Saturday, January 12, 2019

Yeah, we're fucked

The Democrats want to make sure that they can continue their proud tradition of voter fraud and stealing elections.

If you thought the midterm elections had problems, wait until you learn about Nancy Pelosi’s plan to terminate state control over American elections. 
Democrats in Congress have announced their top legislative priority, and it isn’t health care, immigration, or taxes. Instead, they want to centralize power over elections in Washington, D.C. H.R. 1 is number one on the legislative agenda because it is the number one priority of House Democrats, leftist groups, deep-pocketed dark money, and those who use election process rules to help win elections -- or at least to cause chaos. 
The bill is a 571-page dreamscape of wild wishes and federal mandates on states. The Constitution decentralizes power over American elections and puts states in charge. H.R. 1 would undo that.

Also, while the level of malevolent evil contained in this bill is off the charts, it's impressive to watch as the Democrats actually move to do what their communist backers want them to do, while under Paul Ryan, the first day with a Republican White House, Senate and House of Republicans got us.....  pretty much nothing.  It's almost as if he didn't have a clue what he was doing.  Of course, he was doing what the Democrats wanted him to do.  I honestly believe that.

But the biggest prize in H.R. 1 is to restore Justice Department approval powers over state election law changes, known as “preclearance.” This preclearance power, struck down by the Supreme Court in Shelby County v. Holder, is the one power that unites them all. Preclearance gave radical bureaucrats at the Justice Department Voting Section, where I used to work, the power to micromanage every single state election law behind closed doors. 
Here’s how it worked: Whenever a state wanted to make an election law change, no matter how small, it needed approval from Washington, D.C. bureaucrats at the Department of Justice. Move a polling place, change the hours the election office is open, hire a new translator, change a precinct line, or move voting from the school gym to the school library? DOJ had to approve. 
Require voter ID, allow citizenship verification, increase penalties for voter fraud, enact election integrity procedures or implement programs to clean rolls? DOJ had to approve. 
And now you see why the Left wants the power back.

Oh yes, let's allow the completely corrupted DOJ to oversee election laws!  That'll make things so much better!

We're not voting our way out of this.  And part of the problem is that the Republican Party isn't really really a representative party at all.  It's just the Democrat Party with different clothing on.  If the Republican Party actually represented it's voters, there's a damn good chance the Democrats don't retake the House.  Chew on that for a while.

Friday, January 11, 2019

This is why the largest denomination in America is "ex-Catholics"

Because the leadership of the Catholic Church in America is a bunch of homosexual corrupt deviants.

The crimes are sickening.  The coverup is more sickening.  And it's driven millions of souls away from the Church, in order to foster this disgusting cabal of evil men and their lust for homosexual sex and power.

That's really the bottom line.

What you call "privilege" is just me being better than you

I'll go ahead and say it:  "White Privilege" is a phrase used by non-whites to blame whites for their own failures.

I've had someone try to use the "White Privilege" BS on me.  I told them that very line:  What you call privilege is just me being better than you.

I worked my way up from the bottom.  I own everything I have because I worked for it.  Anyone who wants to diminish that because of my skin color, which isn't even white, can kiss my ass.  I'm dark enough that cab drivers in Latin America speak to me in Spanish.  So is my wife.  Blow me, libtards.

Long Day

Maybe post something later.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

We are sowing the wind with marijuana legalization

And we will reap the whirlwind.

You don’t expect the New Yorker and Mother Jones to be places where you read anti-marijuana articles, but Tell Your Children, the new book by former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson is knocking some people flat. The book examines what we know scientifically about marijuana use, and it turns out to be pretty damn scary. 
I have never been a pot smoker, though back in my youth, I ate space cake in Amsterdam. Meh. I’ve always had ambivalent views about marijuana legalization. I can’t stand the way the stuff smells, and found the people I hung out with in college who were big fans of it to be incapable of talking about much else. But I accepted the line that pot was largely harmless. I don’t like the fact that it’s being legalized everywhere, but couldn’t come up with a compelling reason to oppose it. I chalked that up to social custom. Frankly, I didn’t much care. 
Berenson’s book is a game-changer. In his New Yorker piece, Malcolm Gladwell writes straightforwardly about the overwhelming scientific evidence that marijuana is a hell of a lot more problematic than many of us think. 

Look, you can make the case that medical marijuana helps people, while at the same time pointing out that legalizing a drug that messes with your brain is not a good idea.  Demerol has medical uses, but nobody is out there saying "Hey, let's legalize that!"  Well, maybe some Libertarians.

Over the past couple of decades, studies around the globe have found that THC—the active compound in cannabis—is strongly linked to psychosis, schizophrenia, and violence. Berenson interviewed far-flung researchers who have quietly but methodically documented the effects of THC on serious mental illness, and he makes a convincing case that a recreational drug marketed as an all-around health product may, in fact, be really dangerous—especially for people with a family history of mental illness and for adolescents with developing brains.

The statement that "Weed doesn't make people violent" is demonstrably false.  The statement that weed is safer than alcohol is also demonstrably false.  Marijuana has more carcinogens than tobacco, and Safety goons have been trying to stamp out Devil Weed for decades now.  By legalizing recreational marijuana, we're expanding the user base of people who are consuming THC in levels that would have made 60's stoners sit back and say "Maybe that's too much, man!".

Paranoia and psychosis make people dangerous, so rising use of a drug that causes both would be expected to increase violent crime, rather than reduce it as pot advocates claim. Berenson looked at data for the four states that legalized weed in 2014 and 2015—Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Colorado—and calculated a combined 35 percent increase in murders in those states from 2013 to 2017, compared with a 20-percent rise nationally. This “isn’t a statistical anomaly,” Berenson writes. “It’s real.” 
The role of weed in rising violent crime rates in legalization states is a hotly contested question, especially in Colorado, where murders in Denver are at a 10-year high. Berenson admits he can’t say for sure whether those upswings are due to legal weed, but the raw data, he says, definitely contradicts advocates’ claims: “What I want people to stop saying is that legalization reduces violent crime. It doesn’t.”

I think the states that have legalized recreational marijuana are going to be the test experiments for the rest of the country, but I think that by the time we realize just how much damage marijuana does it'll be too late to do anything about it.

The problem isn't "homeless", the problem is the mentally ill and drug addicts.

But since we've close damn near all the mental wards, there's nowhere for the mentally ill to go.  So instead of given them treatment, we've told them to take a hike and hope for the best.  With predictable results.

Bring back the mental wards.  Bring back the insane asylums.  And stop allowing drug addicts to dictate our public policy.

Is it nice?  Well, probably not,  But is allowing a mentally ill person to scream at figments of their imagination and shit in public nice?  No.  Not at all.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Hey Dave, did you ever figure out what was up with your foot?

Yep.  Sesamoiditis.  And it sucks.  I basically have to go easy for six months.  Which means four months to go, give or take a couple of weeks.

I loved Trump's speech, except...

Whoever put the mic so it would record every breath through his nose needs to be fired.  Now.

Answering a Theological question

Can good people go to heaven?  Well, I label this under the "Ignorance is Bliss" addendum.

Can a person who had never heard of Jesus Christ go to heaven?  That possibility is still open.  But it's less and less open in this day and age. where many people have heard of the Christ but rejected his teachings, while still trying to say "Oh, but I'm a good person."

Knowledge can be a terrible thing.  Especially in eternity.

I'm not in favor of legal dope, but these guys make sense

Given that we cannot trust the FBI or DOJ....

Gottan admit, there's beauty in truth.

There is not a single reason to trust the FBI or DOJ ever again

Since they have proven themselves to be absolutely corrupt.

In this case, the FBI and the Justice Department have succeeded in the most significant coverup in American political history. The abuses of power and crimes they have succeeded in covering up are not only against the law: they are crimes against our system of law and government. They were perpetrated by employees of the government, under color of law, with the intention of affecting the outcome of an election. 
For almost two years an investigation into the abuses of power — and probable crimes — committed by the FBI and Justice Department during the election has been conducted by House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes (R-Cal).  Rep. Bob Goodlatte — chairman of the Judiciary Committee — and Trey Gowdy — chairman of the Oversight and government reform committee — tried to investigate other aspects of the FBI and DoJ actions. 
These investigations have been stonewalled by the refusal of the FBI and Justice Department to produce the documents and provide access to witnesses that would, in all likelihood, prove that the major abuses of power and crimes had been committed.

I don't think this is a case of "Absolute power corrupts absolutely", I think this is a case where people who are already corrupt are drawn to places and jobs that give them the power to continue their corruption.  Certain James Comey, noted Clinton lackey and all around bitch-boy, was corrupt long before he was given the job at the FBI.  In fact, his corruption and law-breaking was certainly one of the reasons he got the job in the first place.

The two important products of those investigations were the 18 January 2017 memo declassified by President Trump and released by Nunes and the newly released 28 December 2018 letter from Goodlatte and Gowdy addressed to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, and DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. 
If this is the first you’ve heard of the 28 December letter, that’s because it’s been studiously ignored by the media.

Read the whole thing.  Our legal system at the Federal level only exists to keep their friends and allies in power.  I cannot think of anything more detrimental to this country than to have different laws applied to people based on their political connections.  But that's what we have in this country right now.  Hell, it's a big part of the reason Trump got elected.  But I don't think he can fix it.  To go with what NeanderPundit has been saying for a while:  I don't think we're voting our way out of this.

Yeah, pretty much

Just go naked next year for the Golden Globes.

I didn't watch the Golden Globes. I'll admit it. I would rather sit through a concert of second-graders playing the recorder than force myself to watch Hollywood weirdos give themselves awards. However, news from these stupid events is inescapable. I was surfing Twitter last night when I was assaulted by this image of some THOT I don't know trying to squeeze her nipples into this dress that looks like it was designed by Edward Scissorhands.

Given that I don't watch TV, and to me "Golden Globes" are when a young, non-anorexic Angelina Jolie went naked in "Gia", I'm pretty much of the opinion that Hollywood actresses could go naked all day long and I still wouldn't really give a shit.  This is why the PoundMeToo movement pretty much went nowhere.  Normal Americans aren't going to take the moral lead from a group of people who are practically responsible for 50% of the STDs in America.  Not only that, but we all know they're a bunch of hypocrites.

That they go from "Stop Objectifying me!" to "Look how this dress barely covers my tits!" gives normal people whiplash from watching it.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

I admit, I'm one of these people so indoctrinated

About cleaning my guns.  I blame the military.  If my Sergeant could stick his finger in the chamber and find any carbon residue, that rifle didn't go into the armory until I had scraped it clean.  But modern firearms might not need such a white-glove treatment.

The U.S. military has a gun cleaning fetish that is a holdover from the days of corrosive primers (and black powder before that.) Boiling water cleaning and "white glove" intolerance for carbon have probably resulted in more guns being cleaned to death than shot to death. 
In reality, most modern firearms just need lubricant, and even that's to a varying degree. Current polymer-framed guns like the Glock, where the "frame rails" are tiny little tabs with hardly any bearing surface that mostly exist to keep the slide flying in close formation with the frame, are tolerant of running pretty dry. 
Occasional attempts to dispel these myths, like Uncle Pat's efforts with Filthy 14, manage to change a few minds, but the culture of squeaky clean remains well-entrenched.

Read it all, if you wish.  Given that ALL of my pistols (other than the .22) could be carried depending the current weather, I tend to clean those every time I go to the range, and I make sure the rails are properly lubed.  I clean all of my .22LR firearms religiously, because .22LR ammo is notoriously filthy.  But I don't tear my pistols down to the base components every time.  I normally just field strip them, make sure the barrel is clean, wipe out the carbon with some CLP and put them back together.  Even still, I'm pretty sure I'm far more thorough than I have to be.  Some training you just can't break.