Saturday, June 25, 2005

Not much blogging from me...

Since we finally recieved the household goods, and I'm now trying to kick this piece of shit computer into shape. I'm going to find a way to transfer Mozilla from my laptop to this computer, because both Netscape and Microsoft IE make me want to scream. There's nothing like typing out a good, long, irreplaceble post, attempting to put a hyperlink in, and having your web browser wipe the entire thing RIGHT OFF THE FUCKING PAGE!

I'm stressed out enough right now, and my wife had to restrain me from chucking this entire fucking crapbucket out the window with great force. It's a sad fucking day when a laptop built in 1997 performs better and with less problems than a relatively new computer. If I have my druthers, my next computer won't have a fucking thing to do with Microshaft, and I'll take great pleasure in sending my copy of Windows XP back to Redmond wedged into a nasty morning-after beer shit, wrapped in cellophane and tied up with a big red bow. Happy fucking birthday to you, Bill Gates, and when you go back to making a product that doesn't shut down anytime a mosquito farts in it's general vicinity, then I'll give you another try. Until then, take a long walk off a short pier.

In any case, since I now have to code entirely by hand, I'll keep it simple. Dear reader Rexbolious sent along this little tidbit of information detailing just what our congresscritters have been up to. With all the money being wasted and hot air being blown around on Capitol Hill, you would figure that there should be deeds of great importance being done, right?

Wrong. Take a gander.

1. H.CON.RES.160 : Recognizing the historical significance of Juneteenth Independence Day, and expressing the sense of Congress that history should be regarded as a means for understanding the past and solving the challenges of the future.
Sponsor: Rep Davis, Danny K. [IL-7] (introduced 5/19/2005) Cosponsors (69)
Committees: House Government Reform; Senate Judiciary
Latest Major Action: 6/22/2005 Referred to Senate committee. Status: Received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.

Juneteenth? JUNETEENTH? What in the name of all that is holy is JUNEFUCKINGTEENTH???

2. H.CON.RES.163 : Honoring the Sigma Chi Fraternity on the occasion of its 150th Anniversary.
Sponsor: Rep Gerlach, Jim [PA-6] (introduced 5/23/2005) Cosponsors (8)
Committees: House Education and the Workforce; Senate Judiciary
Latest Major Action: 6/22/2005 Passed/agreed to in Senate. Status: Resolution agreed to in Senate without amendment and with a preamble by Unanimous Consent.

Now if only the congresscritters would drink in good Fraternity tradition until they passed out and then drowned in their own vomit.... although I think Teddy (hic!) Kennedy is to the point that it would take more booze than D.C. has alltogether to get him that inibriated. Keep blathering away Kennedy, you worthless drunken murderer. At least you're good for an example of what NOT to be in life. Tell me, other than being related to JFK and RFK, what exactly have you done that's noteworthy in life?

Oh, right, that whole girl in the car in the water thing. Way to go, Teddy! There's nothing like being an embarrasment to the rest of the country to make you feel proud.

Six through Ninteen are to designate "such and such US postal facility the MakeMeRichYouSuckers" Postal facility. While I'm sure that there are many good people having Post Offices named in their honor, this is not something that the Federal Government needs to be spending it's time on. All it shows me is that those parasites are getting paid WAAAAAY too much money and have WAAAAAY too much time on their hands. Of course, they do spend a lot of time ignoring the fact that the Supreme Court just took the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution and wiped their collective ass with it, so maybe they have an excuse.

And once you get down a little bit, the real good stuff comes out.

54. S.AMDT.841 to H.R.6 To prohibit the Commission from approving an application for the authorization of the siting, construction, expansion, or operation of facilities located onshore or in State waters for the import of natural gas from a foreign country or the export of natural gas to a foreign country without the approval of the Governor of the State in which the facility would be located.
Sponsor: Sen Feinstein, Dianne [CA] (introduced 6/22/2005) Cosponsors (14)
Latest Major Action: 6/22/2005 Motion to table amendment SA 841 agreed to in Senate by Yea-Nay Vote. 52 - 45. Record Vote Number: 146.

55. S.AMDT.844 to H.R.6 To express the sense of the Senate regarding the need for the United States to address global climate change through comprehensive and cost-effective national measures and through the negotiation of fair and binding international commitments under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
Sponsor: Sen Kerry, John F. [MA] (introduced 6/22/2005) Cosponsors (3)
Latest Major Action: 6/22/2005 Senate amendment not agreed to. Status: Amendment SA 844 not agreed to in Senate by Yea-Nay Vote. 46 - 49. Record Vote Number: 151.

Have no fear, the Leftists are still trying to push their moonbat, drug-induced agenda through. John Fonda Kerry is still trying to get the USA under the UN's thumb. Thank God this man was not elected president. I can't think of a better way to relegate the USA to Third-World status than allowing that pompus prick to be president.

58. S.AMDT.864 to H.R.6 To ensure that cost-effective procedures are used to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
Sponsor: Sen Levin, Carl [MI] (introduced 6/22/2005) Cosponsors (3)
Latest Major Action: 6/22/2005 Senate amendment agreed to. Status: Amendment SA 864 agreed to in Senate by Unanimous Consent.

How many damn liberals were worried about cost effectivness when Clinton was opening the taps to the SPR in an attempt to make Al Gore look good before the 2000 election? Let's not forget, the whole reason the SPR isn't full is because Clinton had no problem using our STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES to play politics with!

59. S.AMDT.866 to H.R.6 To express the sense of the Senate on climate change legislation.
Sponsor: Sen Bingaman, Jeff [NM] (introduced 6/22/2005) Cosponsors (12)
Latest Major Action: 6/22/2005 Senate amendment agreed to. Status: Amendment SA 866 as modified agreed to in Senate by Voice Vote.

Congress HAS no sense when it comes to climate change. And the more I see of Congress, it has no sense when it comes to legislation either.

62. S.AMDT.927 to H.R.6 To provide a budget roadmap for the transition from petroleum to hydrogen in vehicles by 2020.
Sponsor: Sen Levin, Carl [MI] (introduced 6/22/2005) Cosponsors (None)
Latest Major Action: 6/22/2005 Senate amendment agreed to. Status: Amendment SA 927 agreed to in Senate by Unanimous Consent.

How about you keep your nose where it belongs, you greasy fucking toad? And why don't you try pushing your glasses up once in a while? You would think with a nose that big, you could keep them somewhere in front of your eyes once in a while. Hell, I've got a good sized schnoz, and I have no problem keeping my glasses where they belong. And I'll trust some liberal fucking fuckstain to understand hydrogen cars when pigs fly and monkeys create fusion power.

Take a look at that list; it's a Who's Who of liberal politics. Diane Finestien and Chucky Schumer dominate the list early on, and then Jumpin' Jim Jeffords and Lamar Alexander take over. This is a documented waste of time and money, folks. OUR money, because the government doesn't have any of it's own.

Makes you kinda sick, doesn't it? While we have important issues that need to be dealt with, the Liberals are busy on bullshit and hot air.

Why are we paying them, anyways? I say we cut them off. I wonder how many of those oh-so-pious "public servants" would still serve if they couldn't make six figures doing it? If they wanted to do something worthwhile, they'd give themselves a pay cut and save this country millions of dollars.

But then, liberals and "worthwhile" should never be in the same sentance. Grrrrrr......

Friday, June 24, 2005

Another reason for Civil War

The SCOTUS just wiped away most of your private property rights, and what's the big news on Capitol Hill?

It's the fact that Dems are upset about Karl Rove telling the truth.

For the record, this is what has the Donks in such a tizzy:

Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war; liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers.

So Karl Rove talking about liberals is more important than the property rights of every US citizen?

Those witless bastards on Capitol Hill need to be drug out of their offices and put up against a wall, then shot. Every last one of them. They're so concerned about their own petty politics than they have forgotten the reason why they were elected in the first place. In fact, most of them forgot the reason they were elected the moment after their election. Those rat bastards are worthless parasites who need to be exterminated.

Nuke D.C. NOW!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

One step closer to civil war

I'm not kidding, although I wish this was just a bad joke.

WASHINGTON — A divided Supreme Court ruled Thursday that local governments may seize people's homes and businesses against their will for private development in a decision anxiously awaited in communities where economic growth often is at war with individual property rights.

The 5-4 ruling represented a defeat for some Connecticut (search) residents whose homes are slated for destruction to make room for an office complex. They argued that cities have no right to take their land except for projects with a clear public use, such as roads or schools, or to revitalize blighted areas.

As a result, cities now have wide power to bulldoze residences for projects such as shopping malls and hotel complexes in order to generate tax revenue.

The Fifth Amendment allows for eminent domain, which means that the government can take your property for public use, with roads probably being the best example. Nowhere does it say that increasing a municipality's tax base is "public use". What the Supreme Court just decided was that if a town or city wants to tear down your house for a shopping mall, it can do so. If your city wants to bulldoze your house and put up an apartment complex, it can do so. If your city wants to kick you out of your home so that a developer can put up a bigger house that brings in more property taxes, it can do so.

The bottom line is that your private property rights as you know them no longer exist. The government can take away your land and give it away to someone who wants to put up a gas station.

If the people in New London, CT were to shoot the first fucknut in a bulldozer who was coming at their house, could you blame them? In fact, if the people being uprooted from their homes were to stage an armed revolt at the New London city hall, can anyone say that they were in the wrong?

I couldn't. This is such a gross over-reach of governmental power that it astounds me. And it makes me sure than there will be a civil war in my lifetime. If the institution set up to ensure compliance with the US Constitution now completely disregards it in their rulings (or substitute "international law" for our Constitution, a la Ginsburg), I see no other option than to remove the offending politicians and judges.

It's time to push that "restart button".

A little while ago I linked to this piece from Cap'n Jim, which included this quote from Claire Wolfe:

"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards."

As far as I'm concerned, it's no longer too early to shoot the bastards. We have a Congress who dithers while thousands of illegal immigrants and other various people flood across our unsecured borders. We have a Congress who feels that banning flag burning is more important than fixing the Social Security problem. We have so called representatives of the people who in all honest opinion aren't worth the time it would take to haul them out of the Capitol Building and hang them from a lamp post.

We have so called representatives who don't care one damn bit about the rights of the citizens.

It's time to fire the bastards. And if they won't leave, then shoot them.

UPDATE: Arguing with Signposts has a round-up of reactions, and almost all of them are negative. One blogger says that President Bush needs to come out right now and denounce this ruling. I think that would help, but I don't think it's going to happen. President Bush is a Republican, not a conservative, and I think that's a distinction that needs to be made over and over.

There are very few people who think this was a good decision. And the more I think about it, the worse it looks. And to top it off, I'm in Puerto freaking Rico, where I have to get a permit to even THINK about buying a gun.


Long Drive Home Last Night

From New York.

Listened to NPR.

Heard a great, great show.

That's Funny, You Don't Look Jewish. Chaim and Billy both lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just blocks away from each other, in worlds that almost never collided. Chaim was a Hasidic Jew – he'd never heard pop music or watched MTV. Billy Campion, known as the rocker Vic Thrill, was the star of an underground band. Billy put Chaim, who took on the name Curly Oxide, into the band, and in just one year, he leapt from the 19th Century into the 21st.

You'll need broadband, RealPlayer, and 39 minutes. If you have it, I suggest a listen. Really, really great stuff.

This American Life | My Experimental Phase

My Favorite Flag Burner

Ah well -- she's everyone's favorite.

I don't understand the push for Amendment but disagree with Dave about the GOP base -- if they weren't hearing their base clamor for this, they wouldn't be doing it (most of them), although it is possible that it is simple jockeying for 2006, i.e. "MY OPPONENT VOTED FOR FLAG BURNING!!!"

I think maybe the Legislature should make burning a flag "fighting words", but, truth be known -- can we get the bleepin' borders under control first???

Flag Burning Amendment

The House of Representatives has passed a Constitutional Amendment banning flag burning. Chances are it'll never pass the Senate.

At least, I hope not. Seriously, are all the people on Capitol Hill smoking crack?

1) Flag burning, while vile, is still an expression of free speech. I believe that was decided years ago. If I'm wrong, somebody please correct me.

2) What's next after this? Banning writing on the flag? Just how far are you going to go in order to enforce this amendment? Just how much time is going to be wasted on a bunch of anti-American shitheels who decided to use Old Glory as a BBQ starter? Are we then going to move on to other forms of desecration? How many amendments are we going to need just to enforce this one?

3) With all the issues that need to be addressed in this country, I can't believe that those dipshits on Capitol Hill felt that THIS one issue took top priority. For God's sake, we still have major issues that need to be resolved regarding President Bush's judges, military spending, taxes (and the lowering thereof), and every other issue that effects this country as a whole, and these nitwits are talking about banning flag burning?

This tells me that they have no real priorities and no clue when it comes to what matters in this country.

Let me be clear on this - I think that burning the American flag is vile, and if you have a right to burn the flag, I have a right to label you a communist asscannon who's only purpose in life is to become worm food. But to add an amendment to the Constitution of the United States in order to outlaw flag burning is one of the biggest wastes of time I have ever seen. And to be honest, I'd rather I knew who my enemies are. People who burn the American flag make themselves easy to identify.

In my opinion, this is a frivolous waste of time. The Constitution doesn't need another Amendment, and my so-called representatives don't need to be spending time outlawing an activity that only shows the idiocy of those who perform it.

The congresscritters need to start working on enforcing Bush's agenda, something that they've failed to do for most of the President's term. If they want to do something worthwhile, stop wasting time on flag burning.

UPDATE: More conservative bloggers think that the amendment is a bad idea. Captain Ed says that this amendment addresses the symptoms, not the disease:

In fact, the solution here isn't even an amendment. It is to nominate and confirm judges that not only will stop looking for emanations from penumbras that don't exist in the Constitution and will respect the division of powers instead of creating laws themselves. We need justices who understand that the so-called "living document" only means that it can be amended by the people when so desired, but otherwise means what it says. These ideas aren't radical, despite recent partisan mudflinging to the contrary.

The fact that two-thirds of the Senate appears to be ready to vote to approve this amendment shows a bipartisan recognition of the problem. Those who vote to approve this mistake should be held accountable for their inability to approve justices that would correct the actual problem of judicial activism and will reverse the most egregious examples of its implementation when the opportunities arise, starting with that 1989 decision that kicked this entire battle into high gear.

The Captain has a well thought out argument to the Amendment. And on a blog found through Instapundit, the Anchoress also reasons against the whole thing.

Burning the flag is stupid. It is moronic. It is infantile. It is the sort of thing they do in places where America is hated. Some might say you can “love” America and still burn the flag in protest, but I have met a few flag-burners in my day and I never knew a one of them that wasn’t all about simply being a part of something “happening” and provocative. And a few of them regret it, now, all these years later.

Nevertheless, I cannot support this amendment. I think it too is stupid. And moronic. It is the sort of suppressive and insecure thing they do in places where - ironically - America is being asked to bring freedom. Places like Cuba, fer instance.

From everything I've read, my suspicion that the Republican Party is more and more out of touch with it's base seems to have some credibility. Why are the 'Pubs wasting time on what is essentially a non-issue?

My thoughts on this tend more toward's Captain Ed's reasoning than anyone else's. The Republicans, having failed to do much of anything that the President has asked, are trying to make it look like they're doing something worthwhile. Unfortunately for them, we can see through their act.

More News that CNN/NYT will Never Report

Remember those terrorists caught in trucks rigged as chemical weapons, bombs capable of killing tens of thousands, in Jordan last year? No? That's strange. Well, anywho, the plot failed, and its perpetrators are now being tried in military court.

UPDATE: LittleGreenFootballs is on it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

File this one under "Know thine Enemy"

RHOG's glossary of moonbats may come in handy if you decide to go psycho-watching.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hmmm..... What to do with Mr. Durbin?

I think Frank J. may have the answer. (Warning! Put down your coffee first.)

UPDATE: Yay! It worked! (Video courtesy of The Political Teen. Note that this was not an actual apology. Despite the crocodile tears, Durbin says only that he is sorry 'some were offended.' Nice Lincoln quote though.) Just make sure Dick gives you the correct change next time you're at the Senate cafeteria.

Senator Durbin, Redux

Ed War And Anti-War Archives

Monday, June 20, 2005

Some light reading to go with your morning coffee

Score one for Jimmy with What’s the Real Question in America? It's concluding statement:
'Hiatt asks us if we’re as good as we could be and the answer is “of course not". But he also asks if we’re as good as we expect other nations to be and the answer to that is “No. We’re far better".'
And in case you were getting confused, Dr. Sanity has devised a useful guide so we can tell newsworthy events from un-newsworthy events, then he almost puts you to sleep before bringing out the big guns with The Media and the Rise of International Terrorism. A taste:
'It may already be too late to stop the now mutually co-dependent behavior that has become increasingly common between terrorism and journalism--the one seeking international attention at all costs; the other seeking a story at all costs.'
FrontPage brings news you won't hear on CNN:
Allawi made public information discovered by the Iraqi secret service in the archives of the Saddam Hussein regime, which sheds light on the relationship between Saddam Hussein and the Islamic terrorist network.
Guess who came to visit, and guess who came to stay... You'll have to read the article.

A Saudi named Nadine makes some interesting observations about her fellow Arabs and their attitude towards the U.S.:
' brother came back from school with a different idea. “Our teacher assures us that America is the enemy and that we have to hate and boycott it,” he said.
I gazed at the walls of his room and asked him: “You want to boycott America like your teacher told you to?” He bobbed his head up and down in agreement. So I said: “Then take down all these posters of famous wrestlers and rock stars, stop wearing your American-style clothes, quit watching their movies, toss out your personal computer, change your Western-inspired haircut, and replace your way of living that is so taken by the American culture with something else…
He immediately interrupted me: “Come on, sis, I was only joking!”'
And finally, Hugh Hewitt puts the Dick Durbin situation in context:
'...Durbin's detailed argument asserts that the conditions and practices at Gitmo amount to "torture," and are part of a pattern that began at Abu Ghraib and continues throughout the world...
Durbin's argument ... implies that the American military has built a global network of Abu Ghraibs/Gitmos, wherein systematic torture of prisoners is taking place, all of it under the control of the United States military. On Tuesday, Durbin referred to the "torture techniques used at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo and elsewhere" and by Friday, Durbin was making the argument that Abu Ghraib equals Gitmo openly: "This FBI memo points to it. It is the kind of thing that happened at Abu Ghraib."
Of course Durbin will not segregate the criminal conduct by a handful of out-of-control G.I.'s not acting under orders--and already prosecuted and punished--from the authorized conduct at Gitmo and elsewhere. To do so would be to protect the military's reputation, but it would damage Durbin's agenda of demonizing the war effort.'
The single thing that seems to pretty much unite all of the Demonrats (and the media) in lockstep is a hatred for George Bush and Republicans. I honestly thought it would end after the '04 elections, but I was obviously wrong. The Senate will continue to obstruct, block, whine, rant, lie, cheat, and in Durbin's case commit treason until the populace has had enough and says so with one very loud voice. I mean, have you heard these yahoos in the media spinning Durbin's "statement of regret?" Without all the bullshit, what it means is: Durbin didn't mean to call the troops Nazis, he meant to call Bush a Nazi. And nobody has a problem with this? I guess not. Not ABCNBCCBSCNNNYTPBSFOXNPRLAT. It's been done before. It's been done to death. Nobody bats an eye anymore.

Day after day, month after month, year after year, every newspaper I look at, every news program on tv with the rare (FOX) exception attacks the President. If you look for it, it is there almost every time. Every poll result, every economic report, "...looks like bad news for the President." Even their opposition to the war effort is just opposition to Bush. If a Demonrat were president, we'd have bombed the crap out of both Iran and Syria by now. We might not be building schools there, but they'd have some nice new craters. You don't think so? Look at Bosnia. Look at Vietnam.

Every news story you see on tv or in the established press about Iraq is negative. Even when there is good news, it is nested in negative news. Always a crisis. Always getting worse. Always on the verge of complete chaos. CNN can't even say the word IRAQ without putting the word VIOLENCE or DEAD right next to it. What a load of bullshit! And don't even tell me they did it to Clinton too. He left men to be butchered in Somalia and the media looked the other way. He sent our jets into Bosnia and Kosovo and they cheered, for what? What did Bosnia and Kosovo have to do with us? They defended Clinton even as he was screwing a teenage intern - a huge story, but Newsweak didn't care! They said the impeachment was not what the people wanted, as if that had anything to do with breaking the law (perjury is a felony). Trial by (rigged) polls. They celebrated and revered his ability to lie. A total disconnect between actions and consequences - yay! Thanks to Bill, blowjobs don't count, and STDs are rampant in our high schools as a result. But that George Bush, they think he's freakin evil for trying to protect this country from massmurdering subhuman islamofascists.

I love the smell of Steyn in the morning

It's like the smell of coffee as you're still waking up. It let's you know that a new day is here. Smell that?
"...the more one hears the specifics of the “insensitivity” of the American regime at Guantanamo, the more many of us reckon we’re being way too sensitive. For example, camp guards are under instructions to handle copies of the Koran only when wearing gloves. The reason for this is that the detainees regard infidels as “unclean”. Fair enough, each to his own. But it’s one thing for the Islamists to think infidels are unclean, quite another for the infidels to agree with them. Far from being tortured, the prisoners are being handled literally with kid gloves (or simulated kid-effect gloves). The US military hand each jihadi his complimentary copy of the Koran as delicately as white-gloved butlers bringing His Lordship The Times of London."
And then, the smell of bacon and eggs (from Van der Leun):
"In a very real and concrete way, Durbin's comments represent the current attitudes and beliefs of the party he represents. He is, after all, a "representative." As that party shrinks in ideals and beliefs into an increasingly insignificant role in American life, Durbin is there, as whip, to ensure that the surviving representatives of the Party toe the Party line.
And the Democratic Party line today is to hate George W. Bush, to hate Republicans, and, frankly, to hate America. That is indeed what an ever expanding faction of Democrats -- especially those highly engaged in politics -- have come to believe. That is, more and more, the bad ideology that drives the Democratic base."
It's a sunny day. Enjoy.

A Byrd in the Hand...

Rememer Senator Byrd? The guy who compared Republicans in the Senate to Nazis for wanting to actually vote on judicial nominees? Well, the liberal WaPo has an article on Byrd and his new book. Right Wing News has a good question:
"...can't we all agree that a former "Grand Cyclops" of the Ku Klux Klan who filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 shouldn't be one of the most prominent representatives of the Democratic Party in the Senate of the United States in these days and times?"
Evidently not.

And another question that I have:
Why is it that it is always those on the left who call those on the right Nazis?
And it is ... ALWAYS. I have never, ever heard of a Republican calling a Democrat a Nazi. Don't these people know that "Nazi" is short for "National Socialist," and that Hitler was a Socialist? Also, it seems pretty obvious, to me anyway, that calling someone a Nazi is a form of holocaust denial (that or blatant ignorance) 99.9% of the time. As it is, the Democrat party is looking more and more anti-Semitic all the time. It's to the point where they've had to start issuing statements like this one.

News that you haven't heard

Because the so-called Main Stream Media won't report it.

Basrah International Airport re-opens.

Coalition transfers control of base to Iraqi Army.

Iraqi Army conducts first Air Assault mission.

If all you read is the New York Times, you would not have known about any of this. The Grey Lady is nothing but a Donk Whore, desperately trying to keep up appearances, and any good news from Iraq doesn't fit into their agenda.

Another Viet Nam?

Only if this is allowed to happen.

The issue of whether to set a deadline to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq is beginning to creep into the early stages of next year's midterm congressional elections.

Tennessee Democratic Rep. Harold Ford Jr. began running a television ad last week, his first as a U.S. Senate candidate in 2006, a race he entered last month. The advertisement asks the question of whether it is time to start bringing troops home and plays off the public's impatience with U.S. involvement in Iraq.

"In war, there are no Democrats and Republicans, just Americans. I am Harold Ford Jr. and I approve this message because this Fourth of July I hope all of us will take a moment to remember those brave Americans fighting to make the world freer and America safer. Let's work hard to bring them home soon and with honor, and make them as proud of us as we are of them."

Recognize the language? "Let's work hard to bring them home soon". Sounds too much like "Support the Troops; Bring them home" that we were inundated with by brainless Leftards throughout the entire OIF and OEF.

And let's be clear here, shall we? Letting the terrorists know when we're leaving is a horrible idea. It's worse than horrible, it's quite possibly the worst idea I have ever had the misfortune to hear from the crap-spewing mouths of the parasites who infest Capitol Hill.

Where is the main support of terrorism in the world? The Middle East. Where in the ME? Iran and Saudi Arabia. Guess who's very, very nervous right about now? Iran and Saudi Arabia, and Syria as well. Why? Because we have 150,000 troops ready to stomp a mudhole in their ass the moment we have a good reason. Do you think we went into Iraq and Afghanistan just because? I know that most liberals, being the non-educated type, might have trouble understanding a little thing called STRATEGY, but why don't you look at a map (that's a flat piece of paper with areas called "countries" marked on them) and look at where Iran is right now. Look at who is on either side of Iran right now. To the West is Iraq. To the East is Afghanistan. Guess who has troops on either side of Iran?

Hmmmmmmm... go ahead, think it over. I know that might be a new experience for most liberals, but give it a try, I think you'll find it enlightening.

We, as in the USA and those countries who stand with us, are in the best position we can be to deal with the terrorist threat coming out of the Middle East. We're able to react within HOURS to any threat, rather than days. And if we leave now we give ALL OF THAT UP! We give up every tactical advantage that we've worked so hard to gain. We give up everything that our soldiers have sacrificed to give us. And for what? So that a bunch of communist shitstains can make a political statement and try to damage the standing of President Bush?

And no matter what bullshit the Democrats try to push on you, our work in the Middle East is far from over. We have Iran doing everything in it's power to obtain a nuke. (Gee, something the Donks don't seem to care about). We have terrorists from Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran stirring up trouble in Iraq (yet another thing the Donks don't seem to care about). And we have a democracy in Iraq that still needs our help (something the Democrats seem to be actively trying to squelch).

And if there is any doubt about who is driving this so-called push to get out of Iraq, look at who is gathering the information.

Polls show growing doubt about the U.S. mission in Iraq. A CBS News-New York Times poll released Thursday indicates a 51 percent majority of respondents think it would have been better for the United States to have stayed out of Iraq, compared to 45 percent who think taking military action there was the right thing to do. Sixty percent of respondents said things are going somewhat or very badly in Iraq.

Golly gee, why in the world would CBS and the New York Slimes want troops out of Iraq? Maybe so that they're hysterical shrieking about "Another Viet Nam" will come true? Or perhaps because they're nothing more than Anti-American propagandizing pieces of shit who should be hung by their toes and beaten to death for the sheer amount of lies and mistruths they've given the American Public?

CBS, a lying pack of jackals who fabricate entire stories in an attempt to damage the President during an election, and the New York Times, who fabricates stories for... well, for the same damn reason as CBS, unless they lie just for the hell of it, which is a possibility. Two media outlets desperately wishing for a time when they controlled America through what they reported and what they failed to report. Two media outlets yearning for the days when they could take an American victory (such as the Tet Offensive) and spin it into an American defeat. If you talk to soldiers, they will tell you that what is actually occurring is not reported in America. The soldiers refuse to watch much of the news on Iraq, because media outlets such as CBS and the New York Times ARE NOT REPORTING THE TRUTH! And here they are again, pushing for their personal Viet Nams, struggling to make American victory into defeat YET AGAIN. Just witness the way they've hung the Downing Street Memos all over every front page recently! Those would be the memos that DW wrote about one post down, btw. The memos who's credibility has been shredded, because they were FAKE!

And yet the media is pushing them hard, every chance they get, on every front page they can.

Is there any reason why we shouldn't hang these treasonous bastards from the nearest lamp-post?

The White House has always insisted it will take time for Iraqi forces to be strong enough to take over their country's security. This weekend, Bush fired back at his critics who want a deadline for troop withdrawal. He said the United States will settle for "nothing less than victory."

"The terrorists know they cannot defeat our troops, so they seek to weaken our nation's resolve. They know there is no room for them in a free and democratic Middle East, so the terrorists and insurgents are trying to get us to retreat. Their goal is to get us to leave before Iraqis have had a chance to show the region what a government that is elected and truly accountable to its citizens can do for its people," Bush said in his Saturday weekly radio address.

When Bush first sent troops into the Middle East, he made is clear that this would not be a one or two year excursion. This was going to take time, a fact that Bush stated again and again in speech after speech. And yet we have the surrender monkeys of Congress trying to force their agenda on the troops. And to be quite honest, it's pissing me off. What happened the last time a bunch of quasi-socialist trash were able to force their agenda on the troops?

Oh, right. Viet Nam.

Which is what the Democrats and their propaganda outlets in the media are trying to re-create.

If the troops get pulled, you can expect a serious ramp-up of terrorist attacks all over the world. The Democrats and their allies have learned nothing in the past forty years about how to win wars. They've learned nothing except for how to surrender, capitulate, and withdraw.

And if we allow them to force their gutless, worthless, spineless, cowardly agenda onto our troops, we will pay for it with our lives. Or the lives of our soldiers.

You know, there is one other military engagement that the Democrats directed, and it just came to my mind right now -

Somalia. Gee, that's reassuring, isn't it?

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Downing Street Memos -- Fake but ... Fake

Evidently, the established media have learned absolutely nothing from Dan Rather's memogate nonsense. Captain Ed points out what should be obvious to anyone,
"...a lack of protest from Downing Street after being asked to authenticate retyped copies of alleged minutes of secret meetings does NOT constitute verification. The same exact argument came up with the Killian memos in Rathergate and the Newsweek Qu'ran-flushing report last month. In both cases, the documents or sources turned out to be fakes. It's the reporters' job to provide verification, not simply a demurral by officials to opine on their authenticity. If that isn't obvious, then centuries of evidentiary procedure in American and English common law have gone for naught, as well as traditions of journalistic responsibility and professionalism. After all, this argument just means that reporters can type out anything they like and the burden of proof shifts from the accuser to the accused in proving them false..."
and he does a great job of breaking down the fake but useful Downing Street Memos story, the same Downing Street Memos so recently used by certain politicians in D.C., including Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), and Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.), to further demonize President Bush and stage mock impeachment hearings. In all, more than 10% of the Democrats in Congress in attendance. Former ambassador and well-known liar Joseph C. Wilson was also present at these hearings as a witness. (You may recall how Wilson's anti-Bush lie-filled book was promoted shamelessly by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and the NYT. When it was proven that Wilson was full of shit, not a peep was heard from our trusty gatekeepers of truth.)

These same memos by the way have been used as the basis for front page stories in newspapers all across the country this week, all of them based on fake documents. Again!

News you won't see on CNN

A hostage rescued in Iraq says, "Thank you."

Gitmo no Gulag

says person who would know.

Several days ago I received a telephone call from an old friend who is a longtime Amnesty International staffer. He asked me whether I, as a former Soviet "prisoner of conscience" adopted by Amnesty, would support the statement by Amnesty's executive director, Irene Khan, that the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba is the "gulag of our time."

"Don't you think that there's an enormous difference?" I asked him.

"Sure," he said, "but after all, it attracts attention to the problem of Guantanamo detainees."

Even AI people know that Gitmo isn't a gulag, and it doesn't even come close. But they're more than happy to lie, slander and smear the USA if it suits their needs. Amnesty International has become nothing more than a cheap political organization, which is sad if you consider the good they used to do. But now?

They're worthless. And people are starting to recognize that fact.

Via Instapundit.