Saturday, November 12, 2005

War of the Sexes

Steve H. at Hog On Ice has three posts up about sex, virginity, and women.

Read 'em all.

I think that Steve's main problem is that he lives in Florida. Florida, much like California, expects women to have Barbie-like measurments, blond hair, and skimpy clothing 100% of the time. Sorry folks, but women are not Barbie. The more you expect people to adhere to a plastic-like ideal, then the more plastic they will be. Seattle was filled with plastic people. All of them thinking alike, acting alike, dissenting alike. I've never seen so many people who styled themselves "free thinkers" all doing the same damn things the same way at the same time. Florida and California are much the same, but instead of everyone just ACTING alike, they also have to LOOK the same as well.

When you force a person to conform to an un-natural ideal, don't be surprised when they do conform.

Now, it's not Steve's fault that the women around him are plastic. As he says himself, men are to bear quite a bit of the blame.

I love it when horny men get red in the face and start squawking about how whorish women are "emancipated" and "strong." Suddenly they're FEMINISTS! Yes, when they manipulate a different foolish woman every week, get her in the sack, and then block her phone calls, it's because THEY'RE ALL ABOUT WOMEN'S RIGHTS! They hate it when you threaten their supply of fresh tail.

And BOY are promiscuous men into reproductive rights! It's a WOMAN'S BODY! It's HER CHOICE! Yeah, right, Susan B. Anthony. Preach it. You lying stack of crap. Promiscuous men like abortion because they NEED it. It's cheap, it's quick, and it gets the bitch out of your life OR gets the playing field back in order. But, yeah, you support it because you respect women. You know what the alternative to abortion is? CONDOMS. And using a condom is like having sex with an oven mitt on Mr. Happy.

A promiscuous man will say or do ANYTHING to get sex. Anything. Why do you think men dance? Seventy-five percent of us hate it so much we’d rather go to the mall and hold your purse while you shop for shoes. But we’re out there on the floor anyway, jerking around and trying to look like we mean it. Oh, YEAH! We’re getting DOWN WITH OUR OWN BAD SELVES! You can tell we feel it, because sometimes we close our eyes. That’s SOUL, baby! White CPA by day, JAMES BROWN by night!

And if we’re REALLY smooth, we put lots of “sexy” hip motion into it, to make absolutely sure you understand that we’ve mastered the difficult task of PUSHING IT IN AND PULLING IT OUT. Are you impressed? Yes you are! Don’t lie! You know you want a piece of this! Rico! Suave! Can’t touch this! I’m cracking up as I write this. I have so many hilarious memories of watching other men make fools of themselves.

Men will do anything for sex. Flat out. I've seens guys do more rediculous shit in order to get laid than I care to think about. However, women don't help their own cause when they chase after the sex-crazed losers.

It’s really nice to get comments from women who agree with me when I say virginity is a virtue. In this age of perverted, backward values, a man who shows his respect for women by criticizing promiscuity is somehow seen as a misogynist. On the other hand, men who chase skirts and pay for abortions and treat women like specimen cups…they’re together guys who love and understand you. Go figure. I’m glad there are a few actual ladies left.

Ever heard the phrase "Nice guys finish last"? It's true, it really is. They guy who treats women well gets walked all over, while the careless asshole who just wants a piece of tail has women all over him. I've never figured it out. Maybe one day someone will explain it to me, but I've seen the truth with my own two eyes. I tried being a nice guy for a while. Seriously, stop laughing. I SAID STOP LAUGHING! I tried to be a sensative guy. I stopped objectifying women. I listened to their needs. I figured, "Hey, this is what women say they want. Why not listen to them?"

Yeah, right. You can forget it. I found out what it felt like to be a human doormat. If you ever want to be used up and discarded like yesterday's newspaper, be a "nice guy".

So I stopped being nice. I was an asshole. I showed absolutely no concern for a woman's feelings. I did what I wanted, when I wanted, and if a girl didn't like it, I pushed her out of my life and kept on going.

And I got laid more in a month than I had in a year.

Can someone explain that to me please? I'll admit that it was a time in my life when I thought more with my little head than my big head, but the lessons I learned in that time have stuck with me. When the priorities in my life turned into more than just getting laid, then I stopped playing games all together. You want to drive a modern women crazy? Be indifferent about sex.

A "modern" woman, i.e. one who has been raised with the modern feminist ideals that sex=power, simply cannot figure out a guy who doesn't care if he gets laid or not. By the time I moved to Seattle, I didn't care one whit about sex. Yeah, it was nice, but I expended absolutely NO energy towards obtaining it. I was just enjoying life on my terms. Drove the women there nuts.

That's when I found my then-to-be wife. But that's another story all together.

In any case, go read Steve's posts. Let me know if you agree or not.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Michael Scheuer - Another Lying Democrat

Michael Scheuer on Chris Matthews' blog:

"in the war against al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein was one of our best allies."

Ok, Donks! Defend your lying comrade! I'll lay out the facts. Either refute them, or admit that you are nothing more than a pack of liars desperate to regain power and willing to say and do anything in order to accomplish that goal.

1) Scheuer was the head of the CIA's bin Laden unit in 1998, when Clinton's Justice Department indicted bin Laden.

2) This is from Count 4 of the indictment:

"Al Qaeda also forged alliances with the National Islamic Front in the Sudan and with the government of Iran and its associated terrorist group Hezballah for the purpose of working together against their perceived common enemies in the West, particularly the United States. In addition, al Qaeda reached an understanding with the government of Iraq that al Qaeda would not work against that government and that on particular projects, specifically including weapons development, al Qaeda would work cooperatively with the Government of Iraq."

3) In a recent issue of Commentary Magazine, Gabriel Schoenfeld wrote a devastating critique of the CIA titled "What Became of the CIA?" In the March edition of the magazine. Scheuer responded by writing a letter to the editor that was one of several published in the June edition. In his list of self-proclaimed accomplishments, Scheuer claimed that he and his team “supplied all of the information used in the federal indictment of Osama bin Laden.”

Also from the Powerline article, we learn:

In the 9-11 Commission Report “Mike” is referenced quite a bit. We now know that “Mike” is Michael Scheuer. Did he have any influence on the language in the report which said there was no “operational” relationship? If so, one of the 9-11 Commission’s sources has major credibility problems.

Democrats are LIARS, THEY LIE AND LIE AND LIE AND LIE and the media REFUSES to hold them accountable. And then they crow about how much damage their lies have done to the President of the United States.


"Toronto gripped by US gun violence"

In how many ways does it suck to be a neighbor of the United States?

At least one, it appears, but it's worth mentioning SIX TIMES (per AFP):

TORONTO, Canada (AFP) - Residents of Canada's biggest city are living in fear of increasing gun violence and blame their neighbour, the United States, for exporting their gun culture and weapons north, officials told AFP.
"There is fear of retaliation if they speak to police in some sectors of the community," Pilkington said, blaming mostly gangs, some with international links, fighting over turf and drug sales and using guns imported from the United States, for the violence.
The magazine blamed the rise in part on illegal arms from the neighboring United States.
In the past five years, Canadian authorities seized 5,400 weapons, mostly handguns. According to Maclean's, this represented a mere fraction of the guns that enter Canada from the United States.
"It's totally unacceptable. We don't want that kind of violence in our city," Toronto Mayor David Miller told AFP, echoing local residents who expressed concerns that America's gun culture is creeping north across the Canada-US border.
Last month, Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew pressed US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to take action to stop the flow of guns north into Canada.
I like that last part, where we protect their borders. Gives a whole new meaning to "we stand on guard for thee", eh?

Toronto gripped by US gun violence - Yahoo! News

"Toronto gripped by US gun violence"

In how many ways does it suck to be a neighbor of the United States?

At least one, it appears, but it's worth mentioning SIX TIMES (per AFP):

TORONTO, Canada (AFP) - Residents of Canada's biggest city are living in fear of increasing gun violence and blame their neighbour, the United States, for exporting their gun culture and weapons north, officials told AFP.
"There is fear of retaliation if they speak to police in some sectors of the community," Pilkington said, blaming mostly gangs, some with international links, fighting over turf and drug sales and using guns imported from the United States, for the violence.
The magazine blamed the rise in part on illegal arms from the neighboring United States.
In the past five years, Canadian authorities seized 5,400 weapons, mostly handguns. According to Maclean's, this represented a mere fraction of the guns that enter Canada from the United States.
"It's totally unacceptable. We don't want that kind of violence in our city," Toronto Mayor David Miller told AFP, echoing local residents who expressed concerns that America's gun culture is creeping north across the Canada-US border.
Last month, Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew pressed US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to take action to stop the flow of guns north into Canada.
I like that last part, where we protect their borders. Gives a whole new meaning to "we stand on guard for thee", eh?

Toronto gripped by US gun violence - Yahoo! News

Outrage of the Day

Peace = Surrender. That's the message from 'peace activists' who have planted 2,000 white flags on veterans' graves.
The display of 2,000 white flags, meant to remember U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq, was set up at Veterans Memorial Park cemetery Oct. 30 under a permit issued to Waterville Area Bridges for Peace and Justice.
And today, on Veterans' Day of all days, when 10 people went to the cemetery and began removing the flags they were arrested. If I were within driving distance of Waterville, Maine, I'd be spending tonight in jail, too.

My favorite words for Veterans' Day

Remarks on Departure From Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, Hawaii

April 24, 1984

I have to take a moment and say to you here, in this particular place, what it means to me to be here with you men and women in uniform and with all of those who are not in uniform but who also serve; those who know some of the privations and hardships, the inconveniences -- your families, your wives, your children -- they, too, serve.

There are some among us who say that the military is one of the causes of war. I'm sure they're sincere in their belief, but they're dead wrong to believe that the uniform, that the military could be among the causes of war is like believing that the police department is responsible for crime. You are the peacemakers. The better you perform, the less likely it is that we will ever see combat or hostilities directed against our nation.

You know, many years ago in one of the four wars in my lifetime, an admiral stood on the bridge of a carrier watching the planes take off and out into the darkness, bent on a night combat mission, and then found himself asking with no one there to answer, just himself, to hear his own voice, he said, ``Where do we find such men?'' A decade or so ago, after spending an evening with the first returning POW's from Vietnam, Nancy and I found ourselves -- as the evening ended, having heard the stories of horror and brutality by men who had been confined as prisoners of war longer than any other fighting men in America's history -- found ourselves asking that same question, ``Where do we find such men?'' We find them where we've always found them when we need them. We find them where we found you -- on the main streets and the farms of America.

You are the product of the freest, the fairest, the most generous and humane society that has ever been created by man. God bless you all, and thank you. Thank you very much.

Note: President Reagan spoke at 10:50 a.m. at the base. Following the departure ceremony, the President boarded Air Force One for his trip to Guam.

To all the Veterans and their families who may read this: Thank you very much for being Such Men when we needed you.

Unintended Consequences

We all know about this--unforeseen circumstances throwing a wrench in the works. I've come to realize that most consequences can never be anticipated. Significant acts radiate far into an unknowable future. But we don't need to throw up our hands and surrender to fate. If we build things that are durable, that inform and amuse us, and that inspire others to do their best, we can expect a preponderance of good consequences.

So let's talk about this thing. It's called The Star Spangled Spanner because it was created by an Australian. Beautiful, isn't it? I'd buy it myself if the price were about $9000 lower. Everybody knows that incorporating elements of the American Flag makes everything more attractive. I like the solidity of the sculpture. It speaks about the strength of Americans--like we're giants among lesser people of the Earth. And it tells us about how we are willing to put that strength to work, building things so great, they astonish humanity. That works for me.

Just one problem. The artist is an anti-American Leftist. (Pardon the redundancy.) His demented intent was to boldly show America as the spanner thrown into the works of an otherwise "peaceful and prosperous World." Sadly for him, that's a wrench not a spanner, and it's been tossed into the diabolical machinations of the United Nations.

Maybe someone will spray paint this work of art with the tags of Bolton and Volker. That is the type of unintended consequence Lefties can always expect from the Last Best Hope of the World.

Veteran's Day

Here is a big "Thank You" to every person who has seen combat in defense of our great country.

And just as important, a "Thank You" to every service member who didn't see combat, but stood their watch on the wall nontheless.

If you know a vet, thank them today. If you don't know a vet, go down to the VA hospital or VFW and shake someone's hand. All of us today are living in the greatest country in the world thanks to the blood, sweat and tears of the men and women who wore the uniform years, decades, or centuries ago.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Digging Deep

Is this the face of Nicholas Copurnicus? Polish archaeologists and forensic artists think so.

Got envelopes?

Raining on the Democrats Election '05 Party....Again

Pew Research June 18, 2001

Bush Job Approval
50% - Approve
33% - Disapprove
17% - Undecided

2005 vs 2001 Election Results in VA and NJ:

2005 Results:
Kaine (D) 51.74%
Kilgore (R) 46.01%
Potts (I) 2.17%

2001 Results:
Warner (D) 52.16%
Early (R) 47.03%
Redpath (L) 1.57%.

New Jersey
2005 Results:
Corzine (D) 54%
Forrester (R) 43%

2001 Results:
McGreevey (D) 56.2%
Schundler (R) 41.9%

Democrats - Reporting the news they want to hear, rather than the news as it is.

To Hell with the Democrats - It was worth it!

Gratitude from Kurdish Iraq.

Democrats consistently degrade the gift we gave the Iraqis and cry for the people who kill individuals like the ones seen in those commercials.

Shame. Democrats have none of it.

Andrea Mitchell - LIAR

NBC's Andrea Mapes....ooops...Mitchell was asked by host Alan Murray in an Oct. 3, 2003 interview (roughly about the same time Plame was posing for her "ironic" and "humorous" Vanity Fair photo shoot her husband swore she'd "chop her right arm off before partaking in because she "still worked at the CIA" and "had obligations to her employer") on CNBC's "Captial Report:

"Do we have any idea how widely known it was in Washington that Joe Wilson's wife worked for the CIA?"

Mitchell replied: "It was widely known among those of us who cover the intelligence community and who were actively engaged in trying to track down who among the foreign service community was the envoy to Niger. So a number of us began to pick up on that."

But now that this lying Democrat sleaze bag press operative thinks her previous admission would soil the Democrat Media's case against Libby and Eeeeeeevil Bush, she's LYING HER ASS OFF in response to softball questions from Don Imus:

IMUS: Apparently on October 3, 2003, you said it was "widely known" that Joe Wilson's wife worked at the CIA.

MITCHELL: Well, that was out of context. (REFER TO THE QUESTION SHE WAS ASKED!)

IMUS: Oh, it was?

MITCHELL: It was out of context.

IMUS: Isn't that always the case?

MITCHELL: Don't you hate it when that happens? The fact is that I did not know - did not know before - did not know (love the stammering, Andrea) before the Novak column. And it was very clear because I had interviewed Joe Wilson several times, including on "Meet the Press."

And in none of those interviews did any of this come up, on or off camera - I have to tell you. The fact is what I was trying to express was that it was widely known that there was an envoy that I was tasking my producers and my researchers and myself to find out who was this secret envoy.

I did not know. We only knew because of an article in the Washington Post by Walter Pincus, and it was followed by Nicholas Kristof, that someone had known in that period.

IMUS: So you didn't say it was "widely known" that his wife worked at the CIA?

MITCHELL: I - I - I (stammering again, Andrea) said it was widely known that an envoy had gone - let me try to find the quote. But the fact is what I was trying to say in the rest of that sentence - I said we did not know who the envoy was until the Novak column.

IMUS: Did you mention that Wilson or his wife worked at the CIA?


IMUS: Did you mention . . .

MITCHELL: It was in a long interview on CNBC.

IMUS: No, I understand that. But at any point, in any context, did you say that it was either widely known, not known, or whether it was speculated that his wife worked at the CIA.

MITCHELL: I said that it was widely known that - here's the exact quote (we have the exact quote, Andrea, you lying Democrat bitch, but PLEASE LIE SOME MORE) - I said that it was widely known that Wilson was an envoy and that his wife worked at the CIA. But (BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT) I was talking about . . .

IMUS: OK, so you did say that. It took me a minute to get that out of you.

MITCHELL: No, (lying bitch) I was talking about after the Novak column. (no you weren't and neither was Alan Murray refering to AFTER the Novak column because, you brain dead lying Democrat BITCH, AFTER NOVAK's COLUMN EVERY FUCKING BODY KNEW IT! The question was about how widely known it was BEFORE Novak's column) And that was not clear. I may have misspoken in October 2003 in that interview. (Taking her cues from Joe Liar Wilson)

IMUS: When was the Novak column?

MITHCELL: The Novak column was on the 14th, July 12th or 14th of '03.

IMUS: So this was well after that?

MITCHELL: Well after that. That's why the confusion. (not it isn't) I was trying to express what I knew before the Novak column and there was some confusion in that one interview. (no you weren't. Further proof, lying bitch? SURE! You referred to "those who were trying to figure out who the special envoy was". THAT Joe Liar Wilson was the special envoy WAS KNOWN LONG BEFORE NOVAK's COLUMN! So there is no fucking way you were referring to "after" the column. That is now 2 seperate frames of reference you provided in your initial statement that put the lie to your desperate attempt to rewrite history with Imus!!)

IMUS: Who'd you find it out from? Russert?

MITCHELL: I found it out from Novak.

IMUS: Maybe Russert's lying?

MITCHELL: You know Tim Russert doesn't lie. (Just like you, right liar?)

IMUS: Which would break little Wyatt Imus's heart, by the way.

MITCHELL: Well, which has not happened. But this is (unintelligible). We've got a whole new world of journalism out there where there are people writing blogs where they grab one thing and ignore everything else that I've written and said about this. And it supports their political view. And . . .

(OH!?! I've addressed EVERYTHING you said in the context you said it! You are a lying partisan sack of shit.)

IMUS: Bingo.


Bingo! Busted, bitch.

Speaking of blunt force head trauma ...

No Drilling in ANWAR

And no new drilling along the coasts, either.

What is the one word that encapsulates incompetance, capitulation, and lack of a spine?

G O P!

Semper Fi

Today is the Marine Corps 230th Birthday.

That's two-hundred and thirty years of kicking ass and taking names. I'd say they have a pretty good track record, wouldn't you?

Proof that the Left still doesn't get it.

We all know about the SeeBS memos, right? Forgeries. PROVEN forgeries, and SeeBS still ran with them in a story.

Which resulted in them getting their asses handed to them on a silver platter, and deservedly so.

Mary Mapes, the lying jackal who came up with the story, has written a book and is making the TV circuit trying to push it on anyone with an IQ below room temperature.

I can't top Misha's fisking, so go thou now and peruse.

All I have to say is:


Langley's systemic sloppiness--the flimsiness of cover is but the tip of the iceberg of incompetence--has repeatedly destroyed agent networks and provoked "flaps" with some of our closest allies. A serious CIA would never have allowed Mr. Wilson to go on such an odd, short "fact finding" mission. It never would have allowed Ms. Plame potentially to expose herself by recommending such an overt mission for her mate, not known for his subtlety and discretion. With a CIA where cover really mattered, Mr. Libby would not now be indicted. But that's not what we have in the real world. We have an American left that hates George W. Bush and his vice president so much that they have become willing dupes in a surreal operational stage-play. You have to give credit to Langley: Overseas it may be incompetent; but in Washington, it can still con many into giving it the respect and consideration it doesn't deserve.

I'll say it again: Ow.

Wondering if this guy is available for seminars

TREASURER OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Peter Costello said radical Muslims would not be allowed to turn Australia into an Islamic state. Mr Costello said Muslims who wanted to live in a country governed by sharia law, which imposes strict limitations on freedoms, would be better off living elsewhere.

"If you are somebody who wants to live in an Islamic state governed by sharia law you are not going to be happy in Australia, because Australia is not an Islamic state, will never be an Islamic state and will never be governed by sharia law," Mr Costello said.

"We are a secular state under our constitution, our law is made by parliament elected in democratic elections.

"We do not derive our laws from religious instruction."

Mr Costello said anyone who was alienated by Australia's form of government, judicial system and civil rights and wanted something else "might be better advised to find the 'something else' somewhere else".

"There are Islamic states around the world that practise sharia law and if that's your object you may well be much more at home in such a country than trying to turn Australia into one of those countries, because it's not going to happen," he said.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I am so ashamed of myself

Election 2005 - Status Quo Maintained

With the exception of a couple of unreported Republican gains in Virginia.

To sum up: Incumbent party victories in two states [VA* and NJ] and one city [New York, NY]. A Republican state [OH] rejected Democratic initiatives. A Democratic state [CA] rejected Republican initiatives.

Don't let the Democratic spin doctors fool you. Election Day 2005 has nothing to tell us about where the electorate is going in the wake of Bush's terrible year.

I'll add the following to Mr. Podhertz analysis:

In Ohio, a Republican lead initiative won favor in addition to the Donk lead initiatives collective failure.

*VA Lt Gov - Vacated by now Gov Elect Kaine - Changed hands and went Republican as did VA House District 6.

So the VA Gov is still a D but there are 2 more Rs in the VA government than there were yesterday.

Today in Race Relations

Donovan McNabb's father says Terrell Owens' criticisms of his son sting because Owens is black.

"Within the last month, we've seen a man who is trying to accomplish something very difficult, to be an African-American quarterback at the top of his game, attacked by someone of his own race," McNabb said. "That's what really amazes me. It's like another black-on-black crime. Those are hurts that create scars that take a long time to heal."
Odd. I thought it was the interracial hate crimes that did the most damage.

Of course, this is the Philadelphia Daily News, so one accepts the authenticity of the quote at one's one peril.


The way Notre Dame went about replacing Tyrone Willingham had a greater affect on its minority hiring report card grade than its decision to fire the school's first black football coach.

The result: The Fighting Irish received a B from the Black Coaches Association.

"We look at the documented facts, and the firing is related to the overall picture," said Keith Harrison, who conducted the study for the BCA. "But the grade is what they earned."
Hey, who can argue with that?

It's all very strange to me.

Excerpting more:

Indiana State, which hired West in January, received a C. It was given an F for its search committee, a grade that Harrison said meant no minorities were included on the committee.
So it's important that impactful committees be skin-color-diverse, hunh?

Whatever, but look at the people who serve on the BCA Board of Directors.

Not very diverse.

Coup de grace, now:

Keith has repeatedly urged recruits to use the report card as a gauge for school choices, and said the BCA would consider future legal action against universities if there is not significant improvement in next year's report.
Say no more.

Read it and vomit

Because reading about the Democrat's duplicity and sheer naked lies, that's what you want to do.

Among the many distortions, misrepresentations, and outright falsifications that have emerged from the debate over Iraq, one in particular stands out above all others. This is the charge that George W. Bush misled us into an immoral and/or unnecessary war in Iraq by telling a series of lies that have now been definitively exposed.

What makes this charge so special is the amazing success it has enjoyed in getting itself established as a self-evident truth even though it has been refuted and discredited over and over again by evidence and argument alike. In this it resembles nothing so much as those animated cartoon characters who, after being flattened, blown up, or pushed over a cliff, always spring back to life with their bodies perfectly intact. Perhaps, like those cartoon characters, this allegation simply cannot be killed off, no matter what.

Read the whole thing, especially the quotes of Democrat Party leaders:

Nancy Pelosi, the future leader of the Democrats in the House, and then a member of the House Intelligence Committee, added her voice to the chorus:

"Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons-of-mass-destruction technology, which is a threat to countries in the region, and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process."

Senator Carl Levin also reaffirmed for Bush’s benefit what he had told Clinton some years earlier:

"Saddam Hussein is a tyrant and a threat to the peace and stability of the region. He has ignored the mandate of the United Nations, and is building weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivering them."

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton agreed, speaking in October 2002:

"In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical- and biological-weapons stock, his missile-delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al-Qaeda members."

Liberal politicians like these were seconded by the mainstream media, in whose columns a very different tune would later be sung. For example, throughout the last two years of the Clinton administration, editorials in the New York Times repeatedly insisted that"

"without further outside intervention, Iraq should be able to rebuild weapons and missile plants within a year [and] future military attacks may be required to diminish the arsenal again."

The Times was also skeptical of negotiations, pointing out that it was"

"hard to negotiate with a tyrant who has no intention of honoring his commitments and who sees nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons as his country’s salvation."

So, too, the Washington Post, which greeted the inauguration of George W. Bush in January 2001 with the admonition that

"[o]f all the booby traps left behind by the Clinton administration, none is more dangerous—or more urgent—than the situation in Iraq. Over the last year, Mr. Clinton and his team quietly avoided dealing with, or calling attention to, the almost complete unraveling of a decade’s efforts to isolate the regime of Saddam Hussein and prevent it from rebuilding its weapons of mass destruction. That leaves President Bush to confront a dismaying panorama in the Persian Gulf [where] intelligence photos . . . show the reconstruction of factories long suspected of producing chemical and biological weapons."

Norman Podhoretz then goes on to rip Joe "Liar" Wilson a new asshole. Really, read the whole thing.

Copy it, print it out, and leave it lying around your local college campus.

Print it out and leave it in your local coffee house.

Hell, print it out, put it on a shirt and wear it, because it NEEDS TO BE SAID! Over and over and over and over and over again! We cannot let the lies and smears of the Left continue, and we cannot let them continue to let them state their own drug-fueled fantasy as fact.

They've taken after Stalin in every way, down to the "re-education" of their supporters.

I feel better now

French Surrender Comes into Doubt

During late Tuesday through early Wednesday, youths torched 617 vehicles, down from 1,173 a night earlier, national police spokesman Patrick Hamon said. Incidents were reported in 116 towns, down from 226.

I think they're running out of cars. Or bottles. Or both.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pouring gasoline on the fire

To this unnuanced American viewer, French occupation forces appear to be in a quagmire.

Science Succedes!


I'm tired...

...and hence find very little worth taking the time to blog about. It's not like I usually crank out arduously-crafted and meticulously-honed posts routinely. I'm too tired to even surf and linkdump.

I have just this:

The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office announced today that it has charged a 14-year-old boy with murder in Saturday's fatal shooting of his friend.
Bellinger was allegedly showing a loaded handgun to Chestnut when the younger boy was shot in the head.
Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/08/2005

Murder, hunh?

What is "black"?

I was over at Cold Fury when I saw this:

Smart black students being accused of "acting too white" is an issue Triangle educators are debating at a youth and race conference this week.

Students say the stigma is keeping some of their peers from doing well in school.

Tenth grader Anais Guzman is on the honor roll. She says some of her peers see the achievement as acting too "white".

"They can get high grades but they don't want to because they'll be considered as acting white, so they put white people down,” Guzman said.

So let me get this straight - in order to be "black", you have to be a dumbshit. If you're smart or use your god-given brain, then you're not really "black".

"Some people might say some people are acting white, or acting black or different things like that so I see it often,” said tenth garder Vance Cherebin.

College freshman Erin Burns added, “Black students that are doing well in the classroom or hang out with white friends or have good grammar, talk properly or don't use slang, they get accused of being white a lot."

Mike has his comments on it, including this bit:

Black Democratic leaders in Maryland say that racially tinged attacks against Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele in his bid for the U.S. Senate are fair because he is a conservative Republican.

Such attacks against the first black man to win a statewide election in Maryland include pelting him with Oreo cookies during a campaign appearance, calling him an “Uncle Tom” and depicting him as a black-faced minstrel on a liberal Web log.

But black Democrats say there is nothing wrong with “pointing out the obvious.”

“There is a difference between pointing out the obvious and calling someone names,” said a campaign spokesman for Kweisi Mfume, a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate and former president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

State Sen. Lisa A. Gladden, a black Baltimore Democrat, said she does not expect her party to pull any punches, including racial jabs at Mr. Steele, in the race to replace retiring Democratic U.S. Sen. Paul S. Sarbanes.

“Party trumps race, especially on the national level,” she said. “If you are bold enough to run, you have to take whatever the voters are going to give you. It’s democracy, perhaps at its worse, but it is democracy.

So, if you're smart, you're not really "black". And if you're a conservative, you're not really "black".

Which means by their own standards, Democrats are dumbshits.

All joking aside, there have to be some White Power fuckheads just laughing their ass off. In all their twisted dreams of re-segregating this country, they couldn't do half as good a job as the Democrats themselves have done.

It's sickening, quite honestly. There truly IS a conspiracy to keep people poor and stupid..... and it's being run by the Democrats. Right now I don't have the words to explain just how foul and disgusting these attacks by blacks and Democrats are.

I really don't have the words.

A picture is worth a thousand words

So here are thousands upon thousands of eloquent statements regarding the whacked-out nutjobs of the Left.

When I call the Left communists, I ain't kidding.

I am SO glad I left Seattle.

Doesn't this just warm your heart? “Kill people and rape babies.” That’s what one 12th grade protester thought people in the military do.

The KVI producer asked one girl if the military couldn’t offer good opportunities for some students who want to enlist. This 18-year-old girl responded, “Well yea, if you want to kill people and rape babies!” Excuse me?!! If this girl thinks that all servicemen do is kill people, and if she thinks they actually rape babies, then her teachers and parents should be arrested and charged with educational neglect!

But remember, they "support the troops" and don't you dare say otherwise! DON'T YOU QUESTION THEIR PATRIOTISM!

Yeah, right.

More Seattle idiocy.

That's about all I can stomach today. Go check out the links for yourself and see if you're as disgusted as I am.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Holy cow, THIS is a rant!

It's... it's.... it's a thing of Beauty!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I have questions

Did we really need to invent a more dangerous variation of Field Hockey?

Unequal opportunities spur riots

From our friends at the AP:

The violence has escalated from an outburst of anger in suburban Paris housing projects into a nationwide show of disdain for French authority from youths and minorities, most French-born children of Arab and black Africans angered by years of unequal opportunities.
French President Vows to Restore Order

"Unequal opportunities"

We've heard that before. The thing is, in France, it's actually accurate. Immigrants on public assistance in France must live where the government mandates. It's not like here in America where poor Mexicans in California can pack up, drive for a couple days, and be glad of hard work in New Orleans. In America, if you find Albany to be devoid of jobs, you can move to Tucson and try to find something there.

In France, you're trapped in a desitute neighborhood, confined to quarters, in essence. I think maybe I'd pick up a petrol bomb myself in such circumstances.

UPDATE: Mark Steyn adds:
"If you had millions of seething unassimilated Muslim youths in lawless suburbs ringing every major city, would you be so eager to send your troops into an Arab country fighting alongside the Americans? For half a decade, French Arabs have been carrying on a low-level intifada against synagogues, kosher butchers, Jewish schools, etc. The concern of the political class has been to prevent the spread of these attacks to targets of more, ah, general interest. They seem to have lost that battle."
The whole piece is worth reading.

I take positively no joy whatsoever at what is happening to France, as I know it will mestastasize into pan-European "unrest" in due time. I think that's bad for everyone.

At the same time, it's now clear that the Surrender Monkey assessment of France was all wrong - they declined to participate in Iraq NOT because they were cowardly but because they were doing big business there, and because what we are seeing now would have been ignited immediately had they help invade Iraq. I don't really blame them for either; what entralls me is how there are still Leftists in America who think Chirac's objections were steeped in adherence to international law or some other high-minded humanistic ideal.

Don't tell my dad....

...about this fuckwit. I don't want to be bailing my father out of jail any time soon. And if my dad found out about this day-old jizzstain, that's exactly what I'd be doing.

For more than a year, former Marine Staff Sgt. Jimmy Massey has been telling anybody who will listen about the atrocities that he and other Marines committed in Iraq.

In scores of newspaper, magazine and broadcast stories, at a Canadian immigration hearing and in numerous speeches across the country, Massey has told how he and other Marines recklessly, sometimes intentionally, killed dozens of innocent Iraqi civilians.

Among his claims:

Marines fired on and killed peaceful Iraqi protesters.

Americans shot a 4-year-old Iraqi girl in the head.

A tractor-trailer was filled with the bodies of civilian men, women and children killed by American artillery.

Massey's claims have gained him celebrity. Last month, Massey's book, "Kill, Kill, Kill," was released in France. His allegations have been reported in nationwide publications such as Vanity Fair and USA Today, as well as numerous broadcast reports. Earlier this year, he joined the anti-war bus tour of Cindy Sheehan, and he's spoken at Cornell and Syracuse universities, among others.

News organizations worldwide published or broadcast Massey's claims without any corroboration and in most cases without investigation. Outside of the Marines, almost no one has seriously questioned whether Massey, a 12-year veteran who was honorably discharged, was telling the truth.

He wasn't.

Each of his claims is either demonstrably false or exaggerated - according to his fellow Marines, Massey's own admissions, and the five journalists who were embedded with Massey's unit, including a reporter and photographer from the Post-Dispatch and reporters from The Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal.

It just gets better and better.

In another story that Massey often tells, he and other Marines in his platoon fired upon a group of innocent demonstrators shortly after they arrived in Baghdad. Massey said that the demonstrators were protesting the Marines' presence, holding signs in English and Arabic.

The Marines heard a shot, Massey said, and in panic began firing into the demonstrators.

In some versions, the demonstrators were near a checkpoint. In other versions, they were outside a prison on a road about 200 meters away, or anywhere from 5 to 15 miles from Baghdad International Airport.

Massey told a version of the story before an immigration hearing in December in support of an American soldier trying to flee to Canada. Then, Massey said he and the Marines killed four of the demonstrators. In other interviews, he said the Marines shot at 10 demonstrators and killed all of them but one, whom he let crawl away.

In interviews with more than a dozen Marines and journalists who were in the military complex that morning, none can recall such an incident.

They say that during the first week to two weeks inside Baghdad, they never saw any protesters.

Ron Haviv, an independent photographer embedded with the unit, said he never saw any protesters or demonstrators, with or without signs.

"Basically, the only people who were on the streets in the first week were there to loot," said Haviv, who has covered conflicts across the globe, including the first Gulf War, Haiti, Yugoslavia and Russia.

Lt. Kevin Shea, the commander of Massey's platoon, recalls that on the morning after they arrived, about 20 Iraqis from a nearby community did approach the Marines to ask what was happening. Shea said that he had explained what the Marines were doing and that the Iraqis had gone back to their homes.

(emphasis mine)

Read the whole thing. My father, who retired from the Marine Corps after twenty-two years, would rip this gutless little fuckstick in half and then chew his bones to dust. This is the worst stereotypes of the Left coming alive in one person. A liar, a fraud. A backstabbing snake who discards the truth for his own gain. A worthless little cretin with make-believe stories attempting to bring down the men he served with. A spineless tool who hurled accusation after baseless accusation at the good men from his former unit, and if he managed to smear the US Marine Corps as bloodthirsty killers without souls, then it was so much the better for the Left!

He makes me sick. Dear God in heaven, if one of my former platoon mates made up shit like this, I'd hunt him down and make sure that nobody would ever see his slimy carcass again.

But I can't be surprised at the Left's attempts to besmirch and corrode the reputation of the US military. They've been doing it for years. And as Instapundit says: After Micah Wright, I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

I would give anything to be a fly on the wall when this pathetic slimeball meets up with the Marines he slandered and libeled.

City of Lights

Wake Up and Smell the Molotov Cocktails

This is what Jihad is to look like in the 21st century--not sword swishing horsemen galloping across desert sands, but hooded thugs with fire bombs and cell phones in the night.

How long can Chirac hold out, before surrendering? What will we do when the Jihadi capture French nuclear weapons? All of a sudden, keeping 100,000 US troops in Spain and Germany starts to make sense.

Silly me ...

Pirates Attack Cruise Ship

... I had never considered vacationing off the coast of Somalia. I blame the folks for making me do farm chores.