Saturday, February 29, 2020

The corona virus effects on shipping

PJ Media has a piece on it.  It's worth a read.  The bottom line is that you can expect a lot of prices to go up in the short term, possibly medium term.

As an aside, I've pushed my investments into purchasing more stock index funds.

Why?  Because I think the panic over this is just that:  a panic, but not really based on much other than the brainless hysteria of people who want to use this as an excuse to attack Trump and gain political power.

Lots more people are going to die in China.  China is a communist shithole where people starve to death while the political leaders eat well and don't care who dies.

It's in Iran.  Lots of Chinese going to Iran, and passing it to people who wipe their ass with their hands.  Sorry, but when a virus can be transmitted through fecal material, guess what?  Use toilet paper.

More people are going to die in countries that refuse to stop Chinese people from coming in.  Italy.  Lots of European countries.  South Korea.  If you allow plague rats to wander into your house, don't be surprised when you contract the plague.

It will eventually hit here.  We have a political establishment that refuses to close the border.  It'll come to Mexico, and it will then just walk across the border to the USA.  And then?  Well, who do you think a virus that is also transmitted through fecal matter is going to hit hardest?

People who don't wash their hands.  Who don't bother with sanitation or hygiene.  Who live outdoors with other people who publicly defecate.

If it gets a foothold in Lost Angeles, San FranShitShow, Seattle or Portland, you can expect to see significant numbers of homeless people die off.  Possibly some of the people around them.  But for people who wash their hands, who aren't smoking meth, who aren't shitting in public?  Low mortality rate.  Any real death counts coming from rural areas of America are going to be associated with the migrants and illegal aliens.

I don't think we're coming through this unscathed, but I don't think it's going to be as bad as people say it is.  As horrible as it sounds, this virus takes out people who cannot or do not have the faculties to take care of themselves, sanitation-wise.  Most other folks will catch a cold.  Which leaves most of America in a pretty good place.  So I'm not freaking out.  And I won't freak out.  Panic over a virus does nothing good.  Follow the advice of Douglas Adams and the Hitchhiker's Guide.

Don't  Panic.

We survived H1N1 under Barry Obumblefuck, and that was a screw-up of massive proportions.  If you could have done something wrong, the Jug-Eared Fuckwit did it.  We at least have a President now who doesn't fuck around and calls a spade a spade.  He also accurately calls the news agencies currently running around with their hair on fire the "Fake News".  None of the Fake News bothered to do any research of what happened under Barry Obumblefuck (and it happened with their blessing, and full participation to cover up the negative effects, so they actually do know what happened but they won't tell you that).

Don't panic.  Wash your hands.  Stop touching your face.  Wash your hands again.  And don't panic.

Friday, February 28, 2020

I'd buy one

And it's sub-$1000, which means if you're out in the woods and a grizzly bear eats it, you won't cry.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

The reason Ilhan "I married by brother to commit immigration fraud" Omar refuses to say she's an American is because she's not an American

She's not really an American, and she never will be.

Apparently, one of her challengers doesn't have that problem.

“I am an American,” wrote Republican Dalia al-Aqidi, a former Iraqi refugee who hopes to replace Omar in representing Minnesota’s 5th  Congressional District.

“That’s why I’m running for Congress,” al-Aqidi added.

Ilhan Omar is an embarrasment to this country.  It's an embarrasment that she was ever brought here and allowed to grow her hatred of the country that saved her from a shithole Islamic caliphate.  It's an embarassment that she was elected to Congress simply on the basis of being Terrorist Barbie.  Thanks, Minnesota!  And it's an embarassment that she continues to vomit forth her hatred of America, Israel, and any country that doesn't conform to her 7th century barbarian ideals.

Ilhan Omar is representative of what's wrong with this country.  It should come as no shock that she's a surrogate for Bernie the Crazy Commie.

New Rule

If your comment or your name has a link to a porn site, I'm just going to spam it.  I'm already foul-mouthed, bad-tempered and crude.  I don't need any more bullshit attached to this site.

Top. Men. The CDC didn't test a Coronavirus case in Kalifornia for days

Yeah, sure, why would you want to test a possible virus case in a state with a high Chinese population and massive illegal immigration, anyways?

Seriously, these are the people who will keep us safe?  Gosh, I feel better already.  Hey, government is just a name for the things we do together, right?

Or maybe, just maybe, when you have a HOSPITAL smack dab in the middle of one of the largest ex-pat population of Chinese people in the world asking for a Coronavirus test, YOU GIVE THEM THE FUCKING TEST!

Our government bureaucracy is so full of idiots and bullshit that it's a wonder that they manage to even make an announcement without killing someone.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Some small sanity finally takes hold

Aliens who are sucking on Uncle Sugar's tit get worried that they won't get a green card.

Good.  There's no where in the Constitution that says we have to pay for every free-loader to can make it to our shores.

And more seriously, by taking tax dollars( that have to be borrowed because we're over-spending) from citizens and using it to fund the constant inflow of non-citizens you are flat out committing theft.  Generational theft.  You are stealing from Americans who might not even be born in order to pay for them to live in a country that isn't America any more when they finally make it.

This country is under no obligation to pay for anybody else to live here.  Period.  And quite honestly, knowing what I do about Social Services, we shouldn't be paying a whole bunch of them, either.

Colleges do not educate, they indoctrinate

And to put it another way, far too many people don't go to college in order to get an actual education.  They go to get Credentials.  And those Credentials are essentially for sale to the right people.

Janavs, of Newport Coast, California, is among nearly two dozen prominent parents who have admitted to participating in the scheme by paying huge sums to people willing to cheat on entrance exams for their children or pretend their kids were star athletes for sports they didn't play.

Janavs admitted to paying the consultant at the center of the scheme, Rick Singer, $100,000 to have a proctor correct hertwo daughters' ACT exam answers. She also agreed to pay $200,000 to have one of her daughters labeled as a fake beach volleyball recruit at the University of Southern California but was arrested before the girl was formally admitted, prosecutors said.

All the rich people who got caught essentially buying their kids an entrance to the "right" schools?  Don't you think for a minute that this isn't a standard practice all over the country.  Do you really think that the Kennedys just happen to keep getting admitted into Harvard?  Do you really think they're that smart?  Have you seen the latest group of Kennedys talk on TV?

And this mom is an idiot as well.  Paying that much to get into USC?  Have you ever been to USC?  What is USC known for other than a good marching band and cheating in football?  I does make me wonder what the price was to get into a school that actually matters.  Stanford.  William and Mary.  Those types of schools.  Schools that actually have a reputation for scholastic aptitude, whether it's deserved or not.

Monday, February 24, 2020

And just like Epstein

Philip Haney did not kill himself.

Philip Haney, a former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official during the Obama administration who blew the whistle on shortcomings within his own agency, was found dead in California on Friday with a “gunshot wound” to the chest, several news outlets report, citing a statement from the law enforcement.

Although authorities have said the gunshot wound “appears” to be “self-inflicted,” stressing that the investigation is ongoing, 66-year-old Haney had been missing since February 19. and died from a gunshot wound to his chest two days later, Red State and Heavy reported.

"Gunshot wound to the chest".  In the middle of the California farmland.  That's like two gunshots to the head.

Isn't it amazing how many people the Left finds inconvenient somehow just manage to commit suicide at the most amazing times?  Like, right before he was going to publish another book about the crimes committed by the Obama administration?  Right before the election?

I don't care what any Leftist says - it's not suicide.  Philip Haney did not kill himself.

This is how they create slaves out of citizens

Step one:  Create government schools.

Step two:  Turn government schools into pits of Marxist insanity, but mandate that all kids have to go there.

Step three:  Destroy any ability to teach kids the basics (whole lot of blame to go around on this one).

Step four:  Announce that kids don't actually have to be proficient.

And you're left with a population that has not learned, and cannot teach themselves, and thus are entirely dependent on the government.  They'd better vote the right way, eh?  Or their monthly welfare check might just not come at all.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – High school students won’t have to be “proficient” in either math or English to graduate, under minimum required test scores proposed by State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria.
They will just need to know enough to do the most basic of jobs.

"The most basic of jobs".  Like vote for their government masters.  Public school is a disgrace, and you'd be better off throwing your kids into a pit of feral wolves and telling them to learn.  As Insty likes to say, Public School is simply child abuse.

Burn the Department of Education to the ground, and then salt the earth where it once stood.

It was warm enough to get on the bike yesterday

So the Mrs. and I took a little ride.  Nothing major, just a few miles and a gallon of gas, but it was awesome to get back out on two wheels.  We passed other motorcyclists here and there, and every one of us was wearing a big grin and waving at each other.

The Mrs. and I are currently in the search for a new church.  We tried a church yesterday that was close to home, and about the time the drums came in on the first hippy-dippy song, we both turned, looked at each other and shook our heads.  I may have found a Latin Mass about an hour South of here.  Maybe.  We'll see.

I kept away from the news this weekend.  Deliberately.  I didn't want to mess around with the world's bullshit while I had a weekend with the wife, and we enjoyed ourselves.  Took a little trip to Evenston to pick up my cigars, did a little cooking, finished my homework for the module I'm working on, and basically just relaxed and had a good weekend.  How was yours?

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sanders wins Nevada

Folks, at this point, Bernie Sanders is going to be the Democrat nominee.  The DNC is in full blown panic mode.

Sanders, as an "independent" socialist from Vermont, has never really been challenged on his views.  And because he always caucused with the Democrats, the media protected him.  When it's him against Trump?  They can't protect him as much, and they know it.  This dude had a man-crush on Fidel Castro and honeymooned in the USSR.  He's a loon who has never held a private job and yet is a millionaire who owns three houses while screaming about how evil the rich are.  And unless the DNC pulls another 2016 maneuver, he's going to be the winner.

And as the crazy commie with a cardiac problem rises, so do the boats of other crazy commies like AOC, Ilhan "I married my brother to cheat the INS" Omar, Rancid Tlaib or whatever the hell her name is, and the rest of the lunatic wing of the DNC who have essentially turned Nancy Pelosi into a botoxed, drunk figurehead who does their bidding.

I don't know how much I'm worried about 2020.  I'm worried about what comes after that.