil sack of shit was not only assigned to her alma mater, but being feted courtside at Zags games and given every kind of luxury that a pedo pervert should NOT get, Mom blew a gasket.  The next time they sent the standard alumni letter asking for "support" (money, baby!) my Mom sent back a letter that basically said until they remembered basic Catholic principles, such as DO NOT FUCK LITTLE KIDS, they could piss up a rope because they weren't getting a fucking cent out of her.

Turns out that priest wasn't the only one that Gonzaga took care of.  The Church's former intellectual shock troops are now just shockingly sexual, mostly gay, and following less of the Church's teachings than the average hobo.  When you look at the anti-pope Jorge Bergoglio, and you wonder how a fucking commie shitstain could claim to the Catholic, just remember he's a Jesuit.  The entire order needs to be wiped from the map.  They're a stain on the Church.

Thursday, March 09, 2023

The state of our border

 Two illegal border-hopping wetback Hondurans WITH NO IDENTIFICATION somehow managed to not only get a car, but GET A GUN, and then...

Shoot a bald eagle.

I really can't think of anything that's more appropriate or representative of the current situation in this country right now.


The headline should read "Two Illegal Aliens who are here illegally, obtain gun through illegal means, drive in our country illegally and shoot our national symbol, which is illegal."  The only way it could get better is if the end of the report was "Both men were returned to their country via catapult at high velocity.  No report is available on how they arrived."

Of course HOW they obtained a vehicle and HOW they obtained weapons aren't mentioned in the article.  But I bet it was a far cry from my own experience in purchasing vehicles and guns.

What these criminals do in their own country, they will do in ours.  They don't get changed in to law abiding American citizens just because they cross the border.  THERE IS NO MAGIC DIRT.

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Mitch McConnel hates the GOP voters

 We've known this for a long time.  Of course we have.

Mitch the Bitch McConnell needs to just go the fuck away.  Leave.  That's not a double chin that he's sporting, that's the sack that stores all of the semen from the Democrats he's sucked off during his time in Congress.  Kinda like a hamster's cheeks, only it comes with a set of kneepads so he can service Chuck Schumer while Schumer is demanding the censorship of videos that ruin the Democrat party narrative.

Mitch the Bitch McConnell is one of the reasons I'm not a Republican.  The last fund-raising letter I got from the RNC was when McConnell and John "I'm a fucking crybaby shitbag" Boehner were in charge.  I took a sharpie and wrote "NOT A FUCKING DIME UNTIL BOEHNER AND MCCONNELL ARE GONE".  It was worth the cost of a stamp to send them that message.  That was while I was stuck in Lost Angeles, so....  probably the run-up to the 2012 election.  Maybe the 2014 midterms.

Funny enough, I never got another fund-raising letter from them.  

And McConnell is still in charge, so they still wouldn't get a fucking dime from me.  

Well, yes. Urban California is a third-world shithole.

 The corruption of California, as told by someone who's actually shocked that urban California is a third-world shithole.

 Under conditions of bureaucratic dysfunction typical of a party-state, corruption isn’t a problem, it is the solution. These new populations have found ways to get things done. Bribery is more efficient (and far less crazy-making) than clinging to first-world expectations in a world that has changed.

Marxist government, bureaucratic hegemony, more "diversity" than you can shake a stick at, tribalism, acceptance of crime and of the lionization of criminals, and the willful ignorance of the fact that what people do in their own countries they will do in ours, have combined to make urban California places you couldn't pay me to visit.  When I was stuck in Lost Angeles, the Sunset Strip still had the shops and the theaters and the restaurants.  It also had homeless drug addicts jerking off in public and an ever-present smell of piss wafting from the alleyways.  Balboa Park had junkies, whores and human feces.  Government was a fat tick sucking the life out of it's host.  And the population was not American.

Plain and simple.  Once you got away from the rich and famous, the population was not American.  They were third worlders, imported to LA to do the work that the rich and famous didn't want to pay very much for a white person to do.  I was one of two people on my block who spoke English.  If you import peasants from a third world shithole, they're not going to suddenly become law-abiding Americans.  They're going to continue to live like third world peasants, which does not include respect for the law, property rights, or an understanding of limited government.

Go ahead and read that article, and understand that this is what the Democrat party wants for all of America.  Then show it to any of your pals who haven't woken up from their sheeple-like slumber yet.

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

I wouldn't even call this "feral humans"

 Folks, for those who don't have much experience with addicts, let me point out that most drugs out there shut down your higher brain functions.  I've seen the brain scans of meth addicts and pot smokers and cocaine users and alcoholics.  The frontal cortex of your brain doesn't show up on the scans.  It's not getting used.  Higher thought is gone.  Your advanced brain functions such as logic and reason are not in use, as the drugs have shut down that portion of your brain.

I see if I can find those scans online.  Don't know if I can.  What I do know is that the realization I had that when you're dealing with an addict you're not dealing with a functioning human was kind of scary at the time.  I saw the scans year ago, and that coupled with my work in a hospital that had an addiction recovery center has given me a somewhat jaded perspective on addicts.

So when I see this, it's not exactly a shock to me.

A new drug that is making its way across America is literally rotting the skin of users.

Xylazine, which has been approved for veterinary use but not for use in humans, acts as a sedative and is a non-opioid drug that does not respond to Narcan.  The drug, which is rotting the skin of drug users, is currently most prevalent in major Democrat-controlled cities and is also referred to as “tranq dope.”

Rotting the skin of drug users.  And they still keep using it, still keep getting high, even as their flesh rots off their bodies.  Reminds me of a drug called "Krokodil", which damaged the skin and made your flesh look like an alligator's skin.  But it got people high, so they were injecting themselves and turning their skin into leather.

An addict has one goal, and only one goal:  To get high.  Nothing else matters.  Family, friends, job, God, hygiene, food, love, nothing else has any value in their life other than getting high.  And the more they get high, the less those other things matter because the front of the brain has been switched off by the drug.  They're animals.  

They've turned themselves into zombies.  Literally.

This is why you'll never solve the homeless problem in America unless you realize that we don't have a lack of housing, we have an abundance of addicts.  You could put every homeless person in a house today, and by the end of the month the house would be either trashed, burned to the ground, leased to someone else while the addict gets high in the street, taken over by gangs/drug dealers, or destroyed in some other way.  Do you think an addict cares about cleaning?  Do you think an addict cares about fire safety?

Years ago when my mom was running her own medical clinic, one of the Medicaid patients she had kept coming in with the various aliments one finds in a homeless person.  However, this person had housing supplied to him by the state.  He literally had an apartment, paid for by the state, that he could go to and sleep.

He rented it out for drug money.  This ain't a joke, folks.  He would rather get high in the woods than sleep in a warm bedroom.

The people he rented his apartment out to used it for drug dealing and prostitution.  So the state was in effect paying for people to deal drugs and run whores.  Who knows where the whores came from.  There's a massive human sex trafficking circle in America, thanks to the open borders and the drug cartels running girls and women at will.

Addicts gonna addict.  And until you start treating addicts with the harsh love that they require to break their addiction, nothing will change.  Addicts have to hit rock bottom before they start to clean themselves up.  And some of them never hit bottom hard enough to change their behavior.  This is the harsh truth.  You will never get all addicts to be clean.  Some will continue their addiction until they die.

But we shouldn't have to pay for their addiction.

The January 6th video footage

 I mean, we all knew the hysterical shrieks of "INSURRECTION!" were a bunch of bullshit.  

And now we have proof.

Let's start with the "Q-Anon Shaman", the weird dude in the furry hat with buffalo horns, who instead of charging around the Capitol like the aforementioned buffalo was instead escorted by police, who even tried to open some doors for him.  Not quite an insurrection, and certainly not a hostile takeover of the Capitol.

Then there's Brian Siknick, whom Democrats claim was killed by protestors.  Um, no he wasn't.

Democrats claim that there was 14,000 hours of video footage from all the cameras.  No there wasn't.  It's 44,000 total hours of film.  I can't wait to see what Tucker releases next, but apart from that the lawyers for the people who are currently being held on charges need to start grabbing the film as it comes out.  

And the evil, satanic, anti-American Democrat party, which withheld this exculpatory evidence, needs to be destroyed.  I know, I know, that's a pipedream, but I can dream sometimes.

Monday, March 06, 2023

The Mini-Mengele tried to cover up his crimes.

 Of course he did.

New emails uncovered by House Republicans probing the COVID-19 pandemic reveal the deceptive nature of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

They show he “prompted” or commissioned — and had final approval on — a scientific paper written specifically in February 2020 to disprove the theory that the virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China.

Eight weeks later, Fauci stood at a White House press conference alongside President Donald Trump and cited that paper as evidence that the lab leak theory was implausible while pretending it had nothing to do with him and he did not know the authors.

“There was a study recently,” he told reporters on April 17, 2020, when asked if the virus could have come from a Chinese lab, “where a group of highly qualified evolutionary virologists looked at the sequences … in bats as they evolve and the mutations that it took to get to the point where it is now is totally consistent with a jump of a species from an animal to a human.

He paid for the Kung Flu to be developed through his funneling of money to EcoHealth Alliance, who then sent it to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  It was his end-around the the prohibition of gain-of-function research.  He paid for it's creation, and he lied about everything once it got loose.

I think a public execution seems fitting.

Sunday, March 05, 2023

Please don't think this only happened in the UK

 A release of WhatsApp files shows the UK government was conspiring to keep people in panic so they could keep their iron grip on them.  And I guarantee you the same shit happened here.

Every statistic out of the hospitals was a lie.  "OMG ALL THESE PEOPLE DIED OF COVID!"  Or it could be the morbid obesity, the diabetes, the complete inability to do a single healthy thing in their lives, or their extreme old age.  Motorcycle crash victims were labeled Covid deaths.  90+ year old women with Alzheimer's disease were labeled as Covid deaths.  Lies, lies, lies and more lies.

Every statement made to push the jab was a lie.  From its efficacy to its safety, every promise made by the government was a lie.

Every news report about the Kung Flu was hyped up as bad as possible to scare people.  Every proclamation made by government drones was an overwrought pile of bullshit designed to keep people scared.  It happened here, and it is STILL happening, albeit with less and less effectiveness as people begin to recognize the bullshit patterns.

Can the Kung Flu kill people?  Yep.  Just like the normal flu can kill people.

All of this was never about helping people or keeping people safe or stopping a disease.  It was about power an control.  And the people who perpetrated this need to be hung, and their bodies left to feed the crows.  Let me steal some artwork from Kim du Toit:

It's better than they deserve.

Truth, coming true faster than anticipated.