Saturday, July 19, 2008

A4P crashes Algore Climate Change Speech, Hypocrisy Abounds


Obama, DNC Unprincipled Iraq War Opposition Laid Bare

This campaign ad put out by the McCain campaign completely destroys any illusion that Democrats are principled in their opposition to the Iraq war. Barack Obama takes both sides of the issues in this ad in a way that should make John Kerry feel like a man of principle. What you see in this video is a perfect representation of the bullshit supporters of US efforts to remove Saddam Hussein and replace him with a democratic Iraq have had to put up with since the war started. Distribute this video widely. Email it. Link in debate. Pin fliers with the URL to community bulletin boards. What are you waiting for? Go!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Still on vacation

Although I got more done for the folks this morning. Myself, the Ragin' Mrs. and the Ragin' Stepson cleared out a clump of thorn trees in the horse pasture. We've got another clump to cut out tomorrow. The trunks and large branches are being turned into walking sticks. This is some hard wood we're dealing with. I have no idea what kind of tree it is, other than annoying. The trunk grows thorns that can reach three inches in length, and the rest of the tree has thorns that vary from 2" to 1/2" in length. The thorns are coated in whatever sap the tree has, and the tips of the thorns break off when they stick you, which means you have to try to dig them out. It's nasty. And they've caused my Mother's horses some grief and not a few vet bills. When I was up here three years ago, before I got sent to PR, I must have cleared out two acres of these damn things. Mom and Dad cleared even more. So we're just going after the ones that we can see right now.

The rest of the day will be spent working on guns and having a BBQ with some friends. So, toodles!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gun Bigot Crapweasels

DC has rejected Dick Heller's handgun permit. And why?

A spokesman for the DC Police says the gun was a bottom-loading weapon, and according to their interpretation, all bottom-loading guns are outlawed because they are grouped with machine guns.

This cannot be explained away by ignorance any more. Which leaves malice. These people would rip the US Constitution in half and wipe their ass with it if they could. I wonder what would happen if one million gun owners showed up in DC, open-carry?

I'd love to see the anti-constitution assholes' exploding heads.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Folly of Self-Importance

Charles at LGF posted some emails he had received supporting his stance on teaching creationism in schools.

I commented that it was a bit self-flagellating.

Boom! Banned. Bummer.

FWIW, here is 4RWWs first link to LGF, back in August 2003.


Remember this from last week?


I wonder what brought them here. It can't be my deep and abiding love for the damn parasites. By the way, just for any congresscritter who's reading my blog, in a just world you fucking dictator-wannabes would be tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail.

Ball in their court

So Bush lifted an executive-branch ban on offshore drilling. Meaning the other huge block on said drilling lays on Congress.

Let's see what they do. And if the Republican Stupid Party could haul it's head out of it's ass for ten seconds, they could do more damage to the Democrat American Communist Party in this election on THAT ONE SINGLE ISSUE than any sane person could hope for.

But of course, they're called the Stupid Party for a reason.

Hang 'im high!

Sondra K has the story on a deserter who's getting deported to the USA by Canada.

Mr. Long, who fled to Ontario in 2005, had signed up to join the U.S. Army in July, 2003. He believed at that time that his country was justified in going to war in Iraq, his lawyer Shepherd Moss said at the court hearing to halt the deportation. Mr. Long intended to train as a tank commander. “He wanted to go to defend his country,” Mr. Moss said.

His perspective changed while in training at the army base at Fort Knox. After hearing that weapons of mass destruction had not been found in Iraq, Mr. Long thought the U.S. had no reason for being at war. Also, he was troubled by evidence of abuse of Iraqi detainees that came out in May of 2004, Mr. Moss said.

This ain't a game, kiddies. Everyone wants the benefits, but some people have a problem paying the dues that go with 'em. So instead of paying the Piper, this douche decided to high-tail it to Canada. Either this guy was such a fucking juvenile that he shouldn't have been given anything as complex as a driver's license, much less an enlistment contract, or he's full of more bullshit than a stockyard.

Court-Martial his ass and toss him in Ft. Leavenworth.

Around the house

Since the car is having problems and we're still staying at the Parental Unit's Domicile, I've been pushing myself to do as much work around the house as possible to ensure that I'm not looked at as a burden. Last week I redid the stairs outside (and did a rather nice job if I say so myself!) as well as helping split several cords of wood. This week I helped clear a trail, cut downed trees into rounds, stack another cord of wood to dry for next year, hauling an old water heater out of the basement, and tomorrow I'll be doing several other chores.

I'm going to need a vacation after this vacation. But at least stuff is getting done around the house.

Unintended Consequences

Kim du Toit has a post up linking to several female bloggers about older, unmarried men. He simplifies it down to two catagories:

Older men who have never married fall into two categories:

  1. They’ve never met a woman decent enough to sacrifice their eternal freedom for, or
  2. They’re such fuck-ups that women who meet them would rather become nuns than marry them.
There's several reasons for all of this hoo-ha, but the bottom line is this: It is the unintended consequences of radical feminism and the "no-fault" divorce laws. Look at how many men end up paying thousands of dollars a month upon getting a divorce. Men who's financial lives, if not their personal lives have been absolutely wrecked. Men who end up working like dogs just to be able to afford an apartment and a used car, because all the rest of their cash is going to someone who is no longer part of their lives. Well, the men who haven't been married yet are looking at all of this and saying "You want me to get in line for that? No thank you."

Make it harder to get married. Make it harder to get a divorce. And don't punish just one side of the equation in the divorce proceedings. Perhaps then you'll see a slow societal change in regards to marriage. But so long as men keep getting screwed during and after a divorce, more and more men will simply decide that the risk isn't worth the reward.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama is still an idiot

I caught wind of this Obama moment, where he again went off the teleprompter and again made an ass of himself. I know that most Leftists are so in love with the Lord Messiah Obama that they refuse to admit that he's anything but perfect and stuff, but this ought to worry the HELL out of anyone with half a brain. There's no teleprompter when you're dealing with the leaders of other countries! "Hold on Mr. Putin, let me get my script." NO! FAIL! "I'm sorry Mr. Ahamdinijad, let me find my prepared script before I talk with you." NO! FAIL! "I'm sorry Mr. Kim Jong Il, but without my prepared statements I just can't answer your question." NO! FAIL! This guy is a frigging JOKE! If it weren't for the whores of the MSM propping him up, he wouldn't even have a chance to sniff the Oval Office.

God help us if he gets elected.

Anyways, Rachel Lucas has a good take down on him. "We need to learn Spanish. We can't speak more than one language. It's embarrassing." Whatever, you elitist fuckhead. I want someone to actually look at a friggin' map, as Ms. Lucas does - you drive 100 miles in Europe, and you're in another country that speaks another language. You drive 100 miles in America, and chances are you haven't even left your own state yet! My home state of Idaho is over 400 miles from top to bottom! I can get on Highway 95, drive south all damn day and when I stop I'm still in Idaho! I'll start at Sandpoint and end up near Boise. An all day drive. One state.

I can drive from the Puget Sound to the Florida Keys, close to 3,000 miles, and not speak anything but English. Nobody in Europe can say the same thing about their language. Besides, the way the population demographics are headed in Europe, they'll all be speaking one language soon enough: Arabic. That's what happens when you surrender without a fight.

Anyways, I'm off to try to figure out just what the hell I'm going to do with the car. Toodles.

Stay classy, Leftists

Ah, the political Left - proving that humanity can not only wallow in shit, but dig deeper into it. Classy. These people are flat out toxic to the rest of mankind.

Well, so much for THAT idea

We were supposed to be starting a 4,000 mile journey right about now to visit some family around the country.

The car had other ideas.

It's consuming oil. Not a whole lot, but enough that I don't feel comfortable driving 4,000 miles through the deserts of the Southwestern USA. Breaking down in the middle of the desert in July just doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun to me. So, that plan got scrapped. We may end up just dropping a new engine into the car, but even if we do that we still won't have the time to make the trip. So, new plan - just get to Wisconsin. Oh well. At least we'll be able to see Mt. Rushmore on the way.