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Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Has the College Death Spiral started?

Colleges and universities were already facing mounting financial pressure because enrollment is steadily declining and certain to get much worse in the coming decade (the result of falling birthrates back at the time of the housing crash in 2008-09). Add to this the financial hit they are taking right now because of the virus, on top of the huge loss this year of foreign students who typically pay full tuition rates and subsidize other students, and a large number of colleges and universities face a serious risk of insolvency. 

The vast majority of what is wrong in this country can be traced back to an "educational" system that stuffs the heads of its students with Marxist bullshit rather than an actual education.

I don't have any hope that if the universities collapse, it'll fix the problem.  More than likely they will just reorganize themselves into another cancerous tumor sitting in the middle of America, wreaking havoc on the young and impressionable.  But at least they'll get to suffer a little bit.  At least they'll get just a little taste of pain.

I have been severely unimpressed with the college graduates I've met in recent years.  The few grads I've actually been impressed with have chosen their schools with great care in order to avoid the Marxist bullshit, as they were aware that colleges and universities in this country are indoctrination centers and hive-mind collectives.

Oh, and the K-12 publk skool sistim is a load of hot garbage, and has been for years.

On Saturday, a teacher in Philadelphia started a thread on Twitter lamenting that the virtual-classroom model for school might prevent teachers from having “honest conversations about gender/sexuality” with students because parents might be listening.

Hey, what's it called when adult males have "honest conversations about gender/sexuality" with young children that they're not related to?  Oh, right.  GROOMING.

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