Saturday, May 03, 2014

In Lieu of Actual Content, Part 5

She's got that whole "biting my bottom lip" look that made Kristen Stewart famous...

(NSFW of course)

Friday, May 02, 2014

In Lieu of Actual Content, Part 4

Gimme some rope, I'm coming loose.....

If that doesn't explain the "in lieu of actual content" posts, I don't know what does....

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

In Lieu of Actual Content, Part 2

I must have played this song for weeks on end, trying to get the drum fills just perfect.  As usual, the songs that sound the simplest are some of the hardest.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

In Lieu of Actual Content, Part 1

I'm in an undisclosed location right now, doing my best to enjoy life.  So in lieu of actual content, today you get bewbs.  NSFW of course...

Feel the "Tolerance"

You want to know why you shouldn't even bother trying to have a dialogue with the Left?

Because they hate you and they want you to die.

Remember, Conservatives think that Liberals are dumb.  Liberals think that Conservatives are evil.

We want to educate them.  They want to round us up and kill us.  For the good of the world, of course.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Brainless, pathetic and Criminally Incompetent

The State Department Spokeshole is using Daily Kos and Thinkprogress as reference sources.

Think about that for a while.  Our foreign policy is being run by people who not only read websites like Daily Kos and Thinkprogress, but they're using them as REFERENCE SOURCES.

Well, that certainly explains why America has become the laughingstock of the globe, doesn't it?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The problem with the Peacetime Military

Megan McArdle has a decent write-up about the Peacetime Military.  It's not bad, and from the perspective of someone on the outside looking in, it's pretty damn good.

However, what's missing is the perspective of the inside looking out.

The Peacetime Military is generally a smaller military.  Less spots to fill, and more people to fill them.  Think the 90's, when we had scores of Company Grade officers getting forced out, or more often as not leaving after making Captain or Major once they see who's in charge and what their chances are.

So less positions, more people competing for those positions, and since this is peace-time, we can't really judge you on how effective you are in combat.  We can only judge you based on your Evaluation Reports and track record in training.

Which means that the risk-averse politician rules the roost.

That was what I saw happen in the 90's.  The boot-lickers, the ass-kissers, and the zero-defect-menality morons were the ones getting promoted.  The commanders who demanded spit-polished boots in the field, because looking good was more important than actually doing your damn job kept getting promoted up, while the risk-takers, the guys who would possibly make a mistake but get up, dust themselves off and learn from it were either forced out or left of their own volition.

That means when the flying fecal matter impacts the rotating air-movment device, the people in charge, all up and down the chain, are the ass-kissing politicians who may or may not know what the hell to do once the lead starts to fly.

So how do you solve this?  Hell if I know.  This isn't just an American phenomenon, after all.  Other than having actual war fighters in charge, people who understand combat and what it takes?  And after a while, those people filter out.  We went from 1975 to 1991 without any major mobilization.  That's three quarters of a military career right there.  The remainders from Viet Nam in Senior positions were mostly gone, and the folks taking their place hadn't really done any heavy fighting.

And think about how many flag officers Obama has gotten rid of lately.  All that experience, gone.  All that knowledge, gone.  All that wisdom, gone.  And in their place?  People who aren't going to rock the boat, because you can ensure that to a completely political man like Obama, who has accomplished absolutely nothing on his own outside of politics, the political is all he cares about, especially in the people that he picks for leadership positions.

It's a lesson that will have to be learned repeatedly, over and over and over, until the Final Day.  Politicians make lousy leaders, in all aspects of life.  And the Peacetime Military gets taken over by politicians bit by bit, until the next war, when the politicians get weeded out for a short time.