Saturday, July 14, 2018

Yeah, pretty much

This is a summation of what a lot of folks have been saying:  You cannot find common ground with people who hate you and think you're Literally Hitler.

Friday, July 13, 2018

As a tie-in from yesterday

I sang this song in high school.  We were doing a Disney-themed concert.

Yeah.  Imagine a long-haired hippy kid singing this.  That was me.  I'm sure I made people giggle just with that image.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

King Louie!

The one and only Louie Prima, doing his thing.

I've seen some of the pictures from the studio where Prima and his gang played and sang for this movie.  They had a ball.  Hell, just listening to them lets you know how much fun they had. 

Again....  my parents made sure I grew up on this kind of stuff.

It's currently 57 degrees where I'm sitting.

And I'm drinking a nice cup of coffee.  Hummingbirds are rumbling overhead at a hanging feeder.  And I'm about to go for a run.

This is what I have to look forward to when I retire.  And I'm getting kinda antsy for it, if you know what I mean.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Random stuff from my yoot

The old Disney movies, before they became the PedoChannel, still are some of the best art on the big screen.  I grew up on things like this:

Played the drums for a girl back when I was in high school who sang that song.  She was a soprano, Peggy Lee was an Alto.  She still swung it.  I had a crush on her for a while after that.  I do so love me a woman that can sing the swing.

Gender Studies are made-up bullshit

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Leftist Freakout over Judge Kavanaugh

Is completely scripted.  I mean, we new the outrage factories of the Left churned out the same old BS time and time again, but they're getting so sloppy in their outrage that it would be pathetic if they weren't trying to destroy the country that I love.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Mississippi and Bug Zappers

Good times, good times.  Especially when you blow them out with a can of compressed air, and you see the horse fly corpses go spraying out.

Yes.  I enjoyed that.

Our so-called NATO "allies".

When only 8% of their Air Force can actually fly.....

The German magazine Spiegel recently revealed that most of the Luftwaffe’s—the modern German air force’s—128 Eurofighter Typhoons are not flightworthy. 
In fact, only about ten of the aircraft are ready for operations, Spiegel said. This raises doubts about Germany’s ability to meet its NATO defense commitments.

Folks, America is 20 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT, and a rather large chunk of our military budget goes to protecting and helping our "allies" in Europe.  I wonder how much money could be saved if we simply kept an airbase or two to use as a refueling point, and told them that they can now protect themselves?

Or better yet, move all our shit to Poland, where they're actually serious about protecting themselves?  And might give us one hell of a discount on land for our bases?

When Trump talks about how our NATO allies aren't keeping up their side of the bargain, he's not joking.

My new name for that Socialist wackjob out of NYC

Is "Gulag Barbie".

Socialism is about taking your stuff and your freedom and killing you if you complain. They try to pass it off as just Liberalism 2.0, but then you usually don’t call something by a name unless you mean it. If they don’t mean “socialism,” why do they call themselves “socialists?”

This ignorant little girl, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, went from hopeful capitalist to hard-core socialist in just a couple of years.  Amazingly in that time, she went from rather good-looking woman to pinch-faced Marxist shrew, and I agree that it wasn't all on her own.  This girl is the lighter-skinned, female Obama, without having her entire background locked away. 

Someone with deep knowledge of what expensive make-up can do to remake a human visage into something very different from the au naturel version went to work on her.  In tandem with her transformation from nerd to a female Che Guevara, she morphed from capitalist to membership in a party that wants to “abolish profit.” 
Ever since an iconic photograph of Che Guevara was enough to cover-up and glamorize a murderous thug who made a point of watching his opponents executed by firing squad, the puppet masters of the radical left have understood the value of a dramatic and glamorous picture in brainwashing young skulls full of mush. 
I don’t know who got ahold of young Ms. Ocasio Cortez and paid for the makeover, but it was someone who understands the manipulation of the “masses” (as they describe their targeted dupes) very well.

She's going to be dangerous, because she's not in control.  Someone else is.  Someone else is spending a great deal of time and money to make sure she wins her election, and I'm willing to bet they won't stop with the Bronx.

It must be the feminists again

Nobody threatens the life of a woman like the Left.  To wit - an Idaho State Representative shared a post on facebook, made a rather wry comment, and unleashed a torrent of hatred from the Left, the likes of which have not been seen since, oh, about five minutes after the last torrent of hatred from the Left.

Although Rep. Giddings didn't go into detail about her 30mm shell on her Facebook post, people could have taken the time to ask her what was so special about the casing and why she wanted to show it to these young women. 
The people who sent Giddings threatening emails, Facebook posts and even voicemails are rather ironic. These are people who are in favor of gun control...yet they wish she was killed...with a gun. All because they didn't read her words closely and see she was talking about an empty shell casing.  
Empty. Shell. Casing.  
Isn't this supposed to be the tolerant Left, the ones who are all about standing together, holding hands and singing kumbaya? 
This is why I never believe the Left when they claim to be for women.  Because look at what they're doing TO A WOMAN.  I think it's awesome she's releasing some of the voicemails she received.  I'd love to have her release the phone numbers, if possible.  I wonder how these people would feel about some friendly folks from Idaho calling them back.

Oh, and that example came from this list of what is currently 218 acts of Leftist-media-approved violence against Normal Americans.