Saturday, August 15, 2020

Update: The FBI is a corrupt Democrat Party organization who will only do the right thing when they have no other options.

Kinda like this:

Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe tried to buy a firearm and was denied a few days ago. He later discovered that he was on the prohibited person list regarding the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Was this an error? Was this over his investigative reporting? The Federal Bureau of Investigation put him on that list. 

In four years, the FBI has gone from a respected institution to a complete and utter shit show.


Friday, August 14, 2020

Donald Trump does what professional politicians failed at for decades

Hey, why'd we elect an OUTSIDER, eh?

While it is not unusual in political circles to describe something as a historic breakthrough, it is unusual when the term is justified. Yet that is the right way to describe the three-way agreement announced Thursday by the Trump White House, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Donald Trump has actually accomplished the things that "peace-makers" have failed to do.  All the professional diplomats and UN flunkies either could not get it done, or they didn't want it done.  Trump got it done.  Barry Hussein O'Bumblefuck, the jug-eared fuckstain on the bedsheets of America, was handed a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for merely not being Bushitler, but he left the Middle East in flames.  Literally in flames.  Trump is stabilizing the region in ways that the professional government class could only dream of doing.  And doing it without firing a shot.

Four more years, folks.  At this point I'd crawl over a mile of broken glass to throw the lever for Trump.  Do you really think Joe "Stinky-Finger" Biden could broker that deal?  Hell no.  Joe Biden got to Washington D.C. in 1973.  That's before I was born.  Joe Biden has literally been in politics longer than I've been alive.  Joe Biden IS the problem.

The Government KNOWS Hydroxychloroquine works. And the refuse to admit it.

I think that Dr. Risch is being generous in his estimation of the government's actions:

If Dr. Risch’s assessment is correct, approximately 80,000 people in the United States would still be alive had they been prescribed HCQ in the early stages of the disease. He calls the FDA’s actions unconscionable. I would assert that if wrongdoing is uncovered, it should be prosecuted. 
The bureaucrats at the FDA, CDC, and NIH are supposed to be guardians of the public health. If they are failing in this mission due to conflicts of interest, their scope should be reviewed, and their agencies must be reformed. 

At this point, the US Government should be considered a hostile actor working against US citizens.  Hydroxychloroquine works, if administered early and with zinc.  But nobody can make money from HCQ, so they're not going to push it.

The lockdowns were wrong.  Massively wrong.  The continuing lockdowns are even worse.  The destruction of the economy is a deliberate action taken by the Left against Trump.  The thousands of deaths from the Chinese Chest Cold could have been massively lessened if idiots and morons didn't shove infected patients into nursing homes, or if they had actually used the medicine they had on hand rather than banning it a la Whitmer in Michigan because ORANGE MAN BAD or some stupid fucking commie bullshit like that.

I am sick of the panic pornography.  I am tired of the destruction of our country over a chest cold that could be treated with cheap, generic drugs if the politicians and bureaucrats didn't prevent it.  I am tired of watching business after business shutter for good.  And I'm sick of knowing that all of this didn't have to happen.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Cannon Hinnant

Imagine if a white man ran across the street and shot a five year old black boy in the head at point blank range.  We wouldn't hear the end of it.

But when the races are reversed?  Crickets.

A five year-old boy named Cannon Hinnant was recently shot in the head at point blank range while riding his bike in his yard. The murder was witnessed by his sisters, aged 7 and 8. 
The suspected shooter is a 25 year-old man named Darius Nathaniel Sessoms. The national media’s silence on this story is deafening. Why could that be?

The mainstream media in this country is a collection of garbage humans working for garbage organizations, doing the bidding of a garbage political party in service to a garbage ideology.

On Trump moving Fifth Corps HQ to Poland

Well, good.

Listen, I like Germany.  Beautiful country.  Good beer, lots of cool things and places, nice people.

But Poland?  Ask our troops who've worked with the Poles what they think of them, and you'll hear quite a bit of gushing praise.  And Poland has the bonus of not inviting in millions upon millions of people from a 7th-century Satanic death cult of pedophilia.

My only regret is that I'll be retired long before I get a chance to be stationed there.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Has the College Death Spiral started?

Colleges and universities were already facing mounting financial pressure because enrollment is steadily declining and certain to get much worse in the coming decade (the result of falling birthrates back at the time of the housing crash in 2008-09). Add to this the financial hit they are taking right now because of the virus, on top of the huge loss this year of foreign students who typically pay full tuition rates and subsidize other students, and a large number of colleges and universities face a serious risk of insolvency. 

The vast majority of what is wrong in this country can be traced back to an "educational" system that stuffs the heads of its students with Marxist bullshit rather than an actual education.

I don't have any hope that if the universities collapse, it'll fix the problem.  More than likely they will just reorganize themselves into another cancerous tumor sitting in the middle of America, wreaking havoc on the young and impressionable.  But at least they'll get to suffer a little bit.  At least they'll get just a little taste of pain.

I have been severely unimpressed with the college graduates I've met in recent years.  The few grads I've actually been impressed with have chosen their schools with great care in order to avoid the Marxist bullshit, as they were aware that colleges and universities in this country are indoctrination centers and hive-mind collectives.

Oh, and the K-12 publk skool sistim is a load of hot garbage, and has been for years.

On Saturday, a teacher in Philadelphia started a thread on Twitter lamenting that the virtual-classroom model for school might prevent teachers from having “honest conversations about gender/sexuality” with students because parents might be listening.

Hey, what's it called when adult males have "honest conversations about gender/sexuality" with young children that they're not related to?  Oh, right.  GROOMING.

Southern men understand

Stole this from Kenny over at Knuckledraggin'.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

OK, this actually gives me some hope

Trump actually hired someone who isn't a Democrat Party hack/Panic Pornagrapher.

At his press conference yesterday the President announced that Dr. Scott Atlas is joining his team of COVID-19 advisors. 

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Atlas… well, that’s part of the problem. 

Go read it all.  The lockdowns are a massive mistake a best.  Most likely they're a deliberate attempt to destroy this country, all on the word of a life-long bureaucrat and Democrat Party operative who doesn't follow his own advice when he thinks the cameras are off of him.  Fauci can kiss my ass.   It's time for actual doctors to start taking charge, dammit.


Image may contain: 2 people, text that says 'The same people who want to defund the police Just a few years ago told you that you don't need guns because you have the police.'

Monday, August 10, 2020

Tell me about my "White Privilege" again

Ilhan "Bro-Fo" Omar will not be prosecuted despite clear evidence of immigration fraud.

Here is yet more evidence of the two-tier justice system we have in the United States. A “veteran insider” at the Department of Homeland Security revealed Wednesday that two different federal agencies have investigated Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Ankara) for months, but decided not to prosecute her for immigration fraud, despite clear and readily available evidence that she married her own brother as part of an elaborate immigration scam.

Anyone wanna ask me again what I think about rules these days?  Especially when the rules are nothing but subjective edicts only enforced on people who aren't part of the National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party?

Cuomo the mob boss doing what mob bosses do.

Being an arrogant, entitled, brainless piece of shit, in other words.

Look, Cuomo is a cheap suit filled with bullshit and hot air.  He's not very intelligent, he's just nasty and mean.  If his daddy wasn't a mob boss and a former governor, both Andrew Cuomo and Chrissy Cuomo would be nothing but drug-dealing back-alley thugs in the Bronx.

But NYFC loves them some incompetent goons, hence we get Nipples Cuomo and Blah Blah deBolshevik running the place into the ground.  I don't think the NY GOP do themselves any favors either.