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Sunday, October 05, 2003

Leftist violence

Couple of things this morning that caught my eye. The first was a news article about an EU summit in Rome, where protesters (once again) have started riots.

Italian riot police fired tear gas and wielded batons Saturday to break up a protest by anti-globalisation demonstrators outside a summit in Rome where European leaders were mulling a new EU constitution.

Hundreds of officers fought a running battle with activists along a broad avenue within 300 metres (yards) of the summit venue on the outskirts of Rome, an AFP correspondent on the scene said.

"Hey Pablo, we need to tell the politicians that we don't agree with what they're saying!"
"I agree, Luigi! Let's go break that window and trash a bank!"
"Wonderfull, Pablo! That'll show em!"

All you brain-dead lefties, take a note: Breaking public property, vandalizing private property, causing riots and millions of dollars worth of damage while attacking cops DOES NOT MAKE YOUR POINT AT ALL! All it does is make me want to patrol the riot zone with a baseball bat and pepperspray! It would be sooooooooo easy! All I would have to do is walk around and every now and then shout out "Bush is a Nazi!" then wait for the first drooling lemming-like simpleton to scream "YESYESYES" in a mentally deficient orgasm of delight. WHACK! Next! You feces flinging morons are so far out of your depth you would drown in a sidewalk puddle! And when all else fails, you destroy shit. You have no logic on your side, no facts, no NOTHING, so you break shit and start riots. Wonderfull. Way to go, you stupid sheeple. Keep going, you're proving EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY POINTS every time you do this.

I can see Bush in his debate next year. "Well, Ah wunder if y'all really wanna be represented by folks with THESE kinda people backin' them." (flash to videos of rioting moonbats)

The next is a blog brought to my attention by Kim du Toit, one of the few people I make time to read every day. Bush's speeches and words have been twisted around by the Left so horribly that I have to go back and read transcripts of his actuall speeches before I read the Donk's interpretations. One example is the "imminent threat" bullshit. Bush never stated that there was an imminent threat. In fact, he stated that we should deal with Saddam BEFORE the threat was imminent. And from Shot In The Dark, we have more of the liberal lying bullshit.

And I just love the first line:

Yesterday on CNN I saw Nancy Pelosi's harsh visage scowling at me through the TV screen like an avenging comparative women's lit professor.

And then it just gets better. It's too long to post much, so I urge you to go read it. It's well worth it.

Be back later, folks.

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