Saturday, June 03, 2006

Under the needle

Going for another tattoo today. Why? Because I can. You can call me a freak if you want, but I mark my life on my skin. Ever tat I have has meaning to it, so that when I'm retired and my nephew asks me why I have "that" on my arm or back, I can tell him exactly why I have it and when I got it.

And you can't see a damn one if I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I can still look professional. That's key, no matter how many people want to sneer at the thought. Unless you hit the lottery, there's not many ways for some guy with a tattooed face to make a good living. It can happen, but when I see a guy with spiders tattooed up his neck and onto his face, I know that I'm looking at a guy who's going to be on the lower end of the pay scale for a large portion of his life. Is it fair? No. But that's the way life works. Not too many CEO's with "Live Free" tattooed across their foreheads.

Maybe at Harley-Davidson. But that's only one company.

In any case, I'll see if I can post a picture later for your amusement.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Let's Chuckle!

What Is A Progressive?

Lemme ask ya sump'in....

Why is it that when some so-called "scientist" comes out with a study like this:

FORT COLLINS, Colo. Kerry Emanuel sparked a debate among his colleagues last year when he published a paper that linked global warming to the trend of increasingly stronger Atlantic Ocean hurricanes observed in recent decades.

In a study to be published soon, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology climatologist will make another bold claim: The cycling of hurricane activity from high to low, which some scientists have attributed to a natural cycle in global weather patterns, is in fact caused by the rise and fall of pollution released by humans.

Furthermore, Emanuel, along with Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University, contend that the microscopic aerosol particles, which reflect sunlight and cool the atmosphere, have been masking the effect of global warming on Atlantic Ocean hurricanes for several decades. The researchers say that it is only in recent decades, as aerosol emissions from North America and Europe have declined due to clean air standards, that the full impact of greenhouse gas emissions on hurricane strength has been realized.

It can be easily refuted by anyone with a computer, internet connection and a search engine?

Look - The cycle of hurricanes has been charted rather extensively in the past century. Here's just one example of what you can find in ten seconds on the internet. On a list of the 30 deadliest hurricanes, we find the dates for the top five (in order) - 1900, 1928, 1919, 1938, 1935. The categories for those hurricanes (also in order) - 4, 4, 4, 3, 5. The three Cat. 5 hurricanes that hit the US in the last century came in 1935, 1969, and 1992 And note that the 1992 Cat. 5, (Hurricane Andrew) was reclassified as a Cat. 5 hurricane in 2002.

Now, this study came out in 2001, and tracks the hurricanes from 1900 to 2000, so there is missing data from the last six years. This Hurricane Tracking site puts Hurricane Katrina at #3 in the list of the US' most deadly hurricanes. But as an example of cycles, you can just look at the data that's been put out and glean that Kerry Emanuel the so-called scientist is pushing a bullshit piece of crap. It's a social agenda wrapped up in scientific trappings.

The more that people push "Global Warming" as the endtimes situation they crave it to be, the more holes get poked in the theory. And Global Warming is a theory, folks. I don't care what whacked out potheads and high school socialists try to say, IT'S JUST A THEORY, and a rather thin one at that.

Oh, and just for fun - since Kerry Emanuel the so-called scientist blames microscopic aerosol particles for all these nasty hurricanes, here's a quick history of the aerosol for you to look at. Compare the dates on that list with the dates of hurricanes anywhere else.

And do it, ya know, scientifically, and stuff.

Still going on Haditha

People are still going on Haditha, some responsibly, and some making hysterical claims without any proof to back them up.

We don't know what happened, folks. The investigation is still ongoing, meaning that people are still fact-finding. And until all the facts come out, people should keep their mouth shut about whether the Marines are guilty or not.

But the hue and cry coming from the Left, especially in the wake of the Jesse MacBeth fiasco, should be instructive as to the mindset of Democrats in this country today.

The very same people who are skeptical when soldiers and Marines describe what has been happening in Iraq are the first people who scream "WAR CRIMES! ATROCITY! MUUUUUUUUUURDEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!" when the first hint of a scandal comes out. They think the absolute worst of our military, and will use any sign of wrong-doing to vindicate their twisted worldview.

The Left so hates the military that they use any lie (see MacBeth, Jesse; Wright, Micah; and Massey, Jimmy) to try and discredit every person in uniform. They hate the military so much that instead of either giving the military the benefit of a doubt, or at least keeping their vile slander to themselves until all the facts come out, they will jump on any unsubstantiated news report and use it to trash our armed forces.

But don't question their patriotism. And don't question their support of the troops.

Yeah, right.

Jesse MacBeth now a felon

It seems that our anti-war maggot, one fake Ranger Jessie MacBeth, he of "I k-k-k-k-killed people" fame, not only forged his DD214 in a vain effort to back up his claims, also attempted to gain VA benifits with that same fraudulent DD 214.

On Sept 19 2005 Mr. Macbeth filed a claim for compensation in our office. I hate to say it but he successfully passed that bogus DD214 off to an experienced NSO. (I took his place in November).

Fast forward to February. I received a call from a VA employee at the American Lake hospital. He had asked me to "verify" the 214. Now this is the first time I had any knowledge of Mr. MacBeth. I pulled his hard file out and reviewed it. As soon as I saw the DD214 (the fake one) I informed the VA employee that Mr. Macbeth had a fraudulent 214. I proceeded to contact our National Service officer in Seattle, Sharon V***l, and Senior Investigator M**** S****s of the VAOIG (Veterans Administration Inspector General).

Mr. MacBeth visited my office on February 27. Law enforcement personnel were notified but at the time they were not really interested in picking him up.

He once more visited my office on the 9th of March with his "whine" fest. At that time I told him the "gig was up" and he should leave my office and never come back. I also sent a fax to agent S****s with MacBeths current info on it.

The whole time I never realized this guy was making videos, belonging to IVATW, Veterans for peace or anybody else.

Well now Pierce County WA has a Felony Assault warrant out for him as of 23 May. He beat up a girl. Now he has left town, believed to be in San Francisco with the group "Swords to Plowshares"!!!

And yes, the VA will soon have a Federal Warrant on him and yep, they will prosecute him for fraud.

Enjoy jail, Jesse. I hear that people like you get traded around like cash. I can't say I'm going to shed a tear over that.

From a different perspective

I've gone on many a rant about how the eco-freaks are doing more damage to the environment than any big business could dream of. But I've always looked at it from the perspective of a consumer, or a land-owner, since those are the categories that I fit into.

Analog Kid looks at it from an entirely different angle. And it's more proof that the eco-freaks (or as AK puts it, the eco-socialist cult) manage to ruin everything they touch.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

UN still not serious about Darfur

Imagine if a doctor told you, "You've got cancer, and we need to treat it soon before it becomes terminal, but gosh, don't use chemo therapy! Because that might provoke a negative reaction from your body!"

BRUSSELS, Belgium Â? The United Nations humanitarian chief warned Tuesday of a catastrophic situation developing in Darfur unless international donors act soon to bolster a beleaguered African peacekeeping force in the Sudanese province.

"We either get good news in the next few weeks, or we have catastrophic news later," Jan Egeland told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.


However, he warned against deploying a Western military force, as some politicians in the United States have suggested.

"We have to be careful to calibrate the humanitarian and security response so it doesn't provoke a reaction," Egeland said. "I'd like to see the African Union and the U.N. play the lead role there, NATO and other organizations can complement and very usefully complement our efforts."

Because we all know how good the UN is at keeping the peace! All those child prostitutes that the UN "peacekeepers" employ don't raise a stir at all!

A 7,300-member African Union force in place in Darfur has been largely unable to halt violence there despite a May 5 peace deal designed to end fighting that has killed nearly 200,000 people and displaced 2.5 million since 2003.

7,300 member force? JEBUS H. CHRIST ON A POGO STICK! That's a division sized element! And they're telling us that this division sized element can't do anything?


You want to see the genocide come to a halt? It's real simple. You drop 7,300 American troops in Darfur. You point to the refugee camps and say "These people need to stay alive. If someone tries to kill them, rape them, or assault them, you kill the killers, rapists, and other assorted bad guys." And then you sit back and watch as the thugs currently in control of Darfur either die, or stop killing, raping and assaulting people.

After years and years of watching this sort of shit happen, you would think that for once, JUST ONCE, people would finally figure out that the UN, the EU, and all of Africa not only couldn't give two shits about the refugees in Darfur, or simply can't do anything about it.

Hell, the EU couldn't do a damn thing about genocide happening in their own backyard. Who was it that stepped up and stopped muslims from being slaughtered in Kosovo? The USA. Not fwance. Not Germany. Those two countries told America to mind it's own business and leave well enough alone, even as Slobodan Milosivic filled mass graves with the bodies of his victims. Are those the same people who are now dictating what should happen in Darfur?

Remember the Mark Styen post I linked to a while back? "Everyone's for a free Tibet, but no one is for freeing Tibet." The same applies here. The world will sit and watch while thousands of people are slaughtered in Darfur, and the UN will click their tongues and say "You need to do more!". But what they really mean is "You need to give us more money!" and absolutely nothing, I repeat NOTHING will be done to prevent the crisis that is currently going on. If anyone in Africa really gave a shit about the atrocities that are being visited on the refugees, they would have actually DONE SOMETHING ABOUT THEM IN THE PAST FEW YEARS, rather than bitch about how America needs to pony up cash for more trucks and helicopters!

Egeland recently told the U.N. Security Council that the number of displaced people in South Darfur had tripled in the last four months to between 100,000-120,000. He complained local officials have blocked fuel deliveries and the movement of aid workers has been severely restricted.

In addition, areas of eastern Chad that border Darfur have been engulfed in turmoil, Egeland said. Aid groups have been forced to cut back staff and relief work because of insecurity and funding shortfalls.

Darfur is a hellhole. And it's a hellhole because of the people running it. Trying to bring aid to Darfur while the thugs are still in power would be like trying to bring aid to the Afghani people while the Taliban was still in power!

IT AIN'T GONNA WORK, YOU MORONS! Because the people in control of Darfur have NOINTERESTT in letting the refugees survive!

Egeland said his talks at NATO and the EU were also look at the wider use of the military to help in humanitarian situations. He said military units had proven very helpful during the Asian tsunami, last year's earthquake in Kashmir and the latest deadly quake in Indonesia.

He said an international conference would be held later this year bringing together military and humanitarian organizations to look at how to coordinate aid responses.

And I'm sure those international conferences are going to be held in some posh resort, where diplomats can shake their heads and say "What a tragedy" while they sip champagne and eat caviar. In the meantime, people in Darfur will still be murdered, raped, and pillaged.

Because the people involved with all of this right now really don't give a shit. They're not serious about stopping the problem. Name ONE HUMANITARIAN PROBLEM that the UN has solved without American involvement.

It's not going to happen, folks. Darfur will continue being a blood-soaked hellhole until the people who want to "save" Darfur get serious about it. And unfortunately I don't see that happening any time soon.

When is a Massacre a Massacre?

I was wondering that last night. Gateway Pundit clears it up.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Casey's Dad makes a move.


Some pretty famous military figures have chosen to use that simple GI marble gravestone. The great heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis and Gen. George C. Marshall, commander of U.S. forces in World War II and later secretary of state, clearly felt that they deserved no more attention than any other veteran at rest under the trees at Arlington.

So with all of these resources, why is Casey Sheehan's grave still unmarked? His mother made an effort of her own lately. In the January issue of Vanity Fair she is pictured in a two-page spread lying on her son's unmarked grave in a black jumpsuit with tennis shoes. She also wrote a bitter "In Memoriam" for the left-wing Web site She was responding to critics who faulted her for placing 2,000 crosses with names of U.S. casualties at what she called "Camp Casey," near President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, last summer, while she has yet to place a marker at her own son's grave. In fact, there has been such a firestorm in the blogosphere about Casey Sheehan's grave that there are more than 250,000 Internet entries on the subject.

Cindy Sheehan is indignant at this kind of attention. She attributes it to a "Rovian, heartless and ignorant smear machine" attacking her "for the 'crime' of being broken-hearted and trying to save lives." And she vows: "They can't stop me from trying to save lives. No matter what they cook up next. It is too important. No more needless gravestones. No more wasted lives."

Cindy Sheehan is an anti-American moonbat bitch who is using her son's death to enrich her own life. She's a ghoul. She's feeding off his name now that he can no longer defend himself or his actions. She's feeding herself off of his death.

She's disgusting. My revulsion at that woman's actions knows no bounds.

But all is not lost.

The good news is that Casey Sheehan's father, Patrick, has had enough of this and has quietly arranged with a local monument company to erect a memorial. Wouldn't it be fitting if it were in place in time for Casey Sheehan's birthday, which this year once again falls on Memorial Day?

I pity Patrick Sheehan, who not only lost his son, but now has to deal with Cindy's shameful defiling of his son's memory. And yes, as far as I'm concerned, it is Patrick's son who died. In my opinion Cindy Sheehan lost all claims of motherhood when she used Casey Sheehan's grave for a photoshoot to push her political agenda.

Piling On

There has been so much evidence to prove that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction that the only way to NOT know he had them is willful ignorance.

But what the hell, let's pile on a little bit more.

Just recently, Saddam Hussein's former southern regional commander, Gen. Al-Tikriti, gave the first videotaped testimony confirming that Iraq had WMDs up to the American invasion in 2003 and that Russia helped remove them prior to the war. His testimony confirms numerous other sources that have pointed to Russia's secret alliance with Iraq and the co-ordinated moving of WMDs before the American liberation. Today we've invited three experts on this subject to discuss the details of Al-Tikriti's testimony and its larger significance.

It won't make a lick of difference to the brain-dead leftists who are still screaming "BUSH LIED!" But it'll make it easier to show those leftists to be the tinfoil hat wearing fucktards that they are.

Did you enjoy your Memorial Day?

I know I did. Spent plenty of time at the beach, snorkling around a reef and watching schools of tropical fish all around me.

Then I got out of the water and had a beer and pinchos de pollo.

Meanwhile, in Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers went door to door looking for terrorists, while other soldiers searched for IED's, while other soldiers did whatever they had to do to make it through another day.

One day it's going to be me over there. I'll be sweating my ass off, swearing at the relentless sun, knocking on doors or searching for an IED before it kills either myself or my buddies. That's just a fact of life. Anyone in the Army is going to be deployed to the Middle East. It's a matter of time and numbers. One day my unit will get sent, and I'll spend a year squatting in the sandbox.

But for now, I can enjoy my life and honor those who made it possible for me to be alive and free.

So in that vein, here are two Memorial Day messages from people who write much better than I do.

Ben Stein - They Did God's Work

Victor Davis Hanson - Looking Back at Iraq: A War to be Proud Of.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

You would think...

That with all the technology available for the military to use...

That with the cash allocated for housing on military bases....

That with the 21st Century being six years old....

That with the sheer flaming assloads of cash that get funneled into Puerto Rico...

That they could find a way to make the internet on post somewhat more substantial than two cans connected by a fucking string.

I mean, you would think. But when I log on with my wonderful dial-up internet connection, since I can't get broadband on this post, and I look down at my BLAZING fast speed of 4.2kps!!!!!


Gah. It makes me want to puke. The phone lines are decades old, the phone system sucks, and my internet connection drops quicker than a prom dress. It's disgusting.