Day by Day

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Music that doesn't suck

Modern popular "musicians" couldn't create this if they tried.  But they don't try, because they haven't got the talent.  Meanwhile, actual musicians sit on the sidelines because they don't fit the mold of what the producers want, i.e. they're not teenybobber whores who suck dick in the studio and shake their ass on the stage.

Yes, my loathing of modern music is showing.  I know.


Anonymous said...

I love Live at Fillmore East. I can remember cranking In Memory of Elizabeth Reed and playing it over and over. This band was far and away the best instrumental band of the rock era. Duane Allman could get things out of a guitar that are amazing. Dicky Betts, Greg Allman were also fantastic. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.


Danny said...

Was in that crowd