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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Even MORE tolerance from the Left!

From Fox News

At Gonzaga University, it's hate speech to use the word "hate" in a flyer. At least, it is if you're Young Americans for Freedom members promoting a speech by Daniel Flynn, author of "Why the Left Hates America."

Let's just look at that statement for a while, shall we? Young Americans for Freedom try to get a speaker. Speaker has a book called "Why the Left Hates America". Members of the Left protest the word "hate" and call it "hate speech", in order to get the flyers promoting said speaker removed.

Who really wants free speech, anyways? Every time I turn around, someone from the Left is trying to muzzle a person they disagree with. So much for that 1st Amendment. I guess it's OK to call Bush a Nazi and compare him to Hitler if you're a leftist drone, but no dissent will be tolerated from the Right!

I feel a chill wind..... and it's blowing from the Left.

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