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Thursday, August 13, 2020

On Trump moving Fifth Corps HQ to Poland

Well, good.

Listen, I like Germany.  Beautiful country.  Good beer, lots of cool things and places, nice people.

But Poland?  Ask our troops who've worked with the Poles what they think of them, and you'll hear quite a bit of gushing praise.  And Poland has the bonus of not inviting in millions upon millions of people from a 7th-century Satanic death cult of pedophilia.

My only regret is that I'll be retired long before I get a chance to be stationed there.


p2 said...

I'm not happy about that either. Loved Germany and the 4+ years I spent there, but, being of Polish descent, would have been ecstatic to be stationed in Poland. Sucks being old sometimes.

Tim said...

Wait till there first Polish winter.

Ragin' Dave said...

There's vodka and hot Polish women to keep them warm!