Friday, September 25, 2020

Switch the races and see what would happen

 Four-year-old white boy murdered in cold blood.  Media blackout on the news.

You want a race war?  This is how you get a race war.

And as for the perp, a public hanging seems appropriate.

Military folks know....


Military Ballots thrown away

 I'm not shocked.

Mail-in ballots from the military serving overseas were found in the trash in Pennsylvania. The ballots were discovered during an investigation into election issues in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. They were all votes for President Trump.

They found nine.  That should be nine decades of jail time for whatever shitnugget did this.  But you and I both know that nine is just the tip of the iceberg.  They found nine.  How many haven't been found yet?

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Breonna Taylor was helping her drug-dealing boyfriend deal drugs out of her apartment

 And her boyfriend was there, and he shot at the cops first after they announced they were there.  It's amazing what you find out when there's actual penalties for lying your ass off.

People looking to blame Taylor's death on anyone but Taylor herself should point to the boyfriend who opened fire on police officers. At that point, officers have every right to defend themselves. 

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.  Help your drug-dealing loser boyfriend run illegal drugs out of your apartment, the cops are going to show up at some point.  When your loser drug-dealing boyfriend opens fire on the cops, the cops have every right to return fire.  

And the city officials who allowed the lies to spread are just as culpable for the violence that's going on right now.

At this point, if he whipped off his pants and threw his dirty diaper into the crowd, would you be shocked?

 And the media would find a way to proclaim the action "stunning and brave".

Yeah, sorry, I have to put the daggers away for just a second. I know we’re in the final stages of a presidential election. I know we have a SCOTUS fight ahead of us. But we have to settle this right now. Did Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) poop his pants? Seriously, have you seen the clip? The man looks like he straight-up ‘sharted’ and tried to get away from centerstage as quickly as possible without evidence of his accident spilling into the public view. 

Watch the clip.  That dude sharted himself.  He's doing the straight-leg stagger to exit stage left, desperately hoping that the shit doesn't come dribbling out.

One, I'm not surprised that he shit himself, he seems the kind of guy to do it.  Two, had this been a republican, it would be nightly news, but instead the media is going to protect their lords and masters to the hilt.

It still doesn't mean it's not funny to see that grotesque little shitbag stagger off like he just got hit with a cattle prod.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Dang, I'm busy

So have a listen to one of my former priests.  Fr. Ryan can explain faith better than almost anyone I have found.  Yeah, I'm punting today, but it's a good punt, and Fr. Ryan is just an awesome person who teaches like he was born to do so.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Jump if you're feeling froggy...


Do these people screaming for war understand that when that comes, the release felt by folks on the right is going to be damn near cathartic?

I'm guessing no, they don't.  But they'll learn.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Cockroaches run when you turn on the light

 That sound you hear is chitin covered feet hitting full speed.

Social media users noticed Monday the controversial Black Lives Matter organization — the radical business behind the “social justice” movement — deleted its oft-cited “what we believe” page.

Black Lives Matter is anti-Christian. anti-Family, and anti-American.  And everybody knows it, no matter how hard they try to hide it from now on.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Made it back

 Fuck me running, that was brutal.  The last 300 miles was done in the rain on a dark Wyoming interstate at 85 mph.  I think that was the coldest I've ever been on a motorcycle.  But, it's done, and I can say I did it.

And it appears that my youtube links didn't work yesterday.  Sorry 'bout that.