Saturday, October 11, 2003

Even MORE tolerance from the Left!

From Fox News

At Gonzaga University, it's hate speech to use the word "hate" in a flyer. At least, it is if you're Young Americans for Freedom members promoting a speech by Daniel Flynn, author of "Why the Left Hates America."

Let's just look at that statement for a while, shall we? Young Americans for Freedom try to get a speaker. Speaker has a book called "Why the Left Hates America". Members of the Left protest the word "hate" and call it "hate speech", in order to get the flyers promoting said speaker removed.

Who really wants free speech, anyways? Every time I turn around, someone from the Left is trying to muzzle a person they disagree with. So much for that 1st Amendment. I guess it's OK to call Bush a Nazi and compare him to Hitler if you're a leftist drone, but no dissent will be tolerated from the Right!

I feel a chill wind..... and it's blowing from the Left.
More liberal "Tolerance"

You've heard it all before. "DISSENT SQUASHER! THEY'RE VIOLATING MY FREE SPEECH! SPEECH NAZIS! FACISTS!" The typical screams heard from the liberals whenever their words are questioned. Of course, then you read this:

We've had stacks of our papers thrown away, our flyers ripped down, you name it," says Emily Katz, the ever-smiling editor-in-chief of Washington University's other paper, the Washington Witness.

What? Papers stolen? Property vandalized? CALL THE POLICE, THOSE DAMN CONSERVATIVES ARE AT IT AGAIN!

What? Who? Oooooh... nevermind, the theft and property damage is by the liberals! Never mind, keep moving, nothing to see here... if only those damn conservatives would just shut up and do as their told, everything would be A-OK, right?

Take a note, folks. See if you can find a story about conservatives stealing papers or destroyin the property of a liberal rag. Then find the stories of liberals destroying a conservative rag. Hell, it happens in Berkeley on a weekly basis.

Ya smell that? MmHmmmm, that's HYPOCRISY! A liberal staple. Hat tip to Curmudgeonly and Skeptical.
It's true

What's true? This quote:

Decades ago, the environmentalists adopted a bird as their symbol -- the condor. The hunters got a bird too -- the wild turkey. When the environmentalists adopted the condor, there were a couple dozen left in existence. And today, there are still a couple dozen. When the hunters adopted the wild turkey, there were a couple thousand. Now there are more than 20 million wild turkeys in North America. Today, we kill more wild turkey each year in Michigan alone during the legal hunting season than there were in existence in the 20s and 30s. And that's with regulations to harvest just the surplus!

Yep. Ted Nugent. He's got an interview in, and if you can get past the interviewer's smarmy opening (the condesention is so thick it's dripping) he's got more good quotes than almost anyone else. He also brings up the point that most of the true conservation being done in this country is being done by the hunters organizations.

And not only to safeguard it, but to rehabilitate already destroyed habitat. The Rocky Mountain Elks Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Federation of North American Wild Sheep, Pheasants Forever, Quail Unlimited, Trout Unlimited. I could show you billions of dollars, just in the waterfowl organizations, all of which are hunters, which have completely rehabilitated the prairie waterfowl breeding grounds of the Canadian provinces. We did that; the hunters did that. The anti-hunters haven't bought one cattail! They haven't saved a blade of grass! They have way more money than we do, and all they do is create a literature of propaganda with ugly bitches who say they'd rather be naked than wear a fur coat! I'd rather cover them with poop -- whatever it takes, cover those bitches up!

Yep. Hat tips to Acidman and Lobowalk.
Don't forget

November 19th is coming up. What is it? It's NATIONAL AMMO DAY! Buy 100 rounds or more. Go to the website, and find out what you can do. This is a cheap and easy way to show that gun owners ARE a political force. Buy some ammo for a friend, if you want to. Hell, buy ammo for me! I can always put some 30-06 rounds to good use!

Ammo Day. November 19th. It's a BUYcott.
I couldn't believe my eyes

The girlfriend and I were watching the news last night. She had the TV on to ABC's 20/20, where Baba Wawa was interviewing Courtny Cox and David whats-his-name. Arquet, Arkett, something like that. Anyways, I was tuning it out, because I really don't give two hoots and a hollar about whether or not they try invetro fertilization to have a kid. Seriously, the things that pass for news these days sometimes makes me scratch my head. So I was doing some leatherwork, sipping a scotch on the rocks, and basicly winding down the day.

Untill the last ten minutes of the program, when John Stossel came on and did a small blurb on sweatshops. (It's a three web-page piece, BTW)

The students object to what they call sweatshops. They say companies are exploiting poor people, by setting up factories in developing countries and paying workers a fraction of American workers' wages.

Now, I look up and see the usual pictures of college kids marching and chanting and waving flags. Blah, I was about to change the channel when John Stossel said something that made me snort scotch out my nose. As usual, all emphasis is mine.

Arunga and DeBroy point out that in poor countries, the Nike factories that rich American students call sweatshops routinely pay twice what local factories pay, and more than triple what people earn doing much harder and more dangerous work in the fields. Arunga says people in Kenya would volunteer to work in sweatshops for free, just to have access to clean running water and electricity without carrying firewood. "I wish we would have more sweatshops, quote unquote, in my country," Arunga told me. Most economists agree that "sweatshops" are what allowed people in now-thriving places like South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore to work their way out of poverty.

I'm sorry, but did ABC just say that? Economists and Conservatives have been making that argument for a while now, but did ABC JUST ACTUALLY AGREE?

Arunga said, "People get jobs in these places, their generation lives better than their parents lived. Most of them work for these companies for a while, go off and start their own businesses, it's a win-win situation for everyone," she said.

And that, she says, is why the students who protest are ignorant and clueless.

At this point, I'm checking the TV and the remote, because I can't believe that ABC just allowed someone to call college protesters ignorant and clueless. There's no way. This is reading like one of my rants.

"They're comparing that to what they have in their rich homes," she said, "They're people who are very wealthy. They have no idea what they're talking about."

Jaw on floor. Scotch dribbling on living room table. Girlfriend wiping drool from chin. This is actually on ABC. And when Stossel interviews the students, they show themselves to be idiotic buffoons.

"The image that we have as being rich and clueless and just idealist college students is a false one," said Mandie Yanasak.

"Do I have a vision of how I want the world to be? Sure. Of course I do. I want the world to be one where people don't have to struggle to feed their children," she said.

Lindsay-Marisol Enyart, another student, said, "We're talking about workers who don't have a choice and are forced to leave their home farms."

Stossel asked them "Who's forcing them? They aren't being chained and dragged into the factory."

The girls stuttered and mumbled something about "We're not trying to close sweatshops, we just want to change them" and Stossel hammered them. The end of the piece was the kicker.

But Bibek DeBroy said if these students get their way, it won't help people in the developing world. "It would mean fewer jobs, lower incomes, more people in poverty," he said. Arunga agreed, saying, "By passing laws trying to improve the jobs by force, they will get rid of the jobs."

After the protests against Kathie Lee's clothing line, Wal-Mart withdrew its contract from one of the "sweatshops." American complaints about child labor persuaded factories in Bangladesh to stop hiring adolescents. The result, according to UNICEF, is many of the young girls turned to prostitution.

This helps poor people?

Give Me a Break

Oh. My. God. Someone finally listened. After years and years of conservatives and economists and people from the very countries involved speaking and pleading, someone finally listened. I'm still in shock. ABC put the news out.

Friday, October 10, 2003

A good essay

By Dave Kopel, about the history of gun ownership in America.

I'm reminded of a quote. An armed man is a citizen. An un-armed man is a subject.
A Local Problem

But it's indicitive of the nation-wide problem facing everyone who has kids in public schools. The Marysville teachers are still on strike, and it's set a record for the longest strike in state history by a school district. I've blogged on the Marysville strike before. Marysville, a very rural area, has a higher average teacher's wage than the rest of the state. Washington state's average teacher's wage is higher than the national average. The actuall numbers are $49,000 for Washington's average, and $54,000 for Marysville's average. Here's a link to the original post, which has more links to how our students fare against other nations, how much we spend per student, and all that. If Blogger's links are shot, scroll down to the Sep. 9th post titled "Teachers on Strike".

And let's look at what the teachers want, shall we? I'll provide the link but you have to register, or take my word for it.

Union officials say teachers refuse to compromise on three issues: They don't want to switch from a local to a state salary schedule; they don't want additional workdays without pay; and they want locally funded pay and benefit improvements.

District officials contend the union has refused to back down from an 11 percent pay increase and health benefits that would cost $14 million.

An ELEVEN PERCENT PAY INCREASE? Name me one damn job in the private sector that hands out ELEVEN PERCENT PAY INCREASES! They want locally funded pay and benefit improvements? So shall we just suck the people dry now? As I've said, Marysville is RURAL! We're not dealing with downtown Seattle, we're not dealing with a dense population base! Demanding even more money from these people WILL NOT WORK!

What's the point of all this? I have a solution: Fire them all. I mean, lets be blunt here, shall we? These people get paid more than most teachers in the nation. Washington state is in a finacial crisis, and working hard to balance out the budget. The school district is tapped. And yet these fucking bastards are stomping around saying that they want a bigger piece of the pie! Fuck the kids, they want to see the money!

These people are the perfect example of a cocooned liberal. As a teacher, they've never been laid off. I know that's a generalization, but it's also a fact for most teachers. You don't get laid off. You get tenure. And therefore you never experience the negative effects of a bad economy. Also, even if you're a shitty teacher, you still keep your job! We have highschool seniors who can't read, and who can't do long division! Algebra? Nope. Many of the first year courses in college are REMEDIAL courses, classes to try and get incoming students up to the level that they should be at! By all accounts, public schools in this country are failing their students! And now they're demanding more money? Two words: FUCK THEM!

I say fire the bastards, all of them. Hire people who WANT to teach, and who are knowledgeable in the subjects they teach. I myself could teach music and English. Let ME teach those kids. My buddy Ari has a computer degree and a business minor. He could teach those kids about computers and programming. I bet that if you think about it, you can find people who's backgrounds make them fit to teach a subject. Would any people out there be able to teach math? How about an accountant? You think they could teach it? I know plenty of people with minors in history. I bet THEY would be willing to teach, if the environment were right.

Here's a point of reference for those who still might not get it. In 2001, the total expenditure for education in this country accounted for 18% of the total budget. Damn near one-fifth of the money spent by this country goes to education. And yet our students still lag. We spend more money per student than most other countries, and yet our students still lag. Where is all the money going? And if more money=better educated students, why aren't American students at the top of the bar? Because the TEACHERS AREN'T TEACHING THEM!

Liberals have been in charge of our schools for too long. What have we gotten for it? A bloated budget, the largest union in the world, and failing students. IT'S NOT WORKING, FOLKS! So let's start taking back our schools. Starting with Marysville. Fire them all.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

You might be a liberal if

Found on FrontPageMag, via Right Thinking.

-You believe John Ashcroft poses a greater danger to America than Osama bin Laden

-You think President Bush lied to the nation but his predecessor did not.

-You believe President Bush is too dumb to be President and Arnold Schwarzenegger is too dumb to be Governor of California, but the Dixie Chicks, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, Barbra Streisand, Eddie Vedder and Jeanine Garofalo are qualified to discourse at length on foreign policy.

-You believe all conservatives are racist, but do not think minorities can ever succeed without Affirmative Action.

-You can't decide which is worse: the Patriot Act or the Patriot Missile.

-You believe Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il, and Yasser Arafat were fairly and democratically elected, but President Bush was not.

-You root for prisoners when they escape from our oppressive prisons, but oppose allowing poor children to escape from failing public schools.

-You support every kind of "diversity" on campus, except political orientation.

-You support banning the smoking of tobacco and legalizing marijuana.

-You are enraged by the so-called mistreatment of Muslim prisoners (who have gained weight while dining on their specially prepared Koran-approved meals) at Guantanamo Bay, but believe the world should have stood idly by while Saddam Hussein filled mass graves.

-You have found where the right to an abortion is written in the Constitution but cannot find where the Constitution provides for a right to keep and bear arms.

-You support campus speech codes that ban pick-up lines and amorous gazes, but never spoke out against President Clinton's physical sexual harassment in the White House.

-You applauded Jimmy Carter for talking about human rights in foreign policy but opposed George W. Bush for doing something about human rights.

-You believe that trial lawyers taking 33 to 40 percent of a plaintiff's recovery in lawsuits is just about right, but the federal government taking this amount of our income in taxes is not nearly enough.

-You believe the former Governor of a New England state with 608,827 people is more than adequately experienced to be President in 2004, but the Governor of a Southwestern state with 21,325,018 people was completely unprepared in 2000.

-You agree with Toni Morrison that President Clinton was "the first black President," but didn't criticize Al Sharpton for recently labeling President Bush a "gang leader."

-You believe we could get more truth out of the Pentagon if only Don Rumsfeld were replaced by Mohammed Al-Sahhaf.

-You believe evangelical Christians are destroying America but don't feel threatened by the radical Wahabbi sect of Islam.

-When it comes to violent crime, you believe in hating the crime but loving the criminal.

-You support unlimited appeals for convicted criminals, but believe it is undemocratic for Californians to reverse their earlier mistake of electing Gray Davis.

-You believe U.S. exports of genetically modified foods pose a greater threat to African nations than corrupt dictators like Zimbabwe's Mugabe.

-You believe welfare is a fundamental human right and workfare is a human rights violation.

-You believe religion is a scourge on our society, but becoming one with Mother Nature by merging with the universal consciousness and harmonizing with lunar reverberations will save us.

-You believe President Bush is an environmental criminal for poisoning the water with arsenic, but have never complained about Saddam Hussein's devastating Iraq and Kuwait's environment by setting intentional oil well fires and committing genocide against the Marsh Arabs by draining their wetlands.

-Your car sports the bumper sticker saying that "it will be a great day when our schools have all the money they need and the military has to hold bake sales," but oppose allowing the U.S. military to volunteer recruitment tables on college campuses because of their "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

To this, I would add: You believe that Bush is Hitler, but the guy with the funny mustach who threw people into plastic chippers is just fine.
Before you read this

Put away anything throwable around your computer. I damn near broke my moniter when I found this link by Random Nuclear Strikes. It's yet another reason to not put your kids into public schools.

"Pacifist teacher Colman McCarthy doesn't vote, give out grades, or tell students what to think. Instead, he makes them question the answers."

Doesn't vote? I bet that this puke was out chanting slogans and holding signs that say "BUSH=HITLER", but golly gee, don't ask him to actually VOTE! Y'know, it's only a duty of an American citizen! But wait, it gets better! Why doesn't McCarthy vote? Read on, folks. As usual, all boldface is my emphasis.

"What party are you from?" a boy asked McCarthy—a challenge as much as a question. Before the teacher could answer, another student ventured a guess: "Anarchist, right?" she said.

"I am a conscientious nonvoter," McCarthy revealed. "I don't cooperate with the voting system because anybody sworn into office is sworn in to uphold and defend a violent constitution. How can you vote for people who believe in armies? As soon as we get a new constitution that says we're going to solve our problems through nonviolence, I'll be there to participate."

Wide awake now, the class erupted into a din of scandalized voices.

"But what could you do by not voting?" demanded Martha, a café au lait-skinned junior, sitting up and slipping the hood of her black sweatshirt off her head.

"I'm not cooperating with violence," McCarthy said.

"What if there's a candidate who says no to violence?" she probed.

"He's still sworn in to uphold a document that advocates violence!" he responded, his voice rising.

A document that advocates violence? So "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" is advocating violence now? A document that allows this fucking drone the right to say what he wants is "advocating violence"? But wait, it gets better!

A few years ago, McCarthy was teaching a peace course at an all-girls private school in suburban Washington. "At the end of the year," he recalls, "one of the mothers called me up, a little curious—she didn't see her daughter slaving over any homework for my class. She said, 'How did my daughter do in your class?' I said, 'How would I know? I'm her teacher.'

And there's MORE! Get ready to blow chunks!

McCarthy reluctantly wrapped up his speech at the 45-minute mark and was mobbed by several teachers who wanted to buy his books. Another group gathered in the back of the room to discuss what they'd just heard. While agreeing that McCarthy's in-your-face comments wouldn't fly with most school boards or parents, they excitedly talked about how radical pacifist ideas could enliven their own classes.

An elegant- looking teacher in her 40s wandered up and joined the conversation. The truth, she said conspiratorially, is that when you close your classroom door, you're in charge and there's a lot you can get away with. The others nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, the teacher registered with alarm that a reporter's tape recorder was running. She declared that her comments were off the record and abruptly walked away from the group. Reconsidering their candor, one by one other teachers in the circle requested that their comments, too, be considered off the record. Peace may have a chance in America's schools. But at least for now, the revolution will not be broadcast.

It's not just McCarthy, it's all the damn teachers! These people are teaching YOUR KIDS! I don't know about you, but if I had to listen to these idiots for more than ten minutes, I'd show them true violence! These people have been wrapped up in their own little cocoon for so long that they have lost touch with reality! McCarthy actually advocates GETTING RID OF THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION! FOR DEAR GOD'S SAKE, HOW THE HELL CAN I NOT CALL HIM ANTI-AMERICAN?! These people are radical socialists, dedicated to everything that is antithetical to America! You wonder how so many kids today can be completey ignorant of the world? THIS IS HOW! Your kids are being taught absolute CRAP! Think about these teachers the next time you hear them complaining about their pay. Our universities are sinking, our public schools are failing, and yet these fuckwads just don't get i! They have insulated themselves from the real world for so long that they no longer have a clear view of reality! I could spend YEARS going over McCarthy's bullshit and refuting it line by line, but I don't have a gag-reflex that would allow me to be in the same room with that man for very long!

If McCarthy and his ilk hate the constitution so badly, he needs to leave. Or better yet, be removed from it's protection. McCarthy and other slime like him are the reason why so many young people come out of school completely incapable of dealing with life. McCarthy and other slime like him are the reason why kids can name various "racial" atrocities, but they can't tell you who was on our side in WWII. McCarthy and his ilk are the reason why students today can't read, can't write, can't do arithmatic, and can't learn.

It's people like McCarthy who support the Left. This is their activist base. And I have every right to call them anti-American. Because, through their words and actions, THEY ARE!
The Peace Prize is CRAP!

I was reading the WSJ Opinion Journal when I came across this realization. Now, the piece was on a Cuban dissident, which could be a whole story in and of itself. But reading the inherent accusations buried in the piece made me want to scream. And no, it's not the writer making those accusations. Observe:

But this year no less a figure than Stein Toennesson, director of the Peace Research Institute in Oslo, who watches the Norwegian Nobel Committee very closely, told the Associated Press that he would give the prize to the pontiff: "The main reason is his outspoken opposition to the war in Iraq." This, supposedly, rests on the reading that a continuation of Saddam Hussein's rule would amount to peace for Iraqis. (emphasis mine)

When Jimmah "Fuckup" Carter got the prize last year, the Nobel committee damn near flat out said they gave it to him as a way of snubbing Bush.

Another excellent candidate would be former Czech president Vaclav Havel, a towering figure who carried out a peaceful revolution to liberate his land from communist oppression. Mr. Havel has important marks against him, though: he's a free-marketer who supported the U.S. effort to overthrow Saddam

Are you getting this? In the minds of the Nobel idiots, free-market, anti-dictator bad, socialist and totalitarian good. I think the Nobel idiots have annouced their world-view to the rest of us, so why the hell should we give two hoots and a holler about what they think? Hell, lets just look at recent awardees.

Yassir Arafat: Still a terrorist, still in control of the purse-strings for Hamas, Al-Aqsa, and Islamic Jihad. They wouldn't be able to buy the bombs unless Arafat wrote the checks. Which he's doing.
Jimmy Carter: Orchestrated a "anti-nuke" treaty, allowing N. Korea to have food, fuel, and money, while we stood there and whistled, hoping and praying that a communist dictator who allows his own people to starve to death doesn't build any kind of bomb. Then when they announced that they had built a couple of bombs, the world blamed Bush. The Norks admitted that they had used that treaty to wipe their own ass with as soon as they signed it. But thanks to Jimmy and Slick Willy, North Korea has nukes. Bra-fucking-vo! Here's your peace prize, Jimmy! Don't mind the fall-out that comes with it! I'm sure Georgia will recover in about...oh.... TEN THOUSAND FUCKING YEARS!

In short, the Nobel "peace" Prize is a fucking joke, a slab of metal handed out to the person who can be the most anti-American. Peace doesn't figure into it anymore. It's all about Politics. The person who wrote this article is rooting for a Cuban dissident to get the award, but doubts that it will happen. As usual, all emphasis is mine:

Tomorrow the Norwegian Nobel Committee will announce this year's Peace Prize winner. The odds are very poor that this august body will give it to Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payá. He has spent his life fighting for Cubans' rights against Fidel Castro, which earned him the nomination but is unlikely to win him the award. After all, Mr. Castro may be a monster, but he is a left-wing monster who thumbs his nose at the U.S..

And that's what it's about for the Nobel idiots. People who call Castro a "Great Man" and then rant and rave about American hegemony are either A) Utterly evil or B) mindless idiotic drones. Or both. But that's the tactic that the Left has adopted, folks.

Any group of people who praise a communist dictator, and hurl insults at the USA don't need to be listened to, and they can't be reasoned with. Just ignore them. And that includes the Nobel Committee.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Hump Day

You know, I've never been told why Wednesday is Hump Day. Is it because it's the hump in the middle of the week? Is it because people are trying to overcome the boredom associated with it? Meh. My brain picks on things like that. Hump Day. Sounds pretty damn silly to me. Why not Halfway Day?

Anyways, here's a bit of news for you. I'm not covering the Recall or Ah-nuld, or Gray-out, because other people have done it better and more prolificly than I can. But, believe it or not, there IS other news going on.

For instance, Israel is sending more troops into the West Bank and Gaza. Fox News picked this story up from the AP, and some of the crap that passes for "journalism" makes me want to puke.

Qureia's success is key to efforts to salvage the U.S.-backed "road map" peace plan, which foresees an end to three years of violence and a Palestinian state by 2005. It has been mired for months with neither side carrying out key requirements

Well, let's see. Isreal pulls out troops. A bus gets blown up. Isreal releases Palestinian prisoners. Who promptly blow up a restaurant. Do we see a trend here? Yes, yes we do! Little Green Footballs covers the Israel-Arab conflict much better than I can, but I do have a solution. One that will upset hoardsof people, but I think it will work.

Step 1: Pull all troops out of the West Bank and Gaza.
Step 2: Announce that the West Bank and Gaza are now PALESTINE, a seperate country with it's own leadership and rules (The Palestinian Authority, already in place), a soveriegn state in it's entirety.
Step 3: Once the next bomber goes Kablooey, declare it an act of war and invade. Take over Palestine and declare it null and void, kill Arafat and all the leaders of the PA, and stomp out all palestinian terrorists with a fury that would make God himself think twice about messing with Israel. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, all of them.

Don't just kill the terrorist leaders, carpet bomb their houses. Screw it, carpetbomb the entire block that house is in. Give warning if you want. "In 24 hours, the house of So-and-so is going to be destroyed, as well as everything around it. You have 24 hours to leave" And then, 24 hours later, level the entire area. You want to hide, Mr. Terrorist? Fine, we'll make sure you have nothing to hide behind. Make the retalliation for those terrorist attacks so horrible, so painfull, so ruthless that the palestinians will either be eradicated, or they will out the terrorists themselves. One or the other, but for every bomb that goes off on a bus, or in a pizza joint, or at a Bat Mitzvah, level an entire city block. Let the wailing of pain and suffering be the palestinians reward.

Because if it had been one of my family that died last Saturday, I would have been shooting people on Sunday. And I don't miss. If my last memory of my grandmother was her shredded body on a damn bus blown up by a palestinian, there would be palestinian bodies littering the West Bank.

Israel targets terrorist leaders. Palestinians target grandmothers and kids, mothers with babies. And people call them equal. Not a chance.

Oh, and it looks like a charter school, a military academy, is working out well. Nothing important about this, except for the fact that I think a lot of kids could use a good dose of military discipline. So I link to it.

More later. I promise
Good News / Bad News : Media coverage of Iraq
Recently, I visited Germany to speak with our soldiers, many just back from Iraq. The situation depicted in the media was unrecognizable to them. They'd just left a country where every indicator of success was turning positive. Yet the media insist we are incompetent and failing.

The Kurds are prospering. The Shi'ites no longer live in fear. Even most Sunni Arabs feel relieved that Saddam's gone. The mullahs are behaving. Local markets are busy and full of goods. The electricity's back on - more reliably than before the war. Schools are open. Oil's flowing. The Iraqi media is booming, boisterous and free. The Governing Council has convinced previously hostile factions to cooperate. Iraqis provide more and more of their own local security. And the torture chambers are closed.

What do we hear from Iraq? Another soldier killed. The rest is silence.
An open letter to ESPN.
After a lull in the action, there's a couple new pieces over at Wesley Watch. I didn't miss the story about Our Man Wes amassing $3.5 Million in campaign donations, I just found it humorous - used to be that money was a sure sign of a candidate who'd turn out to be a Quid Pro Quo fanatic, but since Howie Dean raised all his loot, suddenly it's a sign of gravitas.

Go figure.
The American uberLeft are going nuts over Gray Davis' ouster.
Brown bear expert fatally mauled.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Fun time!

It's Tuesday, which means the barking moonbats will be on their streetcorner with their "Impeach Bush" signs. The clouds of BO and Patchouli oil will be thick and dark, drowning out any kind of logic or comprehension. Enter Dave, driving home, with a sign in his passenger side window, grinning and smoking a cigar. You can bet your ass I'm going to slow down so that the moonbats can get a good look at it.


The worst part will be hosing off the flecks of rage-induced spittle that will invariably land on my truck.

UPDATE: Wow, that was... in a word.... disapointing! One woman pointed and gave me a dirty look... most of the men just stared. I think the expression of the day was "stunned", as if they couldn't believe that a Bush supporter lived in Seattle. And of course, I was puffing on an Arturo Fuente, laughing and waving as I sat at the red light right next to them.

Next week: A massive banner right down the side of my truck that reads :BUSH IN 2004!
You know that woman who came forward to accuse Arnold Schwarzenegger of groping here? Turns out she has a rap sheet that would be the envy of half the boyz in the hood.
This is crazy!
Workers have toted away 13 tons of pigeon droppings as part of the ongoing Philadelphia City Hall restoration project, says city facilities manager Rick Tustin.

Hopefully next month they'll finihs the job and haul John Street out of City Hall.
Piling On, PETA Style

As Roy Horn, of Siegfried & Roy, continues to recover from injuries sustained in a tiger attack on Friday night, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals faxed a letter yesterday to Horn's hospital room expressing the group's hope that he make a full recovery but urged the duo to retire their animals and build a sanctuary.

"Perhaps Friday's frightening incident will make you realize that a brightly lit stage with pounding music and a screaming audience is not the natural habitat for tigers, lions, or any other exotic animals," PETA Vice President Dan Mathews wrote.
New York City - PETA Roars Over Roy Incident
What does the Medal of Honor mean?

Honor, of course? Courage? Determination?

Well, yes and no. John, the man who has an arsenal that I dream of owning, has a few thoughts on what the Medal of Honor means. Former grunts like me nod while they read and go "Yup."

It's good stuff.
D Is for Deficit
Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded to MRI Developers

Scientific American
Each year, doctors perform approximately 60 million magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans to treat patients for a variety of ailments."
No such luck for me, alas. A few months ago I had some, errr, urinary tract issues so I called a Urologist. He had no open appointments for three weeks, so I made the appointment but went to see my General Practitioner ASAP. My GP prescribed some antibtiotics but recommened that I see the Urologist anyway, since there's a history of bladder cancer in my family.

"He'll give you an MRI," she said.

At my scheduled appointment the Urologist tells me MRIs cannot detect bladder cancer so they'd have to scope me and would I please take my clothes off and put on this robe.

Ten minutes later he's inserting a scope as long as my forearm (and, if the pain was any indicator, with a comparable girth) into my tallywacker to peek around my innards.

"That hurt," I thought, when the sadistic bastard had completed his Qusayesque torture.

But, no.

That didn't hurt.

What did hurt was the next twenty-four hours of urination, when my weiner burned like the hammers of hell as if I had had unsheathed multi-orificial sex with every polluted Thai call girl on the face of Mother Earth.

Then I got hold of a neat drug and oh, what a relief it was.

Whomever invented pyridium should get the Nobel. Eff those MRI guys.

That is all.
"Smoke up, Johnny!"
Dean on Guns

Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit remarks that he sees Howard Dean's second amendment stance as a stroke of political genius, saying: "This kind of thing won't hurt Dean's chances of getting the nomination, and being attacked by a Kennedy on gun control will be a big plus in the general election if Dean gets the nomination."

I don't know whether I agree or disagree with Reynold's conclusion, as I cannot find Howard Dean's stance on the Second Amendment.

His boilerplate position statement can be found all over the web. It reads as follows:

"Vermont has the lowest homicide rate in the United States. During Dean's eleven years in office the most murders in a single year has been 25, the lowest number was 5. Over half of these have been domestic assaults, the majority are not committed with a firearm.

If you say 'gun control' in Vermont or Tennessee, or Colorado, people think you want to take away their hunting rifle. If you say 'gun control' New York or L.A., people are happy to see Uzi's or illegal handguns taken off the streets. I think Vermont ought to be able to have a different set of laws than California. Let's keep and enforce the federal gun laws we have, close the gun show loophole using Insta-check, and then let the states decide for themselves what if any gun control laws they want. We need to get guns off the national radar screen if Democrats are ever going to win again in the South and the West, and if we can't win in the South and the West, we can't win national elections. In 2000, guns cost us at least West Virginia, Tennessee, and Montana, and with them the Presidency of the United States. Just as we resist attempts by President Bush to dictate to the states how we run our school systems and what kind of welfare programs to have, we need to resist attempts to tell states how to deal with guns beyond existing Federal law."

I know the Gentle Reader will correct me if I am wrong, but in my opinion that's no statement of support for a right to bear arms. In effect, it's quite the reverse.

If a candidate said:

"Abortion means different things to different people. It doesn't evoke the same response in Texas versus, say, Michigan. Just as we resist attempts by President Bush to dictate to the states how we run our school systems and what kind of welfare programs to have, we need to resist attempts to tell states what kinds of abortion should be lawful or unlawful,"
would we call that candidate "Pro Choice"? The "Pro Choice" people certainly wouldn't.

If a candidate said:

"Protected speech means different things to different people. If you say censorship in Des Moines it means something than different than if said in Hollywood. Just as we resist attempts by President Bush to dictate to the states how we run our school systems and what kind of welfare programs to have, we need to resist attempts to tell states what kind of speech they can restrict,"
would we call that candidate a "free speech advocate"? I doubt it.

So how does one conclude that this:

Just as we resist attempts by President Bush to dictate to the states how we run our school systems and what kind of welfare programs to have, we need to resist attempts to tell states how to deal with guns beyond existing Federal law,"
is pro-Second Amendment? (Reynolds doesn't specifically say that Dean is pro-Second but the remark is made that Dean's stance places him outside the "gun-prohibitionist mindset of the Democratic Party", which I read as: "pro-Second Amendment").

Of course, there's that pesky: "...beyond existing Federal law" at the tail of Dean's statement. You may delude yourself into believing that "existing Federal law" includes the Second Amendment, but that's hogwash; the Gentle Reader knows darn well that "existing Federal law" means existing restrictions like Brady and the so-called Assault Weapons Ban. Dean makes it clear that he thinks San Francisco should be able to ban handguns but Montana cannot pass a concealed bazooka law.

I see no evidence that Howard Dean supports the Second Amendment.

I see quite the reverse.

UPDATE: Whilst surfing for more I found this, which makes it all crystal clear to me:

No, because in Vermont gun control laws would have no effect whatsoever. They certainly don't seem to have much effect in New York. Although my position is New Yorkers can have as much (gun control) as they want.

-- Howard Dean, 11 August 2003
"Although my position is New Yorkers can have as much (gun control) as they want."

Any questions?

Monday, October 06, 2003

More reasons why Seattle Sucks

Let me clarify. Seattle sucks like a ten-dollar whore on payday. If this town tilted any further to the Left, it would tip over. Want proof? Let's look at what passes for news and entertainment in the town rags, shall we?

First up is a "report" (and I use that term loosely) about American's "misperceptions" of the war in Iraq.

The results show 48 percent incorrectly believed that evidence of links between al-Qaida and Iraq has been found; 22 percent that weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq; and 25 percent that world opinion favored the United States going to war with Iraq.

So despite Saddam supporting terrorists, a catagory which Al-Queda falls into, and despite the presence of toxins in the Tigris and Euphrates river, and despite having over 40 countries in our coalition of the willing, I guess we're all wrong. Except that if you actually read David Kay's report, you get to find out that we don't have any misperceptions at all! Let's see what Kay's team found, shall we? Words in bold are my emphasis.

We have discovered dozens of WMD-related program activities and significant amounts of equipment that Iraq concealed from the United Nations during the inspections that began in late 2002. The discovery of these deliberate concealment efforts have come about both through the admissions of Iraqi scientists and officials concerning information they deliberately withheld and through physical evidence of equipment and activities that ISG has discovered that should have been declared to the UN. Let me just give you a few examples of these concealment efforts, some of which I will elaborate on later:

A clandestine network of laboratories and safehouses within the Iraqi Intelligence Service that contained equipment subject to UN monitoring and suitable for continuing CBW research.

A prison laboratory complex, possibly used in human testing of BW agents, that Iraqi officials working to prepare for UN inspections were explicitly ordered not to declare to the UN.

Reference strains of biological organisms concealed in a scientist's home, one of which can be used to produce biological weapons.

New research on BW-applicable agents, Brucella and Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF), and continuing work on ricin and aflatoxin were not declared to the UN.

Documents and equipment, hidden in scientists' homes, that would have been useful in resuming uranium enrichment by centrifuge and electromagnetic isotope separation (EMIS).


Continuing covert capability to manufacture fuel propellant useful only for prohibited SCUD variant missiles, a capability that was maintained at least until the end of 2001 and that cooperating Iraqi scientists have said they were told to conceal from the UN. (missiles that they weren't supposed to have, right? Why did they need fuel for them? RD)

Plans and advanced design work for new long-range missiles with ranges up to at least 1000 km - well beyond the 150 km range limit imposed by the UN. Missiles of a 1000 km range would have allowed Iraq to threaten targets through out the Middle East, including Ankara, Cairo, and Abu Dhabi.

Clandestine attempts between late-1999 and 2002 to obtain from North Korea technology related to 1,300 km range ballistic missiles --probably the No Dong -- 300 km range anti-ship cruise missiles, and other prohibited military equipment.

Who's got the misperceptions now, you fucking brain-dead morons? And for those dipshits screaming "WHERE ARE THEY? why don't you take a look at this:

there are approximately 130 known Iraqi Ammunition Storage Points (ASP), many of which exceed 50 square miles in size and hold an estimated 600,000 tons of artillery shells, rockets, aviation bombs and other ordinance. Of these 130 ASPs, approximately 120 still remain unexamined. As Iraqi practice was not to mark much of their chemical ordinance and to store it at the same ASPs that held conventional rounds, the size of the required search effort is enormous.

So not only do we have a way to go, there's nothing that's marked as WMD. We have to search 600,000 tons of weapons! CAN YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT MEANS? Do you know how long that's going to take just to destroy? Let's see if Drumwaster can tell you what that's like.

600,000 tons of munitions? That means that if we were to destroy 100 tons per day (200,000 pounds per day, or about 8,300 pounds per hour), utterly disregarding weekends, holidays, and religious observances, we would be done some time during the Spring in the year 2020. That's more than 16 years down the road, and that just includes the stuff we know about, without any resupply from nations unfriendly to our own.

But as usual, when the screaming moonbat hoards are proven wrong, they won't admit it. They'll keep drooling and shitting themselves silly trying to sound smart and important. My disgust with the asswipes in this city grows with every day. The last line of that piece brings everything into focus: In any event, both the news media and the audience could use some self-improvement. Luckily, it's never too late; I hear there's a presidential election just 13 months away.

Nah, there's no bias there, right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. The writer of this article is nothing but a bitter, dried-up, worthless, mind-numbingly idiotic snot-nosed partisan fuckwit, and this piece practically drips with her condesending tone. She fits right in with this town.

Oh yeah. That brings me to the second article.

One Palm Beach County stay-at-home mom asked her husband for a divorce this summer, soon after she turned 50. Her reason: She wanted passion, and she felt her time was running out.

"I was not happy in my marriage and hadn't been for years," said Jessica (not her real name). "Right now (at 50) I think I look good, but in 10 years, who knows? I wanted to stay until my children went off to college, but realized that would affect my marketability to the opposite sex."

Her marketability to the opposite sex. What the hell is wrong with people? "Oops, sorry honey, but I gotta get my groove on. Take a hike, and give me alimony, and fuck-you-very-much."

"I told David (not her husband's real name) that he was hazardous to my health, that our sex life was over," Jessica said. "I told him if he wanted a divorce I'd understand. He said nothing. We shared the same bed and didn't touch. Sex with him was like ... what is that movie? 'Gone in 60 Seconds.' "

Right, because it's sooooooo much easier to just dump the man you promised to be with through thick or thin, better or worse, sick or in health, rich or poor, than it is to ACTUALLY WORK THROUGH YOUR DAMNED PROBLEMS! To hell with that woman's kids, she needed to go out and get laid! Yeah, way to go! Fuck the family, she needs a good fucking, so fuck it! Let's forget the fact that the husband was working his ass off to provide for their family! Let's forget the fact that the children deserve a stable home! Let's forget the fact that this woman could have brought home a few books and said "Honey, I want you to try THIS!" and flip open the glossy pages to a picture of a woman in a french maid's outfit spread-eagle on the bed. LET'S JUST TOSS EVERYTHING ASIDE SO THAT THIS WHORE CAN SATISFY HER DAMN LIBIDO!

Far be it for me to deride someone's search for good sex, because I've done it quite a bit myself. BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY KIDS DEPENDING UP TO ME! I didn't have to provide a stable house for anyone but myself! When did it become OK to toss aside your family while you searched for the "Big O"? People wonder why I don't want to get married? Because I've seen to much of this shit. I've been involved in too much of this shit. That woman's kids are going through hell right now. Her husband is probably paying alimony through the nose, maybe child support, all so that fucking bitch can bang some new guy. Forget working through your problems, forget trying to save the marraige, just dump him and get jiggy wid it! Because, like, ya know, if you wait, you might lose your precious MARKETABILITY!

And yet the paper promotes this story as if it's a good thing. "Oh, how wonderfull, women are exploring their sexuality". Gee. Great. Too bad it's at the cost of PEOPLES LIVES! Tossing aside your family and your vows goes over well in Seattle. Just read the damn papers.

All I want is a shotgun and 20 minutes downtown. Is that too much to ask? Is it? Can we just nuke this shithole and rebuild?
Just because....

It fits. And deep down, don't you just want to know?

Inigo Montoya

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

Clyde sez: America:

- entered war with Germany despite no evidence that Germany was connected to Pearl Harbor,

- has spent over one hundred billion dollars in rebuilding Europe, including billions spent bribing foreign leaders to see life our way, and

- has had troops stationed in the region for almost sixty years after major combat operations ceased.

Clyde concludes that it's a quagmire (though he doesn't use that word, exactly).

He'd have concluded worse, but the uncaring and unfeeling rat didn't have the stones to mention all of the dead civilians.

These Things Happen: Mission NOT Accomplished -- In WWII
"Bring the troops home," eh? Check out what Somalia looks like ten years after President Clinton ran from Mohammed Aidid.

Are you sick of Rush-McNabb yet?

Too bad. Because there's more proof that Rush was right, yet again. From

McNabb has started for the Eagles since the 2000 season. In that time, the Eagles offense has never ranked higher than 10th in the league in yards gained. In fact, their 10th-place rank in 2002 was easily their best; in their two previous seasons, they were 17th in a 32-team league. They rank 31st so far in 2003.

In contrast, the Eagles defense in those four seasons has never ranked lower than 10th in yards allowed. In 2001, they were seventh; in 2002 they were fourth; this year they're fifth. It shouldn't take a football Einstein to see that the Eagles' strength over the past few seasons has been on defense, and Limbaugh is no football Einstein, which is probably why he spotted it.

Let's look at a quarterback with similar numbers who also plays for a team with a great defense. I don't know anyone who would call Brad Johnson one of the best quarterbacks in pro football—which is how McNabb is often referred to. In fact, I don't know anyone who would call Brad Johnson, on the evidence of his 10-year NFL career, much more than mediocre. Yet, Johnson's NFL career passer rating, as of last Sunday, is 7.3 points higher than McNabb's (84.8 to 77.5), he has completed his passes at a higher rate (61.8 percent to 56.4 percent), and has averaged significantly more yards per pass (6.84 to 5.91). McNabb excels in just one area, running, where he has gained 2,040 yards and scored 14 touchdowns to Johnson's 467 and seven. But McNabb has also been sacked more frequently than Johnson—more than once, on average, per game, which negates much of the rushing advantage.

And the best line is this:

Rush Limbaugh didn't say Donovan McNabb was a bad quarterback because he is black. He said that the media have overrated McNabb because he is black, and Limbaugh is right. He didn't say anything that he shouldn't have said, and in fact he said things that other commentators should have been saying for some time now. I should have said them myself. I mean, if they didn't hire Rush Limbaugh to say things like this, what did they hire him for? To talk about the prevent defense?

Thanks to AlphaPatriot for bringing this to my attention.
The New York Times: Factually Inaccurate???

The New York Times issued a de facto retraction on Saturday after misreporting two days earlier that Arnold Schwarzenegger once said he admired Adolf Hitler for what he did with his power. Inside Cover Story

It's really quite shocking.
What Iraqi children were learning. Found on Right-Thinking
There's good progess in Iraq, says a foreign service officer from Austin, Texas.

Instanpundit has more here, and I sare say YOU MUST READ IT. It is very instructive.
Check out these assholes.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

I eat bandwidth for BREAKFAST!

Since I took a few days off, I feel the urge to make up for it. Nah, not really, I've just found lots of stuff I want to share with everyone.

One of those things is Steve, at Little Tiny Lies. Steve is fun to read, if you like snorting coffee out of your nasal passeges while trying to stifle laughter at the office so that your boss doesn't catch you goofing off at work. Need a teaser?

"I have to admit, I love that lower lip thing Bill does. Men are immune, but women eat it up.


Bill: [spreading hot molasses on nude intern handcuffed spreadeagled on Oval Office desk] Baby, I thought you were out of town at the Conference of Dateless Vegan Women Against Leg Shaving!

Intern: Bill, the cuffs...

Hillary: [tongues of fire gushing from her eye sockets as six-inch talons emerge from her fingertips] I HAVE HAD IT WITH YOU! BY THE POWER VESTED IN ME BY SATAN, I CONSIGN YOU TO THE FLAMES OF HELL! [prepares to zap him with a magic ray from her right index claw]

Intern: The CUFFS, Bill.

Bill: Aw,'s not what you think. I came in here lookin' for a box of Mallomars and I found this sweet thing cuffed to the desk, surrounded by slobberin' Republicans. I chased 'em off with my nine iron, and now I'm scrapin' the molasses off her body with this soft pastry brush.

Hillary: How STUPID do you think I AM? [serrated horns spiraling out of her forehead]

Intern: Excellent question, Mrs. C!

Bill: Aw, baby, you know you cain't stay mad at ol' Bill. [bites lower lip]

Hillary: I....I....what are you doing to me....I can actually feel my ovaries throbbing...


Bill: [biting a little more] I feel your pain, baby.

Hillary: Bill...sweetheart...what's going on? How did I get here? What's that poor girl doing on your desk?

Intern: [mesmerized by Bill's lip] Yeah, what am I doing on your desk?

Bill: I'll tell you all about it in a second, Hillsy, but for are...a CHICKEN!



Bill: Not you, stupid."

He did a chili making post that had me laughing my ass off. Trust me. It's good. Too long to cut-and-paste.

And to follow up on my earlier post about information leaks, I give you ..... (drumroll) The American Jingo!

The Democrats making the biggest stink about confidential information being leaked made no comments at all about:
1. 1100 Republican adversary's FBI files showing up in a bodyguard's office during the Clinton Presidency.
2. Linda Tripp's Pentagon employee file being leaked to the press (Lars Erik Nelson to be specific) which was later used to paint her as a shoplifter and thief.
3. Paula Jones' income tax return being leaked so that her "questionable charitable donations" could be used to discredit her in her testimony against Bill Clinton

Ya smell that? MmHmmmm, it's called HYPOCRISY! And it's a Left-wing staple.

Nobody wants ta play wif me

Since I seem to be the only one here today, I've got some more goodies in my bag here, compliments of the Amazing Kallini Brothers.

First of all, the EU seems to be having problems writing their constitution. Now, far be it for me to snidely remark about the EU demanding that the US start up Iraq's government while they can't even start up their own, so I'll let Christopher do it.

They're having trouble meeting their own 20 month deadline on their chaotic mess of a constitution, and some of them, France particularly, are demanding we hand over Iraqi sovereignty immediately, and Powell's pushing for a 6 month constitutional deadline.

How about Europe cleans up its own backyard before offering us nation-building advice, eh?

I'm still waiting for Bush to tell Chiraq "Shut the hell up, you back-stabbing yellowbellied waste of oxygen", but hey, that's just me.

Want some more? Good, because the political donation graphics are out. And it's not pretty for the Donks. There are three different articles here.

Number one:

The study also found that Democrats were far more reliant than Republicans on deep-pocketed givers in the 2002 election cycle, and were much less successful than the GOP at raising money from donors giving small amounts. The findings were released today at an event launching the Center's comprehensive study of the effects of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, commonly called the McCain-Feingold law.

Number two is a chart of donation demographics. Check out the "under $200" vs. the "over $1,000,000". Yep.

And Number three:

More than one million new people have donated to the Republican Party since George W. Bush was sworn in as president in January of 2001, shattering the previous record set by former President Ronald Reagan. Their average contribution is less than $30.

Have fun!

And just for fun

Ladies and Gentleman, Mark Steyn.

After all, this is a paper that has never lowered itself to print many of the credibly sourced remarks attributed to President Clinton by those on the receiving end of his attentions (''You might want to put some ice on that''). But the lofty ethics bores of American journalism apparently have no problem with opening up their front page for anonymous uncorroborated accusations of ancient improper advances. In that case, did I mention the time Gray Davis grabbed me by the crotch and whispered in my ear, ''Have you ever had a man tax you up the wazoo?''

Oh yeah, baby.

By the way...

In all the hype over the CIA analyst supposedly being "outed", I wonder how many of the hypocritical Donks were upset about one of their own?

In 1995, then-Rep. Robert G. Torricelli, Democrat of New Jersey, was told by a State Department employee that a paid CIA informant, Guatemalan Col. Julio Roberto Alpirez, was involved in the killing of the husband of an American citizen.

Of course, the Torch, being a true Democrat, is now in jail for assorted crimes, including fraud and accepting bribes, if my memory serves me. And let's not forget how the Torch hamstrung the CIA in order to make his girlfriend happy.

In 1995, then-Rep. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J., made secrets public at the behest of left-wing activist Bianca Jagger, his girlfriend at the time, according to Newark Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine in the January/February issue of Heterodoxy.

It seems like the Donks are the party of allowing a sex drive to determine national policy. "Oh yeah baby, don't worry, the CIA won't be bothering anyone anymore, now take your pants off!"

Still, Torricelli efforts paid off with the Clinton administration, which moved to ban the use of spies or the recruitment of spies that had any involvement with criminals or terrorists.

Torricelli effectively blinded the CIA.

It was about the time of this well-publicized incident that the CIA’s slide into a deteriorated human intelligence capability accelerated.

And it's not just Torricelli, it's seemingly everyone on the Donk's side of the ball.

Recalling the messy Torricelli-Nuccio-Alpirez affair, security-minded Americans can at least take solace that then-CIA director John Deutch was on the ball when it comes to protecting classified information, right?

Wrong again! George Tenet, Deutch's successor as CIA director, announced in August 1999 that he had stripped Deutch of his CIA security clearance as a penalty for keeping classified documents on ordinary home computers that were not protected by locks, encryption or other security devices.

So a former head of the CIA had confidential material on his UNPROTECTED, UNENCRYPTED HOME COMPUTER???? This is the Democrats, folks. They play at foreign policy, they play at security, they PLAY at caring about America. But they only care about themselves. Put a Donk in charge, and they'll just hand the keys over to the dictators at the UN. American soverienty? You can forget about it, should Dean or Clark get in the White House. And should either of them get elected, it won't be long before there's another terrorist attack on our soil.

Believe it.

Leftist violence

Couple of things this morning that caught my eye. The first was a news article about an EU summit in Rome, where protesters (once again) have started riots.

Italian riot police fired tear gas and wielded batons Saturday to break up a protest by anti-globalisation demonstrators outside a summit in Rome where European leaders were mulling a new EU constitution.

Hundreds of officers fought a running battle with activists along a broad avenue within 300 metres (yards) of the summit venue on the outskirts of Rome, an AFP correspondent on the scene said.

"Hey Pablo, we need to tell the politicians that we don't agree with what they're saying!"
"I agree, Luigi! Let's go break that window and trash a bank!"
"Wonderfull, Pablo! That'll show em!"

All you brain-dead lefties, take a note: Breaking public property, vandalizing private property, causing riots and millions of dollars worth of damage while attacking cops DOES NOT MAKE YOUR POINT AT ALL! All it does is make me want to patrol the riot zone with a baseball bat and pepperspray! It would be sooooooooo easy! All I would have to do is walk around and every now and then shout out "Bush is a Nazi!" then wait for the first drooling lemming-like simpleton to scream "YESYESYES" in a mentally deficient orgasm of delight. WHACK! Next! You feces flinging morons are so far out of your depth you would drown in a sidewalk puddle! And when all else fails, you destroy shit. You have no logic on your side, no facts, no NOTHING, so you break shit and start riots. Wonderfull. Way to go, you stupid sheeple. Keep going, you're proving EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY POINTS every time you do this.

I can see Bush in his debate next year. "Well, Ah wunder if y'all really wanna be represented by folks with THESE kinda people backin' them." (flash to videos of rioting moonbats)

The next is a blog brought to my attention by Kim du Toit, one of the few people I make time to read every day. Bush's speeches and words have been twisted around by the Left so horribly that I have to go back and read transcripts of his actuall speeches before I read the Donk's interpretations. One example is the "imminent threat" bullshit. Bush never stated that there was an imminent threat. In fact, he stated that we should deal with Saddam BEFORE the threat was imminent. And from Shot In The Dark, we have more of the liberal lying bullshit.

And I just love the first line:

Yesterday on CNN I saw Nancy Pelosi's harsh visage scowling at me through the TV screen like an avenging comparative women's lit professor.

And then it just gets better. It's too long to post much, so I urge you to go read it. It's well worth it.

Be back later, folks.