Saturday, December 19, 2020


Sometimes you just have to state the obvious.

Well, that's a ton of money out the door

 Washer broke down.  Tried to fix it, and couldn't.  So, off to ye oldde appliance shoppe.  

Got a larger freezer while we were there.  Our little chest freezer wasn't holding everything anymore.

Ouch.  Even with shopping around, getting good deals, discounts, it was still a pretty penny.

But given how long our washers last, we shouldn't need to buy a new one for at least a decade.

I've got ten pounds of Cajun andouille smoking right now.  That's a staple in our winter diet.  Nothing like good smoked andouille to add to soups and stews.  And gumbo.  And red beans and rice.  Oh yeah.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Supreme Cuckoldry: A Rant

It's our old pal, Razorfist, expressing a thought that many of us have had for some time now.

I know it. You know it. Everybody knows it

 And this is just in Arizona.

Here's what I want to know - how many of those fraudulent ballots elected a far-left gun-grabbing shitbag like Mark Kelly?

Nevada  - 130,000 fraudulent votes, four times the number of votes of Biden's margin of "victory".

A perfect description of the Vatican nativity scene

From an Italian art critic.

They are a caricature, a falsehood, a thing you cannot look at without the painful thought of how the religious world has been betrayed, which in art had its consecration. This is an act of humiliation; these figures have been humiliated, turned into something other than themselves. Don’t look at them, don’t look at them, don’t go there. Stay home.

You can't look at the nativity scene at the Vatican without being horrified.  

Think about that.  You cannot look at the scene depicting the birth of Christ, at the seat of the Catholic Church, without being horrified.

That is an assault on your senses, it's an assault on your faith, and it's an assault on your sensibilities.  And it.  Is.  Deliberate.

Jorge Bergolio is not the Pope.  He is the Anti-Pope.  And every action he takes proves that fact, including approving the installment of this nativity scene, which is a mockery of everything that is good, and holy and worthwhile.

Thursday, December 17, 2020


Bill Whittle has been going a series about where are we going from here.  Take the time to watch it.  It's BILL WHITTLE.

I read this and my first thought was "Well, it's a good thing he didn't actually win"

 His Fraudulency, Gropin' Joe Biden, stole this election.  He did not win it.

Philosophers, from the ancients to Oswald Spengler, have warned that it is in the nature of all democracies to self-destruct. If America really elected Biden/Harris, we may have reached that borne from which there is no turning back. 

America is not that far gone.  How do I know?  Because Donald Trump was winning the election with such a wide margin that the cheaters had to actually SHUT DOWN COUNTING so they could rejigger their tactics.  They thought their normal fraud could win, but it couldn't, because Americans were voting for Donald Trump in droves.

America didn't elect Joe Biden.  The DNC used fraud and criminal behavior to steal the election, period.

Well, only a status-seeking, dumber-than-shit skank would marry into the Biden family anyways.

 "Doctor" Jill Biden is smarter than her husband, but that's not saying much.

This follows my observation that people working towards a graduate degree can't spell, don't know basic grammar, can't even be bothered to use SPELLCHECK or a fucking CALCULATOR to double-check their efforts.  I'll address an actual doctor as "Doctor".  MD, DDS, Veterinarians, all those people spent years working on their knowledge base, their skills, and even more years on top of that to get certified to do their job.  Jill Biden wrote a dissertation that I wouldn't accept from a high school student.

She's pathetic.  But we knew that already, didn't we?  Look at who she's married to.

I got something for Joe Biden's "unity"

 A matched set of middle fingers.

The spouting off of feel-good catchphrases about uniting together and all that jazz coming from Democrats rings more hollow now than they ever have, and for good reason. Not just because of the last four years of “racism!” accusations, but also because every time – and I do mean every time – they call for differences to be put aside, for a “new tone” in politics, etc., what they’re really wanting is for Republicans to sit back and shut up while Democrats pull the country further to the left without impediment.

I think they knew that their calls for unity were bullshit from the start, just like we knew it.  The difference is, we're not going to sit back and let the Democrat party continue to abuse us while we meekly cover the black eye in public.

Fuck the Democrat party, and fuck His Fraudulency, Joe Biden  And fuck that commie whore Harris as well.

Here's the song I was looking for yesterday

The drums on this are almost clinical.  Back when I had a set downstairs, I would try to play along with this song.  The triplets on the ride cymbal might sound simple, but to try to keep that beat steady without "skipping" the beats takes both talent and skill.  If you were an aspiring drummer, just playing along with this song would give you plenty of practice.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

More music that doesn't suck

That drummer is a fucking metronome, and this was before drummers wore an earpiece that would tick the timing in their ear.  This guy is rock solid, and he keeps the band just jamming straight on.  It's not a complex drum rhythm, but without this guy going to town and keeping the beat, the song falls apart.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

You want to know why people with brains think this election was stolen?

 Because it was stolen.

Joe Biden is a fraud, a thief, and a cheat.  And everybody knows it.

Music that doesn't suck

Modern popular "musicians" couldn't create this if they tried.  But they don't try, because they haven't got the talent.  Meanwhile, actual musicians sit on the sidelines because they don't fit the mold of what the producers want, i.e. they're not teenybobber whores who suck dick in the studio and shake their ass on the stage.

Yes, my loathing of modern music is showing.  I know.

Monday, December 14, 2020

But where's the EVIDENCE, they wail

 Here's your evidence, you fucking fucks.

That drooling fraud and his communist whore are probably going to be installed in the Oval Office.  But he will never be my president, because the entire election is a fraud.

Accusations from Leftists are, above all things, projection

 Facebook "fact-checker" used Putin's propaganda outlet to trash Trump.

A professor Facebook has empowered to decide who can become a fact-checker is an open political leftist who has expressed animus against all Republican U.S. voters, according to recently uncovered documents exposing the official — and the process by which social media censors obtain their powers.

According to Jack Houghton of Sky News, the platform’s fact-checking certifier Margot Susca retweeted the claim that racism is “embraced by nearly half of the country’s electorate” in America, called herself a member of Hillary Clinton’s “team” in 2019, and on Russian propaganda network RT she insisted that the U.S. president’s speeches should not be broadcast. Susca is an American University journalism professor and has been a “certifier” for the International Fact-Checking Network since 2017.

I don't know about you, but I'm shocked, SHOCKED to hear that someone who fed the Trump-Russia collusion bullshit stream might actually go onto Putin's preferred propaganda pipeline to trash President Trump.  Why, it's almost as if Leftists have a pathologically need to accuse people of their own crimes!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Great, another thing to spend my money on

 Regina Cigars, a Catholic cigar company.

Their Nicaragua line is made in the AJ Fernandez factory, which produces a whole bunch of different cigars that I drool over.

Weaponized ugliness

 One Peter Five takes on the 2020 nativity scene that the Anti-Pope approved.

It’s an effective distraction, because we have a right to expect the true, the good, and the beautiful from a Church founded by God. Intuitively, this is an offense against reason and sense making; a purposeful weaponization of ugliness.

It is meant, I think, to attack right order and aesthetic sensibility; whether intentionally or not, therefore, it is meant to demoralize us. 

I think that's a pretty fair summation of everything that has happened under the Anti-Pope Jorge Bergolio.  His goal is to drive as many souls away from the Church as he possibly can, into Hell and into Satan's arms.  Installing a nativity scene that looks like something Pablo Picasso cooked up during a meth and acid binge doesn't bring anyone closer to God.  What would you think if your local church installed something like that?  Would you think they're trying to bring people closer to God?

Jorge Bergolio, aka "Pope" Francis, is the Anti-Pope.  He is at best a heretic, using the power of his office to push forward Marxist poison.  Benedict the XVI is the one, true pope.  Once you understand that, everything else becomes clear.