Saturday, September 12, 2009

Obama's Rhetoric vs. Common Sense By Thomas Sowell

I love Thomas Sowell. This has to be the most logical, straight forward deconstruction of Obama's health care rhetoric yet. Memorize. Distribute widely.

Friday, September 11, 2009

the "NEW" or "2nd" bill of rights

Sunstein has been a main participant in the movement, which openly seeks to create a "progressive" consensus as to what the U.S. Constitution should provide for by the year 2020. It also suggests strategy for how liberal lawyers and judges might bring such a constitutional regime into being.

Just before his appearance at the conference, Sunstein wrote a blog entry in which he explained he "will be urging that it is important to resist, on democratic grounds, the idea that the document should be interpreted to reflect the view of the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party."

In his book, Sunstein laid out what he wants to become the new bill of rights, which he calls the Second Bill of Rights:

Among his mandates are:

On one page in his book, Sunstein claims he is "not seriously arguing" his bill of rights be "encompassed by anything in the Constitution," but on the next page he states that "if the nation becomes committed to certain rights, they may migrate into the Constitution itself."

Later in the book, Sunstein argues that "at a minimum, the second bill should be seen as part and parcel of America's constitutive commitments."

I guess I should have seen this coming....

Yes these are all ideals, but as the government interferes more and more we see less hard working americans able to succeed in all of this. As far as the right to a decent home, define a decent home. Are people required to work for a decent home?

And so here we are

Eight years later, after I was woken up by my room-mate who burst into my bedroom and yelled "Dave, terrorists just attacked the World Trade Center!" I still remember that day clearly. Since we didn't have TV, we walked over to Rob's, our neighbor, and knocked on the door. He was upset that we'd woken him up until we told him what was going on. Then we all just watched the news. I remember sipping coffee and staring at the TV screen when the second tower fell, and Rob muttering under his voice "This is war. This is war. This is war."

None of that has changed. It's still war. We're still fighting a group of people who would kill us if they had the chance. They declared war on us decades ago, and they have never ONCE surrendered. They have never ONCE called it off. They have never ONCE said "Whoops! My bad, it was the other Great Satan we wanted to kill. You guys have a nice one, OK? Peace out, my homies!"

DANEerus has already posted about how the new Rules Of Engagement are killing our military. Just like they did in Somalia. Just like they did in Viet Nam. Once again, the a Democrat American Communist Party member President is showing why the entire political party cannot be trusted with military matters. But even more, it's showing that they JUST. DON'T. GET. IT. They don't get it at all. The war is still going on, but the Left wants to quit. It wants to surrender. It wants to be nice to the poor, misunderstood Taliban. It wants to run away, hide under the bed and suck it's thumb and whine about how the bad man won't leave them alone. Well no shit, Nancy-boy! That's what bullies do; THEY ATTACK THE WEAK, and anyone who looks weak becomes a target.

Don't forget, Afghanistan is the "good" war. This was the war the Democrat American Communist Party said they could support! The fucking liars.

Do NOT be lulled to sleep by the sniveling whimpers of the Democrat American Communist Party. They want to declare this war over. They want to run home, crying like a three year old girl. They want to forget it ever happened, because September 11th was the day that set all the gears in motion to expose the Left for the anti-American fucksticks they truly are.

Remember the anti-military protests in 2003 and 2004? Remember how shocked the Not In Our Name nitwits were when there were actual counter-protesters at their protests, and the counter-protesters outnumbered the protesters? They still haven't gotten over that.

Remember how shocked the Left was when millions of Viet Nam vets rose up against John Fonda Kerry and said "Not a chance, you back-stabbing son of a bitch!" They still haven't gotten over that.

Remember how shocked the Left was when they whined "Surrender! Surrender! Give up! Run away!" and this country in effect looked at them and said "Man up, you wimpy little bitch!"

They still haven't forgotten that.

But there does seem to be one thing they've forgotten, or at least would like to:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to give a retreat workshop for a bunch of Soldiers, many of whom signed up after September 11th. I don't know if I'll have internet. I don't know if I'll even post this weekend. But I'll walk onto that plane today with the events of eight years ago planted firmly in my head, and the simple phrase "NEVER AGAIN!" ringing in my ears.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to make Dave happy

Came home from work. Picked up some wood for the smoker. (Black Walnut. Sounds weird, but when you mix it with Apple it kicks ass). And then dinner.

What might be for dinner, says I? Just wait and see, says the wonderful, loverly, beautiful, talented Mrs.

Spaghetti Squash is for dinner. But not the boring old squash, oh no. This is fresh spaghetti squash from our garden. Cut in half, cleaned out, and then filled with diced tomato (also from our garden), home-made italian sausage, lightly covered with Parmesan cheese and baked.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I wanted to take a picture of it, but it was so tasty I ate it all.

Obama the Liar's speech, summarized

Blah blah blah blah whine snivel it's all BUSH'S FAULT, blah blah snivel whine YOU HATING HATERS blah blah whine whine snivel SARAH PALIN IS OF THE DEVIL blah blah snivel whine snivel it's all your fault that my GLORY doesn't shine through blah blah whine snivel BUSH BUSH BUSH blah snivel whine BUSH'S FAULT!

Oh, and in the midst of all that came the only true statement of the night. Unfortunately it did not come out of Obama's mouth, it came out of the mouth of SC congressman Joe Wilson.

And as for Juan McCain - if you spent half as much time defending your own side as you do attacking it, you might have just won the election back in 2008.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Obama's purge kills 4 Marines

Bush won Iraq with the "Surge" and Obama plans to throw away Afghanistan, and maybe Iraq, with the "Purge". Or how Obama's new rules of engagement gets American's killed...
Ace : New Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan Prove Deadly for US Troops
U.S. commanders, citing new rules to avoid civilian casualties, rejected repeated calls to unleash artillery rounds at attackers dug into the slopes and tree lines — despite being told repeatedly that they weren't near the village. four Marines died in the ambush.

...if we're going to let troops die as part of a PR stunt, then yes, it does begin to resemble Vietnam.

As John Kerry (I think) said of Vietnam, "No one wants to be the last soldier to die for a lie." And if these rules persist, if this happens again, our troops will in fact be dying for a lie.
The CIA is learning that Barack Hussein Obama will drag them into Kangaroo courts to punish them for daring to defend America. I'm sure the lesson isn't lost on the Marine JAGs. That means the MainStreamMedia can't cover stories like this:
Ace : NSA Intercepts Helped Convict Would-Be Airline Bombers
And Democrats wished they hadn't.
Ace : NSA intercepts key to British terror convictions
The British courts convicted several Islamic terrorists of plotting to blow up at least seven trans-Atlantic flights as a follow-up to the 9/11 attacks. It took two trials to convict them of conspiracy and terrorism. What changed between the first trial and the convictions? The US allowed the UK to use intercepts from the NSA that uncovered the plot and identified the terrorists...

Will the American media report this? So far, the evidence shows that it will get the Van Jones treatment, or perhaps even worse. The New York Times reported it on its blog — but nowhere in print. John Burns, normally an excellent reporter, neglects to mention the NSA at all in his coverage of the convictions yesterday. Neither did the AP report that the Times reprinted. The Washington Post only reported that the British used intel from the US, including “evidence supplied by the CIA and other U.S. agencies,” never mentioning the NSA’s role in the convictions at all. In fact, in a report explicitly about the use of intercepts in British trials, the Post never bothers to mention the NSA at all.
"Adam Smith [once] said, 'Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.' That lesson seems to have been forgotten in America ... where so many people seem to have been far more concerned about whether we have been nice enough to the mass-murdering terrorists in our custody than those critics have ever been about the innocent people beheaded or blown up by the terrorists themselves. ... Those who are pushing for legal action against CIA agents may talk about 'upholding the law' but they are doing no such thing. Neither the Constitution of the United States nor the Geneva Convention gives rights to terrorists who operate outside the law. ... So many 'rights' have been conjured up out of thin air that many people seem unaware that rights and obligations derive from explicit laws, not from politically correct pieties. If you don't meet the terms of the Geneva Convention, then the Geneva Convention doesn't protect you. If you are not an American citizen, then the rights guaranteed to American citizens do not apply to you. That should be especially obvious if you are part of an international network bent on killing Americans. But bending over backward to be nice to our enemies is one of the many self-indulgences of those who engage in moral preening. But getting other people killed so that you can feel puffed up about yourself is profoundly immoral. So is betraying the country you took an oath to protect." -- economist Thomas Sowell

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Insert sound of teeth gritting here

Gee, look what the Left vomited up.
We have our suicide bombers—we call them heroes. We have our culture of indoctrination—we call it basic training. We kill civilians—we call it collateral damage.
How many times to I have to say it? THE LEFT HATES THE MILITARY. In every action they take, in every statement they make when they think they're only talking to themselves, they show that hatred, they express that hatred freely. It's only when they have an audience that they clamp down and withhold their opinions.

The sad part is this: if I was half the monster that braindead fucktards like John Feffer thought I was, he and all of his buddies would be dead already.

Found via AoSHQ.

Here's the deal

If, as San Fran Nan and Dingy Harry say, the Democrat American Communist Party has the votes to shove this bill down America's throat and complete their hostile takeover of one-sixth the American economy, we revolt immediately.

Civil disobedience. Peaceful, non-violent, but bring everything to a screeching halt. Stop traffic. Shut down government offices. Do not allow one thing to work until the corrupt criminals in Congress realize that as much as they want to be lords and masters of their plantation, we still refuse to be slaves.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Gah. Mummphelgrumphel!

No sleep for me. So no bloggy for you!

I can't believe I'm even upright.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Not the sharpest tools..

But they're tools nonetheless. The union member who assaulted Kenneth Gladney at the St. Louis Townhall meeting is filing for workers comp based on an injury he sustained while at the rally.

Which means that he was there on union business, and getting paid for it.

Tell me again who's astroturfing all these events?

You want to know why there are so many people getting screaming mad? Because of crap like this, that the Obamedia refuses to cover because it might make their liberal lord and messiah look bad. Because of crap like this, that would make anyone with two functioning braincells feel like they're living in Bizarro World. Because of crap like this, where the Democrat American Communist Party are bussing in their hired and paid for thugs to assault and intimidate honest Americans and shut down any debate, all the while claiming that those honest Americans are the thugs.

Fuck the Left. Fuck them sideways. After eight years of their hatred pouring forth like pus out of an infected abscess in America, it's like that infection has taken over the country and we're desperately trying to find a way to stop it without resorting to amputation. And I don't think we can.

A Big Shout-Out

To Gateway Pundit for all the work he did, doing the job the MSM refuses to do in covering Van Jones. The best quote I've heard about the whole thing is that the people who only read the papers are going to hear about Van Jones for the first time when they read about his resignation.

And of course, Glenn Beck as well. Say what you want about the guy, but if it weren't for Beck just flat out hammering the White House about Jones, nothing would have ever happened.