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Friday, November 11, 2005

Unintended Consequences

We all know about this--unforeseen circumstances throwing a wrench in the works. I've come to realize that most consequences can never be anticipated. Significant acts radiate far into an unknowable future. But we don't need to throw up our hands and surrender to fate. If we build things that are durable, that inform and amuse us, and that inspire others to do their best, we can expect a preponderance of good consequences.

So let's talk about this thing. It's called The Star Spangled Spanner because it was created by an Australian. Beautiful, isn't it? I'd buy it myself if the price were about $9000 lower. Everybody knows that incorporating elements of the American Flag makes everything more attractive. I like the solidity of the sculpture. It speaks about the strength of Americans--like we're giants among lesser people of the Earth. And it tells us about how we are willing to put that strength to work, building things so great, they astonish humanity. That works for me.

Just one problem. The artist is an anti-American Leftist. (Pardon the redundancy.) His demented intent was to boldly show America as the spanner thrown into the works of an otherwise "peaceful and prosperous World." Sadly for him, that's a wrench not a spanner, and it's been tossed into the diabolical machinations of the United Nations.

Maybe someone will spray paint this work of art with the tags of Bolton and Volker. That is the type of unintended consequence Lefties can always expect from the Last Best Hope of the World.

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