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Sunday, October 05, 2003

By the way...

In all the hype over the CIA analyst supposedly being "outed", I wonder how many of the hypocritical Donks were upset about one of their own?

In 1995, then-Rep. Robert G. Torricelli, Democrat of New Jersey, was told by a State Department employee that a paid CIA informant, Guatemalan Col. Julio Roberto Alpirez, was involved in the killing of the husband of an American citizen.

Of course, the Torch, being a true Democrat, is now in jail for assorted crimes, including fraud and accepting bribes, if my memory serves me. And let's not forget how the Torch hamstrung the CIA in order to make his girlfriend happy.

In 1995, then-Rep. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J., made secrets public at the behest of left-wing activist Bianca Jagger, his girlfriend at the time, according to Newark Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine in the January/February issue of Heterodoxy.

It seems like the Donks are the party of allowing a sex drive to determine national policy. "Oh yeah baby, don't worry, the CIA won't be bothering anyone anymore, now take your pants off!"

Still, Torricelli efforts paid off with the Clinton administration, which moved to ban the use of spies or the recruitment of spies that had any involvement with criminals or terrorists.

Torricelli effectively blinded the CIA.

It was about the time of this well-publicized incident that the CIA’s slide into a deteriorated human intelligence capability accelerated.

And it's not just Torricelli, it's seemingly everyone on the Donk's side of the ball.

Recalling the messy Torricelli-Nuccio-Alpirez affair, security-minded Americans can at least take solace that then-CIA director John Deutch was on the ball when it comes to protecting classified information, right?

Wrong again! George Tenet, Deutch's successor as CIA director, announced in August 1999 that he had stripped Deutch of his CIA security clearance as a penalty for keeping classified documents on ordinary home computers that were not protected by locks, encryption or other security devices.

So a former head of the CIA had confidential material on his UNPROTECTED, UNENCRYPTED HOME COMPUTER???? This is the Democrats, folks. They play at foreign policy, they play at security, they PLAY at caring about America. But they only care about themselves. Put a Donk in charge, and they'll just hand the keys over to the dictators at the UN. American soverienty? You can forget about it, should Dean or Clark get in the White House. And should either of them get elected, it won't be long before there's another terrorist attack on our soil.

Believe it.

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