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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Did you enjoy your Memorial Day?

I know I did. Spent plenty of time at the beach, snorkling around a reef and watching schools of tropical fish all around me.

Then I got out of the water and had a beer and pinchos de pollo.

Meanwhile, in Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers went door to door looking for terrorists, while other soldiers searched for IED's, while other soldiers did whatever they had to do to make it through another day.

One day it's going to be me over there. I'll be sweating my ass off, swearing at the relentless sun, knocking on doors or searching for an IED before it kills either myself or my buddies. That's just a fact of life. Anyone in the Army is going to be deployed to the Middle East. It's a matter of time and numbers. One day my unit will get sent, and I'll spend a year squatting in the sandbox.

But for now, I can enjoy my life and honor those who made it possible for me to be alive and free.

So in that vein, here are two Memorial Day messages from people who write much better than I do.

Ben Stein - They Did God's Work

Victor Davis Hanson - Looking Back at Iraq: A War to be Proud Of.

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