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Thursday, December 17, 2020

I read this and my first thought was "Well, it's a good thing he didn't actually win"

 His Fraudulency, Gropin' Joe Biden, stole this election.  He did not win it.

Philosophers, from the ancients to Oswald Spengler, have warned that it is in the nature of all democracies to self-destruct. If America really elected Biden/Harris, we may have reached that borne from which there is no turning back. 

America is not that far gone.  How do I know?  Because Donald Trump was winning the election with such a wide margin that the cheaters had to actually SHUT DOWN COUNTING so they could rejigger their tactics.  They thought their normal fraud could win, but it couldn't, because Americans were voting for Donald Trump in droves.

America didn't elect Joe Biden.  The DNC used fraud and criminal behavior to steal the election, period.


p2 said...

Herein lies the rub: Stolen, gifted, or won fair & square ( 'scuse me while I finish snorting derisively), ol' Gropey's gonna be installed. There's just too much money involved. This happened a few years back with the Alaskan Senate race. Lisa, the incumbent by nepotism, lost the primary badly. She, or her handlers more likely, ran a "write-in" campaign. She won the seat handily simply because any ballot with handwriting on it went her way, mattered not a whit what was actually written. Fraud and behind-the-scene machinations are rampant in anything where power & money are involved.

When posed with the statement that "the Americans won every battle on the field", North Vietnamese General Giap reported stated, "That may be so, but you lost the war." The conservative side won pretty much every battle, but we have lost this war. This is going to devolve into a shooting civil war and the Republic as we know it is finished. Regardless of who is seated at the end of the day, faith in the system is lost, faith in our "leaders" is lost and all we have left to rely on is each other.

I'm interested to see what new nations emerge from the smoking ashes of our once great Endeavor.

Ragin' Dave said...

Well, I have a feeling we're going to find out sooner rather than later if that drooling halfwit and his communist whore get installed. Half this country openly admits that the election was stolen, and I'm willing to bet there's a good portion of the other half who knows it was stolen but just isn't willing to say it out loud.