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Thursday, October 09, 2003

The Peace Prize is CRAP!

I was reading the WSJ Opinion Journal when I came across this realization. Now, the piece was on a Cuban dissident, which could be a whole story in and of itself. But reading the inherent accusations buried in the piece made me want to scream. And no, it's not the writer making those accusations. Observe:

But this year no less a figure than Stein Toennesson, director of the Peace Research Institute in Oslo, who watches the Norwegian Nobel Committee very closely, told the Associated Press that he would give the prize to the pontiff: "The main reason is his outspoken opposition to the war in Iraq." This, supposedly, rests on the reading that a continuation of Saddam Hussein's rule would amount to peace for Iraqis. (emphasis mine)

When Jimmah "Fuckup" Carter got the prize last year, the Nobel committee damn near flat out said they gave it to him as a way of snubbing Bush.

Another excellent candidate would be former Czech president Vaclav Havel, a towering figure who carried out a peaceful revolution to liberate his land from communist oppression. Mr. Havel has important marks against him, though: he's a free-marketer who supported the U.S. effort to overthrow Saddam

Are you getting this? In the minds of the Nobel idiots, free-market, anti-dictator bad, socialist and totalitarian good. I think the Nobel idiots have annouced their world-view to the rest of us, so why the hell should we give two hoots and a holler about what they think? Hell, lets just look at recent awardees.

Yassir Arafat: Still a terrorist, still in control of the purse-strings for Hamas, Al-Aqsa, and Islamic Jihad. They wouldn't be able to buy the bombs unless Arafat wrote the checks. Which he's doing.
Jimmy Carter: Orchestrated a "anti-nuke" treaty, allowing N. Korea to have food, fuel, and money, while we stood there and whistled, hoping and praying that a communist dictator who allows his own people to starve to death doesn't build any kind of bomb. Then when they announced that they had built a couple of bombs, the world blamed Bush. The Norks admitted that they had used that treaty to wipe their own ass with as soon as they signed it. But thanks to Jimmy and Slick Willy, North Korea has nukes. Bra-fucking-vo! Here's your peace prize, Jimmy! Don't mind the fall-out that comes with it! I'm sure Georgia will recover in about...oh.... TEN THOUSAND FUCKING YEARS!

In short, the Nobel "peace" Prize is a fucking joke, a slab of metal handed out to the person who can be the most anti-American. Peace doesn't figure into it anymore. It's all about Politics. The person who wrote this article is rooting for a Cuban dissident to get the award, but doubts that it will happen. As usual, all emphasis is mine:

Tomorrow the Norwegian Nobel Committee will announce this year's Peace Prize winner. The odds are very poor that this august body will give it to Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payƃ¡. He has spent his life fighting for Cubans' rights against Fidel Castro, which earned him the nomination but is unlikely to win him the award. After all, Mr. Castro may be a monster, but he is a left-wing monster who thumbs his nose at the U.S..

And that's what it's about for the Nobel idiots. People who call Castro a "Great Man" and then rant and rave about American hegemony are either A) Utterly evil or B) mindless idiotic drones. Or both. But that's the tactic that the Left has adopted, folks.

Any group of people who praise a communist dictator, and hurl insults at the USA don't need to be listened to, and they can't be reasoned with. Just ignore them. And that includes the Nobel Committee.

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