Saturday, August 20, 2022

Gonna be busy for a bit

 I won't have a day off until the latter half of September.

Have I mentioned how much I look forward to retiring?

Tell me again about this insurrection?

 I want to laugh in your face some more.

So if you take the video at face value, Johnson was appealing to the people the government has painted as terrorists and they without hesitation went to help him to help get the officers out. He didn’t fear appealing to those guys. That sort of blows up a lot of the narrative that has been pitched against the Oathkeepers. Now, I don’t know what the legal status is of the folks who helped him, but if they got charged for going in, that would seem a very significant defense. Plus, it seems to militate against the “insurrection” idea, if they’re trying to help get people out. And they don’t look like “armed terrorists” as the Jan. 6 Committee has tried to paint them when they’re trying to help the police.

Not that facts or reality matter to the Star Chamber Shitstains currently wasting time and money in D.C. trying to paint patriotic, law-abiding people as domestic terrorists.

Gonna have to agree here

 And since they don't want to call it "Monkeypox", let's call it "Pride Pox" for the duration.

But its not spread by buttfucking, it's not "fair" to say that and we can't honestly tell people how its easily and in fact almost-exclusively spread.


Because if we did that we'd have to ask some very inconvenient questions.

Like how a handful of kids got it.

Or some dogs.

Especially when both have the boils in and around...... their anus.

And he also points out that this satanic government shut down CHURCHES.  They shut down PRAYER GATHERINGS.  But they refuse to shut down GAY ORGIES THAT SPREAD THE PRIDE POX.

I think it's obvious who and what is in control of this country.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Well, it's not like the law matters anymore in the USSA

 The FBI's raid is still part of the "early stages" of the investigation.  In other words, they raiding his house desperately looking for anything they could use against him, because they don't have shit.

During the hearing to determine if any of the documents used to get a warrant to raid Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, prosecutors told the judge that the investigation was in its “early stages” and argued to keep all of their documents secret for fear of giving the former president’s lawyers a “roadmap” to their case.

Nope.  Sorry.  This is the same FBI that lied and criminally altered evidence in order to obtain FISA warrants to spy on then-candidate Trump.  They're fucking liars.  I don't believe a damn word they say.  NOBODY should believe a damn word they say.  Put everything out in the open so that we can all see how the DNC's Gestapo validated their illegal raid.

Later, anti-Trump prosecutors showed atypical humility and admitted that, yes, they’d “over collected” documents such as Trump’s passports and privileged documents between Trump and his attorneys. This is no small thing. This is enough to get evidence and possibly the whole case thrown out by a judge. Fruits of the poisonous tree and all that. If agents had an appropriately tailored search warrant and had the judge bothered to look at the underlying documents, then privileged documents that were clearly out of the scope of the warrant wouldn’t have been confiscated. That is unless Trump and his attorneys were scoring crack, smoking meth, doing deals to get raw materials to make lithium batteries for the Chi-coms, and getting payoffs from the Ukrainians and Russkies. Wait, sorry, that’s Hunter Biden and The Big Guy.

Dismantle the FBI.  Just do away with it.  Farm out important bits and pieces to other agencies, do away with the rest, and then demolish the FBI building in D.C. and turn it into a memorial for victims of government abuse.  I mean, it's not like the building is worth more than what you could get for the scrap from it's demo.  It's an ugly, Soviet-style block of concrete.  When you compare it to much of the architecture in D.C., it's like a turd dropped on a paper plate and left in the middle of the room.  It's a villain's lair without any of the charm.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Buh bye, you weeble-wobble

 Brian Stelter, the lisping fuckstain at CNN, just got shitcanned.

CNN is dropping its Sunday show Reliable Sources while its host, Brian Stelter, is exiting the network.

A spokesperson for CNN said, “CNN will end its Reliable Sources program on Sunday, August 21st. As a result Brian Stelter will leave the company. We appreciate his contributions to the network and wish him well as he embarks on new endeavors.”

That lying sack of shit finally got what he deserved.  Fuck off, Stelter.  Oh and Lubin' Toobin is gone as well.

Holy crap, could CNN actually turn into an honest media company?


Wednesday, August 17, 2022

I almost spit my whiskey out at this


But I would never waste whiskey in such a fashion.  Still, that's funny as shit.

They knew the jab caused miscarriages and pushed the jab anyways

 These sick fucks need to hang.

More than 40 percent of pregnant women who participated in Pfizer’s mRNA COVID vaccine trial suffered miscarriages, according internal Pfizer documents, recently released under court order. Despite this, Pfizer, and the Biden administration insisted that the vaccines were safe for pregnant women. Out of 50 pregnant women, 22 of them lost their babies, according to an analysis of the documents.

Pfizer knew.  They fucking knew this jab was toxic poison.  

“Pfizer took those deaths of babies—those spontaneous abortions and miscarriages—and recategorized them as recovered/resolved adverse effects,” Wolf told Bannon. “In other words, if you lost your baby, it was categorized by Pfizer as resolved adverse event, like a headache that got better,” she added.

Wolf said adverse event cutoff report showing the miscarriages was March 13, 2021, and the FDA received the report on April 1, 2021.

Public executions.  Televise them.  Hell, sell tickets.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Buh bye, you establishment fuckstain. Don't call us, we'll call you.

 Liz Cheney will be gone.

Incumbent Republican Rep. Liz Cheney has been defeated by Harriet Hageman in the GOP primary for Wyoming's at-large congressional district.

Decision Desk HQ has projected Hageman as the victor in the widely-watched contest.

It's long past time to purge these fucking Democrats in Republican cloaks.  Cheney has more in common with Chuck Schumer than she has with you, or I, or any common Republican voter.

Thank God she's gone.  

The Pfizer CEO has the Kung Flu

 Couldn't happen to a better person.  Maybe he should take four or five more doses of his poison.

Quadruple vaxxed Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla announced he tested positive for Covid on Monday.

And of course he thanked his own vaccine.

Bourla also said he started a course of Paxlovid.

And the walking piece of shit Lloyd Austin is also down with the Rona.  Again.

I hope that worthless military-destroying fuckstain chokes to death on the irony.

THE FUCKING JAB DOESN'T STOP SHIT!  God, I just want to hammer that fact into people's heads, only the stupid sheep who bleat about masking and getting the jab doesn't seem to be able to learn ANYTHING that contradicts their worldview or the narrative that the so desperately believe.

Monday, August 15, 2022

I'm catching up on the news

 But I'm also knee deep in trying to take care of myself.  Lots of shit going on with the impending retirement.  The more I find out, the more I realize that I'm short on time.

And I still have obligations that I have to fulfill.

At some point, I'm going to just go for a ride and not come back for a month.  The past week's vacation was an eye opener for me.  It's been about a decade or more since I've had a vacation where I wasn't responsible for anyone or anything but myself.  No schedule.  No alarm clocks.  Hell, no route.  I would wake up, look at a map and decide where I wanted to go that day.  And everybody remarked about how happy I looked when I got back.

I have a lot of thinking to do.  

Sunday, August 14, 2022

So I rode through Wyoming twice

 Once to Sturgis and once back.  I saw a grand total of FOUR Cheney signs.

I saw a shitton of Hageman signs.  I mean, all over the damn place.  On houses,  Billboards.  On cars.  Fences.  Front porches.

I think Cheney is going to get smoked.  Good.  Couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

Back Home

All told I did about 1800 miles.  I'm going to go aloe up my face now.